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61The Rape and Ruin of Angels (Hosannas In Extremis)

HOSANNAS IN EXTREMIS! Sick Ass Song! Blood curdling screams and haunting moans at the end wow one of the best non mainstream Cof songs of all time

62The Black Goddess Rises
63To Eve the Art of Witchcraft

Honestly, this low!? This is an awesome track! I like the 94 era of Cradle of Filth the most. It was the time in which they were the most black metal! The vocals were awesome on this album - metalfan1999

Truly a Masterpiece early Cradle of filth perfected a blackend gothic metal genre to a new level. Please listen to this one if you haven't


M rlly not shocked how this song is not even in top 10! This is definitely among their top 5! Danis's screechy voice is simply awesome in this song!


This song is one of the most underrated songs by Cradle Of Filth, its pure genius. The power of the guitar during the chorus especially gives me chills down my spine. Possibly my favorite Cradle Of Filth song next to a gothic romance and funeral in Carpathia


Great poetry?! Super cool words.. And dead beat

67Heaven Torn Asunder

The beginning of this song is awesome! The high scream is just epic! - metalfan1999

68An Enemy Led the Tempest
70Midnight Shadows Crawl to Darken Counsel With Life
71Tragic Kingdom
72Unbridled at Dusk
7310 Leagues Beneath Contempt
74I Am the Thorn
75Deceiving Eyes
76The Persecution Song

This song is brilliant. Why is this not even on the list?

77Hurt and Virtue

The melodic opening riff, insane keyboard work, and haunting orchestrated backtracks are combined with crushing drums and downright violent vocals make this a standout track both in Damnation and a Day, and in the context of Cradle's massive discography.

78Godspeed On the Devil's Thunder

1st because this one is brilliant and I didn't understand it until I read the lyrics. LOL

79Hammer of the WitchesV1 Comment
80Nocturnal Supremacy
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