Best Sports Movies of All Time

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41Chak De India

Best Indian sport movie..
Girls won Hockey World cup... miracle - sabi

It is a must watch movie... King khan was superb in this movie... The hocky team was superb.. Really it is said that chak de India...

Simply the Kingkhan Shahrukh khan effect. Chak de India is the number 1 sports movie in Indian Filim industry

42Any Given Sunday

Great representation of the "behind the scenes" in the League. Wonderful cast with great depth and realism in the storyline.


Tobey Maguire was good as Red Pollard, but Seabiscuit steals the spotlight. What an amazing horse. He wasn't the biggest, he wasn't the strongest, and he sure wasn't the prettiest, but yet he still won. He overcame so many obstacles to become the hero of the American people when they needed one the most. He had the heart of a champion, if ever anyone did. - tbrandt

44The Waterboy
45Against the Ropes
46Chariots of Fire

Best distance-runner in the history of man-kind. If he hadn't had been in that car crash he would've won the gold. - eaglerunner24

49Tin Cup
50Glory Road
52Eight Men Out
53The Rookie
54GoalV1 Comment

A great contender also very underated - robertoantonioortuso

57Varsity Blues

Classic high school football movie. In Texas. So they get all this crap. I love it! - NiallersNandosXOXO

59Cutting Edge

I liked this movie about figure skating.

60The Greatest Game Ever Played
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