Best ZZ Ward Songs

I noticed there was no top 10 for this great artist so I decided to make one.

The Top TenXW

1Put the Gun Down

Such a powerful voice, definitely the best song of her album

Such an underrated talented singer.

2Last Love Song

This song, its lyrics, the voice, the topic, the way it makes you feel like, everything is just perfect in this song

3Til the Casket Drops

Surely one of the greatest songs ever. You wont stop listening to it

4Save My Life

When you listen to this song you'll really need someone to save your life its just amazing!

5If I Could Be Her

If I could be zz ward I'll probably make a video of this great song


Al this song makes you feel quite awesome, maybe it should be in the top 5


Sure zz ward is a criminal she stole my heart with this song

8365 Days

You wont fall asleep without listenting to this song... Trust me

9Move Like U Stole It

I have no words for this song just... Wow!

10Charlie Ain't Home

I have just a trauma with this song, I love it

The Contenders

11Blue Eyes Blind
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