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The Top Ten

The Climb
The perfect inspirational song I've ever listened. Awesome song.
- Anurag Singh, INDIA
Oooh! This song makes me cry, This song reminds me of my Best Friend, Luzsiel, that is now living in Toronto. This is her favorite song! Both of us Idolize Miley, Some day Luzsiel will go home and we will buy all Miley Cyrus' Cd's! BabyLuzsy pls Come home already! I really Miss you BabyLuzsy, I love you always babe! I'll wait for you here in Philippines. Aching-Aching, Go!
It inspire me so much.. Each and every word has its significance.. And mind blowing music-
In every depressing moment I hear this song and it takes me out of the hell...
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27 Things
It's so cool, when you listen to this you just sprew your feelings about somebody you hate and sometimes I even change the lyrics of the chorus to fit it to my life.
This song really expresses what you wanna say and it simply chills you up and is exactly the perfect one you want listen to when you are mad! simply epic and just what you want to send to your recent ex
cool! I'm not miley crazy but, this song totally rocks! I could hear it everyday if I could! everybody, vote this song cause you know this the best!
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3Party In the U.S.A.
woo! PARTY TIME! I love this song bsfladaad (Best song for life and death and after death) it will never get old. Great party song every time me and my sister hear it we get our american flag and start waving it around.
party! listening to this song makes me always wanna dance and groove.. totally love this song! its got beat that lasts inside my mind and it rocks! I miss it!
I voted for this song because i really love miley and I also love the USA
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4When I Look at You
Then most beautiful amazing love song ever! Played in an inspirational movie and has an amazing meaning. This song is inspirational in all ways and should be number one
Best song by miley. I don't care what people say about her. All of her songs are just amazing. It's sweet and beautiful song by her. Also don't forget to listen to her song overboard with justin.
It's the best song by miley and deserved to be at number 1 position. The music is very sweet and romantic & full of love and feelings. As far now it's the best song by miley.
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5The Best of Both Worlds
I don't know what to say about this massive song other than I love it. I also love MC. I hope she'll make more great songs also better than the 1st ranker song ( 7 things ). But I think this song is better than 7 things Listen this song and you'll like it
You get the limo out front
Hottest styles, every shoe, every colour
Yeah, you are being famous it can be kinda fun
It's really you but no one ever discovers

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6Nobody's Perfect
its a very beautiful song by Miley her voice is also very beautiful after listening to this song I have now many songs of her
Yeah it's true I loove this song


Look. I'm really a MILEY FAN. Imperfect means I'm perfect.
I just love this song. Especially the bone dance version. I really love HANNAH MONTANA. I love her CLIMB, ROBOT to
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this song is inspiring cuz' I want to be a rockstar. love you miley.
I really love this song I listen to it every day I even have a dance too it


Cheers who feel like dancing listening to this song in 100% volume... Great song
love this song and love her voice in this song

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8One In a Million
this song has really got good background music as well as nice voice... I love to listen it all the time :)!
So nice song that really touch my heart hope all fans listen to it cause it's special one
god damn it! this song is so beautiful! when you find the one BELIEVE IT! hold on to them tight!
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9If We Were a Movie
I am In love with this song. Definitely must be in top 10!
Its really cool and awesome. When you hear this song its like ooh ooh!
I like this one cause it reminds me of old hannah who doesn't do anything bad from 2005-2007 she was cool those days.
My all time favorite! Can't believe it didn't make top 10.
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10Can't Be Tamed
I think its nice how this song reflects miley these days
the music video and the song just shows how she wants to be herself and do what she wants.
powerful voice, strong lyrics make this song special
I just don't know how this song ain't number 1 I mean this song is so wild and funy unlike her first album songs. I love it


