Best Vocaloid Characters


Personally my favorite is Miku Hatsune. I know all of my friend's favorite characters, so I now want to know yours! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Miku Hatsune
Hope miku will win! She is the most popular singer and have the best voice in the world! Keep voting miku!
Her voice is just heavenly! She can reach low and high notes surprisingly well and sound wonderful in almost every song!

(and she sounds beautiful with kaito)
MIKU is the best singer. The music has no national boundaries and MIKU has no national boundaries, too. Everyone can let her sing and she can sing for everyone. The 21st century is her epoch or MIKU creates her own epoch.
[Newest]Miku is the BEST! All other vocaloids back OFF! TEAM MIKU!
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2Len Kagamine
Even though he dies all the time, I LOVE Len! He is such a shota His append sounds pretty cool too, though I'm not a fan of his Append design.
I love him
His songs are very deep. Why do every body likes Miku so much? I thinks Len is better
Len for the win Awesomeness!
Make the top three because your awesome! Put it to good use your fan girls depend on it!
[Newest]Lens voice is really nice.

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3Rin Kagamine
I love her. Her songs are juvenile, cute, and also has tragic ones. Why do everybody vote for Miku? I think Len and Rin are better.
Rin's voice is the best! She's adorable, and has so much potential, from cutesy innocent songs to tragic, sentimental, sulking...
I think Rin is so cool. She has a really sweet voice and I love all of her songs. My favourite song of hers is Proof Of Life. It's such a innocent song and sad. I love the sadder sons the most. Just thinking about it makes me cry.


[Newest]She is just the cutest! She the "imouto" trait
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4Luka Megurine
Best Vocaloid character... She needs more love from us all! More love... Double Lariat, Corruption Garden... Awesome songs from her all the time! Luka should be top... Even her Disappearance song sounds awesome! High, low, medium, WE'LL LOVE YOU LUKA! Best vocaloid ever~
Luka is beautiful, she has a beautiful face and voice...
She's the most beautiful girl in the entire Vocaloid group~
Love you Luka~~~
Luka is the best VOCALOID currently released! And by the way Teto Kasane isn't a VOCALOID, she is part of the similar vocal synthesizer named UTAU, so she is a UTAUloid.
[Newest]I love Megurine voice. I think is more pacific and normal than Miku voice
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Gumi is one of the more realistic Vocaloids, and her voice is beautiful! Besides, who wouldn't love a Vocaloid who's a closet otaku?
GUMI's voice sound very real The ranking on Niconico Douga has lots of her songs and lots of famous creators has used her for their song which later become a new hit like Panda Hero - Hachi, or Life Reset Button - kemu.
GUMI has the most realistic and pleasant sounding voices out of all the vocaloids. Although her discography is rather limited, masterpieces such as Mozaik Role and Yowamushi Mountblanc have solidified her as my favorite vocaloid.
[Newest]Gumi is the best there is. to me, she succeeds everywhere Miku's pitch fails and more. Perfectly balanced. Hopefully more people realize how awesome she is. Experience the power of the Megpoid!
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IA for me is the most realistic sounding out of all the Vocaloids. She greatly resembles her voice provider's voice (which is Lia). If you don't believe me, I would recommend you to hear Tori no Uta, a cover by IA which was originally sang by Lia, you could almost say that there isn't any difference with the way IA sings if compared to Lia.

One thing that caught my attention was her design. It officially speaks "New Era" because she looks like someone from a real generation of teenagers. I don't mean it literally, of coarse, but if you look at her appearance, you can easily say that she is an innocent girl who has gone through problems in life, which is why she looks like a rebel, but she expresses herself through her songs. Teenagers are like that today, they go through problems in life and they need to express their feelings. And that's basically what I see in IA.

For me, IA isn't just a fantasy character. She looks like someone who has a real personality. Not someone who is just there to entertain, and look perfect. But is someone with the voice to echo the Voice of a modern generation like ours today (although she isn't a real person). If you still don't believe me, I recommend you yet, another song by IA titled: A realistic logical ideologist, and be blown away by its meaning.

