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The Top Ten

Yuzuru Hanyu
One need not look further than this season for a testament to Yuzuru Hanyu's amazing athleticism, steely tenacity, and insane growth. From a crash in CoC to absolute victory at the Grand Prix Final. From a 20% success rate on the quad salchow to beautiful, GOE-heavy quads. Now the kid is even predicting the era of quintuples. That sounds crazy, but coming from Yuzuru, it's matter-of-fact. What can we say? He's clearly beyond the level of mere humans.
I think he is one of the biggest talents in figure skating history. He's very versatile and he has got the full package. His jumps are spectacular, his speed is amazing, his presence on the ice is immense. And he is so captivating it really is a huge fun to watch him compete. What I especially love about him is his will to compete against all odds. He has a spirit of a top athlete. And he has his charm and artistic mind. Wish him good luck. He's the best of the best, one of a kind, an alien. Happy to be a witness of his success. Well- deserved one.
I've watched a lot of figure skating performances in several winter Olympic Games, but Yuzuru is the one that make me a figure skating fan finally.
[Newest]He is special of all.
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2Daisuke Takahashi
Ridiculous to do such a thing - the same person change the browser to vote to the same skater many times.
One Person, One Vote! That's the justice.
I think ashamed of this vote as a Japanese.


Don't push thumbs down button on Yuzuru and overvote to Daisuke and other skaters.
[Newest]I and all people love his skate and character.
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3Yulia Lipnitskaya
Yulia's spins are out of this world. No one can touch her flexibility, the ingenuity of her positions, her speed and the overall beauty of a spinning Yulia Lipnitskaya. If I were a judge, Yulia would be the only one who gets Level 4 on spins - her level 4s just cannot be compared to the others in the field. Take a Biellmann - most skaters struggle to do one, let alone a hyperextended Biellmann, and even when they hit the position they merely turn slowly for 3 to 4 rounds. Not Yulia. Yulia's thigh practically touches her head and she spins her Biellmann at a wonderful speed rarely seen among top skaters. Queen of spins and spirals, Yulia Lipnitskaya.
I love her for her musicality. I play classical piano, and I can't believe how well she can 'feel' and enjoy the music. As well, she chooses her music herself. And all of her music is always heartbreakingly beautiful and easy on the ears. She knows what she can do, and she takes it all to the max. Her spins are amazing to watch- just like a dancer or a gymnast. She has beautiful extensions and showcases fluidity in all of her movements. She has the spark that will certainly prove that she is the best in the near future.
First of all, I would like to share their impression of the rentals Julia.. Do not lie if I say that after the short program in the team competition, went under the impression week. I very much liked figure skating at all Olympic Games only look at the sport as possible trying not to miss the championship worlds and Europe, but in the last few years have not been able, up to the Olympics, look at the competition. Easy riding, smooth motion and rotation is breathtaking at the end I was incredibly inspired. I understand that, perhaps even under ideal rental in the women's singles competitions Julia could not get gold, but, in my opinion, is not so important points as important to convey power. If I was asked who my favorite athlete, I would say it was her name. :)

I wish Julia forces, which will be enough to become even more powerful skater, which is enough to maintain the spirit. Just I hope that with age, it does not lose its flavor, which inspires people.
[Newest]Love this girl no matter how she acts, the main thing that it was, it's just the magic of some kind
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4Stephane Lambiel
A real artist on the ice! The one who could put together the highest level artistry with amazing skating skills and technique. The one who will always be known for his highest demand of quality, even after his competitive retirement. And at the same time, also a wonderful person. And I haven't even mentioned his mesmerizing spins and musicality.
Stephane Lambiel is only a "contender"? I don't trust this survey as being valid. Lambiel is unquestionably the greatest male figure-skater out there in this day and age. I'm not just saying that because I happen to personally adore him (which I do), I make this statement objectively and in light of his consistent perfection and unearthly artistry. But why restate the obvious? Because, apparently some prefer to ignore the obvious. Listing him as a mere "contender" does have shock value, though... That works.
In the entire cohort of great skaters, for me, Stephane Stephane Lambiel, always first. Stephane brilliant skater, artist, undergoing art on ice. No one will be able to repeat his excellent rotation and his incredible artistry. He is a true artist on the ice that is constantly being improved, improves, creates its own unique choreography. He is the only, unique, unsurpassed. Do not get tired to admire this unique figure skater.


[Newest]THE Artist! Full stop.
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5Mao Asada
Mao, you are amazing skater! Makes me to cry watching your skate. Love you!
Need no explanation. Mao is the greatest, the most graceful and energetic skater ever! Whenever she skates, she becomes the music, dances like a fairy, and empowers the audience. Above all, her pure love for figure skating endlessly captures our hearts.

