Foods That Make You Fart

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Baked Beans
Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you "toot".
Last night I was eating beans and in bed I farted so much that I had to run out of the room holding my nose and I had to spray a strong smelling deodorant it the smell ranked
[Newest]Beans + my sleep farting habits = me not being allowed to order beans from our favorite barbecue joint anymore, boyfriend's orders.

My girlfriend just ate a burrito and is convinced the cheese is what is causing her to fart so much. Her butt is a vote for cheese as the worst fart. It is beyond description.
Cheese makes THE worst farts
My farts are so loud that the whole room stinks up. I'm a boy, and my farts are always loud, strong, and very gassy. I love the sound of my farts. They are the loudest farts I ever heard of.
[Newest]I agree This food makes you want to launch several air biscuits!

3Brussel Sprouts
Just found out why my girl has to sleep at her place tonight
They make me fart a lot
[Newest]Yes! Immediately! I was shocked and had to look it up.

I ate eggs for breakfest, and believe it or not I was farting so much the teacher made me leave the classroom.
Oh no I had eggs for dinner on my hamberger! I am planning on farting in my brothers room when he is in the shower it is going to stink! Epic
Me and some mates have a yearly festival on the 4th Thursday of February! Its called Bregfest: the festival devoted unashamedly to bread and eggs! The flat smells so bad afterwards! Love it!
[Newest]Had eggs before a big test, and I get so Damn gassy when I'm nervous! You could hear my stomach rumbling and I let out like thirty shouldn't farts, the room shelled absolutely terrible! As I got up to go to the bathroom I let an atrocious fart bubble out and the odor was so obnoxious nobody could focus and they looked at me in disgust

I had french onion soup for dinner tonight. Hubby was not happy when he got home.
Onion Rings produce flatus 6 - 8 hours after consumption. The resultant flatulence frequency is mind blowing as well as room clearing. My mates have a seasonal Friday evening gathering after eating boxes of onion rings fron Burger King for lunch. The morning poo isn't a pleasant texture but smells perfectly like onion. Great for laughs but not good for your guts or the pizza delivery guy you fart on as you close the door.
I ate some cooked onions and now I am farting propane non stop!
[Newest]Onions for sure make me fart a storm

My wife is asleep on the couch, she came to bedroom and started checking the floor for dog poo only to discover the smell was from between the sheets haha
I've had this tonight... Oh god, I can't stop farting! Ah
Give me a good vindaloo and I have explosive farts for two days! Especially if it's washed down with a couple of lagers...
[Newest]Curry and beer and you could run a methane fuelled power production plant for a day.

Made eggplant for the first time and I have been farting every 10 seconds for over an hour! Even the dog wont stay in the room anymore!
WOW and the Smell... I almost made my eyes water, had to roll down the window. It has been almost 24 hrs and I'm going off like a brick of firecrackers.
Roasted some eggplant, my husband is so gross he won't stop farting and excusing himself to the bathroom! But I'm mega tooting myself, will not be a romantic evening! Might as well watch Law and order cause there is nothing less romantic than that, plus after eggplant booty!
[Newest]Eggplants don't make you fart

My mom just mad eggs rolls with some nasty cabbage I think cause our guts are both rumbling with firey farts
Had sauerkraut tonight. Can't stop rippin it.
Had cabbage at work, farts smelled like broccoli mixed with eggs, was on the elevator with another guy and I farted a BAD ONE. I got really nervous and said I was sorry as I quickly fanned my butt as a couple other loud ones bubbled out and he said it was fine it happens to everyone. Later I decided to take the stairs to relieve some gas only to fart a bubbly broccoli fart in a hot interns face

Hahaha! I had to laugh when I saw this list but, yes, my confession is that broccoli can keep me up all night.
Due to the fact it is the only food on the list also on my Sunday dinners... I have been trying to find out whilst the whole house facts so much after wards and upon seeing this I am blaming the broccoli laugh out loud
Not only fart, but burp and bad breath.
Hate to break it to you, but your breath stinks no matter what you eat!
[Newest]Yup I've nearly blown my trousers out after broccoli

10Fizzy Drinks
I have a coworker that farts all the time after drinking mountain dew!
I drank a pint of fizzy tonic water before bed last night and didn't burp it out. About an hour ago I went to the toiled at let out one all mighty trumpm, it lasted about ten seconds.
Mountain Dew and Pepsi, Farts A lot!


