Greatest Bands of the 1970s

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Led Zeppelin
I'll admit, the other people in the list are excellent bands; I like them all. But Led Zeppelin, with Jimmy Page's intense guitar skills, Robert Plant's screaming wails, John Paul Jones's deep rhythms, and of course John Bonham's powerful hands, and its musical diversity, they are the best of the 70s.
First of the Firsts. This band stopped making music before I was born. Yet they still appeal to me more than any thing new of my generation.
Led Zeppelin, has the most requested song EVER CALLED Stairway To Heaven. Besides that fact, Led created blues with rock. Please read Hammer Of The Gods, its autobiography of the band. With out a doubt, Led is #1, followed by the Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Jackson 5, The Doors. Led Zeppelun will be played for ever. Robert Plant & J. Page created ROCK over many years and to say that Abba is #1, I have 2 ask if He/ she is " HIGH " when making that answer...
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2Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd put out their best work during the 1970s.
With "Dark side of the Moon" they made an album that not only sold millions but it gave the listener a story or sense of realism about the modern world. Other bands durning this time were writing about pop songs that were radio friendly but had no real meaning that stands the test of time nearly 40 years later.
Led Zeppelin are not even close to Pink Floyd, I'm a fan of all music but Floyd sets the standards, every song they did has something for everyone and a meaning.
It takes extremely good taste in music to listen to this awesome band. They have the best albums The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals (if you are a big fan), and lest not forget The Wall, which is the most popular double album in history. VOTE FOR PINK FLOYD
this is a joke theres a reason dark side of the moon stayed in the charts for 25 years.


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Seriously? Heart and ABBA above Queen? Led Zeppelin I can kind of understand, but seriously? Before you vote for any other band, go look up Bohemian Rhapsody on iTunes or YouTube or something. Now, Freddie wrote that in a SINGLE NIGHT. And you hear that amazing guitar solo? That was Brian May on his first try (also he built his own guitar from bits and bobs he found around England. Now go listen to Another One Bites the Dust. Hear that amazing bass and drumming? Well the drumer dit that WHILE HE WAS DRUNK. I kid you not, go look it up, ol' Roger Taylor always had two shots of "the strongest stuff I could get sent to me in 45 minutes" before each studio recording and live performance. And as for John Deacon (the bass guy), well, his awesome playing speaks for itself. Their Live Aid concert was the best in music history. I think enough has been said.
To be honest everyone I know likes and has heard of queen, ask someone about heart and they won't know, heart is not a very worldwide known band, whilst queen is, in my opinion.


Search in youtube "heart barracuda" and then search "queen bohemian rhapsody" and you won't vote for heart anymore


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ABBA is without a doubt the best music group ever, with a sound that is completely unique. I have heard every song that they have played/sung in English, as well as a few in Swedish and Spanish. I have not yet come across a song by them that is not in its own way enjoyable. Their music has a strange quality, due to their Swedish accents and interesting style of choice. Their melodies are pleasant, extremely catchy and at first listen seem simple. However, trying to sing almost any one of their songs will bring to light how complicated they really are. The ranges that the singers have with their voices are incredible, and yet they make it sound so easy. They also manage very well three different voices, usually at the same time, which gives the music a depth and complexity without the use of a lot of instruments. I was born in 1996, so I never did get to follow their career, or see them in concert, (which is my dream) I learned about them only when the movie Mamma Mia! Came out. It is amazing how much better ABBA is than modern popular music.
One of the best ever. Hundreds of masterpiece songs, with a sound so far ahead of time that even few bands today can rival the quality.
Amazing Songwriters, musicians, producers and two of the most fantastic female vocalists ever and timeless music from where English isn't even their first language.
Lets not forget their Polar music studio as it was in Stockholm where many artists including Led Zeppelin used the facilities to record an album.
Listen to their evolution from the Ring, Ring to The Visitors albums. No wonder they are even more popular today, whether it's songs recorded in Swedish, English, French, German or Spanish.
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Nancy and Roger were Magic on stage. Add the singing from the best voice in Rock, Ann Wilson, and you have HEART.
You are def not the only HEART fan left . Just seen them in concert, sold out , standing room only and they rock the house. I love HEART and there are a lot more people who argee, Heart is one of the greatest groups to ever put their foot on a stage.Heart Rules.
Three great guitar players.One of the best drummers ever and Steve Fossen on bass. Oh yea, before I forget. Ann Wilson, Ann Wilson, Ann Wilson. Need I say anymore. Ann Wilson!!!!! This band was so good live it was sick.
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6Black Sabbath
They are awesome. Ozzy still is really awesome. Go Ozzy! All of his songs espically Blizzard of Oz.
One grate band to see at the age of 12! 3rd row kansas city, ks 1971. Thy kicked ass.
Ozzy IS the best
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This isn't serious, AC/DC supported Aerosmith in 3 tours in the 70's, they weren't even close to Aerosmith.
Allman Brothers? Seriously?

