Best Male Singers

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Michael Jackson
A man, a legend, an icon. He could sing 4 octaves when the average singer sing 2 to 2 and a half octaves. By far the best voice ever, by far being able to very low to very high. RIP a Legend
He is the King of Pop! He is the Biggest Pop Star of All Time! He has the most selling album of all time! God Bless You Michael!
Best singer! One of the best singer till now. Why I don't know people say any thing of him? Rip mj. Some people still enjoy songs by you
[Newest]Come on. Amazingly talented definitely. But he's not the best singer. He doesn't even make the top ten. Great dancer, writer and performer yes, but his voice wasn't that great.
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2Freddie Mercury
His style can't be even competed today
The only person who understands the true value of voice and hands is called freddie mercury
The only reason MJ is on top is because he received stacks of sympathy votes. Freddie has got the best voice I've ever heard. Sure MJ is a good dancer, but his voice compared to Freddie's; there's no comparison
Most amazing voice of all time. Freddie Mercury sang great rock ballads, amazing rock anthems, and wonderful operatic rock. Also, perhaps some of the most widely known music of all time (such as We Will Rock You) along with some less known gems (such as Show Must Go On). Wonderful range, sound, and spirit.
[Newest]Go Freddie you the number one best singer in the world
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3Kim Jaejoong
Kim Jaejoong is a great singer, his singing is probably not the best but he must be the most effort, he dance may not be the best but he is certainly the most desperately. Debut for so many years, he was very humble, he is the best in my heart
Jaejoong is a great singer and composer. He has very beautiful and healing voice. Jaejoong is a real artist! He is amazing!
Kim Jaejoong is one of the best singer in Asia, his magnetic voice attracts millions girls from all over the world. Besides, he is also the real artist, as he composed many famous songs for his group. In addition, he is also a new star as a actor. Kim Jaejoong is my life!
[Newest]Waiting for your new album. You promised us a jazz song~
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4Adam Lambert
Have almost run out of words to describe Adam Lambert. He is awesome. Having seen him on tour I have to say that you can actually FEEL his voice in your body. His resonance is so strong that it is rather like feeling the drums at a rock concert... It envelopes you.. He is the best and can't wait for his next album out soon.
Adam Lambert is the best, most exciting, and dynamic singer of this generation. His voice has an incredible range and he controls it perfectly. He is simply amazing!
Adam has the best voice on earth, hands down, not even close. This guy can also entertain you, draw you in with his sex appeal, like no other. Adam Lambert is a genius!
[Newest]He is the only male singer in the world that has the vocal range that he has which sounds really pleasing and awesome. He is easily the best singer for me.
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5Elvis Presley
Elvis should be at the top of this list, without a doubt.. Elvis Presley has the most powerful singing voice of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Greatest showmanship, voice, charisma, the whole package. Just listen to his music, it tells the whole story. Elvis still has fans from all over the world that loves him and all his beautiful music he left us. Go to graceland and see his trophy room of Gold and Platinum Gold records and awards and it is without a doubt the greatest and the most beautiful room you could ever imagine and the most remarkable display of accomplishments in the history of music and of entertainment. When I saw the room my heart sunk, 132 gold, 70 platunum, and 33 mulitplatinum certificates etc. It's so amazing what Elvis accomplished in the short time he was with us, he gave so much of himself. The greatest entertainer that has or will ever walk the face of this earth. Thank you Mr. Presley, you're on the top of my list.


