Favorite Figure Skater of All Time

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121Hana Maskova
122Miyabi Oba
123Yukina OtaV2 Comments
124Ivan Righini

One of the most charismatic and fun skaters

V2 Comments
125Ivan Bukin

Ivan and Sasha can be champions in a future)

The best partner and a handsome man!

126Samantha Cesario

I know a lot of people liked her Carmen programs, and she's definitely talented.

127Zachary Donohue

It is ridiculously like he copies Ciceron. Ugh, this is a big mistake.

A natural athlete and dancer. Possess charisma and excellent musical expression. Good posture and skating technique. Improving all the time. Boundless potential.

128Ross Miner
129Anne Line Gjersem

Norway's top skater right now. She's not yet even top ten material, but she's got some talent. Interesting trivia: Like Gracie Gold, she has a twin sister, Camilla.

130Fedor KlimovV1 Comment
131Alexander Smirnov

Just brilliant! What a comeback! Missing the Olympics in Sochi due to Smirnov's injury and Yuko at shatters - now they are back with a vengeance! They are a real danger to Canadians and Chinese, Russia the best anyway!

An absolutely stunning performance!

2 quads, and the maturity is so obvious, and the program shaped by Tamara Moskvina can only be amazing! It's theater, it's athletic, it's SUPERB! When they hit,is the most original artistic dramatic routine ever! BRAVO! Tchaikovsky s manfred symphony superb!

They changed the program, they changed their external image... But huge talent and tremendous skill never change. Drama on the ice and the love for this pair in the hearts of millions of fans of their magic skating! Yuko & Sasha, bravissimo!

132Yukari Nakano

I want to see her beautiful donut spin again.

V1 Comment
133Miyu Nakashio

I love her energetic performance.

134Piper GillesV1 Comment
135Adian Pitkeev

This boy just will die in a group Byanova! He is too small and brittle to continue the skater's career. Go to a pension.

136Konstantin Menshov
137Nicholas Buckland
138Ondrej Hotarek
139Jin Boyang

He's definitely a jumping machine and has a beautiful quad lutz. He just needs to improve his components and ownership of the choreography.

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140Lubov Iliushechkina

The most graceful pair skater ever.

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