Maybe she's not a judges' favorite, but we know who deserves the best, it's you, Mao, thank you for sharing your gift with us.
Katarina Witt... Really, the girl who lever landed a jump above a triple loop in competition, while during the same time midori was landing triple lutzes, and later triple axels. Mao should be much higher than her, and 17 really?
[Newest]Mao Queen of the triple axel. Goddess of ice.
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6Evgeni Plushenko
One of the greatest and most charismatic figure skaters of all time. He radiates power, beauty and energy. The sheer command he has over the ice and audience is spellbinding. There will never be a male figure skater as emotional, passionate, technically masterful as him. One of a kind. Tsar on ice!
I love everything about Plushenko's skating, the arm movements, the playing up to the audience, everything! Thanks to YouTube I have been able to see his earliest performances and his skill and talent is incredible. He will always be remembered in figure skating and he is the King of Ice.
There is only one of him in the world. There is no one like him. In an age of figure skating where everyone is the same, he is different. No one has the command and power over the ice that he does. No one has his charisma. I repeat, there is no one like him and never will be again. He is one of the greatest - a living legend.
[Newest]Just a great skater. Charisma, energy, talent, power!
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7Yuna Kim
Watch her speed, she's so fast and graceful on the ice. So far, no one can match her artistic ability and facial expression. You have to remember that figure skating is not just about the spins and jumps but the expression, I think kim yuna deserves to be higher on the list, I mean she's won many titles, and she broke the record!
She is always perfect, and there are not betrayal others' expectation.

She does a beautiful jump to include speed and the height.

Her performance's emotion is plentiful and she excite the audience and impress me.

It looked like magic. Her performance is the most fun and I like it!

She is the hero who beat pressure and every thing.

I always respect her.

When she retired, I cried. I still think that I miss her very much.
Yuna Kim is a truly phenomenon in figure skating. Her technical skills, speed, performance ability, emotional expressions, music choice, fashion sense and her personality are all almost perfect! Moreover, I do like the sound from her skating because it shows how professional and relaxed she is, even during major competitive touraments; also, it does match the music very well. Some people said that Yuna looks so effortless when skating; but in my opinion, in order to be "effortless" like her, you have to have exceptional skills and spirit. Indeed, I could not see any ladies during Yuna Kim's era can have this "effortless" ability.
[Newest]Best of best! The Queen

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8Brian Joubert
But Brian Joubert was never afraid of circumstances and of hard work. He is somebody who never gives up, someone who takes the breath away the minute he appears on the ice.

With retiring of Brian the whole figure skating era end. He gone as a big champion, as a big fighter and great skater. The gladiator on ice. The French musketeer. And last but not least - as a man with a most nice smile in figure skating. Merci Brian!
One from the few skaters that lasted so long in competitions 9without any season out for over 10 years) and in high level. a real FIGHTER! King of quads! He has a great connection with the crowd! The james bond of the ice!
Really male skating, quads champion. The only skater in the world who jumped and landed more than 100 quads! And finally, he is very nice person.
[Newest]Let's be real Brian is a hottie

9Johnny Weir
Johnny is the most artistic figure skater I've ever known! When he skates I can't put my eyes off the screen/ice (whatever! ). He's a real magician ON ICE! He takes your soul and your heart and returns them full of emotions and love, so once you saw Johnny skating you'd never forget him!
Johnny is absolutely in a league of his own as a skater. He doesn't just skate to music. He becomes the music, interpreting it with every stroke of his blades, every turn of his hips, every flick of his fingers. He's mesmerizing and truly the most powerful, heartbreakingly beautiful artist on the ice ever.
Johnny is the best male skater in the world in my book. He is very artistic and graceful, and his skating technique is superb. His jumps, especially axels, are incredibly high and strong. Johnny's programs are sheer masterpieces. When you see him skate, you forget about other skaters and their merits.
[Newest]He has changed my life forever.

10Carolina Kostner
She is a beautiful skater and an even better person. I love her!
She is a ballerina on ice, an angel. No one can compare with her beauty and artistry.
Carolina is not a skater, she is an artist.
[Newest]I love you, Carolina! She is very beautiful!

The Contenders

11Michelle Kwan
Figure skating is a better sport because of Michelle Kwan. Judging system may change and Olympic golds may be continually given, but Michelle Kwan's legendary presence, exuberant elegance and timeless artistry will be always remembered. No other artist can exude the same brand of genuine emotional exposition on ice except her.
No one - of any era - can compare. Michelle is in a realm beyond figure skating itself. She's in a realm beyond because she mastered skating: her edges, her execution before, during and leaving a jump, her ability to emote without ever sacrificing basic figure skating fundamentals are unmatched. And, then, she just shares herself. Fully.. Without reservation. From the heart.
Your legendary and iconic existence in the world of figure skating calibrated the standard that every skater that follows you should adhere. Your artistic interpretation is yet to be surpassed by any man or woman.
[Newest]The expression, " one of a kind " fits Michelle. Sometimes an individual comes along and sets a mark so high that it takes another exceptional person to attain it. So far no one has even come near to Michelle, and I doubt if there ever will be another like her.

