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Michelle Kwan
Figure skating is a better sport because of Michelle Kwan. Judging system may change and olympic golds may be continually given, but Michelle Kwan's legendary presence, exuberant elegance and timeless artistry will be always remembered. No other artist can exude the same brand of genuine emotional exposition on ice except her.
No one - of any era - can compare. Michelle is in a realm beyond figure skating itself. She's in a realm beyond because she mastered skating: her edges, her execution before, during and leaving a jump, her ability to emote without ever sacrificing basic figure skating fundamentals are unmatched. And, then, she just shares herself. Fully.. Without reservation. From the heart.
Your legendary and iconic existence in the world of figure skating calibrated the standard that every skater that follows you should adhere. Your artistic interpretation is yet to be surpassed by any man or woman.

2Yuna Kim
Who is voting that she is not the best of all time? This woman kim yuna has won olympics already along w three consecutive world champ? And that is under today's much harder difficulty level, if she hits, she will do well. I want the best to win. I don't like the Russian cheated always. if kim sticks her routine, there is no one who can touch her, including the overrated Russian 15 yo who is over scored for having 0 height and artistry. but we all know that when ever the comp is in Russia, they will cheat.


I think Yuna Kim's one of the most best figure skater in figure skating history. She has incredible speed and quality, with gorgeous artistry. Her program is flawless and delicate. She gets better everyday. It's such a joy to watch her skating. I'm sure that she will be remembered as a legendary skater.
Watch her speed, she's so fast and graceful on the ice. So far, no one can match her artistic ability and facial expression. You have to remember that figure skating is not just about the spins and jumps but the expression, I think kim yuna deserves to be higher on the list, I mean she's won many titles, and she broke the record!
[Newest]She is the best!
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3Brian Boitano

4Mao Asada
Katarina Witt... Really, the girl who lever landed a jump above a triple loop in competition, while during the same time midori was landing triple lutzes, and later triple axels. Mao should be much higher than her, and 17 really?
Why is she so low on the list?
She has NO competition
MAO ASADA has won more titles for a woman under the age of 15. She is the best and have the power to overtake any of her opponents.
[Newest]She is the one of best skaters! I will NEVER forget her performance and passion for figure skating! She didn't get the gold medal in the Olympic Games, but she showed us more than that!
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5Dorothy Hamill
one of the most beautiful woman ive seen,shes 3 years older than i.Ive watched her for all the years shes skated,i watched her interview on tv a month or so ago and know what she felt like in her time of sorrows,for i now feel her pain,and wonder how she made it.Wish i could meet her.
I like her because she is amazing... In stars on ice... The olimpics... And desierves famousness
She was the one who made me a skating fan. She was so pretty that during her time, there was a popular hair cut named after her.


6Katarina Witt
Gorgeous even at 47.
Confidence, guts, and style. Defined 1980s skating!
When she did Carman, she looked stunning, acted and skated perfect. She did not have the most difficult elements. But her artistry more than made up for it. She won 2 Olympic gold medals!


7Sasha Cohen
She is amazing and I absoloutlly love her spiral. She is a great skater I watch her all the time on YouTube and her outfits are out of this world. Since I'm a figure skater I try to skate like her but it's just impossible since she is so good and I love watching her.
She is a Ballerina on ice and her spiral are perfection
Sasha cohen is definitely the best have any of you guys seen her spiral it's like WWOOW the first time I saw her I'm like wow who is that and my sister's like sasha cohen

8Kristi Yamaguchi
Her jumps are so skilled everything looks like it has been calculated and just wow I'm a skater and I can't wait to be able to do that stuff
She is amazing! Everything she does is through her heart. She tries hard and success into life. She made history! I love her, and shes my hero! She deserves to have good fortune in life.. !

9Kurt Browning
Kurt Browning has the technique and style that I like. I'm from Canada. And the only other Canadian figure skater I love is Patrick Chan. Whom I'm shocked is not on this list. But then, I'm shock that Yuna Kim is not in first place.
Watched this lad from the early stages to now. Talent, grace and funny. Pure entertainment and skill. Even loses gracefully. The person who put the quads on the list. Pioneer plus.
He is underrated. Didn't he get two silver medals in two different Olympics? All those World golds yet denied the Olympic gold. I guess luck was not on his side.

