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Japan is the most technologically advanced nation in Asia and maybe the whole world.
Japan are developing super advanced gadgets like dimensional elevator, this elevator can transport anyone to different floors of a tower in just a second. Everything will be hologram and like a ultimate transporter.

And in weapons, japan is developing gundam-like units that can fire lasers and can float in air. Some rumors said that japan is developing a big barrier that can defend whole japan from nuclear bombs, and tsunamis.

Japan is the master of technology. It has sony, fujitsu, toshiba, toyota and much much more
Japan is still trying hard! Japan has the most famous companies in the world like Fujistu and more. Japan is the founder of technology!
[Newest]East or west Japan is best
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2United States
Well, I will cover a few essential fields of technology which will probably decide the future of humanity.

1) The Internet
The United States of America, more specifically, Silicon Valley, is the reason why the world has an internet to access. It is in the US where some of the greatest technology corporations of out time are headquartered. Just look at Google, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, AMD, Dell, etc. Fremont, California is, to my knowledge, the fastest place on Earth, in terms of internet speed. The US is also one of the few countries in the world that has successfully integrated technology into all of the aspects of life including military, medicine, infrastructure, and common homes. Looking forward, the United States has some very ambitious projects such as the creation of an online virtual internet within a closed system to test future viruses.

2) Space
The US was able to send man to the moon in 1969, and they have repeated this incredible feat more than 3 times after that. To this date, no other country has managed to send man to the moon. And now, the US is the only country to have sent a probe past the solar system (Voyager), and to have explored Mars with not one, but three rovers. Back in the 1970's the US was more than 20 years ahead in technology as compared to the rest of the world. Now, the United States has many planned NASA launches (as soon as they build a new rocket) such as MAVEN and Mars One. The United States is also the only country that has privatized space exploration with companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic providing launches for the common person.

3) Defense
The US has, by far, the most powerful military in the world to demonstrate both its technological and engineering might. No other country has the technology to design powerful viruses such as Stuxnet, or 12 aircraft carriers, like the US has. The US also has the most powerful airforce in the world, being equipped with manned craft such as the F22 and F35(coming soon), which can virtually avoid radar, as well as bombers like the B2, which will appear as an eagle under radar. They also have the largest fleet of drones in the world, including modern marvels such as the X47-A Pegasus, and the MQ 9 Reaper. They also have very ambitious future technology projects that are decades ahead of the rest of the world.
The United States is the front runner in all experimentation whether it be in military break through a or I'm the field of medecine. The American government is close to 40 years ahead of where the world actually thinks they are; the United States is always many steps ahead of the competition because they have to be due to threats from all across the world. If people think the us government is only watching the homeland you are wrong because they are watching the world in a global network of servailence. Not to mention the United States middle defense programs that have created a shield around the United States and its allies. Also the United States has the largest private sector that is free to make progress in the technological word on their own which makes technological breakthroughs more common.
I think us deserve to be the most technology country in the world because they have prove to the world, in there economy us are at the top and if you myth have been in there country they have satellite all over there country and the us can detect crime scene when taking in any region or city of there country. In my researches I have also observe there technology in making research about thing that can better the world, things like airline it is a great to the world you all know I am not saying that Japan does not have good technology but I think the us are more advance than the Japanese thanks
[Newest]Due to stereotypes, we missed the first place to Japan. EVERYTHING Japan has made, we have already made first. Gundam-like units? What. We already have aircraft far more advanced. And much of that anime based technology is mainly due to obsession and fandom. We have invented FAR more than Japan has. Japan hasn't even set foot on the moon yet, you know something that was already done by us more than 50 years ago. The reason we're considered so primitive is because of stereotypes of the South. But in reality, were the most innovative country in the world. Don't let stereotypes fool you.
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All the software needed for technology comes from India.
Even silicon valley people take advices from Indians in Bangalore.
Don't believe me... Google Wipro and Infosys
India the mother land of all sciences. We had medicinal science, war science, science relating universe and what not from the ages where other countries don't know how to get their basic needs.

