Top 10 Endorsers in the Philippines


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The Top Ten

Kim Chiu
She has it all and inspiration to many. Brain, beauty, natural sexy, dress well, knows how to carry herself, and very good model for everyone. Kim Chiu always help needy Kids in the Philippines. She is always active & one of the ambassador of Bantay Bata foundation. She really patronizes what she endorses and has charms that draws people a lot. I wish her all the best and more commercials and more projects for her.
She is inspiration to all that's why a lot of people patronize what she endorse. Kim Chiu has a very nice personality and she is real model to everyone. I'm really proud of her imagine at her early age she already accomplished a lot of things house of her own, business, and take responsibility of her sisters and brothers. She has the charm that draws people and lucky charm too.
It's because she's an effective endorser! She really patronizes what she endorse. Through that she shows that the products she endorses are trustworthy and consumer-friendly! She has the charm that draws people! That's why companies fall in line just to get her as their endorser! What for is her title "The Endorsement Princess" if she's not!
[Newest]Very down to earth young woman
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2Xian Lim
With no doubt, he's one of the best endorsers there is. He never forgets to mention the products that he's endorsing. Very effective.
The most effective endorser I have seen. He incorporates the products he endorses in his daily life and post them on twitter and his IG. Rarely do you see artists endorse products in such ways.
[Newest]Xian is one of the best male celebrity endorser because he has the charisma, the looks, actually he has everything in a model.
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3Angel Locsin
She's the best.. She's a very unique person, a perfect body, talented, a compassionate and everything is stunning at her.. She's the best role model in all the artist in the Philippines.
She is selective of the products she endorsed. A very attractive actress with genuine heart
I vote angel locsin bcus she is the one make me happy when I saw er at the commercial..
[Newest]She is the best,

4Anne Curtis
There's no doubt that actress Anne Curtis is the country's top endorser. Just take a look at Curtis' pretty face on countless billboards, T.V. commercials, magazines & even on public Markets! Anne is the Philippines' top endorser because people love her personality and "genuineness".

"She has a huge following because she's very genuine. How she sings. She releases albums but she's one of the worst Filipino singers. But's her effort, it's her personality that appeals to a lot of people. That's why I think she's extremely popular. And she's not very proud or arrogant or 'mayabang. ' She's very real and she seems down-to-earth, even though she's up there.

Anne Curtis is definitely the Philippines' Endorsement Queen, No doubt about it because everyone knows it.
She have it all! Truly an inspiration to everyone!
She's definitely a great factor to make product inducing to the public...
[Newest]The one and only top endorser no other than Anne Curtis.

5Kris Aquino

6Sarah Geronimo
Of course Sarah G. She captures the hearts of young minds.
She's deserving of what she does.
What should I say? She is the number 1 endorser here in the Philippines... No any questions just watch her commercial's 😊

7Daniel Padilla
He has proven for the last few years that he is not just another Padilla. Daniel has proven that he can make his own name, own fame and everything. He has a charisma that makes his fans go crazy. He is very patient when it comes to those die-hard fans at the mall shows or performances. He knows how to handle his fame very well. His endorsements are very attractive, not just because of his face but also because of how he advertises it. He is probably very favorable when it comes to the company who wants him to endorse their product. On the other hand, on and off camera, I can proudly say that the heartthrob of the Philippines is a gentleman. His romance with Kathryn Bernardo is very controversial - in a good way. It is very doubtful that his career will go down any time soon.

Yours truly,
@moniquuetommo on Instagram! X
Teen king is on top of his game
He is humble and gentleman

8Marian Rivera
She has a convincing power because of her charisma and she has a very inviting personality it has proven in many commercials she had made all of them are best sellers.. No doubt she is the best endorser because she has everything in her, the skin, the face, the body all of these are perfect.. Plus she also has the support of her loyal fans...
Of course, Marian Rivera is a consummate endorser of all, when it comes in beauty products, highly effect to convince consumers, especially, women who wanted to be beautiful as Marian Rivera. She's has potential to attract people when she endorse snacks, foods, things and etc. Cause of her unprecedented popularity, she deserve to endorse a premium and prestige products.
She is number 1 endorser because she is very effective especially to a brand of cosmetics because of her looks and of course in clothing lines she is the best the fact the she can carry herself in all the clothes that she wears...
[Newest]Shes the one only!

9Kathryn Bernardo
Her beauty is one of a kind. Her glow is coming from within because of her good heart. And that glow shine around the world without her knowing it.
It's so hard to explain words but she's the only one I can say has it -to really care what she represent, any products or magazines. She's always miles away from others in projecting new style and good vibes.
She's one of a kind. She deserves to be the Top Celebrity Endorser. The Teen Queen of Endorsements.
"because she's the brightest female of todays generation

10Judy Ann Santos
Judy ann for me is the best indorser, because
Judy ann is number 1 because for how so many years judy still on the top.. She never lost endorsement until now..

The Contenders

11Enchong Dee

12Richard Yap

13Sharon Cuneta
Shes an effective endorser

14Piolo Pascual

15John Lloyd Cruz

16Gerald Anderson

17Lucy Torres
One of the prettiest endorser.
Maganda talaga sya idol ko si richard gomez matagal na kaya gusto ko si lucy torres

18Erich Gonzales

19Khalil Ramos

20Robin Padilla
Effective male product endorser.

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