Who ever made this list is messed because Elvis should be at the top


He is the best vocal ever, the most powerful and full of soul and feelings. He should be at the first place
[Newest]Elvis a humble man but with a God given talent the KING now & always
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6Bruno Mars
He has the most amazing voice, and is just gorgeous! How is he so low down this list?
DOWN? He is way too high on this list... Where is elton john and lionel richie?
bruno mars voice is awesome, he should be higher in this list, the notes this guy can hit its just crazy =D
Bruno mars is the bomb especially the lazy song, grenade, just the way you are
[Newest]I think he is the best singer, he has taste for his song. You people who don't like him, you have NO KIND FOR HIM!
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7Steve Perry
He's amazing! He can sing the phone book and it would be brilliant! He's the Breathe that gave Journey Life. He is one man, one voice with millions of adoring, faithful fans!
The best voice ever, that's why he's nicknamed " THE VOICE". He's hoping the rumours are true and he's bringing out a new album
Few can sing with the emotion and timbre that he does. His legendary voice has deepened, mellowed, and gotten grittier (in a good way) but still brings a magic and beauty that is untouchable. His songwriting is incredible, I do hope he will treat is to more of his creations. But if not, what a gift to have been able to enjoy the recordings that exist.
[Newest]Just the best! So much emotion and expression!
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8John Lennon
John was not just the most influential person in history but he is without a doubt one of the most sensational singers I have ever heard. Having that avenged sevonfold guy and Chris Brown ahead of him is an absolute outrage.
John Lennon is the best singer I have ever heard, and better yet, the best singer of all time. Better than Elvis, and better than everyone else for the matter. His voice is raw, real, seductive, and perfect for rock n' roll all at the same time. Goes to show just how his voice can sound in many different tones, not a lot of singers can sound like he could.
John Lennon without a doubt deserves to be at least in the top 10. His voice is so beautiful, so melodic and perfect. If you listen to The Beatles' cover of Please Mr. Postman you can see just how rich and vibrant his voice is. It's amazing how he could adapt his voice to the different moods of songs. V
[Newest]His range of genres over time made him a genius.

9Josh Groban
Josh Groban is by far the best male singer out there at the moment, he's not in league with anyone else. His music is genre-less, it can't be easily categorized. He is admired and respected by those in the music industry who have made it to the top - which is where Josh belongs. He'll be around for a long time to come! His voice is both soothing and upbeat to listen to, he sings from the heart and the lyrics of his songs have real meaning and are beautiful to hear. I like the fact that this young man doesn't try to emulate anyone else, he's "Just Josh" who has real talent as well as being a kind and giving person.


Josh Groban is a wonderful singer. I love his music and his voice. I only wish he is a bit more open on other genres. There are times I don't feel motivated finding his music... But still he is one of the best out there. He is also one of the celebrities I really wish to meet and wish that he sings to me personally. Love ya Josh!
What can I say - I just love this man and his voice.


[Newest]Josh Groban stole my heart when I first heard that singing voice of his. It's just so amazing.
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10Paul McCartney
Oh my goodness... how the hell is Macca, the most succesful musician of all time, in 193?! One word can explain it: ludacris.
Another special result of the British Invasion that brought us such tender harmonious melodies. Like his fellows, Paul was a Newcastle bloke who had genius and the perseverance to develop it into beautiful new exciting sounds and perceptive language that puts some of our current output to shame. And best of all Beatles music was, is, not only a superior work of art but it is rousing unencumbered fun. But it took a while. I recall asking the NYC Rainbow Room conductor to play us some Beatles music to dance to. His huffy answer.. We
Don't play THAT here. Can you imagine?
Best songwriter that's ever lived. He should never be on no 86, it's crazy! Even John Lennon should be below him I believe he was by far a superior Beatle!
[Newest]He is part of the beetles the best band in the world he should be at the top. Out of all the beetles Paul McCartney is my favorite.

The Contenders

11David Archuleta
He has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard!
I Heart David!
He's just such a good singer! He should be in the top twenty!
The most talented singer on earth bring him up to the top 10 list! We can do it Arch Angels! Spread the word
He doesn't need auto tune. He doesn't need backup singers, dancers, change of clothing, light effects during his concerts. All he needs to lift everyone off their feet is his voice.

Not to mention his personality, which separates him from other fame obsessed artists. He doesn't try to act cool or try to fit in, his goofy and awkward side is good enough to inspire ALL his fans to contribute to society, to help those in need.

I could write a book about David. What more can be said?
[Newest]He should be known more!
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12Enrique Iglesias
I love his voice
Today he's the best
He is awesomeness personified
I just love him
He should be at least amongst top 10
28th is not the place for him
Love his voice
He just too good
Addicted, ring my bells... Tonight, I like it, taking back my love the list just goes on... Love his all songs
I just love enrique. now he is the greatest singer of the world. he sings from his heart and thats why he lives in peoples heart. his voice, his looks, his style, his soul everything is jut awesome. what is he doing at 28th of the list. he deservs to be on top 10. I just love his why not me. again love you enrique!
No one compares to Enrique miguel Iglesias prysler so get a life guys who didn't vote
[Newest]What a sexy voice he has!
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Usher should be #2 right behind MJ y'all. He sings wonderful, looks amazing, and much more known than most of the people on this list.
Usher should be second he is awesome I have been wanting to sing with him forever usher I love you and plz watch my youtube video little miss usher I will be posting soon! U have absolutely amazing talent you are an amazing dancer and it would be such an honor to be on stage with you again you are AMAZING! and you should at least get second I don't know why your at the bottom cause you have so much talent! I <3 you usher!
Usher have a most sexy voice! His falsetto is all nasally and irritating made me wet anytime!