Reasons why india is technically ahead from the start

* india has the first university in the world (takshasila 500 because) which teaches all varieties of subjects including science n technology.

* sanskrit was proved to be most suitable language for computer systems during study and even NASA is planning to use it.

* if war artillery is criteria of technology indian king tipu sultan used rocketry during wars in 18th century itself.

* mathematics the base of all the technology we people talk is given by oua indians.

* you guys say that newton discovered gravitation but what the truth is bramhagupta discovered it a thousand years before him, gravitical measurements also have a key part in many fields like civil engineering, rocket n space technologies.

* Einstien the man who discovered e=mc^2 and is responsible for all the inventions in so called technological countries have said that we are thankful to Indians for their mathematics else we can never find all these.

And many more... India has been a conquered nation and its own sciences has been abolished and replaced by English education to make Indians lose their self knowledge and depend upon other (1835 lord mccauley). Now we are leaping back to the place where we were, from where we had been removed nefariously by western bullies. We have the largest educated workforce, software base of the world, advancing space knowledge and growing in all technological fields.

Being such a self advanced from early ages we are the only country with development who doesn't attacked other country from humans age noted (last 12000 years).

INDIA a country with technology for humans welfare for peace n prosperity

- NITCHAN indian
India Has plenty natural resource which is a need of any prosperous country. India's Economical and scientific attempt is rapidly developing and I am sure It will be top on this list very soon.
After independence it's economical condition is rapidly improve
[Newest]India is a fast developing country
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4South Korea
South Korea came in second place after Japan on the list of highest technology countries in the world. South Korea is rated one of the top best highest technology countries on the planet due to making advanced robots, cars, trains, computers, boats, air conditioners, televisions, helicopters and planes. South Korea is one of the world's best and the highest technology ranking countries. South Korea is also voted on the list of countries with the fastest internet speed in the world and South Korea is near Japan in highest technologies!
Korea have the fastest wifi speed in the world =3
Samsung alone defeats Japanese competitors already. It's already number 1 in most areas. Although the auto industry is stronger in Japan, Korea is quickly catching up, once Japan loses its edge there, then Korea will dominate Japan in nearly every way in modern tech. Japan is declining, Korea is rising.
[Newest]We have invented the ZERG RUSH @ starcraft!
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They have a really high-tech influence technique, just visit Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin.
Germany was the most high tech country during World War 2. They even have the best tanks in the present day.
One thing: Olympic Stadium in Berlin!
This stadium is a gigantic building and the most epic in the history!
[Newest]Germany has my vote, I think history shows that Germany is one of the most high tech Countries along with Japan and S. Korea and Switzerland.

Not the king of technology. But no nation is. Each nation is high tech in there own way, Japan is good at making electronics and games, Germany is good with cars, USA is good with weapons, and China has made some of the most important devices, even though some have been around for a while, like the compass and gunpowder. All nations are equal in there own way, so nothing's best or worst. It's all good bro!
China has really surprised the world with the major developments its made. I would say that without a doubt china will be the worlds most developed country in the next 10-20 years.
Their ancient technology proved a lot better like gunpowder and so much more and I believe that it has the most steel manufactured to make weapons in the world
Yeah if all the countries pull out manufacturing in China say bye bye China
[Newest]China is a good country.

Still the third best producer of scientific papers. The UK produces the second most-cited scientific papers in the world - the first, if you note the huge population gap between the UK and the USA.

England made many of the famous scientists that lead to the Scientific Revolution, and Industrial, if you want that to count.

England is very high tech, on par with the USA at consumer level at the very least.
Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, computer scientist, MIT professor and the inventor of the World Wide Web.
All British citizens have access to brilliant technology. They have great faith in technology's use in day to day life and in business. They may not develop it, but they make good use of it.
[Newest]Whoop whoop for England we have 3d printers!

