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41 Hotter Than Hell

This is a great song. Should be here on this list somewhere - its got classic crue sound.

42 Bastard Bastard
43 Slice of Your Pie Slice of Your Pie

I love this song and the way it cheekily rips off the Beatles!

44 I'm a Liar (and That's the Truth)
45 Toast of the Town Toast of the Town
46 Hell On High Heels Hell On High Heels

I think that randy and motley did a great job on this song and it is under played and not ever givin a chance to be considered a good motley Crüe song

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47 Glitter Glitter

Motley is big, should be bigger. Everything they have done is so under rated. Long live the crue's music!

48 White Trash Circus White Trash Circus V 1 Comment
49 Bitter Pill

Its great song guys! Come on

50 Sex Sex

A masterpiece, newer song with beautiful soundtrack & singing, should be placed upper at this list

Will be suitable to release in a 12 inch maxi version, it has some special good guitar riffs.

51 Come On and Dance Come On and Dance
52 Public Enemy #1 Public Enemy #1
53 Bad Boy Boogie Bad Boy Boogie
54 Tonight (We Need a Lover) Tonight (We Need a Lover)
55 Uncle Jack Uncle Jack
56 Starry Eyes Starry Eyes
57 Sick Love Song Sick Love Song

Why 56, should be #2

58 Face Down In the Dirt Face Down In the Dirt

After 8 years of pause between studio albums we get Saints of Los Angeles. And guess what? The first two tracks are gapless and create the strongest impressions on me. I wonder how come the song is not even on the list. It may not be number 1, after all '80s were the peak. It deserves a place somewhere in Top 25.

59 Nobody Knows What It's Like to Be Lonely

First official recorded song never made into the first album Too Fast For love...

60 All Bad Things All Bad Things

This is one song I like that has come out somewhat recently, Why isn't it played more often?! I love this song, Why are radio stations reluctant to play good music from the #1 hair metal band?

Underrated because its only a couple months old but for 2015 it sounds 80's which rocks

Underrated for 2015 it sounds like an unheard 80's track which is so cool

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