[Newest]My butt exploded. Like a time bomb

The Contenders

A huge bowl of Harvest Crunch does it for me every time, even my neighbors hate me on those days!
... This is the whole reason I got on ths website. Laugh out loud. I been farting so much. Its ridiculous. TOO MUCH CEREAL, NO MORE CEREAL 4 ME.
Oh God, I don't eat much foods, but when I eat cereal, my stomach doesn't want to go unheard, and I rip 'em all morning!
[Newest]Tell me about it

12Refried Beans
The worst smelling farts a human could produce. I try to get vegeterian refried they don't make me pass gas, it's the traditional refried that do it. I just blew one out I can't take the smell myself I mean the vapor trail is hot and smells intoxicating.. broccoli gets me also but not as bad..

Don't need a gas station after eating pizza, just back up to the car and fart in the gas tank!
I ate 5 slices of pizza over the course of a few hours last night. Grossly enough the farts smelled a bit like garlic and cheese which had been laid thick on the slices. It's midafternoon right now and I'm still ripping out garlic/cheese scented farts. Pizza has my vote.
I ate pizza yesterday and farted all the rest of the day
[Newest]Pizza will dominate your intestines.

14Fried Garlic
If I eat several roasted garlic bulbs - the farting is really bad with bloating. The farting is right at 60 second intervals and of large volume and sulfer smell. Causes more gas than any other food by far with me.
I have farted for almost a day strait. Thank god it's the weekend. I fart a lot and eat anything I want. I ate a lot of olives stuffed with garlic the other night and have been farting more than any other time In my life. It's crazy!
I ate a clove worth of garlic from an olive bar today. I've been farting non stop for 10 hours. Its epic because I was really bloated but each time I let rip a 4 second fart, I get to see my stomach go down a little.
[Newest]I farted so hard I had to sleep on the couch

It gets me really really gassy you know especially if you have some weird disease however you spell it and also it is a good way to get some other crap that you need to stay alive with
I can't stop farting in class so embarrassed
Milk is worst for me because I'm intolerant. Makes my body explode.
[Newest]I just don't tolerate milk well.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, BananaPhone!
One banana isn't so bad. But if I eat two or more, I'm farting the rest of the day.
I love bananas and it's my favorite food but, However they never make me fart hehe...


[Newest]You guys need to sing this one banana two banana fart fart


I made baked chicken with mushroom sauce today for my husband and I for dinner and we have been farting up a storm. It doesn't stink at all it's just so much gas I think I'm gonna open a gas station.
Tremendous amount of gas lasts for hours:)
Even a small amount on pizza.
Shrooms man! I had some sauteed portobello with onions. With a side of melted cheese with broccolli and a 22oz of pepsi! MY GOD I HAD A MASSIVE W.A.D.? WEAPONS OF ASS DESTRUCTION! I BURNT MY NOSE HAIRS OFF AND GAGGED FOR HOURS!

Sausage gives me a serious dose of the old rumble guts. First I get a slow gurgling sensation which works its way south until it reaches my bum, it feels like its wet, heavy and toxic, and that's BEFORE it is birthed... When it seeps out, dear god it is awful, the heat generated is tremendous and the smell... Atrocious, worst of all is the humid feeling in my pants and the constant burning sensation around my ring - piece. I usually check my trousers in the mirror to look for damp spots and never wear khaki's or chinos just in case.
I think this is where they got the idea for napalm.