Israel's private industry is very successful. Israel develops one of the most hi-tech military equipment all over the world. Take the legendary UZI for example. Israel is also developing agricultural miracles such as a product that maximizes the crop's growth with half of the conventional system. Thirdly, Israel has the highest percentage in the world of home computers per capita. Israel leads the world in the number of scientists and technicians in the workforce, with 145 per 10, 000, as opposed to 85 in the U.S., over 70 in Japan, and less than 60 in Germany. With over 25% of its work force employed in technical professions. Israel places first in this category as well.
Israel is the second most important center for high-tech and innovation in the world after Silicon Valley.
As a Student of Engineering School in Israel and most my friends and Brother are in this Field. We are wiser then Most country on. Earth. Thanks JAcob
[Newest]Israel has tech that america uses, and why would they use it, unless it better?

I know for a fact that Canada is way more technologically advanced than the USA. They took years to get wireless interface machines and they still don't have chips in their credit/debit cards.

US power plants are not as green. Even simple things such as a crosswalk that beeps for the blind, is rare to see in the US.

Sure they have Smart Phones and stuff, but so does mostly every other country in the world.

Even if you look at American companies, they are heavily employed by international people. For example: The Canadians who worked on the AVRO Arrow project, were some of the finest engineers who then moved onto NASA, making it possible for computers to pilot aircraft and spacecraft to this day.

Not saying that there aren't some brilliant American's out there, because there are! It's just that America is very quick to slap a "Made in USA" sticker on anything that is financially funded by them, yet still not invented by one of their own.

Q: Who invented the light bulb?
A: Henry Woodward (a Canadian)

Tesla only perfected the design, yet all we hear is 'Tesla' and 'America' when it comes to the light bulb.
Are they in America? Oh yeah they are. Canada is really bad compared to United States and Japan, and Finland. America has better Navy, and Aircraft. Really if you think about it, Canada might have eco green power plants, but they can never take anybody down in a fight. Great comment smart one.
Because it's really happiest country
Canada should be first in technologically for sure.

France leads in many fields and has leading companies in many sectors even more than us
Nuclear energy infrastructure, people.
In France there's is more high tech in public than in Germany. This list makes no sense

The Contenders

How can usa have a higher rank than both sweden and china?! I don't know much about england but I'm pretty shore they should be higher ranked than usa too
Come on, usa doesn't even have fiber in 20 % of its population. Without an good infrastructure (network and such) how can you call yourself high tech?
We have our optical fiber, one of the best cellphone coverage, best internet connection and infrastructure in tech/network.

We have, if not the best at least very very close to the best, submarines that even US have troubled finding on a short range. Our military tech regarding airplanes and artillery is in worldclass.

Our budget is not as high as other countries but we get the value of the money that are spent.
[Newest]They have a cure for cancer what

Ranging from different kinds of tech, Philippines is the most high tech country but the government is not revealing it because of the threats to the National Security. And we got the most sophisticated secret intelligence agency in the world. I've got to tell you we are more advance when it comes to espionage. Better than James Bond and Ethan Hunt.
This country has a nuclear plant which been made earlier than China's nuclear plants. This country has mixture of other different countries technology which can be combine together to make a better technology. Philippines is already rising.
However the project was cancelled and the plant is just standing there idly
Its the very best and I know it will rise and its already rising just watch
[Newest]Yeah... Philippines have a high technology... government is not hiding it or secreting the technology... but the government in Philippines is not supporting the Filipino Scientist... Unlike America, the government there is supporting their scientists to develop a new technology and make is sophisticated... Meanwhile in Philippines, government is letting down Scientist... because of lack of funds... But Filipino Scientist are so great specially in agricultural technology

Russia has the most advanced defense system in the world S 300,400 and S 500 and ICBM capable of penetrating into any country in the world and also space technology.
just weapon, the best weapon in the world
our crazy engineers make such things no one will see in his nightmare


Russia is big daddy of heavy machines making
[Newest]Russia is the best!

