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August 2, 2015 - What Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana song is the best? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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The Climb
The perfect inspirational song I've ever listened. Awesome song.
- Anurag Singh, INDIA
Oooh! This song makes me cry, This song reminds me of my Best Friend, Luzsiel, that is now living in Toronto. This is her favorite song! Both of us Idolize Miley, Some day Luzsiel will go home and we will buy all Miley Cyrus' Cd's! BabyLuzsy pls Come home already! I really Miss you BabyLuzsy, I love you always babe! I'll wait for you here in Philippines. Aching-Aching, Go!
It inspire me so much.. Each and every word has its significance.. And mind blowing music-
In every depressing moment I hear this song and it takes me out of the hell...
[Newest]I love the songs.. I feel very happy to listen through
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27 Things
It's so cool, when you listen to this you just sprew your feelings about somebody you hate and sometimes I even change the lyrics of the chorus to fit it to my life.
This song really expresses what you wanna say and it simply chills you up and is exactly the perfect one you want listen to when you are mad! simply epic and just what you want to send to your recent ex
cool! I'm not miley crazy but, this song totally rocks! I could hear it everyday if I could! everybody, vote this song cause you know this the best!
[Newest]I love miley and her voice...
Her all songs are awesome
But this one is the best

3Party In the U.S.A.
woo! PARTY TIME! I love this song bsfladaad (Best song for life and death and after death) it will never get old. Great party song every time me and my sister hear it we get our american flag and start waving it around.
party! listening to this song makes me always wanna dance and groove.. totally love this song! its got beat that lasts inside my mind and it rocks! I miss it!
I voted for this song because i really love miley and I also love the USA
[Newest]Your song party in the usa is good

4The Best of Both Worlds
I don't know what to say about this massive song other than I love it. I also love MC. I hope she'll make more great songs also better than the 1st ranker song ( 7 things ). But I think this song is better than 7 things Listen this song and you'll like it
You get the limo out front
Hottest styles, every shoe, every colour
Yeah, you are being famous it can be kinda fun
It's really you but no one ever discovers

[Newest]It is just superb and I love it...

5One In a Million
this song has really got good background music as well as nice voice... I love to listen it all the time :)!
So nice song that really touch my heart hope all fans listen to it cause it's special one
God damn it! This song is so beautiful! When you find the one BELIEVE IT! Hold on to them tight!
[Newest]This songs seriously deserves to be a little higher. Please guys, vote for this.

6If We Were a Movie
I am In love with this song. Definitely must be in top 10!
Its really cool and awesome. When you hear this song its like ooh ooh!
I like this one cause it reminds me of old hannah who doesn't do anything bad from 2005-2007 she was cool those days.
My all time favorite! Can't believe it didn't make top 10.
[Newest]The most under rated miley cyrus song..
Its really good!

7When I Look at You
Then most beautiful amazing love song ever! Played in an inspirational movie and has an amazing meaning. This song is inspirational in all ways and should be number one
Best song by miley. I don't care what people say about her. All of her songs are just amazing. It's sweet and beautiful song by her. Also don't forget to listen to her song overboard with justin.
It's the best song by miley and deserved to be at number 1 position. The music is very sweet and romantic & full of love and feelings. As far now it's the best song by miley.
[Newest]This is so inspiring, I always feel relaxed after hearing this and whenever I feel like I can't take it anymore, this song gives me courage to feel the barriers of my life
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this song is inspiring cuz' I want to be a rockstar. love you miley.
I really love this song I listen to it every day I even have a dance too it


Cheers who feel like dancing listening to this song in 100% volume... Great song
Love this song and love her voice in this song
[Newest]Ah! I just love this song!

9Nobody's Perfect
its a very beautiful song by Miley her voice is also very beautiful after listening to this song I have now many songs of her
Yeah it's true I loove this song


Look. I'm really a MILEY FAN. Imperfect means I'm perfect.
I just love this song. Especially the bone dance version. I really love HANNAH MONTANA. I love her CLIMB, ROBOT to
[Newest]I love hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus I like the movie hannah Montana I love your songs

10Can't Be Tamed
I think its nice how this song reflects miley these days
the music video and the song just shows how she wants to be herself and do what she wants.
powerful voice, strong lyrics make this song special
I just don't know how this song ain't number 1 I mean this song is so wild and funy unlike her first album songs. I love it


[Newest]My favourite song...
Love you Miley!

The Contenders

11True Friend
Love it very much! Best lyrics "You don't get angry when I change the plane! "
Love love this song really know what a true friend;s about
[Newest]Did she made that song about Emily osment Lilly

12See You Again
best miley cyrus/hannah montana song ever! I love this song so much, its the only miley cyrus/hannah montana song a like
I don't know what else to say other than I love it. I really don't care for miley cyrus but I really do like this song just because I think everyone can relate to it. but its not a really slow song its a fun upbeat song that everyone can have a good time with.
It reminds me so much of when there's someone I miss dearly and I just can't wait to see you again its just one of those songs that are true.
[Newest]I grew up listening to this song. So many people think Miley has changed too much... NEVER!

13This Is the Life
One of the best song in the world. I love all the lyrics of this song but some lines are just to good. I throw my cares up in the air
And I don't think they're comin' down. These are the best lines. This song gives me inspiration. You rock
I love your hair and it is so cute I wish I had it

14Wrecking Ball
This is actually the song that helped her escape from the Disney persona
Best song by Miley...Would be top 3 in few weeks...Keep voting
I am in love with this song... It should be the first one!
[Newest]Best song by Miley..

15Who Said
This song is Great, I love it, its beautiful! It represents so much personality and I feel it connects with me. This song 'Who Said' has really encouraged me to do what I believe in and that it doesn't matter what others think of me, because its not their problem!

16We Can't Stop
Love we can't stop you are the best hannah Montana I love you Rikki LeSsen to smiley Cyrus
We can't stop. N we won't stop we run things.. Things don't run we!
Its should be at top but the starting wording is too bad

17Just Like You
Please, GLEE, do a cover of "Just like you". It will be awesome.

18Let's Get Crazy
I love this song iam mad at this song.
Amazingly sang
Ill alvz remain a huge fan of Miley Cyrus
Fallen for her melodious voice too
Yeah! Lets get crazy! :)
Life is just a party so come as you r
Dress it up or dress it down never forget your guitar
Lets get crazy
Here is an invitation
To every nation
Meet me on the dance floor and we'll make a scene!
~~ Chinny Krishna, India~~


20Fly On the Wall
I'm shocked this is all the way down here... I double checked the top 10 to make sure I didn't miss it but wow... what's it doing down here? My favourite along with Rockstar and 7 Things.
This song is so unique how come it can't be in the top ten
I just can't listen to this song just once I repeat it about 4 to 5 times a day its her best single from her first album Breakout

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