Usher is one of the best live performers out there, true performers, real singing, real dancing!

With MJ gone RIP. Now Usher is a leader of dance and sing at the same time, but ushers dance moves never disappoints, very smooth!

Justin timberlake is good but he can't dance like usher, his voice and swag carry him through any and every performance.

MJ actually used to lip sync a lot and Justin never danced as much as Usher while dancing. Chris brown good dance but he can't sing like usher.

So Beyonce and Usher are actually the best right now when it comes to live singing and dancing simultaneously.
[Newest]He is an amazing artist. I love him a lot.. His song CLIMAX is my favourite song.

17 is definitely much too far away from top. Menowin is so special and he should be in the Top Three! Current Top Two are fantastic anyway!
When I hear him singing my soul gets peaceful and delight. When I look into his eyes I must take care not to loose myself. And I'm really wondering about what happened to me!
Menowin is the voice, the dancer after Michael Jackson. He had the most beautiful eyes of the world.
[Newest]He's the real number one! Check him out and you'll agree.

15Chester Bennington
No doubt linkin park is so successful now, or else, they could have been the same with mark wakefield, but it is chester who made the show. Chester indeed is the best.
He's amazing. He can sing a variety of music, from Adele to Linkin Park music, and makes Linkin Park one of the best bands out there.
He can scream louder than all of the rock bands combined, after all he is the chester bennington
[Newest]Best of the best!
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16Stevie Wonder
Dude how the hell is stevie wonder in 39th? He should be in the top 10 at least
Stevie Wonder has shown everyone a variety of various songs that he has created. Many include, 'Sir Duke', 'Part Time Lover', 'I Just Called To Say I Love You', 'Isn't She Lovely' and 'Superstition'. Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest male singers of all tome and should definitely be in the Top 5. Along with Stevie Wonder, other recording artists such as Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Gary Puckett and more belong in the Top 20. Many other singers and musicians around the world are amazing and have different voices. Such as the well known Rock bands, Journey, Triumph and Rush. Three excellent bands with three excellent voice ranges. This conludes my opinion.
When I next come back to this website Stevie Wonder and Robert Plant better be in the top ten!
[Newest]Sheer versatility and so distinctive

17Sonu Nigam
The Man is the Universe of Music in himself to form the perfect and best amalgamation to be capable of almost all possible kind of Music in existence...

May it be any Language, Raagas', Pitch, Type of Musical form, type of Voice, etc doesn't restrict or effect his Singing possibilities or capabilities... When it comes to Music SONU NIGAM is "Infinity"

For me He is the 'God of Music' with all due respect... From Rahul Pandey
Evergreen voice, mind goes to heaven as I listen, love you sonu ji. Salute!
A man who build singing World
[Newest]He is the one who has command on Indian classical and western classical and he has sung in almost all genres. He is melodious voice with the wide range on high and low pitch. Definitely, one of the best in the world.

Usher and Justin Bieber better than Eminem?
When Justin Bieber was 10 years old Eminem was already one of the best rappers.
I really like rap and Eminem is my favourite rapper. His lyrics are great.
Marshall Mathers or EMINEM or Slim Shady yo man he shall be the greatest rapper in history of the world! Thumbs up if you're his fan!
He's really good live and he's the forever BEST RAPPER! EMINEM FOREVER AND EVER!
[Newest]Usher and Bruno Mars better than Eminem? When Bruno Mars was in his late teens, Eminem was already one of the best rappers.

19Robert Plant
Sorry, but I really can't take that Robert Plant isn't in the top ten...
Most of the guys in the Top Ten don't deserve the honor of it. Robert Plant is one of the most respected singers of all time and have influenced countless other artists. 'enough said.
BEST BAND EVER! I mean its amazing and one of a kind voice which makes Robert stand out from all of the others. Truly Inspirational Talent.
[Newest]Best of all time

20Justin Timberlake
There isn't a single song of justin timberlake! All his songs are with awesome beats and awesome lyrics! I was shocked to see his name at the 56th rank! He surely should be in top 20 or somewhere! He deserves it!
Justin is the best! I love him with Britney and Christina.
Anyway, who is voting for justin bieber or Usher because there completely crap!