Top 5
Aerosmith is a legend that was born in the early 70's and still are roaming at the top as we speak, greatest band of the 70's without a doubt!
Clicked on this link from google looking for some ideas on music and all I found was a joke of a list. ABBA beats Aerosmith?
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8The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones had an awesome decade, one of their strongest in the 70's. After the awesome Sticky Fingers and Exile On Main Street, they had a trio of REALLY underrated albums, Goats Head Soup, It's Only Rock And Roll and Black And Blue, before releasing the equally awesome "Some Girls". So why are they this low down. Don't know really. It is the nature of these lists to have some terrible band (my opinion, if you like them that's fine with me, your's is as good as mine)and in this case the jackson 5, in the top 5 and have a few awesome bands lower down like the Stones. The Who, Deep Purple and Fleetwood Mac should not be where they are either.
THE best rock band that ever existed and probably every will. The Beatles are THE best band of all time (and their music can be viewed as rock, classical, blues, folk, country, experimental, pop, etc) but The Stones were dark, evil, gritty, driving, sexually charged (in all ways), straight ahead rock and roll... Beggar's Banquet and Let it Bleed are two of the must own albums for any serious fan of the genre. Dig.
I was just scrolling through thinking, when do the Stones bloody show up?
I havnt checked (yet), but I bet The Stones have performed in front of the most
people, ever. Lets face it, they still tour (after nearly 6 decades! ), and still draw many
fans to sold out (still amazingly energetic) shows. I'm huge Acca Dacca fan as well but
if you wanna talk longevity, have a look at the originals, who would eat Beatles for brekky, ;-).
Time really is on their side;-)
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9The Who
The who should be #1. the 70's was they're best decade. releasing songs like baba o'riley, bargain, behind blue eyes, won't get fooled again, the real me, the punk and the godfather, 5:15, sea and sand, love reign o'er me, the seeker, long like rock, slip kid, dreaming from the wasit, squeeze box, who are you, bell boy, doctor jimmy, and the albums Who's Next, and Quadrophenia, makes them the greatest band ever.


My band started playing their songs when they had two albums out in the US. Once I saw them live, it was all over. Each of them were so ' awesome in their own unique, individual ways, when they rocked so hard together, there was nothing left to ask for.
Musicians all but it was hard to see Keith Moon and be satisfied with another drummer - the composition and musicality of this band are hard to equal
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10The Moody Blues
Best ever band that transcends decades!
How many of the bands listed above can boast that they are still touring 45 years later and are in the top ten in highest grossing currently touring rock bands. They are still the best "Singers in a Rock and Roll Band"!
Justins voice is as beautiful as it was 45 years ago, and still on tour. Next june in Amsterdam!
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The Contenders

Rush totally shreds, sends Mercury records an ultimatum after their first album, and says "it's our music, and we play it our way. Very prolific, very instrumental in their influence of modern day progressive music.
Rush is amazing. Hard to believe that it is only three guys making all that racket.
And on the 8th day God created Rush.