It's just sad that the new vocaloids aren't given much attention though. I love all the vocaloids period
One of the latest Vocaloid 3! I love her voice and her design.
IA is the best she gets no attention at all but she really is the most cute and sweet and awesome and best vocaloid 3! And Seeu ofc!
[Newest]Her voice and songs are awesome! Plus shes cute and cool! IA is totally the best vocaloid character!
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Kaito has a wide vocal range and sounds pretty darn realistic. You can detect emotion in his songs and also most people can sing his voice range. His songs can vary from touching, to sexy, to nonsensical, to downright creepy! I know he can get Number One. Come on, vote and he might even give you his precious ice cream!
I love his sexy voice
He is my favorite vocaloid character
His design portrays a responsible person
He's so darn cute! Not only that but his voice, his character and ice cream! Who wouldn't like him and his voice and He's waay better than Len, his voice sounds a lot masculine too.
[Newest]Go ice cream, go kaito, go the hottest dude on vocaloid.. lol
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Though it really does depend on everyone's personal opinions, I think that Oliver is amazing. He has a very realistic choir-boy type voice, and if you get rid of the subs, he's very easy to understand. And the high notes. Don't even get me started on the high notes. They're absolutely beautiful.
Plus the fact that he can sing in Japanese and Korean as well, while remaining remarkably understandable.
... And his design is a bonus.
Oliver is a really good Vocaloid - quite realistic, easy to understand, able to sing in many different languages...
I actually got him to sing in Welsh once, and Welsh is very, very complicated. But he could do it~
And his design is really nice - it shows that you don't headphones and all the fancy bits to be a good Vocaloid.
Oliver is just so cute but creepy. He looks like Dio from Mad Fathers. I wonder if her has one eye or both his eyes. If you never heard of Mad Fathers, it's a horror game about a German girl named Aya that's about 11-12 years old. Dio is her boyfriend. Dio is a person brought back from the dead because of the curse her family has. The good end Dio says goodbye and Kisses her. And later on in life, Aya becomes like her father which is a doctor and murders people to turn into dolls. In the bad end, her dad kills Aya and turns her into a doll. But still, I like Oliver more then Len for some reason. I don't even cry that mich when I'm watching Servant of evil
[Newest]I love Oliver, I even got his software. His voice is soft, cute, calming and nice to listen to at anytime.
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9Camui Gackpo
Gakupo is one of the few vocaloids with a nice, smooth, deep voice. Because he is produced by Internet co. Instead of crypton, he is often overlooked and not given the credit he deserves. His music has a different kind of emotion and realistic quality than the other vocaloids. If only he could sing in concert, the world could see how amazing Gakupo really is!
I love this guy he is BEAUTIFUL and you should vote more I know miku is in the lead but we need to show all those miku lovers that its not all about them and other less known vocaloids get seen!
The best vocaloid in my opinion. His voice is way smoother and realistic than Kaito's. Also he is a newer vocaloid than the older ones so he awesome.
[Newest]He's so beautiful ^_^
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10Utatane Piko
Piko is amazing. He can sound like a male and a female which to me is a good thing. His voice provider the real piko is AMAZING as well. Piko only sounds good when you actually use him right. Go listen to the good sounding Piko songs.
Piko is the cutest vocaloid ever and has a huge voice range!
You can pitch up/down his voice and it'll still sound good!
I personally love him!
Piko is my favourite Vocaloid, his voice range is massive and that makes him very flexible when it comes to making songs using his voice bank. The real Piko is amazing too and can make his voice sound masculine (deep) or feminine (high-pitched), Utatane Piko's voice bank can do this too, and some pretty amazing songs have been made using Piko's voice bank.
My favourite song of his is 'Remember', you should check it out, it's amazing!
[Newest]Piko is awesome. Oliver and Piko sound nice together.

