Top Ten Crazy Music Artist Collaborations That Might Just Work


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21Marilyn Manson & Three Days Grace

They're both good artists, but they have nothing in common. It's like having Skillet collaborating with Slayer.

They're awesome artists but I don't think they would real well together in a song.

Don't get me wrong people. I love both of them, but they don't really go together.

Both are good, but both won't really work for a song.

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22Evanescence & Eminem

This is perfection! Think about how deep that music video would be!

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23Queen & Vanilla Ice
24Scissor Sisters & Bjork
25Madness & Dr. Hook
26Sage the Gemini & French Montana

Best rappers ever making a colabboration song would be the best song to ever exist.

You said that on the wrong item. Unfortunately, the one you were looking for "Eminem & Nas" isn't on here. - TheLister

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27Austin Mahone and Taylor Swift

If by collaboration you mean Swift dates him, breaks up with him, and writes a song about it.

28Shakira & Taylor Swift
29Katy Perry & Rihanna
30Skillet & Three Days Grace
31Eminem & Ne-Yo
32The Allman Brothers Band & Led Zeppelin
33Skrillex & Suicide Silence
34Three Days Grace & Black Sabbath
35Hatsune Miku & Eminem
36Metallica & Eminem
37t.A.T.u. & Nine Inch NailsV1 Comment
38Eminem & Paul McCartney

This would be great. Paul McCartney likes Eminem anyway.

39Ozzy Osbourne & Three Days Grace
40Green Day & Korn
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