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12Deep Purple
Deep Purple was one of the Greatest Rock Bands in the 1970s and although they didn't last long together than Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath their Music was and always will be Memorable. Everyone knows Smoke on the waters Guitar rif and my god Highway star is one of the most Best car songs of all time!
Sabbath and Zep get all the credit but Purple from 1970-1973 was the biggest loudest and best> of the big three, only Purple was named by Billboard as the biggest selling world wide act (1973) an the loudest by Guiness Book of World Records.

13The Allman Brothers Band
The most versatile and talented guitar band of ALL TIME (rock, blues, country, jazz, they could do it all). Nothing will ever compare to the dual lead guitar work of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts at the Fillmore East, as well as Betts' compositions like "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed", "Les Brers in A Minor" and "Jessica" which are some of the best rock instrumentals ever written.
I think they could be a little higher up on that totem pole sir. Best live band at the time, I think. Could not leave a concert feeling bad. So good, they didn't really even need words. Best instrumental band of all time. Just my opinion. I can't be alone on that though. ;)
Cool that they are both 13th and 48th (as The Allman Brothers)
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Kiss deserves better than 13. I'm not a diehard fan like millions are, but they were a COMPLETELY better band then Journey, who I can't stand. Actually, I used to like them a lot, but Glee ruined it for me. CURSE THE DIRECTOR FOR RUINING A REALLY GOOD BAND! But still, Kiss pwns.
13?! Seriously! I mean, think of the albums they made. Alive, Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun, come on! Watch Detroit Rock City the movie! Watch it beginning to end. Then let's see if this band belongs in the top 10, and maybe top 5, but slight chance no. 1.


KISS just had it all guitar solos, great vocals, etc. I can't believe they are ranked lower than the Jackson 5. They could do everything hard rock songs like Love Gun and I Love it Loud, and slow quiet songs like Beth.
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because ACDC is the best rock band and has ever since they are 50-70 yrs old still rocking so ROCK ONNNN ACDC!
ACDC is the very best my mom likes it dad brother frends like it ACDC IS THE VERY BEST ROCK ON!
This is the Best band ever especially Back in Black and She Shook Me All Night Long and Moneytalks
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16Jackson 5
The Jacksons where the greatest band to ever grace the stage with perfection of dance, vocal, style and fashion. Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Marlon, and Michael became icons before they became adults. The first group to have all four of their releases to hit number 1 their debute year, and became a global success.

17The Eagles
1. Hotel California
2. Take It Easy
3. One Of These Nights
4. Already Gone
5. New Kid In Town
6. Peaceful Easy Feeling
7. Lyin' Eyes
8. Best Of My Love
9. I Can't Tell You Why
10. Tequila Sunrise
Look at the list of hits. Number one in my book.
A top 10 band no doubt in my book. Their music spoke the heart of America at the time. Funny thing... It still applies today...
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18The Doors
N°1 the LEGEND Great voice and instrumental play!
The doors should be in the top 5 at least. I mean the doors weer my first band. So many great songs. Love me two times, break on through, waiting for the sun, ecr

19Blue Oyster Cult

20Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band
By far the most talented all around musician, singer, song writer, and performer to come along, in the last 40 years. And, he still commands an audience of thousands! Wish Freddie Mercury, from Queen was still around, to prove me wrong. I believe he would have come close!
Best live act: quantity coupled with quality and always new songs. What more could one want?
So mamy hits and down to earth music

21Alice Cooper
Alice was by far a better live and record band than most in this stupid list. ABBA? Foreigner? Wings? Cutting edge WAS Alice, babes are way out of touch, just ask musicians, they'll put Cooper up toward the top of this weak list. Are you judging 'Pop' or creative, loud and live performance? Screw popular, judge by greatness. At least 15. ABBA? Wow.
He was the King of Shock Rock! Groups today are still trying to imitate the master. He still rules after over forty years in Rock. Top five in my book!
Alice should be in the top 5 screw abba and bruce s I mean really wow