The Contenders

11Iroha Nekomura
She can sound so realistic if she is used in vocaloid properly, for example, fruutela on youtube can make her sound more human than vocaloid 3s. Even though her design is meant to appeal to those who grew up with Hello Kitty, I find her design very unique compared to other Vocaloids. And I believe her voice can appeal to a larger audience, even the people who believe anime and Japanese voices are all just high pitch and squeaky like Miku's
Iroha's voice is full of soul and strength. It sounds beautiful and never gets old. She's perfect for ballads, plus her design is ADORABLE!
Ok so Iroha might not be the most popular vocaloid, but her voice has power, range and a realistic voicebank. Iroha is a vocaloid with potential and if she's used right, her voice can sound like a real human. She also has a unique design that would appeal to a lot of people it's also really cute. Her vocal range is wide and I'd love it if she got more voicebanks for Vocaloid3. She can reach high, mid and low notes with ease. She really deserves to be on stage and to have more attention! Some people find her voice unique and they are right. I've honestly never heard a vocaloid like her and if you've listened to covers made by fruu tella, she sounds like a human. Her original songs have depth, meaning and life. She has the most human sounding voice in my opinion. Kudos to her :-)
[Newest]Iroha has an amazing voice

SeeU is a bit of a newcomer, and most fans of Miku (and the rest of Vocaloid2) are not as fond of her. But, I support her, and I support every other vocaloid. It's also great that she's becoming wildly popular. I just hope she doesn't become to popular, when fans come the haters come also.
SeeU is so cute and wonderful! Her voice is not annoying and high pitched, it's unique!
I like seeU because she is very cute.. And her voice is so beautiful.. I do like her
[Newest]I think she was the first vocaloid I ever heard. Although she isn't Japanese, she still have a very realistic voice. I'm a big fan of her and Miku, I would just wish she could get more fans, and be more popular.

My first Vocaloid I heard was Miku, and I think she was very adorable and still think so. But then, the beautiful day came when I found MEIKO. I was so amazed by her mature and beautiful face! That was 3-4 years ago, and MEIKO is still my number one! LOVE YOU MEIKO! <3 (And I like/love ALL the vocaloids too if they are used well. )
Meiko was the first Japanese Vocaloid and is very underrated. It was announced a while ago that she would be getting an update. I suggest listening to her V3 cover of Senonzakura to get a taste of her V3 vocals. Meiko has a simple design that is pretty badass. Her character item is sake which is why she is portrayed as a drunk. Why many Miku users hate Meiko, I'll never know. All I know is that Meiko is number 1.
Meiko needs more attention. After all, I think Miku is kind of overrated. Don't get me wrong, I adore Miku, but I just think that Meiko deserves some credit.
[Newest]Meiko is simply amazing! Her voice is pretty cute and mature at the same time! Her personality is fun and she was very outgoing and knows when to be mature. The thing I love about her most is her voice! It's so good and beautiful!

14SF-A2 Miki
She is the vocaloid everyone underestimates. She is an android so her voice is robotic. I love her voice. Her outfit is awesome. She needs more love! Miki for the win!
Love her! She has a great voice! Definitely needs some love.
I simply love her voice among any other. =)
[Newest]I absolutely love Miki (as a vocaloid)! She is so cool😆! I love her clothing her name.