19Fried Chicken
When I eat chikn fried, baked, grilled, Oh my god. I fart so much that it makes me laugh which makes me fart even more. I love chicken, but it hates me. Oh well. I'll just sleep on the couch. My girlfriend doesn't need a Dutch oven!
I recently realized that my intermittent farting spells have been caused by chicken. I knew that eggs did this but now I know that the things that lay them also cause me to have gas.
Okay I'll see what I had last night came out like upside down volcano and it was KFC chicken


[Newest]So that's why my class mates keep farting so much.

20Green Beans

I ate cauliflower and I farted a lot I went out with friends and they were all unhappy. I love farting, it feels good.

I ate pea soup today... I think my husband will be sorry I did! Poor guy:/
I love pea soup! I made a large pot yesterday and ate a couple of yummy bowlfuls:) YUM! Anyway, I can't get to sleep right now because I am busy stinking up the bedroom.
Good Lord I don't remember pea soup causing farts like this before but I have been farting my head off. long rippers

23Bean Burrito

A farts non stop

I are pasta and farted up a storm

26Pinto Beans and Yellow Hominy
If you ain't dying, you ain't trying.
Man I went to the buffet discovered hominy now its 2 am and blowing deadlyhorns what

I fart within minutes after eating chili.
I fart at the thought of chilli :(

28Beef Stew
Why do my farts smell so bad? Oh yeah, two bowls of beef stew last night!
Have you seen Benchwarmers? If you have you understand why Beef Stew will make you rip!
Bet it smells like a third bowl ah

29Lentil Soup
Anything with lentils will make you pop. Once I made a Dahl for a first date, v bad choice.

A big bowl of rasin bran, stew for a few hours, and let fly!
Raisins will definitely make you fart your ass off.
I've eaten raisins for the past few days... And oh my God!

31Fiber One Bars
I had fiber one bars and my butt was like a firecracker. Tasty yet you might want a different snack especially if your going somewhere public.
They taste like candy bars, but you will feel like your stomach will burst every 15 minutes!
Eat these tasty healthy fiber bars and you will blow everyone out of the water with your butt! Almost every 15 mins bubble guts will hit you! This will top the fart list! Trust me!

32Bell Peppers
I am banned from eating these in my house. Even my cat looks at me, pins her ears back, and runs for the back door. The smell wakes me and my husband from a dead sleep. No more. Ever.
The farts smell exactly like peppers.
I love raw bell peppers but when I eat to much, they totally make my fart smell just like a bell pepper lmao

33Goldfish Crackers
When I eat goldfish, I can't stop... So excessive amounts of goldfish will you give you the worst smelling gas you have ever had.
One time I ate the hole bag and I farted so much every ware I went my pets left the room.
Goldfish = major farts the really stinky ones too!
[Newest]Yes I experienced similar devastating gas

My brother ate some chocolate and when it's bed time my brother farts like a machine gun.. The bathroom smelled like...
Hade some dark chocolate can't stop fart ing
I fart when I eat chocolate

35Stuffing With Sausage Meat
Stuffing makes me issue forth like a guilty dog. My girlfriend is threatening to have my bum removed.
As soon as I've ate it, it's straight out the other end in gas form
Fart fart fart and then pass out with the smell

Its not fruit ok fruits do not make you fart! 11 gosh

37Sour Patch Kids
I can't stop farting
I agree! Those little children make me fart up a storm.
Same and it is silent but deadly in my case
[Newest]Soup patch kids = mega fart

It starts straight after until it's left my body completely
I fart at least 2 times if I eat yogurt

39Lemon Tea

Last time I had mexican the gas was so bad that I got kick off the bus and had to come back later to clean the seat.
I had Mexican food, and I gave myself so many ditch ovens when I hit the sack, I was choking.
I let them rip and run


Smells like sulfur too.
Drank half a carton of pure cranberry juice and sulphur smell is terrible
Drank half a quart of cranberry juice and I'm stinking the place up

43Fried Dumplings
Run for it! The stench it is definitely unbearable

Worst gas producing food for me for sure!
My dad farts a lot like 10 times or more a day after eating prunes.