22The New Seekers
Fantastic group. The harmonies and Peter Doyles' vocals gave them that unique sound which still sounds as good today as it did back then. Each member of the group had such talent and put together they were brilliant. Lyn Paul has since gone on to show just what a true talented artist she still is.
Great groups don't stop with hit records, the New Seekers were 5 individuals with a great range of musical talents and styles in their repertoire, as is demonstrated by their B sides and album tracks. They could woo audiences in the concert halls, cabarets and on disc. They had something for everybody, a true mark of their greatness.
The New Seekers survived despite a number of personnel changes, their popularity was not confined to the UK, but was evident in America and around the world, where their music was always well-received and their live shows were outstanding. Given that their musical style was forever changing, they made each recording unique with their incredible harmonies and appealed to a broad spectrum of people and age groups - something they continue to do today.
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23Fleetwood Mac
as much as I appreciate AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac ruled the 70's, and it all started when rumours came out


Do not underestimate the creativity.

24The Doobie Brothers
Still one of the best live on stage bands around. have stood the test of time, they have songs that everybody just seems to know.

Unique in there style but brillient sin^g along stuff

26Van Halen
Van Halen came out in 1978
they were the best band I ever heard
they definitely deserve to be in the Top 10

I'll second that. Top 10 for sure.

27Uriah Heep
David Byron along with the rest of " Heep " were the most underrated band of the 70's. With Gary Thain on bass, Lee Kerslake on drums, Mick Box on guitar and the awesome Ken Hensley on keyboards, they created some unforgettable albums such as Demons & Wizards, Look at Yourself, Magicians Birthday & Wonderworld. If you have never listened to their music, you are missing a wonderful part of music history. David's voice still moves me today. RIP David & Gary.
Skynyrd was the best and who know's where they would be now if Ronnie was still with us! Bottom line... They put it down and got it across!

28Judas Priest

THE pioneering heavy metal band, simply no one could match their style back then and one of the greatest things to ever come out of Great Britain. period


29Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
I made love to many of his songs/had a blast and cried to some of his songs. Special place for hm in my HEART!
Great lyrics that have proved to be timeless


31Cheap Trick

They have produced great music for decades, vastly underrated in my humble opinion.

One of the greatest bands to come out of the American Midwest. Heck, out of America!


And they are still rocking to this day with all four original members. Only Rush and Aerosmith can make that claim today.

32Jethro Tull
It's insane to put Tull so low on this list. I saw most of these bands play live. Tull was in a league all their own miles above most of these groups. They were by far the best touring band I've seen and I've seen The Who, Pink Floyd, Heart, CSN, ZZ TOP, Yes, Chicago, James Taylor (had a great band), Doobie Bros. , Foghat, Montrose, BOC, Uriah Heep, Kansas, The Eagles, Outlaws, Dirt Band, Steppenwolf, Grand Funk, REO, etc. Etc. Etc.. Any list that starts with ABBA is a joke anyway. I saw many of the greats. Tull was by far the best. It isn't even close.
Greatest band ever thick as a brick passion play pure genius ian is the greatest songwriter of all time they never get the respect they should
Should be way higher up! And ofc they got the Best Heavy Metal band award. They have inspired so many bands! love Jethro Tull.
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Good tracks very rousing


35The Clash
still one of the greatest bands of all time.
The only thing that pisses me off about this list is that jackson 5 are in the top 10... I wish I was born in the 70s...

36The Stooges
Iggy Pop and The Stooges forever! Pure legends.



America were fantastic love all of there songs.

39Thin Lizzy
Just listen to Thin Lizzy greatest hits once. You will be made a believer. You wouldn't have a band like Metallica without them. Not many other bands were that creative.

