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The Top Ten

Luhan (EXO-M)
He is the most well rounded! He can sing and dance so well and he is so good-looking too!
To me I think all the exo members are the best
He's handsome, singable and dancable pretty much nearest to my age (but I'm still his noona) However Kai is good too these days.


[Newest]Luhan is amazing! My favorite member (but seriously all Exo members are to die for) I love his cheerful and genuine personality! You can tell how hard working he is and I admire his dancing and beautiful singing skills!

2Baekhyun (EXO-K)
He can sing nicely. He also can dance so well! And the main issue is, he lead the others for being funny.
There is nothing he can't do. So perfect~
He's main vocal, he's cute and handsome,
[Newest]He is talented, funny, cute and is the best lead singer in Exo ever. My ultimate Bias!

3Sehun (EXO-K)
Oh se hun is the cutest
His perfect. My bias forever. Oh Sehun is my favorite idol and my ideal man. Love you
Well, Sehun to cute and I really like it since their first debuted as EXO-K.We also share same birthdate and I like Sehun smile so much..Oppa, saranghae!
[Newest]Sehun Oppa is the greatest. He is so underrated and adorable. Deserves more credit and LINES for got sake! His dancing skills are incredible and he is so handsome. Fighting oppa!

4Chanyeol (EXO-K)
He's Funny and Cheerful. He's always smiling. One of the toughest decision, but hey, he's my number one happy virus. ♪
Chanyeol is very funny.He always smile no matter what.He makes my life full of gags.Gumawo Chanyeol.
[Newest]Chanyeol is so very good in all so I choose him

5Kris (EXO-M)
Fris is so charismatic and multitalent too
Kris is my role model and my dream guy. ♥U Kris.
[Newest]He is very sexy

6Kai (EXO-K)
Hottest and most sexiest dancing machine alive 😍
No one can compare with him. He is the best of the best.
God Creat him because he is unique and no one will screw him down. Kai is unique.
[Newest]He is just the BEST!

7D.O. (EXO-K)
He may not be that tall compared to the rest but he's my PRINCE CHARMING! ^^
He's's so cute and very charming.His voice was like an angel singing.For me he is the best vocalist in Exo.Even if the song was simple, he can manage it and make it better and lovable! I love kyungsoo because of his unique personality!
Voice of an angel and a very beautiful smile. In short :) he's perfect.
[Newest]D. O! He's so cute and love how he can be quiet, charming and almost endearing at the same time! His voice is beautiful and I love how sincere he is! He may not be the most rambunctious of the other members but that's why I find him so amazing!

8Suho (EXO-K)
He is a charismatic & adorable leader.He look perfect on my eyes.I have many similarity with him.
He is such a good and smart leader...
He may be the oldest but he acts like a child
Suho oppa FIGHTING..
[Newest]Such a good leader must be the first! He's so charming! He's so handsome😍😍😍 he's cute... He's the best leader ever! The charming prince should be no. 1!

9Chen (EXO-M)
He has one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard. He is also very handsome. He has a great personality and smile.
He has a gorgeous voice, personality and heart. He's handsome as well.
Your voice is amazing try your best!
[Newest]His voice, his way, his smile, his style, his mouth, his perfection, him... I just love him so much, I've so much proud of my bias ♥

10Tao (EXO-M)
How can tao be the last he is so cute in actions and he is so funny
Tao is just one of the coolest and hottest guys ever, cute as panda and totally killer with his eyes
Tao oppa is special just the way he is.. I Love perfectly everything on him..
[Newest]Tao is my bias. He should be in the top 5 at least.

The Contenders

11Xiumin (EXO-M)
He is nice and cute... I love him si much... My ultimate bias in exo
Minseokkie is so talented, sweet, and caring! He's just amazing in all ways!
XIumin is very adorable and even though he's the oldest, he can still be cute! Yet, he does know when to be a hyung to the other Exo members. He's been trying so hard to please his fans, even the sasaengs which is why he's so skinny now! He's a very caring person and we all know he's a wonderful and bright person. Even his smile could cheer me up everyday.
[Newest]He? Is The Best Members And He Is Cute

12Lay (EXO-M)
Incredibly talented and handsome, but humble and admirably hard working. Top EXO member in my opinion.
He can sing beautifully and dance well.I like his smile.He is so handsome.His talent is good in playing guitar
Other Exo members says he is all rounded and it is true. He can dance, sing, play guitar and piano, compose music! He is humble and always polite. He has dimples! He is really cute when he smiles and also very handsome. He is sexy like really sexy always wearing low neck tops because he has awesome body.
[Newest]He can dance and sing, plays guitar and piano, compose music. He has a beautiful smile and a perfect body

13Ace (EXO-M)

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