10Ekaterina Gordeeva
Completely agree! She's absolutely magnificent, just breath-taking! She is not only a genius in figure skating, she's also one of the most beautiful women in the world. And it's very natural, that she's often associated with Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn - two greatest actresses ever. She's really Great!
She is the only person in the world of the figure skating af all times, who has transfigured it to an Art. It's actually a ballet on ice and a Great ballet! This is the level of skating, when even her perfect technique doesn't play role any more, because the Pure Beauty dominates over everything: it admires, stuns, hypnotizes and gives a natural sensation of eternal harmony. Other great skaters are heroes, and Katya is an Artist.
There are only few things in this world which can always give you joy regardless your mood and state of mind: sea, sun in the sky, poetry of Shakespeare, music of Bach, paintings of El Greco, films with Katharine Hepburn or Dustin Hoffman and skating of Katya Gordeeva. Ekaterina, I'm so grateful that you exist! THANK YOU!
[Newest]Katya is definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world of all times!

The Contenders

11Sonja Heinie
None of these skaters come close to the fabulous most glamorous Ms. Henie. She'd tear these mousy girls apart. Sonja was woman enough to excel in everything she touched. She was engaged to Tyrone Power & dated many handsome men & box office actors. Sonja Henie was greatly admired by royalty, world dignitaries & even dictators. How's that for power & impact! Unlike these drab creatures Henie was a massive supernova of a star before superstar & global were even concepts. Sonja was also an innovative pioneer. But the woman was just too much fabulous for anyone to handle. Today's skaters are flops compared to her. Did I mention she was the richest too? Sonja Henie is the greatest for my money and its not even close.
She was so ahead of her time, excelled at many careers, just overwhelming to read about her life and athletic abilities... Oh, the hula in short ice skating costume! She was just... WOW

12Alexey Yagudin
Other skaters may have won more awards or lasted in the comp longer but Yagudin manages to get the audience drawn in to his compelling story telling.
For me Alexei Yagudin is the best figure skater, always be.
My favourite men's free skate program is 'Gladiator' from him in 2001.

13Midori Ito
Without a doubt the finest jumper of all time. Her artistry was underrated and she had so much energy definitely before her time. If it wasn't for compulsory figures and the disastrous warm up and short program of the 1991 worlds she would have at least 3 world titles. MY favourite skater of all time and such a cute smile too!
She is a huge part of figure skating history:first woman to land a triple-triple combination at JUNIOR worlds! First woman to land a triple axel first woman to land seven triple jumps in a free program and paved the way for Japanese figure skaters. that's quite an achievement!
The first asian female to win a World Title and an Olympic medal. The very first female figure skater to land a clean triple axel in International Competition... Her smile is so big. She's just wonderful
The greatest jumper ever!

14Johnny Weir
Johnny is the most artistic figure skater I've ever known! When he skates I can't put my eyes off the screen/ice (whatever! ). He's a real magician ON ICE! He takes your soul and your heart and returns them full of emotions and love, so once you saw Johnny skating you'd never forget him!
Johnny is the best male skater in the world in my book. He is very artistic and graceful, and his skating technique is superb. His jumps, especially axels, are incredibly high and strong. Johnny's programs are sheer masterpieces. When you see him skate, you forget about other skaters and their merits.
Johnny is the best skater of all over the world. He's so beautiful. His skating is very creative and artistic. I love it)))
[Newest]his triple axel is a marvel, his spins are fast and unique, no one can rival him!

15Gracie Gold

16Peggy Flemming
Her style, finesse, and composure put her at the top all time. The Perfect Skater

17Patrick Chan
Seriously? No Patrick on this list? I'm Canadian and so proud that he is too!

18Yuzuru Hanyu
At age 19, he won the gold at the Sochi Winter Olympics... His first Olympics. Not to mention he was the first figure skater ever to surpass 100pts on his short program - setting a new world record!

Say what you will, but you can't deny his talent, especially with how much he's gone through. He survived an earthquake & the destruction of his hometown (plus the skating rink) and had to relocate to Canada. He also suffers from asthma, but you can see, when he performs, he gives it his all! He finishes gasping for breath each time but continues nonetheless. His talent, passion, and inner strength will continue to amaze people far into the future.

And that's just part of the reason why he's my favorite figure skater. Of all time.
I respect him. He always gives me happy, smile, and hope.
Skates with such artistry and grace. Everything he does is so smooth and beautiful, it literally looks like he's floating over the ice.