40Earth, Wind & Fire
For such a band to not be in the top 10 shows how much of a joke it is. have influenced some of the greatest artists and bands of our generations not to mention songwriters and producers (prince, david foster, etc)
Top ten's please it's all about Earth, wind & Fire. These guys are legendary, how can they not be in the top 10's.
EARTH, WIND & FIRE, the greatest band ever. Never will there ever be another band leader like the great Maurice White; unless its me. Db
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1973's Guinness World Book of Records ( since renamed ) placed Steve Howe as the Worlds fastest guitarist, this from the 5 fastest. It also named Howe as the guitarist knowing the most chords, and the most 4 fingered chords. This number was over 6,000. Also, he along with Steve Hackett are the Only 2 guitarist's to be named Guitarist of the Year 7 yrs. In a row by Guitar Magazine. The Album Tales From Topographic Oceans is More than overlooked. This Double Album brought out all of the 5 members absolute best. Howe may have managed to play Everything in his vast repertoire. In fact, this was the case for Every Band Mate. Alan White at barely 24 yrs. Of age played a 186 pc. Drum & Percussion Kit using everything from Great power shots & fills to the deftest of Grace Notes. Jon Anderson's voice was Custom built for this Band, this Sound. Rick Wakeman in his Golden Cape with his So Long Blond Hair playing 16 types of Keyboards at once, and Very Fast. Toss a coin in the air to see who was better, Wakeman, or Keith Emerson. ( The 1st to play the Moog Synthesizer. Prof. Robert Moog traveled with ELP for over a yr. Ironing out problems Large & small. One of the Last dates played was at 'California Jam', a 3 day Rock Festival televised by ABC at night, this also in '73. ) For people in the know, Chris Squire had taken over as the Top Bass Player from John Entwistle. This can be argued but Squire new Many more Notes, Chords, & was really using his Bass as an instrument to be heard & known by itself. 'Tales' was panned by Critics because ' the lyrics couldn't be understood. ' ' What Didd they mean.? Really? Over 90% of any Bands lyrics are still not understood. 'Louie Louie'? Still not sure? Well it's about mate's on board a ship in the 1800's who want & dream about getting home. I new that in '73 when I was 17 yrs. Of age. Phill Collins 'In the Air Tonight? ' The rumor was that his Brother was murdered & this was the story of, or about it. Not So. Listen to Zeppelin's 'Physical Graffiti' Album, sure some of the lyrics, lets say, tell a story. For me Sides 1 72 are easiest to understand, 3 & 4 with the acoustic guitars and more & like albums 3 & 4 with the folksy sound it's a bit more difficult to get true meaning. Anyway like I said, All bands have lyrics that aren't understandable. Now, YES traveled throughout the U.S. with YESSONGS in '73. Here in Chicago, they would play 4 nights, then 4 nights in Carbondale at The Univ. Of IL. Then up to Madison, WI. Then in MN. The Twin Sisters Area, St. Paul & Minneapolis. This went like this for 6 yrs. And we would take in all 4 shows at each venue. So I've over 60 YES shows (still going) & 10 L.Z. shows plus all 4 of the Page-Plant tours. So with YES in '73 YESSONGS, & they played 90% of the songs while making them even longer. Their shows, for all those years were 4 hours or better. While they're touring the 'Tales' album is being written, then recorded also in'73. Now while touring doing the 'Tales' album they're writing the 'Relayer' album to tour on it in '74 & '75. All during the 'Tales' shows YES would play most of YESSONGS w/extended jams. Again, along with the 'Relayer' album most shows were 4 hours in length. Just Perfect when YES IS your Favorite Super-group. This brings me to my final point. 1973 was the Best Year by FAR for Albums. 2 from YES, 'Dark Side of the Moon', ELP's 'Brain Salad Surgury', The Who's 'Quadrophenia', 'Led Zeppelin 4' and so Many, Many More. Rolling Stone Mag. Gets nearly all wrong. They said Zeppelin I was a Progressive Album & panned it, leading other's to do the same. The same with YES, they don't understand something so it must be of Poor quality. Placing Steve Howe I think at #26 of 50 greatest guitarist's Putting Kurt Cobain 20 ahead of Howe is Just Nuts. Plus the many others ahead of him also. Nutty! Now Heart & Rush are ahead of YES & ELP aren't in it when both Heart & Rush praise them as great influences. Come on Rolling Stone, give justice where it's do.
Unique in their euphoria. Both accessible (Fragile, 90125) and complex (Close to the Edge, Relayer), the music of Yes stands out as the finest of its day. From 1971's The Yes Album to 1977's Going For the One, Yes was simply the best. All the time. Ever.