12Midori Ito
Without a doubt the finest jumper of all time. Her artistry was underrated and she had so much energy definitely before her time. If it wasn't for compulsory figures and the disastrous warm up and short program of the 1991 worlds she would have at least 3 world titles. MY favourite skater of all time and such a cute smile too!
She is a huge part of figure skating history:first woman to land a triple-triple combination at JUNIOR worlds! First woman to land a triple axel first woman to land seven triple jumps in a free program and paved the way for Japanese figure skaters. that's quite an achievement!
The first asian female to win a World Title and an Olympic medal. The very first female figure skater to land a clean triple axel in International Competition... Her smile is so big. She's just wonderful
[Newest]Whenever I watch Midori's video, I can't believe it was over 20 years ago.

13Elena Ilinykh
She is adorable because she is so essential.. She is just very open and kind-hearted! I really dream to meet her one day although I never really had any idols, I prefer to live my own life. ! But she is just so like us, all other people that it feels that to meet her will be like to meet an old lost friend from high school! I adore her! She is just lovely!
Elena is so talented, so expressive and brilliant on the ice. She is such a fun loving, sincere and kind person. And she is a star and has a champion quality.
Elena is a real sportsman in the best sense of this word. She fights and struggles for every point, no matter what. She is a great personality. And she is gorgeous and unforgettable on the ice.
[Newest]She is so talented & beautiful!

14Javier Fernandez
One of the most extraordinary skaters ever. He's so talented, his technical skills, speed and gliding are perfect. His charming performance is just incredible! He is an artist! He's looking for new fresh ideas, unforgettable performance on the World Gala 2015 with a music from "Touch of evil"! He's an actor with such a strong personality! Brave and unforgettable skater!
He's so damn charming and talented!
The most artistic figure skater in the world, he skates really good

15Takahiko Kozuka
He is from the time of junior, it is wonderfully skating, I was paying attention.

Up to senior, and now more and more to run a clever step work, I now look forward to seeing his step.

There is a flow to acting, smooth Very pleasant. In addition, part of the fun his selection of music also.

Classic look good, but also look good pop. Vocal music of the season as well, those very great, it is a love acting.

From now, also I want you active in the game.
His prominent skating technique has been attracting me long time.

Particularly, "Eagle" beautiful like wind is favorite for me.

2014-2015season's exhibition program, flamenco has passionate as well as his usual nobility.

His performances give me happiness all time.

I want to continue watching him in the long future.
Skater that grabbed my heart. His skating gently, it gives us the healing. Due to a failure of the body, rather Leap jump to think

Although longer, it has regained little by little. He does not lose heart wonderful. He is a fighter. Next season, also I want to see him in the game. And I am praying for his success in heaven.
[Newest]I love his skating. Now I want to take a look at the choreography of Jeffrey Battle. I think I fit in an elegant his skating. His skating is really fun from this.

16Katarina Witt
Gorgeous even at 47.
Confidence, guts, and style. Defined 1980s skating!

17Ekaterina Gordeeva
Completely agree! She's absolutely magnificent, just breath-taking! She is not only a genius in figure skating, she's also one of the most beautiful women in the world. And it's very natural, that she's often associated with Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn - two greatest actresses ever. She's really Great!
She is the only person in the world of the figure skating af all times, who has transfigured it to an Art. It's actually a ballet on ice and a Great ballet! This is the level of skating, when even her perfect technique doesn't play role any more, because the Pure Beauty dominates over everything: it admires, stuns, hypnotizes and gives a natural sensation of eternal harmony. Other great skaters are heroes, and Katya is an Artist.
There are only few things in this world which can always give you joy regardless your mood and state of mind: sea, sun in the sky, poetry of Shakespeare, music of Bach, paintings of El Greco, films with Katharine Hepburn or Dustin Hoffman and skating of Katya Gordeeva. Ekaterina, I'm so grateful that you exist! THANK YOU!
[Newest]The great figure skater!

18Brian Boitano
Brian had the power and grace. Dramatic presence on the ice. Also managed a great professional career.
He is Legend! And, I'm also enjoy "What would Brian Boitano make? "

19Tatsuki Machida
I was deeply impressed by his performances. While watching him skate for a few minutes in a competition, I felt I was watching a whole movie or an entire performance of ballet. His movement is not just beautiful; in every single movement he has a message he wants to show the world, a message of love. Yes, it is a pity he no longer competes, but I'm looking forward to seeing him perform another artistic program, something like East of Eden or Beethoven Symphony No.9.
Tatsuki brought his soul into his skating. His Beethoven 9th Symphony is simply amazing, so artistic as well as athletic. He decided not to compete any more but simply perform his skating now...
He is very beautiful, elegant, graceful. And intellectual skater. I love his skating so much.
[Newest]Since first time I saw his performance, I felt in love his skater. He might not be the athlete who won through up to a record, but was the artist who won through up to memory. I have watched his new program in Yokohama today. The performance was showed us his new world!

20Elizaveta Tuktamysheva
Very much I love Lisa! She tremendous, she has excellent jumps and an improbable triple axel!
Liza, the greatest challenger! Her skating is always beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous!
She's very beautiful! Her triple axel magnificent!
[Newest]Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is Queen of the triple axel. Goddess of ice really!

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