Top Ten Best Tom Petty Songs

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21Change of Heart

Best. Petty song. Ever. So underplayed, so underrated. Classic Tom Petty sound, his unique whiny phrasing, and bittersweet lyrics. If you don't like this song, there's something wrong with you.

This song is fantastic. Catchy, with great guitar sound. Way underrated.

Tom petty really rocks on this song completely underrated

22A Face In the Crowd

Wow. This is top ten

17 what a joke. Top 5

23It's Good to Be King
24I Should Have Known It
25Love Is a Long Road
26Anything That's Rock & Roll
28Honey Bee

Super riff, super song and super vocals from the great Tom Petty! love it - BrianScott01


How is this not on the top ten at least?! 36 is ridiculous! This is considered one of his greatest songs! It's very calming and has an awesome guitar riff. Please bring this up higher!

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30Saving Grace
32Flirting With Time
33Room at the Top
34Square One
35RebelsV1 Comment
36Crawling Back to You

My favorite Petty song.

37All the Wrong Reasons

The most underrated song of all time, such a soothing melody!

38Lost Children

I am completely baffled by the fact that his song isn't even on the list! Listen to this awesome song, and VOTE!


A touching song, it gives me goose bumps almost every time I listen to it.

40Something Good ComingV1 Comment
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