Hardest Tool Songs to Play On Drums

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Those time signature changes.

Why isn't this number one?

Those time signatures - Toucan

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Lol leeches should be #1 by a mile

4Hooker with a Penis
6Ticks and Leeches

How is either this or Rosetta Stoned not number 1? Yes ├ćnema is challenging, but every Tool song is. Ticks and rosetta are in a league of their own when it comes to both speed and complexity. If you aren't Danny Carey you can't do these songs justice.

What? 6th place for a song that is known for its amazing drums?

I can play aenima easily. this is just insane to play. if you hear it, its basically all drums.

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7Rosetta Stoned
8Forty Six & 2
910,000 Days
10The Grudge

I don't know why I had to add this one... It should have already been on here.

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11Third Eye

The breakdown requires like 3 different time signatures at the same time. that's pretty damn hard if you ask me!

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