Best White Rappers

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Lets be honest was is really a surprise. Selling 60 million albums worldwide, Eminem is not only widely considered the best white rapper ever, he's considered one of the best, and most controversial, rappers of all time. He kicked down the door for white rappers to be legitimate, not just novelty or underground acts.


Eminem is one of the best rappers of ALL TIME. Not just out of the white guys!


I can't NOT vote for Yela. He stays to his roots, he didn't go all Hollywood like a lot of rappers do, and he's from the great AL (automatic points). 10/10 awesome. Only people on this list that might be better than him (though I think it's a tie, with Eminem pulling ahead, but he's been around the longest, so... ) are Eminem and MGK

3Mike Shinoda
He is the best along with Eminem...


4Machine Gun Kelly
Flow and lyrics are sick
He should be on the 2...

5Beastie Boys

6Slug (From Atmosphere)

How is this guy not on the list... For starters, many people have been saying he is one of the best white rappers for a while now, and he rapped out Thrift Shop.

End of story.
He is now looked on as mainstream but if on listen to his old albums you will be amazed
He's obviously one of the best. He's the first white rapper since Eminem to win granny's.

8The Beastie Boys

9Mac Miller
Just a dope mellow person who is also a sick rapper
Should be at least the 2nd best white rapper ever!
Listen to WMWTSO and you'll know why he deserves to be in the top 5
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11Everlast (From House of Pain)

12Paul Wall


14Vanilla Ice

15Brother Ali
Rap is about content, and brother ali definitely has it. Just listen to Uncle Sam damn

16MC Serch (From 3rd Bass)


18Mad Child


20Aesop Rock


22Chris Webby

People should give some credit to Deance! He is a lot better than 95% of today's rappers and deserves to go big!

24Professor Green

God I love his song "No Place Like Home"

26Hoodie Allen
Yeah! This guys songs are so real! He's awesome!


Dude this guy is AMAZING!

27John Cena
His album did not go platinum for nothing
He is awesome at wrestling



30Pete Nice


32Mike Ladd

33Marky Mark



36Mac Lethal


38Plan B


40T Mills
Travis Mills T mills T milli T million like come on

41Asher Roth

42Vinnie Paz

Grieves' music is legit. It is sad, moving, and serves asa reality check. When I am felling down I pop in Grieves.
He is seriously underrated.

44Charlie Scene

45Bliss N Eso

46Rucka Rucka Ali

47Lil' Wyte

Oh come on he's my 5th favourite rapper followes by Jake Miller, Macklemore, MGK and of course your favorite guy M&M.. !

49Jake Miller
Why is he not on the list

50Sammy Adams

51Adam Hicks

52Sage Francis

53Chris Palko


55Snow tha Product

56Ninja (Die Antwoord)

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