14United Kingdom
Britain is the greatest nation
They invented the internet.
The British were and are the most ingenuitive nation on earth.

We developed vaccines for diseases before the US we have the best economy in the world. Australia is very advanced in the fields of science and innovation one of the best countries to run a start up business and entrepreneurial businesses.
We are secretly training kangaroo solders similar to the call of duty dog. This efficient solder is very effective on the battlefield, they are also capable to carry small nuclear bombs in there pouch to enemy forces
I love Australia because 5 seconds of summer was born there

16United Arab Emirates
How is India 3 rd high tech country. uae also got 2020 expo
Don't compare uae with India... India is much of techies right from software to space technology... Prosperity of uae is because of Indians... Otherwise uae is a mere desert

God bless Finland. Land of happiness and technology
A major hub of Nokia, previosly an independent company based in Finland. It leads in IT and mapping,
Fimland has more also like construction and isolation materials that are top notch also.

Singapore is awesome
Here's why

•World's best airport

•World's most awarded airport

•World's best zoo

•World's first F1 night race

•World's 3rd best airliner.

•World's 3rd richest country by GDP

•World's best toilets.

•World's largest observation wheel.

•World's first skydining.

•World's busiest port.

•World's most expensive place to own a car.

•World's healthiest country

•World's best underwater world.

•World's cleanest country.

•World's first Night Zoo

•World's largest exporters of ornamental fish

•World's 5th most technological advanced country.

•World's most urbanized country.

•World's highest man made waterfall.

•World's saddest country.

•World's fastest walkers.

•Best medical service in Asia

•Safest country in Asia

•Country that is most often typed into Google

• Most likely to become a millionaire than any other country

•Singapore has the highest percentage of millionaires in world (record held for 2 years)

•Asia's 5th most visited country
Singapore is not the king of technology, but it is one of the most advanced. It just has so many achievements that if I stated them all my computer would run out of battery before I could. The comment under mine states the most well-known facts about it. The only reason why it does not break the top ten is because it does not have its own resources and instead gets them from powerhouses like China.
When you look at Singapore your first thought is how modern it is, Singapore is simply amazing
[Newest]What? Russia, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan, the Philippines are higher than Singapore? People did you really read the name of this list?


We don't have much technology but we have peace

When we come to the technology and the renaissance that are exercised here is:-The National defense minister is making different kinds of assembling cars, construction materials and going to have the first electrical automobile manufacturer from Africa.
-The Renaissance dam Africa's number 1 dam made mostly by Ethiopian citizens and few Italians.
The GDP of most of the population is small compared to Kenya

From mechanical Swiss watch to modern day fighters, from Cadburys to Nestle, weather... Everything is great. Hats off

Iran is making a lot of progress in science and that while being under heavy sanctions.

By 2018 it is expected that Iran will be #4 in Science
Iran has the fastest rate of increase in scientific publication in the world.
Iran has good nuclear science but one of the slowest internet in the world
[Newest]Iran is going to have more democracy. It can returns Iranian scientists.

Acer, Asus, HTC and more.
Haha better than Korea
I live in Canada, many public transportation systems are designed by Taiwan. Even Canadian think Taiwan is way better than Canada

Manufactures high end weapons such as Glock or the Steyr AUG. Known for high end audio equipment from AKG. Ferdinand Porsche: Austrian engineer.

Ireland has more mobile phones than people and holds the European headquarters for some of the biggest companies in the world.
Ireland make the most computer software in the world apart from America
Almost all the biggies of IT industries is based in Ireland

São Paulo, Rio de janeiro, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and so many other big cities, Brazil is the seventh PIB in the world and has the fastest economical growth in the world! It's time for Brazil
Curitiba and Sao Paulo for sure. ;D Brazil do not deserve the 13th rank. Although we have so much good (public) engineering and tech unis.
Brazil has some of the best technology on the bioenergy sector. The only country to have applied a true alternative to fossil fuels using Biomass. Also a leader in the avionics sector with Embraer and a strong automotive industry that designs cars for the developing world.