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The Contenders

11See You Again
best miley cyrus/hannah montana song ever! I love this song so much, its the only miley cyrus/hannah montana song a like
I don't know what else to say other than I love it. I really don't care for miley cyrus but I really do like this song just because I think everyone can relate to it. but its not a really slow song its a fun upbeat song that everyone can have a good time with.
It reminds me so much of when there's someone I miss dearly and I just can't wait to see you again its just one of those songs that are true.
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12Wrecking Ball
Best song by Miley...Would be top 3 in few weeks...Keep voting
Has to be the best song ever by Miley!
I couldn't express it...just amazing...
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13True Friend
Love it very much! Best lyrics "You don't get angry when I change the plane! "
Love love this song really know what a true friend;s about
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14We Can't Stop
We can't stop. N we won't stop we run things.. Things don't run we!
Its should be at top but the starting wording is too bad
It sold more than Selena single
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15These Four Walls
The first time I heard this song, I thought it wasn't Miley's style. But then I listened closely to the lyrics, how she sung it, and the meaning behind the song. It was amazing. I cried listening to this song.
Her voice really shines in this one, it's slower than most of her songs but has a lot of meaning. I love the lyrics and the pace, and overall it comes to a beautiful and inspiring song.
A very beautiful song, Miley sings it with full emotions and voices, a very meaningful song. The music video is very good too.
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16This Is the Life
One of the best song in the world. I love all the lyrics of this song but some lines are just to good. I throw my cares up in the air
And I don't think they're comin' down. These are the best lines. This song gives me inspiration. You rock
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17Liberty Walk
This is my favorite Miley Cyrus song! I love her rap and the music and all of it! It should be number one in my opinion! It's amazing!
Awesome song by miley. Music is marvelous, she looks cute and great in the video. Attitude filled song. I love it. Compose many more like this one
It's a fabulous song with great lyrics. Miley's voice is very very very nice. Fantastic music.
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18You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Hey guys Its me Rebeca BlackJUST KIDDING or was i
Listen to sample

This song makes me remember how I would feel when I would leave my loved ones. I love this song. Why the hell its on 23 gosh! Well keep on voting guys


This song is lovely. Please vote this and listen to this at YouTube.
Beautiful slow song. Deserves to be in the top 10.
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20Who Said
This song is Great, I love it, its beautiful! It represents so much personality and I feel it connects with me. This song 'Who Said' has really encouraged me to do what I believe in and that it doesn't matter what others think of me, because its not their problem!
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21Who Owns My heart
I love this song very much... Thanks miley.. This song makes me happy... The tune s too good... Miley rocks..
This is such an awesome song lyrics, music everything is just amazing does not deserve to be on 17 it should be way high up at least in the top 10 come on every one just listen to it
Best and Rocking song ever! It should be in top ten list...
Miley is very cool girl I like her very much...
This song really runs through my veins! I love it
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22Fly On the Wall

This song is so unique how come it can't be in the top ten
I just can't listen to this song just once I repeat it about 4 to 5 times a day its her best single from her first album Breakout

I'm shocked this is all the way down here... I double checked the top 10 to make sure I didn't miss it but wow... what's it doing down here? My favourite along with Rockstar and 7 Things.

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23Just Like You
Please, GLEE, do a cover of "Just like you". It will be awesome.
Listen to sample


Good starting song of miley's first album with the same name
Of this song I will continue to listen to her rocking good voice in the future in new great songs

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25Bottom of the Ocean
I love this song it should be like in the top ten its beautiful! It is a really sad song and very relatable. It's about losing someone and I love it always bringing tears to my eyes. Wish I could see Miley like this all the time.
Touchy a very big ha so much
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26I Got Nerve
I got the nerve is the best song ever I even got a dance for it for school I even did a slide show on her she is the best I always got her new songs in my head but this is the best
Girl dis is fabuluss girl I love it its ma favorite I love you hannah motnana your great fab I love it why is my comment saying its poor that's racist
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27Let's Get Crazy
Yeah! Lets get crazy! :)
life is just a party so come as you r
dress it up or dress it down never forget your guitar
lets get crazy
Here is an invitation
to every nation
meet me on the dance floor and we'll make a scene!
~~ Chinny Krishna, India~~
I love this song iam mad at this song.
Amazingly sang
Ill alvz remain a huge fan of Miley Cyrus
Fallen for her melodious voice too
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28You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home
I love the song... I mean the lyrics... It same with my life... We can change anything but we can lie ourselves... Nobody perfect!
Great song! Must listen!
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29Start All Over Listen to sample

