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101Bloodmeat - Protest the Hero
102Salute to Kareem - Red Hot Chili Peppers
103Speed Demon - Michael Jackson
104Guti - Aurthohin
105Cancer - Aurthohin
106Moonchild - Iron Maiden
107Turn the Page - Rush
108American Life - Primus
109Destiny - Stratovarius
110Panic Station - Muse

Awesome, few strings at once and the higher frets are actually on top of my bass but great song!

Not too hard. But so good! All basslines here that are hard are really bad. Can't beat muse to be honest. Just enough bass! Not too hard. Not too easy!

111Time Is Running Out - Muse
112Genghis Khan - Iron MaidenV1 Comment
113Teen Town - Weather Report

"Teen Town" is not unplayable but should definitely be higher on this list. A rather intricate line spanning the whole fretboard played at a rather fast pace. One of Jaco's most memorable lines.

V2 Comments
114The Punk and the Godfather - The Who

John Entwhistle's melodic bassline precariously leads Keith Moon and Pete Townshend through this six-minute ordeal. Rarely does Entwhistle repeat a note or melody; the entire song is made up of dozens of micro-basslines and thus it is very difficult to memorize, and the relatively hard tempo makes it even harder to play.

115A Million Ways - OK Go
116Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal CorpseV1 Comment
117Barbarism Begins At Home - The Smiths
118Speak Free - Incubus

Not the hardest but if Green Day is on here this deserves at least a mention.

119My Name Is Mud -Primus

Needs to be way higher on this list, especially for the fast Les sings AND plays this atthe same time

120The Real Me - John EntwistleV1 Comment
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