Mayu is a new Vocaloid 3 but she completely deserves more votes! Her voice is sweet~! Even if she's a Yandere, she rocks! She needs more votes!
I love a lot of Vocaloids, but seeing Mayu all the way down here is just sad. Sure she's Vocaloid 3, but her voice is so cute and amazing! Try listening to "Indulging Idol Syndrome. " It's sung by Mayu and Gumi, and they both sound amazing~!
Mayu may not have been released yet, but you can by her demos that she has an amazing voice! Mayu's design is very adorable, until you get to her yandere side! She deserves to get far in the Vocaloid World.
[Newest]I really really really really really really like her ~

16Yukari Yuzuki
Listen people, you guys only focus on Miku, Len, and Rin and Gumi. They just don't bother looking at any other ones. They don't know the other ones well and the other vocaloids are way better. I've heard Yukari is the best that people want to compare her with Miku and go against her. When she sang insanity with Cul, it was awesome. And she does have 1 song she sounds the best in. When you type her name on youtube, there are videos that appear. The name of it is 2 much to say. It's this one where At first you hear her talking in the picture of a moon then it shows her farther away then the camera starts getting closer to her while she sings. Also when she sangs with Mayu in Hurting for a very Hurtful pain and if you haven't known, she is also a witch. Her color is lavender, not purple. Her color also glows and her voice isn't 2 dramatic like IA's. She is also a voiceroid. Her voice is deep and beautiful and she is the most amazing vocaloid of all time. Her act seems so awesome 2. please look at more Yukari people :) She's the best! =D
I don't get why yukari doesn't get enough love! Her voice is so impressive and she can do any song perfectly! She is also the first voiceroid! And yes, she is also a vocaloid people. Her expressions while singing are so realistic but I wouldn't say this is the best vocaloid for beginners because she was aimed more at producers but this also makes her more professional. Also so her design is so detailed and cute! Yukari was closely lost to Len, Lily, IA and Seeu for me. Well done Yukari!
Her design and voice is different from others, that's why I love her. She great people! I love IA and Aoki lapis too, but I would pick yuzuki first, next aoki and IA.
[Newest]She's an adorable bunny girl with speakers. Need I say more?
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17Yuki Kaai
She's the best Vocaloid, at least in my opinion, her voice, for me, beats Miku and much other Vocaloids voice...
Please everyone don't get me wrong. I LOVE kaai yuuki and all but she sings too many creepy songs...
Yuki is the best Vocaloid! Listen to Rugrats Theory and you won't sleep a wink... Not really.

Many people underestimate Lily, her voice can sound extremely amazing, especially in rock songs, and her design is amazing. But the majority of users who post things made with her do not use her correctly. Don't blame the Vocaloid for sounding bad, because no Vocaloid own his or her own sounds bad, blame the USER for MAKING the Vocaloid sound bad.
I love her voice. Sometimes she has a deep voice or a very high pitched one. So they are both very equal.
She is amazing! A lot of people don't like her because they listen to the wrong songs by her, but some of her songs are amazing! And she has such a great voice! Go Lily!
[Newest]Not many users use her properly but when she is used properly (niki) she sounds amazing should be in the top 10 along with Meiko because they are both great vocaloids.

19Aoki Lapis
Her voice is probably one of the cutest in Vocaloid. Her description is also very unique, being a fairy with a height of 15 inches. About her songs, I have to agree that she sounds like other Vocaloids in most of her demos. But songs like Schwarzschild Radius, Silent World, Carnage Ninja Girl, and her cover on Gumi's Coward Montblanc (which I think Aoki sang it better) would let you know how original and beautiful her voice really is. You really shouldn't miss this Vocaloid!
I think she's overlooked because she's a V3. She actually has a smooth voice that's great for soft songs, lullabies, and the like. I love her rendition of Last Night Good Night, and I also love her originals, like Think the Future and Twilight Scape (? ).
Aoki Lapis has a purelly beautiful voice. She sounds real, you can hear her breathing, she has great songs, and she's ADORABLE! She needs more attention. I love Twilight Scape by her :3


[Newest]So adorable can't stop listening to her

All the famous vocaloids such as Miku, the Kagamine twins, and gumi have such high pitched voices and such fast-paced songs. VY2 Yuma's voice is calm, relaxing and smooth to the human ear. Sure, people have their own opinions, but VY2's deep and soothing voice (and awesome character design) makes him my all time favorite vocaloid.
Vy2 has a really clear and emotional voice if used well! Go on YouTube and go to Kanon746's channel and listen to Pabbute Go - VY2 Yuuma! If that isn't good, what is?
VY2 has to be one of the most underrated male vocaloids EVER. But I think he's awesome. His design is hot and his voice is awesome. His songs are cool and sometimes hilarious (like the Dark Lord Is Like A Fawning Girl). Bottom line, what's not to like? :3
[Newest]VY2 is too underrated. He should be more well known. His voice is really amazing and unique and realistic too. I don't understand why good composers rarely use him, maybe because it's hard to tune him well?