The greatest band of all time, they seem to never get any attention. Progressive music is always overlooked
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42The Carpenters
Top selling group of the 1970's deserves better than 61.
I believe they deserve a place in the top 10!
R.I. P Karen Anne Carpenter
A joke that the Carpenters is this low down when they are the greatest selling!

God bless you Karen C!
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43Bay City Rollers

The greatest song writer in a long time no one comes close after all these years Marc bolan did it all
The first super star of the 70's. Was way ahead of his time.
MARC BOLAN, just incredible, and though he has gone, his music sounds better than ever!

Kansas blew most other bands off the stage. They gained a reputation for a band you didn't want as an opening act!
Kansas is a great band and they should be number one.


Never equaled... Day After Day, Baby Blue, No Matter What, Take It All, Without You ^^ Lonely You... just some of the many great songs Pete Ham ^^ Tom Evans wrote in their short-lived career... Badfinger, one of my favorite band next to The Beatles.

47Electric Light Orchestra
Can't believe they're only 73! Jeff lynne is a rock genius writer/composer/producer, produced for the likes of george harrison/tom petty/ big o and so on, up there with the best! Certainly higher than 73! And that's a fact, most records in billboard top 20 record etc etc etc
Jeff Lynne is an all time legend.
Very under rated and overlooked.
So many hit albums and singles.
I agree Jeff Lynne has a voice straight from heaven. I love Mr. Blue Sky!

48Sex Pistols
They should be in the top ten! Their music changed the face of popular music! People vote for the Pistols!
The most influential group since the Beatles.

49The Beatles
Without this band it's probable that hardly any of the other bands on this list would not have achieved what they achieved.

50Grand Funk Railroad
Can't believe they are not bigger than some of the ones before them.
I must be missing something... This band was the biggest band of the late 60's and early 70's --- Grand Funk was the band!
I grew up during those years grand funk was better and more popular than about 40 of those bands ranked ahead of them
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51Roxy Music

52Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Reading 1980, Slade proved they were rock masters when they captured a crowd that was waiting for Ozzy, who can forget their charisma other than London's music critics
At times heavy when they wanted to be... Would have sounded better in the mix with harder drumming and a more even vocal sound
In 70s & 80s best live band going and very underrated as musicians
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55King Crimson

56The Grateful Dead
The 70's were the time for the grateful dead not only there studio albums (American Beauty, Workingmans Dead, Aoxomoxoa, etc. ) but also there live stuff which was amazing in the 70's

Should be #1! More Than A Feeling never gets old
One of my favourite bands of all time
To low on list...
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The greatest funk band ever!


No other band can touch them... Their output was immense and varied (50+ studio albums) and constantly evolving. One of the trippiest and heaviest bands there ever was! Their fantastic lightshows took their music to a whole new level!

60Little Feat

61Black Oak Arkansas

62The Ramones

Has influenced so many musicians in so many ways. One of the most original and yet most copied thereafter bands of its time. Still valid and amazing today.

the first punk rock group guys if you listen to blitzkrieg bop and loudmouth or even ramona (which is one of my favourites) you will see why

63Bad Company
Paul Rogers has very distinctive voice that made this band rock and had lots of bands in area (England)that makes you only better-Eric Clapton-Stones-David Bowie-Zepplin-The Who
Rodgers was/is the greatest white blues rock singer ever!
Great Band then! Paul rogers.. Great NOW!
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First concert I ever went to, I was 15 and I still remember it like it was yesterday.
They were great.