Mexico is advancing due to cheap labor and closeness to the USA. Unfortunately, due to corruption and crime is slowing down. The key fact in Mexico is producing quality scientists and medical doctors with low wages for the benefit of people not business that much. Besides, all Americans especially Hispanics who don't get jobs in the USA are taking over high positions in Mexico making advancements. Mexico will never be a superpower, but the quality of life will be higher than in more populated countries. Also, most likely Mexicans will volunteer to be the first Martians due to cheap and high level skills in industry and agriculture. The number one skill in Mexico is memory. Mexicans have good long term memories that allows them to learn low skills faster which makes them suitable for technical jobs and the next step is engineering and science.
Within the next 5 years, Mexico will be the #1 auto-exporter in the world. They have a large percentage of graduated engineers than any other county.
Mexico is actually moving up in the world. Did you know they were the first to build anti quake skyscrappers, the richest man in the world "slim" is Mexican,
[Newest]The first to do everything Americans eventually take credit for.

We have no gold mine but we have talent generation who can lead all over the world!
Most things are cheap specially smartphone and other
Bangladesh is a small country they are peopol work very hard they invention new new thinks go ahed Bangladesh

Malaysia should be rank high because its also has a high tech country. Malaysia has the tallest skyscraper as petronas twin tower, the most advanced and biggest airport as Kuala Lumpur International Airport.. Has auto technology as car from the company of perodua, proton and naza, the proton has its own advance rally car that has won many tournament.. Besidea that Malaysia have motorcycles technology such as modenas and many more.. Malaysia also is a rich country in petroleum and gas, lumber, gold, aviation, commerce, tourism and many more.. Malaysia itself has aviation as Mlysia Airline, Air Asia, Fire Fly, MHS, Sabah Air, and many more, besides that Air Asia is the cheapest passengers flight in the whole world... Malaysia has tallest mount such as Kinabalu mount, Cameron highland, Genting highland, Ledang mount, Santubong mount and Tahan mount but the most tallest is kinabalu mount, its can attract more tourist to Malaysia .. Malaysia has many billionaire and millionaire and the best commerce country in ASEAN n most of country in the whole world invested in Malaysia .. Malaysia also has the best military, its military used new tech from Russian, European and USA, but Malaysia has its own military tech to such as vehicle, tank and fighter jet but still use some import technology, Malaysia also has its own nuclear weapon but it's just for defend the country because Malaysia won't be occupied again..
Malaysia will be at the forefront of the next generation of advances in science and technology
Malaysia should be the top 10
[Newest]Thank you for this it have helped me in school

Italians have invented many key things: Radio, telephone, nuclear reactor, microprocessor and they are very good in micro-mechanics, food processing, new materials and ecology solutions.
Italy may have been the home of some of the worlds most important scientist such as archimedes, Galileo and Enrico Fermi but they were never recognized in their home country... They always had to go elsewhere to be taken seriously
It has very good machines techniques for building products and buildings it also makes cars very very stylish and super cool

31South Africa
South Africa has developed one of the most advance technological body scanners in Africa. Their defense technology is in high quality standard as well. Back in the 1990s the had developed space industry, but was later terminated due to unrest in the the country. They should be at least above Somalia and Afghanistan.
It hosted world cup successfully in 2010.
South Africa has the coolest laws in the woldd

No way ukraine is ahead of poland

A high development country, in this few years it's developed a 150 thousand researcher, to get in the next 4 years in the top 10 country in Science! And it's have the 15th economy ranking for year 2012 and it's up going economy country, and it's have a more than 12 metropolis (Capital city) that have every thing of civil services and other services, and it's a Self-sufficiency country, and 50% of it's Products exports into Europe, and it's the first country in screen industry, and it's have the world lead in Textile industry and a lot other thing that makes it of the top 15 country in the world!
Turkey have more than 500 thousand university graduates each year, and youngest population among European countries. with strong educational force and strong investment from the government. Turkey will make in to the top list in few decades.
Advanced infrastructure and organized military