21Neru Akita
I really like Neru. She sounds really cool, she has an awesome look, and she is my second favorite Vocaloid (next to Kamui Gakupo). Why is she so low on the list? This gal should be in at LEAST the top five!
Neru is the best! She deserves more love than rin
She's Like the best

Personally, I think his voice sounds cute. And it makes sense for a dinosaur boy to sing slightly different because well he is a dinosaur. Now if you don't think he sounds cute then listen to his Circus Monster cover on UTAU cumulus's YouTube channel.

23Hibiki Lui

While VY1V2 and VY1V3 may not have been so popular and well-used, VY1V4 was one of the first V4 Vocaloids to be released recently and she just sounds so realistic in all her demo songs! If you don't believe me, you can try listening to her demo song 【Fairytale】(original by GUMI) rendered by Kyaami-san!

With the new V4 functions, such as Growl and Cross-Synthesis, her voice now has the capacity to overtake popular Vocaloids, such as Hatsune Miku and the Kagamine Twins, and other realistic-sounding Vocaloids, such as IA and Nekomura Iroha. So, please give VY1 a fighting chance!
How can you not like her?
She got v4 update and I think she is the best

25Luo Tianyi
I love her designs and love that she's Chinese! She also is a god that fell to earth? I have no idea where that came from. But I love her! She's amazing! She's the first Chinese Vocaloid. Why would you not chose her? I mean..I really want her to get more love and...she's just..AWESOME.
Her design just leaves me squealing in joy. Other than that, her voice is adorable and soft and holds the long notes.
Why doesn't she get more love? D: Luo Tianyi is the first Chinese Vocaloid, and sounds pretty darn good to boot!
[Newest]Beautiful voice she is awesome

I personally, love Galaco. She is such an underrated Vocaloid and not too many people seem to like her.

True, she may not have the strongest voice but I believe it has lots of potential. I also think she looks awesome!

So come on guys, give Galaco a little more love!
Galaco doesn't get much respect. But if you get to hear her songs and personality you will understand. She is actually the most interesting vocaloid I've seen yet. With her chronic, clear voice she sounds like a girl robot, which I think she is. I hope I can discover more about galaco in the later days.
Galaco has such am amazing design, and don't even get me started on her voice! It's gorgeous when she sings slow songs. Look up Tori no Uta by Galaco!

27Kasane Teto
Kasane Tetos sweet high pitched voice will surely bring you happiness. I love her song Kasane Territory because it explains how she became from being a joke, to a loved vocaloid! Although she isn't a vocaloid, she says that she wants to become one some day. Listen to the song!
The way she sounds brightens up my day I feel calm and peaceful when hearing her voice.
Teto has a beautiful robotic voice, that only people with special ears can hear.
[Newest]Even if she isn't a vocaloid, she can sound awesome if she's well used!

She may be in the second version but shes always first in my book. I love you Cul, Fight on! Come one everyone, lets see we cul can do for you!
Cul has a awesome voice
She has such an amazing voice and is also super hot!