Wow, this is a surprise... I love Sparks! They are clearly the best on the list so far.


66Jo Jo Gunne

I'm surprised to see them this high on the list... They're one of the best lesser known bands

67TCB Band

68The Good Rats
Great Party band. Knew them.



71The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


73Allman Brothers
Awesome band. Went to see them at Summerfest in milwaukee, Wi (worlds largest music fest- 10 days of every kind of music), rained out. Went to bar nearby. Who walks in, right, Allman Bros. Small stage with instruments. THEY WENT UP & PLAYED!
Listen to blue sky, ramblin man and Whipping Post. Great songs


74Ten Years After

I wouldn't expect them to make the top, but if yr going to mention The Who and other great (60's & 70's) bands, you can't go past Alvin Lee and his fellow Woodstocker's. Check their set out towards end of Woodstock DVD. I'm Going Home played (loud and hard), by these hard "rockers", makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time!

Their output between 1970 (Trespass) to 1980 (Duke) is simply brilliant. Since early Peter Gabriel days to the balanced prog-pop of Duke, maybe the band should have ended as such in 1980, as later albums sounded not as good as those from this classic period.
Genesis Is the best band ever, they had any sort of Songs, ranging from Squonk and Behzind the Lines to Afterglow, Heathaze, Supper's ready and so many (too many) others. You cannot compare Watcher of the Skies to Misunderstanding.
Your mom listens to Genesis!

76Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Tom petty and th3 haertbreakers

77The Guess Who
Under-rated because north of the U.S. border. Mega hits.

Great vocals, rock and Horns!

79Three Dog Night

80Captain Beyond

Not in the top ten but, were incredible just the same; hard to beat their first 2 albums rod evans of deep purple fame, one of the greatest vocalists of all time; rhino shreds the guitar on the 1st album, spacey acid rock at it's finest...

81Barclay James Harvest
Just seen Barclay James Harvest in concert (the John Lees version), performing classic songs, like "Mockingbird", Hymn", "For No One", "Poor Man's Moody Blues", "She Said", "Ball and Chain", "Hymn for the Children", as well as many songs from their excellent new 2013 album, "North". No less than 46 years after the band was originally formed, they put on a storming performance - more impressive than the previous twice I 've seen them (in the 1980s and a few years ago), and the new album is genuinely very, very good - imaginative and varied with plenty of depth. If such longevity and consistent creativity isn't a sign of greatness, I don't know what is!
Still great after 46 years. At least they are still creating original music, unlike the Moody Blues, who seem to have given up! Perhaps the latter band should now be referred to as the 'Poor Man's BJH'!

Ballroom Blitz, Fox On The Run, Love Is Like Oxygen and so on. The Sweet have to be ranked higher!
Deserves a much higher rank on this list!
One of the best during the 70s. Probably forgotten to the newer generations.



84Brownsville Station

85The J. Geils Band

86Wishbone Ash
One of the best rock bands of all time their 1972 album argus a masterpiece beat out deep purple machine head for best album of the year in the U.K. on my list they are #1 for sheer output and musical ability, even with a diff. Guitar player after their wishbone four release, most bands couldn't hold a candle to them, also check out their 1st lp, and the new england lp

87REO Speedwagon

88Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

89The Little River Band

90Jefferson Starship
They were not "Starship" in the 1970's and should be named Jefferson Airplane for this list chronicling the bands of the 70's.

91The Undertones

92Mott the Hoople

93New Riders of the Purple Sage

94The Hudson Brothers

95The Charlie Daniels Band
Man so low dow they did the worlds 2nd best "the deval went down to georga



Long Live Ritchie Blacmore! Di & Cozy come oonn!
Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio and Cozy Powel how muc better than that can you get

99Steely Dan

100Joy Division
What a great band

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