They are one of the largest weapons exporters in the world, and the maker of things like GPS guided artillery shells, stealthy cruise missiles, and explosive armour piercing incendiary machine-gun rounds.
It is number 1 in everything, it should be number 1 in this list to.
Norway is a Rich country thanks to the oil, and the worlds best oil finders and enginering. Just look at the "hardanger bridge"

Leader in wind power technology
Leader in many medical fields, including diabetes
Have the biggest container company ever

Fastest internet connection around the globe, reaching up to 1 Gb/s
Best lasers in the world.

38Hong Kong
Look at all the skyscrapers. Hong Kong is a major communication tech hub.

Nepal is highly developing country in terms of highway construction.
The world's most beautiful country is Nepal. Just take a look at lumbini, the birthplace of lord Buddha. Home to Mt. Everest. We welcome tourist to visit a place called Mustang in Nepal. You will be amazed to see it. Nepal is surrounded by the himalayas and green hills. And, one of the rapidly developing countries.

Am a Kenyan by birth and I truly do love ma country so much. I think we should be ahead other country by far. we improving. the problem that we do have is politics. they tend to politicize everything but I think we are moving to the wright direction
Economic powerhouse of east and central africa and projected to grow even faster. A giant of technology in africa
Very true...its the next place to watch

How is Indonesia below
North Korea... And Somalia, for the love of God!

Indonesia might not be in the lead of any field of science but it sure has put some research in most, such as agriculture.

We lead in international physic Olympics. We have a line of nerds that hacks and cracks internet websites. We have Affandi, a notable painter. We have a multitude of traditions.

We have everything to be the best, too bad we never get the right leaders. But still, I believe we're more advanced than Somalia for Pete's sake.
The huge market for tech industries.
Indonesia had a lot of people who made new technology inside, and the people life full with piecefull there.

Astana has a lot of monuments what uses technology but the whole country is not really technologically advanced.
From borat adds major points
Kazakhstan is the best!

43New Zealand
For such a small population, kiwis are tech savy particuarly in comparison to their bigger brother Australia. The telecommunications industry has taken off, the brand new fibre optic has been rolled out, whilst Australia have barely begun. New Zealand are also world reknown for producing CGI for movies such as the Lord of the Rings series, King Kong and Avatar. The famous Weta workshop won 4 oscars for their amazing digital effects in the 2009 blockbuster Avatar. James Cameron (director of Terminator, Aliens and Titanic) has now resided in New Zealand where he intends on making Avatar sequels.
Making the best environment to' develop tech
Hi tech farmers mate.
Can do attitude

-Egypt has the highest cotton quality.
-it has many natural places to calm your self like :Aswan, Luxer
It has the best geographic place because it has 2 sea, Suis channel and Nile river
Egypt has highest cotton quality.
Egypt has the biggest temples, and it's the oldest country.

What? Iran is below Greece and maylaysia? This list is wrong

I think spain must be in a higher rank because I have lived there for 12 years and I have experienced lots of better technology than today in the usa

It is one of the best country of technology
Look at the towers in it

It is really improving..
Its also trying to advance in technonology due to its good governace and the hard working people of Tanzania.

It's Thailand Because it has the most modern technology in the world you can see it in Public Areas. and In Thai home, you only think their temples are ancient low tech but you are wrong it has many trapping device and hidden camera everywhere in Bangkok metropolitan that's why they catch criminals too fast!
#1 in sexiest Prostitutes in the world =)
Thailand BECAUSE

-Bangkok City is the world most visited City.
-Bangkok skyline rank 5 in the world.
-Awarded as the 2013 most best shopping country in the world
-1000+ Malls in Bangkok City.
-Brightest country at Southeast Asia at night.
-Only Asean Country that never been ruled by a western power.
-Cleanest road in Asia.
-Most Hightech School in SEA.
-They have Floating Cinema in Phuket.
-Phuket world most richest beach.
-Bangkok Only Asian Country that has 2 International Airport in capital city.