29Haku Yowane
I can relate to her so much better than any of the others. She may be a "failure", but she tries her hardest and she reminds me that I'm not alone in feeling like I am a failure.
Her voice is beautiful and peaceful, and her design is also my personal favorite. The long pants she wears shows her tomboyish side, and her ponytail and bow makes her look really sweet, which she is. She's so sweet that I just want to cry. She's one of the few Vocaloids who manage to be sexy and adorable at the same time. She's just my all time favorite and changed my life in a subtle way.
Though Haku is not a real Vocaloid, she is awesome!
Yo wane may not be a true vocaloid but she was still excepted by crypt on she is abousalutley amazing and fans actually gave her a singing voice she sounds great I love the deep sea song where she is underwater but besides that her charater seems to really try and I can relate to that go haku love you
[Newest]Haku has great voice.

30Kiyoteru Hiyama
He's a teacher, for elementary students, he's hot and his voice is amazing in the song Under The Darkness, and Jewelfish. Listen to him!

Mew's voice is miu sakamoto. She is ryuichi sakamoto's darter. Her voice is wonderful!
Mew may not be your typical cute anime Vocaloid, but her voice is amazing. It's mature and powerful. She can also sound extremely realistic when used right. Really, the voice is what matters, and I think hers is amazing.
Her voice is amazing! I love her design and sketch! I also love her songs! Her pictures are good looking too..., her voice is human like! I like that!
[Newest]I love her design!

She needs more original songs because she has a great voice and design.
She's voice is so beautiful. Why she hasn't more attention?
I really love her. Kio even made a Windows 100% Model of her for May 2014.

It is not just because of her cuteness the reason I love her, it is because sonika's voice is of a real human and the emotions show in her songs which most vocaloids fail to manifest. Oh and not to mention she has the most rocking BOD of ALL VOCALOIDS (although I'm not so sure she is a true vocaloid)

Sonika is my best english vocaloid I love her very munch ^. ^
SONiKA is the best English Vocaloid, and her character design is awesome. I think she's underrated, unlike some characters like Miku who are a little overrated.

YOHIOloid's songs and voice are amazing. I think he needs more love considering he is also a solo singer. Both his (Vocaloid and Non) Voices are amazing.
YOHIOloid is a wonderful singer. One of the best I ever heard. His English is so clear and understandable that you don't need subs to listen to it. His voice can fit to sing with soft songs or loud songs. Really, this Vocaloid needs more love andò regognition.

She is beautiful. Just like Lola, Miriam, Sonika, and Prima. Tonio and Leon are awesome as well.

English Vocaloids like AVANNA needs respect. I am glad that she is ranked in #28.
I really dislike the fact that not only is Avanna LAST. She is an ACTUAL REAL VOCALOID, unlike the fanmade Vocaloids and UTAUs in front of her. I have nothing against them, but this is for VOCALOIDS. Avanna has a beautiful English voice. Yea, she's an Engloid!

Engloids need to stop being so overlooked because they aren't popular. Avanna is a newer Vocaloid, so I can understand the fans that have never heard of her, but she should be higher than last!
I lost all hope for an Irish Vocaloid... Ten minutes later I found Avanna. Thank you Zero-G. Thank you.

36V Flower
She's great guys. She has a great range and she sings with a lot of feeling. She's definitely one of the best!
She is the best vocaloid 3 that I really like, she's good for rock song and has a great range
How is v flower not higher up? She is absolutely amazing

37Tone Rion
Tone Rion is so underrated but she's definitely one of the best vocaloids around!
Time travel is a favorite of mine. Tone Rion is a future girl from 2111, almost 100 years ahead from now. She is my 1st choice for a singer. My second is Aoka Lapis, and third is Miku Hatsune. All the Vocaloids are super!
Tone Rion is one of my top three favourite Vocaloids... Here are my top five-
1. Teto Kasane and Tone Rion. Okay so Teto isn't a Vocaloud but a beautiful UTAU, with a cute robotic voice. She has a unique design and voice. Tone Rion is just... Wow. I'm moved. She sounds like sweets and soft things. She is adorable too.

2. Aoki Lapis: Lapis Y you No popular, like why? Oh... Yeah you still don't have a body pillow, Hentai artwork and panty shots *sigh* poor, Lapus, She sounds beautiful. Better than Miku.