30We Got the Party

a duet with jonas brothers it should be 1


Listen to sample

31Hoedown Throwdown

My god! That was an awesome song with great beats!
Evan a Child in my neighborhood Loved it!
~~Chinny Krishna, India~~

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32Don't Wanna Be Torn

33He Could Be the One
I love this song so much I always sing it and I LOVE YOU MILEY
This was my favorite song ever on that show and I still like it now.


Best song I have ever heard of Miley, she rocks every song...
But this song is best and I love its music and lyric.
It makes me feel oh so sweet.. So cool
Love you Miley!


I think this song has the best tone that I've ever heard. I wanna say Miley to special thanks. Whatever Hannah or Miley, we love you from all over the world. (I live in Japan now)

35Kicking and Screaming

Vote Kicking And Screaming for this song you can get up and dance and just be CRAZY! Let's get it higher than number 32 with your help!


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36Forgiveness and Love

Cause In The End NO ONe Losses Or Win THe Story Be-gains again and again with forgiveness and love these are the lines which I love to listen my younger brother always say this song my Favourite song And I agree with him ;D

Listen to sample

37Ordinary Girl Listen to sample

OH my gosh this song should not be number 44! Its really stupid that it is! I mean this song should be NUMBER 1! Don't you think? I cry every time I hear it... Don't judge me! ITs the best miley cyrus song ever! Don't you know people?
I agree NUMBER 1! If you never heard this song you should most definitely Listen to it. Am I the only one who likes this song!? Please People!
Obsessed the best word in the world, and the best song! GO MILEY CYRUS!
The best singer songwriter and actress in the world! YEAH!
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39I Miss You
Aw I love this song so much because it can relate to other people as well as miley and also because people could be missing someone in there family, When a family member of mine passes away I always will be listening to this song because it can remind you of them better.
I personally think this is such a touching song! Makes me cry every time. I could just imagine losing your grandfather like that...
You know I can experience her pain when she sang this song. My own grandfather died a few months ago. Every time I hear this song I remember him
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40Every Part of Me
Awesome love this song

41I'm Still Good Listen to sample

42I Wanna Know You
This song is really amazing thumps up

43Don't Walk Away


Listen to sample

44Butterfly Fly Away
Best than the others. Deserves to be in the top ten definitely. Like it's just so amazing and beautiful and I wish that I could listen to the words because I need to know that everything will be okay y'know. I wish someone would make this higher.
okay a small song but worth a long time listen... its lyrics is amazing and chorus is beautiful... I love this song.. so pleasing to hear..
LOVE this song! It expresses emotions and I think it's really about growing up and just being happy! LOVE IT!
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A great song lost at the end of her last album
Ohh, this song is just amazing! An't believe its all the way down here!
That song is just so good! It's even better live than on the CD...
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46Wherever I Go Listen to sample

47Been Here All Along

Just Love This Song I love it

Listen to sample

48Clear Listen to sample

This song should be in top ten list

50Ice Cream Freeze

This is an awesome song... Should be in top 15 at least... Energetic song.. Awesome lyrics its a new dance and is definitely a party song a must listen guys...!

So cool! And makes you want to dance! My sister doesn't like miley cyrus but
Loves this song! I love this song to it is my favrite song in
The worldi love the T. V programe hannah montana. I saw every ep. O yes
We are taking about the song! Yes it should be in the top 15


How can anyone not like this song? It has a wonderful music and the lyrics. According to me this song is good enough to at least give it a try.