I'm surprised elvis, elton john and ozzy ozborune and not near the top!
But, Justin is still the best!
Prince of Pop - The embodiment of Blue-eyed Soul - Total class act - having created his own sound and style, with an unrivaled falsetto and incomparable innovation, not to mention all of that charm and charisma, he is the perfect example of the all-around musician, artist and entertainer.
[Newest]I love Justin Timberlake 💋

21Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is the worst singer to come out of our former colonies. He's so childish, rude, racist and disrespectful. He spat on his fans from a balcony. He peed in a mop bucket. He appeared late to his concerts. He spat on his neighbours and threatened to kill him. He smoked weed on a plane. He egged his neighbour's house. He groped an underage fan's breast during a meet-and-greet. He defaced public property in an attempt to support Chris Brown. He punched a kid. He flipped out at a London photographer. He yells at him and even attempts to take swings before being shoved into a vehicle by his bodyguards. He dissed Anime fans, Asians, Kurt Cobain, Linkin Park, The Beatles and Bill Clinton. He's friends with Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Drake. He whinged about not winning a grammy. He swore at a policeman. He disobeyed his mum by going out when he just lost his phone privileges. He made a racist joke involving the N word. He disrespected Argentina and their flag. He called one of his fans a "Beached Whale".
He is amazing you might not like him but once you get to know his story you will really really really really like him trust me. He is a great person to look up to. Just because you hear other people say he is bad it doesn't mean they are right. Judge him according to what your heart says not by what other people say. Its like judging a book by its cover. Trust me he is a great guy and his music is AMAZING. He does not deserve all this hate by you people, he has been through so much and that's what makes him a great person that we can all look up to.
He is amazing I honestly do not understand y on earth people hate on him he taught me to believe in my dream. He is just an amazing person trust me just give him a chance. Yeah he mest up a few times but he is human we r all humans and humans make mistakes and before you people start judging him y don't you see his story and put yourself in his shoes and walk the life he lived and if you get as far as he did just maybe you will see how strong of a person he really is. And also you making fun of him really hurts the people who really like him how would you feel if you had your own favourite celebrity that you adored and people made fun of him in front of you I think you wouldn't like that well guess what that same feeling that you will v is the same feeling his beliebers would feel as well. Just please guys give him a chance before you start judging him no one is perfect and nobody deserves to be perfect, nobody has it easy everyone has issue. you never know what people r going through so pause before you start judging criticizing or mocking othes. Everyone is fighting their own unique war. THANK you
[Newest]What the heck is Justin Bieber doing here? He sucks so much.
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We must never forget the superb singers that are already stars, but when a new one rises it is always a wonderful feeling - and Rhydian is one such new star that will be at the top and beyond for ever.


Amazing classically trained young singer from UK with the most beautiful, outstanding and powerful vocals I've ever heard!
I have fallen in love with him through YT!
Amazing, world class singer, the world is a better place because of him!


Simon Cowell calls him "world class" and he is right. Classically trained, with a magnificent voice and incredible charisma. One of the best voices of his generation.


[Newest]Not just an unearthly singer but a top class performer, Rhydian is just phenomenal -- His albums are so unbelievably under-rated : he needs the radioplay he deserves!

23Jon Bon Jovi
My gosh!?.. What happened to you people?.. Jon Bon Jovi should at a place higher than this!.. He should be among the top ten!.. His staying power in the music industry was proof enough to consider that he's one of the best!

Great singer, he should be in the top 10, his far better than any ROCK singers out their except, freddie mercury.. Jon Bon Jovi is the PRINCE OF ROCK. So amazing.
How could jon not be in the top ten

He has one of the greatest rock voices


[Newest]Wanted dead or alive? Living on a prayer?

24Frank Sinatra
Francis Albert Sinatra is the obvious choice and is the right choice. Not only because of his seminal influence (longitudinal) in shaping modern interpretive singing, and not only because he was widely regarded by his peer musicians as the best of the best (within genre but also contemporary classical and jazz musicians, but also because his influence was and is pervasive throughout our culture; in other words, his musical idiom (e.G. , his 'devil may care' approach to swing) profoundly influenced other art forms as well as mainstream behavioral norms.
Sinatra should be #1
When it comes to male vocalist all roads lead to sinatra!
How is Frank Sinatra number 54? He had a much better voice than Justin Bieber and Chris Brown combined. In fact he inspired both of them and many more artists. He has a unique voice and very subtle and nice. Sinatra should be in the top 10 for sure!
[Newest]His peers and even singers that came later know this man could carry a tune un-like anyone else in the business. Sinatra in my humble opinion is in the top five of singers the world has ever none.