3. Gumi. I don't care what you say. Gumi sounds Just. Like. Me. Well... Maybe I sound kinda younger since I'm not even 11 yet. ): But... I swear she is possibly the most human sounding Vocaloid with, Merli, MEIKO, and in my opinion KAITO.

4. Miku. She is the first Vocaloid I ever listened to. And my first song of her I listened to her was her Let It Go cover and before I discovered Machigerita's cover... It was my favourite. Months later I heard of her singing World is Mine live and I fell in love with her. Miku is also the reason VOCALOID is so popular, I think.

5. SeeU. SeeU is the main reason I'm learning Korean. She is cute and has a pretty voice. Also, she knows how to speak Japanese, Korean and English. Like. Wow.

38Tohoku Zunko

39Ring Suzune
Ring Suzune has an amazing voice, yes I agree that she would've been better if she kept her original design, but she is doing her best. Her songs are amazing and she is as talented as the other vocaloids.

One word : Awesome!
I love all her songs

Her voice sounds realistic yet cute and calm. Her falsetto notes sounds magical. She has the best cover of "-ERROR".
New Release, Vocaloid heard the demo song, you'll gonna love it
I like her voice very much and her songs are so cool too.

His voice is so damn deep and manly!

Prima has a great voice, she clearly needs more love ^. ^ Unfortunately, she is so hard to use...
She is VERY realistic sounding! Prima needs more love! Her Japanese is beautiful! I mean better than most Englishloid's Japanese!

Sexy voice, what else do you want?
WOW talk about sexy

The world needs more Spanish VOCALOIDs and a mature type and he is both, half of these voices on the list are UTAU who don't deserve to even be on a 'Top Ten VOCALOID' list
Bruno is AWESOME! His voice beats everyone else's! I love him!


She is really pretty. I love her model, and so for Anon.
SHE IS AMAZING. Her voice, when used properly, is awesome. You could recognize her voice like you would recognize Len's voice
She is probably the only vocaloid that sounds in ALL OF HER SONGS/COVERS.

48Yuezheng Ling

A private Vocaloid, but personally her colour scheme and smooth voice makes her my favourite!

50Macne Nana
She's awesome for being a vocaloid for Macs ^^
Sound Princess for mac. UTAU that goes Vocaloid. First for Macintosh. Now can sing both Japanese and English. Why don't you love her?

I think Rana's design is adorable~! And I also think her robots are rather interesting too. Her voice is so cute!
She is the most adorable Vocaloid ever! And her voice is amazing and also extremely adorable (≧∇≦)
She is the awesomeness.

52Momone Momo
Such a sweet voice! She's not my favorite (that's Len), but she's still cool!

Hehe, Clara's cover of butterfly on your right shoulder is very cute and funny. I don't know if she's Spanish, everyone else says that. I also like her design, and those sunglasses... She's a good vocaloid that should be recognized more

Yea, anon and canon are cute and their voices are really good... Love from first song.
Poor Anon and Kanon. They were my favorite models from ISAO.

55Kaai Yuki
I love her voice and it's so cute. I am cosplaying as her and I love that she is not a teen or adult.

Her voice is so realistic unlike the most known ones and I love her songs like Disco Chocolate and Lavender town.

A Beautiful Chinese Vocaloid. She is awesome and should not be leave out on the top vocaloid list. Recommended songs: "Bath Song" "Hypnotic Thief Yan He"

What who put this JubyPhonic does English covers or Vocaloid songs and Kagerou Project. Amazing singer but not a vocaloid sorry

58Cyber Diva
I can sing her songs! She's my favourite English Vocaloid! And she's my fourth favourite cause I love her voice!


She has a beautiful voice.

Um, hello? He was the first vocaloid. He deserves to be known so much better!

62Sweet ANN
Sweet Ann needs more love. She has such a beautiful voice and I love her design. Her voice also sounds good with Big Al's voice.

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