Top 10 Best Things About Left 4 Dead 2


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1Melee Weapons

definitely. who doesn't love bloodshed? and this just makes other games look stupid
- dissthisnoob

They're so much better than in the first. Probably the best melee weapons in any game, ever.

I love melee weapons because I like guitar, katana, chainsaw. Because there will be blood Shredd in the Screen and it makes the weapons cooler. Two Thumbs up for Left 4 Dead 2 and Melee Weapon

Greatest thing of all zombie games.

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2Charger, Jockey And Splitter

Versus in the original lacked variety: the new special infected add another element to the game.

Just how you can jump on someones head. WOAH, awesome.

I love versus now because of the new special infected - mikeyeggo

I VOTE FOR Charger, Jockey And Splitter. ilike it - Bukson

3Going Against 200 Zombies To Grab A Coke

Completely Epic. I was pissed that the guy would risk my life for cola the first time.

Always thought this part was pretty ridiculous. I think I'll play the game now!

WHAT? Oh, now I am going to GameStop and definitely getting this game! That's insane!

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4Ellis Stories About His Friend

I usually feel nothing for Valves characters, but for some reason, Ellis just got to me. I like his crazy awesome behavior and I like his stories that never get finished. He's insane, I like that. I like that a lot.

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5Coach, Ellis, Nick And Rochelle
6New Campains

I think that No Mercy from the Sacrifice DLC is my favorite l4d2 campaign. I also like Dark Carnival. My least favorite is Swamp Fever, but its still pretty good. - Badwolf

7Laser Sight
8Scavenge Game
9When Ellis Meet Zoey and He Was In Love at First Sight

Better love story than twilight!

The story of ellis to fall in love with zoey

10Portal Easter Egg In The Jukebox

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11Realism Mode
12Jockey Face
14Witches from Hard Rain

There are at least 9 of them throughout the campaign.

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