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August 2, 2015 - A natural shredder from Sweden. What are his best songs? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Black Star
this is a masterpiece of shredding, Yngwie is a master!


Beautiful beautiful, absolutely beautiful solo, I don't care what people say, I find a lot of feeling in this solo, along with the awesome display of skill and virtuosity.
Beautiful... Absolutely beautiful... Such feeling and emotion and a perfect display of skill, technique and speed to compliment it. Such a splendid piece of music put together by Yngwie J. Malmsteen. A Neo-Classical masterpiece.
[Newest]Where is arpeggios from hell?

2Far Beyond the Sun
Black star is a beautiful song but far beyond the sun is just insane... Here's nothing else like it... Yngwie J Malmsteen is a brilliant shredder easily one of the best in the world right now... I'd also like to see I am a viking higher on the list
Black Star is a beautiful instrumental, I Am A Viking is beast, and Rising Force is a cool song, but Far Beyond The Sun is a masterpiece. #1 to me personally. Best solos. Such a crazy song. And one of the best instrumentals ever. Great guitarist Yngwie is.
How the hell is joaocarvalho putting slash in the same league as Yngwie Malmsteen? Some people are just so stupid and this brilliant song proves it.

3Rising Force
This is the song that Blackmore would have been proud of -- sensational soloing in a great tune. The whole of this album is great, but this song kicks it off in amazing style
The lightning strikes, crack in the night! Feeling like never beforeā€¦
Pure awesome.
All Yngwie's qualities in one driving song - and none of his self-indulgence. Love this track - and album.

4I Am a Viking
I am a viking is his greatest song. I have been a fan since 1984. GB
molto arpeggiosa 2nd!? I can think of more than 10 songs from YJM better than that one, like this one
The start of the solo still blows me away 20 years later!

5Dream On
not better than the original Aerosmith version, but Yngwie and Dio can make good covers


6Queen in Love
Catchy chorus, great riffs, and the first section of the solo is one of the best melodies I have ever listened to.

7Icarus' Dream Suite Opus Op4


9Trilogy Suite Op. 5
It's Trilogy Suite Opus 5, it's the best there is to offer. While it's mostly a live track with the breaks in the song for Yngwie to absorb the glory, the solid chunks of it are the most iconic of all his intrumentals, and truly describes his style.
Gorgeous marriage of power and feeling. Up there with the Rising Force instrumentals.

10Four Horsemen

The Contenders

11Evil Eye

12Gates of Babylon
like a Persian theme, you will like this song


Isn't this from richie blackmore when he was with rainbow
That's Indian Intro I think. :D Nice Song by the way. Loved it.

"Into Valhalla" is way better its truly the work of a god.
This ones pretty good too though


15You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget
Just I'll Never Forget..
Come on, guys. This is obviously his best solo, and has some of the most kickass vocals I have ever heard.


Very beautiful and melodic song... Yngwie at his best.
I think this is the best and Trilogy suite Opus 5 would be second
Most underrated yngwie's instrumental ever! Yngwie at his finest.
Really yngwie malmsteen r a good musician...

17Like an Angel
Even when I play Counter Strike I remember this song because I always playing counter Strike along with listening this song when I was a child..


19Molto Arpeggiosa
More interesting than most of his other instrumentals despite it's disastrous production... perhaps there are more than 10 other songs that are better than this one but I don't see them here...
this song isn't from this world, the guitar and bass shred!


20I'll See the Light, Tonight
Why did I have to add this!?!?! This is my favorite! Yngwie is a very talented man, and deserves much more recognition. I'm about to go see him in concert right now, and I can't wait! God Bless you, and may Yngwie soon be recognized as he deserves.


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