Best Top Lane Champions In League of Legends

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1 Riven

Very Strong char who can play offense, defense, and jungler easily

Well, you see, after using this champ I really enjoyed playing the league despite of our toxic community here in ph

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2 Darius

His passive and R are BEST COMBO on top

I like him he get a big muscle lol

Easy to play and dominate, but if your enemies are remotely decent they will kite you hard and wait till lategame to outscale you.

Awesome and fun can solo garen pretty easy when even but if garens fed there's a challange

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3 Aatrox

The most amazing champ ever, has an escape and could easily 1v1 riven.

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4 Garen

Most likely you will always see fed Garen. I wonder why?

He can silence his enemy and silence again with the judgement and DEMACIA!

Garen is really tanky. not only that but he has a very good silence rate. if you use him I highly recommend maxing out his "E" after you max out "Q" When in a 1v1 combat situation, Engage with Q, then with E, and then with W, and if you have your use with it "R". When the combo sequence is complete they have attacked you half of the time you have attacked them, but not only that you should have gotten their health down approximately 73% (if build correctly) and or they should have tried to run away from you.

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5 Pantheon

He should be the best top lane I rule with him but his ult is not that strong and takes time if you use him you should max out the q

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6 Fiora

Once this champion us ahead of the other top laners then it going to be gg once she gets ahead of you.There is no way you have a chance to win your lane

When she's level 6 she can go for 2 opponents at once.
Use Q then E then W... Wait for your health to become lower at the same time attack them then R! Watch them die!

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7 Jax

The League had to put restrictions on how he fought because he was so good. I mean come on. The guy fights with a lamp post.

Strong all phases of the game, and is a ticking time bomb. Don't let him get to late game, this guy will surely screw you over.

A score of oddly shaped bruises began to plague the League.

Jax is over powered, enough said.

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8 Renekton

King of top lane. Extremely easy to pick up.

So far one of my favorites to get introduced to the world of top laning. He can get you an easy S ranking, lower elos of course. The first time I picked him up and played him based on a guide at moba fire, I got an S (maybe it was everyone being afraid of an alligator in swimsuit).

9 Shyvana

Hybrid Shyvanna is awesome. specially for top and ganking later in the game.

10 Gangplank

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11 Nasus

Once u play Farmville for 20min early game, u can start farming champions

Nasus becomes unstoppable in the late game

He's pretty easy to farm up early, then you decimate the enemy.

His early game isn't that bad, I even beat a Darius out of lane once. Mute your team and farm up, then kill everyone while stacking tons of resist and hp, no offensive items at all.

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12 Xin Zhao

Easy champion to master once you learn how to use

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13 Rengar

Rengar can definitely counter everyone with his builds because they are adjustable, you can take armor penetration for tanks, 1 vs 1 he is op, in group fights he can also make a good mess... So, I think He is in top 3 with Darius and Kata

He can good jungle and he op at top because passive and ferocity

The most op player I have ever seen. His passive is fantastic and his combo is leading to take the kill. OPPP

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14 Irelia

She got nerfed so hard and is still unkillable after trinity force

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15 Teemo V 2 Comments
16 Illaoi

Strong lane presence, fast wave clear, and strong duelist

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17 Kha'zix

His difficulty is up but for me he's so easy playing champ. In first check I knew that this champ was for me!

18 Shen

His taunt make it easier to help your jungler to gank, after his sunfirecape he can farm verywell undertower, his ult is very usefull when there is a teamfight and his passive is so OP! I also like him for his hardcore splitpushing

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20 Dr. Mundo

Overpowered in the current meta

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