These juicy little gas bombs make me bloat and then I'm ripping unholy butt-thunder in to my poor, poor car seat on my way to work.
Ate a apple, can stop farting now.

Green wee and smelly bunnies.

47Red Velvet Cake
Red velvet cake give me the world's worst farting ration the world like so bad like all the wetness and or things like sharking.


48Beef Jerky
I'm surprised Jerkey doesn't rate higher, it is one of my "go to" foods when I need to seek revenge on someone. Results are fast, and never disappoint!
I am honestly not even able to stand my own farts after beef jerky
The good thing about it though is that your farts smells the same coming out as the jerky did going in...
Unfortunately that means that when I fart my mouth starts to water...
[Newest]The smell is unbearable

I noticed that I farted much less when I stopped eating pickles
My mom always has the worst farts after eating pickles at the movie theatre
I fart in bed with my wife after eating pickles
[Newest]Pickles at the movie theater?

Any kind of beer will give you the farts... Must have something to do with the fizz... My personal pick would be a nice strong lager or dark ale... Can make for some really stinky ones too especially next morning!

51Green Peppers
The worst farts as far as I am concerned. Thank goodness I don't mind the stink of my own farts. In fact, I kind of like it.
Every time I have peppers in my dinner I fart all nite long
Me to every time I eat green pepers I fart a lot

Bacon always adds a nice bouquet
I noticed after a certain meal I often have that I am gassy the whole day after. Today, after having four strips of bacon for breakfast this morning, I found that it was not the potatoes and eggs as I thought (although they likely contribute) but the bacon. I have had frequent, audible, smelly farts. This is a horrible combination.
I ate bacon this morning and farted really loud at school.every one looked at me like I had no pants
[Newest]How does bacon make you fart

53Wendy's Chocolate Frosty
After I have a frosty, I become a fart rocket!
Am I the only one who believes they are king when it comes to flatulence?
I instantly start to burp. Then all night I'll day

54Canned Tuna

If I eat roast pork I am farting before Mom even clears the table. It's such great family fun.
Pork is bad. Especially spare ribs!

Today me and my family went to TGI Friday and I ate some fries. Man when I got home I was running straight to my room and locked the door after I finished farting I couldn't breath
Cause e of smelly farts. Personal experience

Gymnast- I recommend not drinking coke before you vault, because when you hit the board it's hard to hold it in.
Isn't coke suppose to be with fizzy drinks?

Every time I eat it I can fart for England and they always smell like dog food! Yum!

59Spring Mix Lettuce
Love it eat it a lot, but man-it just makes me do those silent farts that are hot & reek! I mean, it's beyond offensive & it's not even the kind you can hold in. I feel bad for people sitting behind me on the train.

60Mountain Dew
Love the stuff. It hates me though. Add pizza to the mix and I am emitting biological warfare of the WORST kind for 4-6 hours straight.
I always drink Mountain Dew and I fart so much I have to go to my room and lock the Door until it doesn't smell anymore
Every sip every fart

I love cheesecake but the bad thing is it always make you fart

62Ice Cream
Nothing says "I love you" like warming up the bed And blankets on a cold winter's night for the wife... Just grab a late night bowl of some full dairy ice cream and you will have all the fuel you need to heat up that dutch oven!
"Geez every time I eat this something smells horrible through my butthole"

Oh my god 3 days later I'm still doing stuffing farts
Why does stuffing make your tummy feel so bad shame cause I love it.
Goes on for days!

They once made me burp before


Eat skittles? Then you turn into a farty pants.

Fart food at it best

66Stuffed Clams
My sister ate this last night, I couldn't sleep
I farted so much that I flew across the room.


