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61 Overburdened Overburdened

Hell is still overburdened, I must stand and wait in line. Hell is still overburdened now have I been so determined Malign. Seriously, this is one truly amazing song. The slow beginning may have stopped some from listening, but I seriously think this is one of their very best. Better than down with the sickness for sure.

Great vocals, heavy guitar, amazing solo, and has an amazing meaning. You definitely should listen to this song if you're new to Disturbed. Its what got me into the band. HELL IS STILL OVERBURDENED

HOW the hell is this not higher up? This song would be at least 4th in my list. it has awesome solos lyrics and beat, hell is still overburdened

This is my favorite Disturbed song and it upsets me that it is so low on this list

How have I been so determined Malign

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62 Forgiven Forgiven

Deserves to be higher. His voice is so amazing in this song.

63 Parasite Parasite

This one should defiantly be higher the first time I heared it I was like it's ight but after a couple more times I was like dangg this is like super awesome it totally gets me going and it's my new favorite song 100%

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64 Never Again Never Again

Just listen to the true meaning of the words... Awesome song and thanks disturbed for making this one.

Amazing song, no clue why it isn't higher

Yeah - just heard this - like. Never Again.

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65 Sacrifice Sacrifice

Come on. I am disappointed. This is in my top ten. Great intro, love the chorus. Just sad

66 Want Want V 1 Comment
67 Deceiver Deceiver

Seriously 51? By far my favourite song from Disturbed, awesome lyrics and I can relate to this song.

48.. Just sad, one of my favorites by them. I just love the chorus the way he sings it.. Puts emotion into it. Listen and vote for this song.

When I first listened to "indestructible" I thought this was one of the singles and I don't know why it wasn't

Definitely one of my top 10. I can listen to this song every day.

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68 Leave It Alone Leave It Alone

Love this song, The vocal and the drum match perfectly.

69 Awaken Awaken

This songs guitar intro Is just amazing! The lyrics are pretty deep also this song should at least be in the top 30's. This track is one of my favorites from the believe album.
Here are my favorites from believe
1. Prayer
2. Believe
3. Awaken
4. Liberate
5. Darkness

To me this is their best album, I mean I love all of their albums, but this one defines their style and uniqueness and the riffs and chords are pretty cool too. This album is their most emotional and ccombines all that they stand for in this album, this was their overall message that they were trying to make to the world this album is who they are, and they are Disturbed.

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70 The Light The Light

Such empowering and meaningful lyrics! This song is just amazing.

The tragedy it suffers are the band's fans who aren't willing to tolerate a shift from the original style of the band.

It is just a great songs with great lyrics and the guitar is pretty good also. Not as hard as their other songs but it is just as good

How is this not even the first ten! One of the more recognizable, I definitely thought I'd see it in the first page, but seventy?!?! This is ridiculous! - Flowersocks2137

This song is clearly the best lyrically and arrangement.

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71 Darkness Darkness

This song deserves higher rank... Though it is slow and all but it is beautiful..

This song is so beautiful it made me cry a little bit. Definitely deserves a higher spot - MetalFoREVer1228

Every metal band has a soft spot. This song is good even though it doesn't follow the band's known genre

How in the world is this #77? One of their best songs for sure

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72 Dehumanized Dehumanized

I think this song deserves a much higher place.

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73 Bound Bound

What?! Bound should at least be at a higher rank. The guitar at the start is amazing. - jonothius

74 Save Our Last Goodbye Save Our Last Goodbye

This song has a great story! The music just let's the emotion flow and the vocals show pain and anger. THIS is actually one of my top ten favorites! It's so low because it just came out.

75 Never Wrong Never Wrong

This is the best song ever I loved the end of it it should be higher

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76 Devour Devour
77 Torn Torn

are you sick in the ears.. torn is in the top 20 at least

Everything in this song is just absolutely amazing! This would have to be one of Disturbed underrated songs!

What a amazing solo dude I've never tired of listening the guitar solo. - pradeepbarman

The chorus just doesn't leave my ears. The depth, the power, the pain of the voice is spectacular!

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78 Avarice Avarice

Such a high energy song, just love listening to it over and over, never gets old.

Number 1 track from Disturbed in my opinion..

79 Two Worlds

Are you kidding me? This is by far Disturbed's best song, so powerful, badass, and moving!

I love Disturbed and what they stand for and all of their songs, but, in my humble opinion, I believe Two Worlds is the greatest piece of audio epicness they ever created.
The lyrics and the meaning of the song are there, thought not as solid as many of their other songs (Another Way to Die, Mine, Land of Confusion, etc).
The rhythm is, in my opinion, the best by far from all of their songs, being Down With The Sickness the second, also very far ahead from all the others. And I just have to say

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80 Ishfwilf Ishfwilf

Great cover! Really shows the singers great voice in a different style of music.

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