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Hey, Soul Sister
no doubt about it... this one rocks
Awesome and it rocks its one the best I have ever heard.
This song really rocks
I love this song
People should definitely listen to this song
Superb composition with ultimate lyrics. I think people must listen to this. Song
[Newest]I love this song so much! It never gets old to me and love the lyrics it shows how beautiful Train is!

2Drops of Jupiter
This song made Train who they are. They wouldn't be anywhere as close to being as good of a band as they are right now without this song. Awesome song and it is definitely one of the best I have ever heard before. Nothing will ever compare to it. Oh WORD!
BEST SONG EVER! Seriously pat monahan (lead singer of train) wrote this about his mom! He never imagined this is what would've made him famous such a heartfelt song, this is one of my top ten of all time! No song can come close
Amazing song. Absolutely loved it. In ways, better than soul sister
[Newest]Hey soul sister sucks. This isn't just the best train song it's the best song in the early 2000s
More comments about Drops of Jupiter

3Drive By
This Song will make you Dance like Crazy No matter whatever your preferred genre is. A great song and a nice story behind it too. Sud definitely be in top3 if not the no. 1
This is my favorite song in the world. It is so beautiful and it is good for all song lovers. It should really be in the top 3 at least it doesn't have to be 1st.
Awesome lyrics...
[Newest]This song is so romantic. Gives off great memories!

450 Ways to Say Goodbye
My brother showed me this song about a day ago and I just can't get enough of it! It's one of my favorite songs of all time. Plus, it has Mexican music at the begining!
No matter how many times I listen to this song, I will never get sick of it. I know all the words, and I always seem to have it stuck in my head. It's my third favorite song after "Waves", and "Walking on Sunshine." The lyrics are cool, and I like the type of musical tone it has to it. Definitely #1 Train song for me.


Best Train song yet. Funny lyrics and I love the music at the beginning! I personally think should be #1. Hilarious music video too. This song inspired me and is the first song by Train that I heard. This is what made me start liking them. Definitely worth listening to.
[Newest]Its got such a great chorus you just gotta sing along

5If It's Love
hey soul sister is a better song than this is but this song shood be hier so I vote for it but I still love this song
Any day better than any other train song
One of my favorites after 'Hey soul sister'. This should be the second best song by them.

6Marry Me
One of THE most beautiful songs I have ever heard... "Hey soul sister" is also an amazing song, but I think this one touches people in a more delicate manner. It reminds me of a friend I had who moved away, and I miss her so much...
Love this song - we had it played during our wedding ceremony! It always makes me cry.
I just can't stop myself from saying this every time I hear the song... I became a fan of train after listening to this song! Hey soul sister rocks too but this song is just so much sweeter!
[Newest]Beautiful love song! ❤️

7Calling All Angels
To me the song is like 90's land mark, it makes me nostalgic... I like the guy (pat monahan.
Los Angeles angels of anahiem theme song. Every time I go to a baseball game I hear it. I love this one
I love this song. It reminds us that even though there are bad people in the world there are still many good people.
[Newest]Love this song! Great song to listen to on vacation chillin' on the beach or at the pool!

8Meet Virginia
Amazing song. I think it's the best example of Train's ability to paint a surreal and at the same time so real story. This is the very first hit of the band, the prototype of their biggest succes, Drops of Jupiter, even if it have this strange (in a good way) feeling that moves you in a particular way that other Train songs don't (or do in a different way). But Meet Virginia, in my opinion, is the evolution of a Train demo, maybe the most emotional one, called Avery, that if you love Meet Virginia, you'll certainly love.
I love this song! It's one of my upmost favorites by Train It's a song you can listen to for hours without getting tired of it
This is my favorite song by Train! Its what made me a fan to begin with.
[Newest]Peter and Brian couldn't resist, how are we suppose to resist?

9Save Me, San Francisco
I love love LOVE this song! It is amazing, fabulous and wonderful. The lyrics are superb and the tune is great and upbeat. <3 this is a fantastic song, train rocks!
SO VERY CATCHY! Really good song, with great background score and an upbeat tune. Oughta be higher than 9.
This song is so catchy!
Its rhythm is smooth and upbeat, and it gets stuck inside your head for, like, a month!
[Newest]Great song! Darn cuss words, though...

10When I Look to the Sky
INCREDIBLE SONG! I fell in love with it and Train the very first time I heard it. Yeah, it's kinda like Drops Of Jupiter but has it's own amazing, beautiful sound. It's heaven...what more can I say?
Amazing song, just amazing. Since the first time I heard it I completely fall in love and it completely changed my mind on Train. This is why I became a great fan of the band and later only of Pat Monahan in his solo album Last of Seven
I love this song. It's kinda similar to drops of Jupiter. I went a few years without hearing it. Two months ago I rediscovered it and fell in love with it. This is one of Train's best songs.
[Newest]This song defines the relationship I have with my husband.

The Contenders

I love this melody Definitely should be in the top ten its not really known now but if it was it would already be in the top 10.
Such a catchy upbeat happy song! Can't believe it's not even on the list!
Best beats beautiful song
[Newest]VOTE TO GET THIS AMAZING SONG INTO TOP 5! This is a beautiful song, absolutely love Pat's voice

This song is so emotional and the meaning of the lyrics sometimes hits me inside. That no matter what, there will always be someone there for me.
Love the way it makes me feel secure and hopeful. Pat is never better than the emotion here.
This song is far better than few songs in top ten... It must be in top 5 man...

This song is their most underrated hit. Hopefully it's included on their inevitible greatest hits cd...
By far their best song.

14Angel In Blue Jeans
This song... No doubt can come under top 10. Its relatively an awesome song
The only reason this song isn't number one is because it's relatively new.


You gotta kidding me this song is best. This should be on the top.

15I'm About to Come Alive

16Get to Me

17Bulletproof Picasso
Great song. Should make its way up into the top 10!
Absolutely amazing song there is no way it shouldn't be in top 10
Awesome song! Should be in top ten #vanderbilt
[Newest]One of the best of the band. Should be on top 10

This is such a beautiful song. I remember I was at KFC & they played this song & I immediately fell in love! BEAUTIFUL SONG!
Just reminds me of being young and at school. how innocent and how much I was in love then.
Wow Bruises should totally be higher up on the list people! Seriously!
[Newest]Should be number 1

19Half Moon Bay
Incredible song! A must-listen!

20Brick By Brick
It's a great song!

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