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You're going round in a spin, caught up in a game you can't win! I know that "Always" and "It's my life" are great, but you should also check out his first album. It's even better

83Tokyo RoadV1 Comment
84Love for Sale
86Dyin' Ain't Much Of Living
87I Believe

This is one of the best BJ songs ever. Just listen it. Lyrics, vocals and instrumentals make this one essential

grat song, should be higher.
This song is one that shows the change of bon jovi very well... - richie4life

88Bitter Wine

What? I can't believe this song is in the 100 place... It should be at least in top 15

89If That's What It Takes

The song is so meaningful but I didn't expect it to get heaps of votes with all these other brilliant songs around

Way underrated! This might actually be my favorite Bon Jovi song!

V1 Comment
90Every Word Was a Piece of My Heart

Underrattest song ever
Thanks to the guy who mentioned it.. Man you are Awesome

Not the best song by Bon Jovi but surely deserves a placein top 20 in this list, the lyrics the solo everything is awesome.. The guy who mentioned it in this list is Awesomem/

The most underrated song of bon jovi, every bj fan must give ita a try!

V1 Comment
91I Am

This is Probably there Most underrated song ever it's Amazing and it happens to be my #1 Fave Bon Jovi song So much meaning Please people listen to this song and you'll hear why it's amazing - Curti2594

V1 Comment
92Welcome to Wherever You Are

I was Gonna continue voting up their song "I AM" until I saw How low this Outstanding beautiful Meaningful Song was!

Coem on Bon Jovi Fans This song has WAY TO MUCH MEANING To be So low! - Curti2594

104?... How... This song is amazing... I don't even... I just literally stared at this... Atrocity for a minute. How can this be even lower than top 20?!

One of the best songs by Bon Jovi. Everybody is special in their own way

93We Don't Run

This song, kicks some serious, serious ass!

This is an absolutely amazing song

94Little Bit of Soul
95Blame It On the Love of Rock N' Roll
96Save A Prayer

An epic Bonus track! One of the reason why Keep the faith is the best Bon Jovi album

98Any Other Day

One of my favourite modern Bon Jovi songs, and one of my favourite on Lost Highway

99Get Ready
100Secret Dreams
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