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181 Megadeth (Rude Awakening 2002)
182 Iron Maiden (Chile 2009)

Simply put, this isn't only the best concert Maiden has even given, but also one of history's best. I was there; sang, shouted and cried all I could!

183 Trapt (Minneapolis, Minnesota 2007)
184 Linkin Park (Summer Sonic 2009) V 1 Comment
185 Van Halen (US Festival, 1983) Van Halen (US Festival, 1983) Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. From 1974 until 1985, the band consisted of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony.
186 Tokio Hotel (Humanoid City, Mediolanum Forum in Milan 2010)
187 Scandal (Budokan 2012)

An amazing event by the band, from a five year learning point start. Simply astounding! - PaulFromAustralia

188 Linkin Park (iTunes Festival, London 2011)
189 Kylie Minogue (KylieX2008 2008)
190 Led Zeppelin (The Song Remains The Same 1973)

What can I say, awesome concert with the best band ever, Stairway to Heaven still gives me chills. The TSRTS DVD is one of the most sold Concert DVD�'s ever.

Led Zeppelin is my religion and Jimmy Page is my God

191 Motley Crüe (US Festival, 1983)
192 Coldplay (Glastonbury 2011)

Oh come on this should be #1 or at least in the top 10. Best performance I've ever attended

193 The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over (1994) - Warner Burbank Studios, Burbank, California

One of the best live concerts ever!...The best band reunion ever!...Clearly deserves a spot in the top 10...Started it with Hotel California (Acoustic version with damn impeccable guitar solos), the best introduction ever in a live concert!...Superb tracks, technique & above all, versatility!...Fully 10/10!...Take a bow, Eagles!...You people rock!...m/

194 Metallica (Stockholm 1986)
195 Mr. Big (Back to Budokan 2009)
196 Pink Floyd (Live 8 2005)
197 The Who (The Concert for New York City, 2001)

I can't believe I had to add this. This is the only live performance that rivals Queen at Live Aid (which by the way is not on this list either).

198 Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East Allman Brothers  Live at Fillmore East

Peoples jaws dropped at the unbelievable performance of Duane and the rest of this magnificent performance.

Greatest live show ever. They could actually improvise their music and make long interesting jams on the spot.

199 System of a Down (Astoria 2005)

Brilliant Show, Aerials and BYOB sounded even better than the recordings. Absolutely amazing, and of course System of a Down's typical energy and crowd pleasing craziness

200 Muse (Glastonbury 2010)
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