Funniest Video Games

More than just challenging, some games make us laugh and really enjoy ourselves whilst playing. What one made you lol the hardest?

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1Conker's Bad Fur Day

"I am the Great Mighty Poo, and I'm going to throw my s*** at you! " so hilarious!

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2Portal 2

I busted out laughing at least 10 times

4Simpson's Road Rage
5Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
6The Simpsons Hit & RunV1 Comment
7The Sims

CHOO WAGGA CHOO CHOO! Laugh out loud

8Brutal Legend

3 of my favorite things combined in one. Comedy, Action, and the best of all Rock music. Not to mention Jack Black. Brutal Legend for the win! - Jonerman

If you are a metalhead you will understand the humor... Besides no reason you shouldn't play it has Lemmy in it

9You Don't Know Jack
10BattleBlock Theater

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11Blood Bowl 2
12Grand Theft Auto V

I like how Grand Theft Auto 4 is dark and tragic, while Grand Theft Auto 5 Is the complete opposite

13Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

This is the funniest for sure.
Kazooie is so sarcastic, Laughed a lot of times with her quotes.

15The Secret of Monkey Island
16The Simpsons GameV1 Comment
18Destroy All Humans!
19Cheese Quest
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1. Portal 2
2. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
3. Portal
1. Conker's Bad Fur Day
2. Grim Fandango
3. Fable II
1. You Don't Know Jack
2. Conker's Bad Fur Day
3. Grand Theft Auto V

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