19Brian Orser
my hero - so awesome!
see his Story of my life

20Daisuke Takahashi
Daisuke Takahashi has changed the world of the past figure skate. The figure skate was boring to some people including me. After the appearance of Daisuke Takahashi, the performance of the figure skate is going to be amusing, exciting and emotional. The performance of Daisuke Takahashi has been moving our hearts and making us happy.
His artistry is second to none. Not only he is an amazing dancer on the ice, he is one of the best skaters who can actually build up speed during step sequences. His programs are always fun to watch, and his skating is as smooth as butter. I could just watch him skate all day!
Why is Takahashi so low on the list?

He became the first Asian male figure skater to win an Olympic medal and a gold medal for a World championship in 2010. He is a brilliant artist, and also one of the greatest athletes.

I love his superb performance and his warm personality
[Newest]The greatest dancer on ice. Musicality unrivaled. No one has ever moved like him in figure skating.
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21Nancy Kerrigan
She overcame an assault planned by HER OWN TEAM MATE only to have the best performance she had done so far. That's saying enough.

22John Curry
Comfortably the most artistic male skater ever. Men's figure skating can be divided in 2. Before Curry and after Curry.
most graceful of all skaters

23Jill Trenary
She had so much style and beauty on the ice.

They changed the rules right under her feet, and that forced her out. The compulsory s being dropped changed the sport, and she was a casualty. Kwan was another casualty a decade later with the scoring changes.

I miss those big stars with the big personality on the ice. Today's women are zombies doing triples in comparison. Ratings are so low. Sad.
Seeing Her skate to Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots are made for Walkin" at a Champions on ice show made her one hot skater.

24Irina Slutskaya

25Evan Lysacek
The best male ice skater ever! He's a real male skater! So dominant, so elegant, his free program in Vancouverwas the best by far... Every time I watch it I thrill!
He is an amazing skater. Too bad he injured himself before Sochi. He also trains at my rink too.


How can you NOT vote for this guy he's gorgeous talented and tall ugh hees so awesome he trains at my rink he is an AHMAZIING skater I love him! I love you evan!

26Stephane Lambiel
The most artistic figure skater of all times. He is a great sportsmen and and an amazing artist on the ice. His programs are true pieces of art that make us experience deep feelings. Love him!


He created a beautiful world through each his routine by his talents and merits he imprinted himself as an outstanding artist on ice.
He made a real revolution in figure skating! Moreover I can't understand why the majority of sportsmen in this list are Americans.
[Newest]An outstanding artist on the ice and a great inspiration for this sport.

27Robin Cousins
He floated over the ice and made it all seem so effortless! He had magic!

28Evgeni Plushenko
Definitely one of the best and most charismatic figure skaters of all time. He radiates power and beauty, to watch him skate is pure magic. There will never be a male figure skater as emotional, passionate, technically masterful as him. He is one of a kind, a true legend. Tsar on ice!
One of the greatest and most charismatic figure skaters of all time. He radiates power, beauty and energy. The sheer command he has over the ice and audience is spellbinding. There will never be a male figure skater as emotional, passionate, technically masterful as him. One of a kind. Tsar on ice!
Why is plushenko so low on the list?

29Yulia Lipnitskaya
Amazing flexibility... Her free skating routine Schindler's list really touched my heart, I think she deserves to be higher on this list :D
I'm a figure skater and I'm flexible and everything but Yulia take flexible to the next level
Love her she deserves to be much higher
At just 15, she is an Olympic gold medalist. She is the best figure skater ever! In Sochi it may have been Adelina that enchanted our minds but it is Julia that captured our hearts. She is the angel in the red coat, Russia's Princess

30Barbara Ann Scott

31Caroline Zhang

32Janet Lynn

33Tonya Harding

34Mirai Nagasu

35Adam Rippon

36Kimmie Meissner

37Vincent Zhou

38Toller Cranston

39Chad Aplin
Chad aplin is at one with the ice I love him

40Kevin Reynolds
He can do 2 quads in short and 3 quads in free skate. Just very underscored talented skater. He's the "Quad King".

41Shizuka Arakawa

42Nobunari Oda
He is one of the best skater in the world

43Scott Hamilton
Not only a great skater but also one of the most entertaining of all time.
Simply awesome in his time! Set a new standard.

44Tara Lipinski
She had a very hard free skate. I'm just not so sure she should have won over Michelle Kwan. I wish she did not retire as soon as she won. She had potential to get better artistry.


Michelle Kwan was robbed of her Olympics gold because of this immature skater. Not fair! Tara should not be on the podium.

45Sarah Hughes

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