Top Ten Hottest Male Kapuso Stars

I love the male kapuso stars...

I will list all of my top ten hottest male kapuso stars...

The Top TenXW

1Arkin Del Rosario Jr.

Maybe arkin del rosario's fans doesn't no yet that there is a poll or voting here. I'm sure Arkin will rank at least in Top 2 here. He is the most promising among all the members of XLR8. Just my opinion He has a lot of fans here in Canada as well as jake vargas. Go Arkin and Jake's fans! Vote them they have what It takes to be on Top. Vancouver, Canada supports you all the way! - grace ann lauchengco

Arkin is also a member of XLR8. He can sing and dance too.

Arkin is very talented, the cutest and he is a nice person.

ARKIN for the win!

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2Melmar Magno

He had the look, the voice, the body, and he's very gentleman. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

Your so cut and your my number 1 in male

He so nice person in all fans :D

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3Aljur Abrenica

I think Aljur is the next Dingdong in Kapuso station. She is very romantic, handsome and a very good actor. - lalainesandoval

I love Aljur Abrenica so much..

I'm always watching his teleseryes in GMA..
Especially MACHETE.

He has the very handsome looks that could make every woman attracted to him.

4Aki Torio

Aki torio is also a member of XLR8... He is a japinoy..

5Meljohn Magno

Meljohn is also a member of XLR8... Like his twin brother melmar. They are identical.. Meljohn has also the looks and talents that melmar has. But meljohn is known for being a songwriter.

He's very handsome and talented too :)

The best and Boss ko!

He's an ideal man for every girl out there :D

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6Kiko Ramos

Kiko is a very talented young man. He knows what he is doing and he strives more in order to improve his talents and skills. He is nice to his fans. Go kiko!

KiKO ramos is also a member of XLR8. He's friends call him pute because of the color of his skin. He ban sing and dance too.

He is a nice person. He is sweet and loving person. Fun to be with and makulit. Handsome, maputi, cute, mabait,. He is a good role model to every one. I love him so much.

7Rocco Nacino

Good luck to you!

8Caleb Santos

Caleb have the looks, the voice, the heart and most specially he has a GOD :) I think if given a chance he will make it big... GO CALEB!

CALEB have the looks and the talent :D most especially, he have GOD in his heart :D he really loves what he do :D GO CALEB!

Caleb is also a member of XLR8. He can sing and dance too.

He is god fearing! And humble..

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9Jake Vargas

O my gosh jake vargas is so cute and adorable specially in his shows with bea binene they look so good together wo go jake

Jake is a tween star. He is also known as a singer and actor.

10Aj Muhlach

He's so talented..
it runs from his Blood..

Aj is also a member of XLR8. He is the half brother of aga

The Contenders

11Alden Richards

He is a singer and actor in kapuso network

12Christian Bautista

I like Christian bautista because he perform will in singing

13Joshua Dionisio
14Carlo Lazerna
15Shane Filan

He's made the world powerful!

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