Small but very advanced technology focused country with no critical legacy systems. Has the biggest potential to become the next Japan. Very strong and secure IT infrastructure. 4G coverage all over the country, even in swamps the internet speed is faster then some countries average WiFi. You wont see it coming, but this country will be leading the technology development of the world in a decade.
Estonia is very advanced, especially for being such a young country.
I am from Estonia and I'm proud of the country the skype was invented in Estonia and look it's world wide everybody knows it we are high tech goundry I love you Estonia

51Saudi Arabia
Cause Saudi Arabia is one of the least countries

Its no secret that Nigeria is becoming the giant of Africa also in technology boasting of A list scientist including the developer of the fastest computer in the world, secret weaponry, new model cars, high tech road construction (mostly in Abuja)... there is nothing that cannot be produced in Alaba International market, just bring a sample...
Giant of Africa, The Igbo ethnic tribe in Nigeria are second to none in technological advancement. Without western education, automobile was manufactured.


Why is Portugal so behind? It is frustrating since I have family there.

55Bosnia and Herzegovina
Definitely one of the most high tech in southern europe.

Al lot of high teck is there is are country look your self
High tecnology in different industries

I think my mom made me this once, was a pretty good dish. ^^
Because it has the end of the world. Jajajaja





One of the peaceful country in Africa working hard to advance in technology through mining and agriculture production

63Vatican City
And an awesome hat that defies gravity ^^

Venezuela is one of the countries that has the biggest oil reserves, the most beautiful women in the world and they are an excellent human capital

65Sri Lanka

Great, I'm Vietnamese and my country is low on tech!, I'm hugely disappointed.
Long ago, Vietnam dosen't have any technology, but now they do.

67Dominican Republic
Number 1 on radio station per capita in the world. Best beaches and tourist destination. Great communication technologies. The first country discovered by christopher colombus and also the first university of the American continent. (universidad autonoma de santo domingo. ) last but not least we also have the first church of the American continent.

It's simply my country
A great talent development. The people learn by themselves and since the King helped with lot of infrastructre, the knowledge and the sense for tehnology has grown very fast.

Everything depends on your choice

70El Salvador
Because we are the smallest country in latinoamerica

71South Sudan
Gifted with natural resources

72Ivory Coast

73Czech Republic
A very technological European country which is much more advanced than many of the countries above it. The Czech Republic should be in the top 30 and I'm not even from the Czech Republic, I live in America.

China town... Joina city... Eastgate... Victoria falls world best tourism destination 2014... World best bball court... DANIEL CHINGOMA FLIES A HELICOPTER WITH A TRACTOR ENGINE... Highest rate of inflation... World best baobabs..

We once had tanks and guns during the French occupation...


First country to use 4G network in Africa



We have crude oil and the world second largest rubber plantation

Samolia's adverage life span for people is 43. Ours is like, 78 or something. Looks like they have a lot of tech. (Sarcastic)

Pakistan is full of natural resources and it has key location so it can achieve milestones in success in very less time.
In 2030, Pakistan would be the 5th superpower and economy.
Pakistan is the best country. I hope we work hardly and become superpower in the world

Ukraine is not that bad

84North Korea

Are you serious now?
How is Somalia even here on this list?
Somalia is the highest export country in the world they export human people.
[Newest]Somalia is the best white sand and blue oceans

Intelligent people with kind manners
But lack of good governance.
One of the oldest countries in the world
With huge raw materials

This could be the best country if they didn't have war!
Afghanistan is the most technologically advanced country in the entire solar system. Scientists are born in this country but are stolen by others.
Afghanistan is the best...

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