Why this song is no.51?
This song proves that Miley is really an amazing singer and the lyrics are awesome...
It makes me cry... But still I love it..
This song has a lot of meaning to me
Listen to sample

52Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Amazing mix between guitar solos and piano tabs
& Miley vocal


Listen to sample

53Two More Lonely People Listen to sample

54Bigger Than Us Listen to sample

55Permanent December Listen to sample

56Wake Up America Listen to sample

57Right Here Listen to sample

58Dream Listen to sample

59Make Some Noise Listen to sample

60My Heart Beats for Love Listen to sample

61Pumpin' Up the Party
Reminds me f old memories of when w were kid it definitely should me at mch higher
Listen to sample

62Get Ready, Get Set, Don't Go

63I'll Always Remember You
Dam! This is one of Miley's best...!
Listen to sample

64I Hope You Find It
It's a beautiful song. I love it.
"These clouds are going nowhere baby, rain keeps coming down
I just thought I'd try to call you baby, for you've gone too far out of town
And I hope that you get this message that I'm leaving for you
cause I hate that you left without hearing the words that I needed you to.

And I hope you find it, what you're looking for
and I hope it's everything you dreamed your life could be, and so much more
and I hope you're happy wherever you are
I wanted you to know that nothings gonna change that
and I hope you find it. "
The last song is the best movie ever. The songs "I hope you find it" is the best song ever. It's so romantic. I love this song. Miley has a great voice. Love her.
Critically appreciated song.
True mature song of Miley.
This kinda GREAT song was not expected to come from Miley Cyrus.
Best song of her carrier
Listen to sample

65Kissing You

66East Northumberland High
Such an underrated song I love this song very much
Listen to sample

67The Other Side of Me

Great song. It should be way higher in the list. She is expressing how she has two sides in her life and that she likes to live both of them in her own way.

Man! This song is sure great! It should be WAY higher. You HAVE to listen to it, because its one of her besties! Truly, no kidding! It's really a fab song

Listen to sample

68You and Me Together

This song reminds me of my crush, he's adorable! I always hang out with him, yeah ut this is a great song!

Listen to sample

69Before the Storm

I CRIED when I seen this live... don't laugh... it was BEAUTIFUL


70Love That Lets Go Listen to sample

71Gonna Get This
Love this song great lyrics great voices from Miley cyrus and iyaz it's a shame this song isn't more popular because this song rocks one of the best songs ever created
I love this song whats wrong with this voting?! It should be higher!
Listen to sample

72G.N.O. - Girl's Night Out Listen to sample

73Just a Girl

This is fabulous! Its also very sad, saying that she doesn't have anything anymore. She sings it very sad, like she really means it! So everyone, choose this and download it!

74Old Blue Jeans Listen to sample

75Take Me Along
This song is so beautiful it deserves a higher place inthe list, the lyrics are simply amazing every time I listen to her it leads me to another place, a different world where there's only pure love. Miley is amazing singer, actress and song writer I can't wait for her new album to come out
Listen to sample

76I Learned From You Listen to sample

77Simple Song Listen to sample

78Let's Do This

OMG! its on mumber 57? I can't believe this. this song rlly ROCKS! I can't believe how much times I listen to this song everyday. its amazing!

Listen to sample

I really love this song I like Miley Cyrus
Listen to sample

80Let's Dance Listen to sample

81Mixed Up
This song Isher best...
It helped me get through a tough time in my life,..
I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't listen to it...
My friends tease me because I still listen to her music.
I don't like Miley Cyrus a bit!
But I still love her music...
Vote if you agree with me! (:


82The Good Life Listen to sample

83Cheese Jerky

I like these songs but sum of them are lame I hope this website changes them or miley makes sum different songs up. why doesn't

84It's All Right Here

85What's Not to Like Listen to sample

86Are You Ready

87Send It On Listen to sample

88Zip A Dee Doo Dah Listen to sample


90As I Am Listen to sample

91Good and Broken Listen to sample

92Full Circle Listen to sample

93The Driveway Listen to sample

94The Big Bang

95Bone Dance
It's the most funniest of song in Hannah Montana Movie

96Ashtrays and Heartbreaks Listen to sample

97Black Umbrella

98I Thought I Lost You Listen to sample

99Giving You Up

100Fall Down Listen to sample

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