Ugh after this chicken I couldn't stop farting my grandparents. Told me to leave the room!
Chicken always makes me blow!
It is like a gun to
[Newest]Man that KFC chicken farts up a store.

68Corn Chowder
When my marriage was on the rocks and the ex-wife and I got into some heated arguments I shared a secret out of my hoilishment. I started eating corn chowder at work and summoning up the illest smelling farts you could imagine. I'd come home and as she started nagging I started ripping tailfeathers. She got teary eyed after a half dozen and stopped her complaining. My farts may not have ended the marriage but they made the house smell indefinitely and I finally got rid of that wench. I super love my corn chowder farts.

69Goat Cheese
Had goat cheese today for the first time and farted for hours. I normally eat cheese now and than, in a moderate consumption rate and have not experienced such a reaction. I find low quality cheese or large portions cause gas, I don't believe this goat was low quality.

I drink black coffee and I find I can't stop afterwards... I stand in front of the fan at work and watch peoples faces as they walk through :P
Coffee and, more so, cigarettes is the deadly combination that my wife likes to use to crank out a few, what she likes to call, 'smeller girls' into my otherwise unprotected nostril cavities. It's the whole sucking air in at one end and squeezing it out at the other that makes it such a deadly combination. Kind of like a deadly, air intake manifold, or something.
Tastes good but gives you gas


72Iced Tea
Lipton ice tea I fart all day and fruit juices


74Potato Sticks

75Reese's Pieces
I let out a 20 second fart after eating a king size bag of these.
I love Reese's pieces but they don't make me fart

76Hot Sauce
Ring of fire!
Spicy foods lead to spicy farts!
Especially if that's all youve eaten

Terrible gas after eating sugary foods.
I love sugar, can't go a day without all the types of sugar. I am always proofin gas


Nuts and seeds! Even popcorn, I guess because it's because kernels are seeds. :'(
Like a machine gun! Impressive.
Man those knots make my butt go nuts man it's like farting up a storm y'all


80Split Pea Soup
About as good as it gets if you want to rip farts all day long

81Lay's Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips
Made all four of us fart after eating them. Five year old said they made her booty hurt. Made mine hurt the next morning too.

These little suckers are a farter's delight! I've eaten cherries just in time to go to bed and blow the sheets up. Wife laughs and then follows up with a fart of her own. She's quite competitive. :-)
Dam I just hade a bunch of Cherie's and I was farting like crazy
I can clear the room after a bag of cherries... To my delight and laughter!

83Peanut Butter
Ok this proves Peanut Butter will make you fart every min. and it is miserable. Anyway I had my friend sleepover and we are fans of Peanut butter so we ate probably the whole thing. Yet in the morning I felt like I was going to puke, my friend was suggesting ways to get rid of it yet couldn't talk because of the stench that filled the room. Then I farted and when I did I gaged at the stench then puked. Just because of the stench! It literally smelt like popcorn yet mixed with rotten eggs and a firecracker! I totally messed up that night!
The strange thing about peanut butter is that it's almost instantaneous. You eat, then you fart. PB never used to affect me, but now it's my go to if I want to cloud up a room.
I farted for 30 seconds.


84White Bread
Apparently due to Chorely quick bake method, rather than traditional methods


Too much chips and you'll be farting

Dunno what it is, but if I eat bologna sandwiches for lunch, folks are gagging all around me within the hour

88Pickled Ramps

89Green Juice Smoothie

90Sugar free gum

91Pizza Rolls
Because when I eat them I couldn't stop farting

Man the lollipops with my mommy wanted to do whatever's think she's going to die.


I can't stop farting


94Jerk Pork


96Apple Strudel
It is so delicious, but you have to fart after it

97Garlic Bread
I ate garlic It was like a gun


Don't trust the farts though
Turnips are great for gas, maybe do the big farts on the toilet though, in case it turns in to a depth charge it will still be ok


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