25Tamer Hosny
Tamer is the best singer alive today, trust me, he is! he rocks!! the KING of generation!

listen to one of his songs and you will love it!!


TAMER HOSNY! If I had to express how much I think he deserves number one, I wouldn't finish, the best personality, voice, emotions, lyrics! Humble, smart, genius, one of a kind!
Tamer Hosny is the king of the generation and all the generations. I Will love tamer hosny all my life, even death, my opinion that tamer hosny is the best singer in the world and Amr diab is nothing because the voice of tamer is more beautiful And more sensation. please be with tamer not against him.
[Newest]Tamer Hosny is the king of generation and the legend of the century as the big apple music award gives him this award and his voice is full of romance and and he is a very nice person on the real life

26K. J. Yesudas
Best Male voice. Outstanding in treble and bass. He can sing at higher octave in sync with violin and move down to one of the deepest bass voices in a single flow. The mood he creates, especially in devotional songs and sad songs is incomparable. A person born to sing and who has dedicated his life to sing.
Best Singer In India With 7 National Awards For Singing. Ghana Ghandarvan K. J Yesudas
Great voice, smooth yet strong. He can reach to the very low pitch and has immense bass and power in the voice.
[Newest]Best singer in India
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27Matt Bellamy
Have you heard this guy sing? He is absolutely fabulous. He can sing extraordinaily low and then piercingly high within a heartbeat. I have never heard a voice so pure and fantastic. And he doesn't autotune ever. You can even hear the heavy breathing in the recorded tracks. Somehow his glorious voice is just as perfect when singing live, and it's so powerful. Take a listen to Spiral Static, Micro Cuts and Undisclosed Desires just for a glimpse at how wonderful he is. AND he plays guitar whilst singing. AND piano.
His voice haunts my dreams... oh don't get me wrong, I love every minute of it. But as a musician that prides himself on being able to do anything any other singer can... there are two I can't touch. Freddie Mercury... and Matt Bellamy.
What has happened to all the people? COMPARE MICHAEL JACKSON AND BELLAMY! Matt must be the first, not the 25.
[Newest]Seriously who needs for likes of Justin Bieber and Eminem when you can just have Muse?
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28Park Yoochun
Park Yoochun is the best singer and he can dance very well His English
songs sound good!
Park Yoochun is a well rounded artist. He is a good singer, dancer, and composer. He can play the piano as well. As of his acting skills... He is very well known for his charming personality!
He has such a deep and soft voice, which I love more than anybody else's. He is a talented artist and people all over the world respect and admire him. He's my number one
[Newest]Yoochun, fighting! You are the best singers. We will support you forever.

29Chris Brown
Vote for him! Vote! Vote! NOW! He is the best singer ever! I really LOVE him So Much! All his songs are in my mind! and I sing it everyday specially "with you" that is a romantic song! so what are you waiting! VOTE!
I am 60 yrs old ^^I love Chris Brown. I think he is so talented ^^ so sexy! I just hope he can learn to control his temper! It would be a shame to see his career suffer! I can watch ^^ listen to him ^^ Michael Jackson all day! ! Please don't let me or YOURSELF down Chris! !
He should at least be #10. He is awesome and he is sexy. Every time he preform I want him to take that shirt off. But that year when MJ died Chris was crying he was still sext
[Newest]Why is he not in the top 5 of all time what

30Andrea Bocelli
Something about his voice, its hard to describe, sends you to a wonderful place and touches your soul. Love Luciano too, and he has more power but Andrea is more versatile as far as singing in different genres (and excelling). They would be my top 2
The angelic quality of this man's voice is unmatched! If this is to be about music and voice, then he should without a doubt be in the top 10 if not indeed #1.. Of course if it's about how he wiggles about on the stage, well that's an entirely different story! ;)
It's hard to understand how this man is not at the top of the list... Comparing him to some of the others here is a bit absurd. I mean, who's better, Bocelli or Beiber... Seriously
[Newest]One friend, very highly professionally trained, about sixty years of age, says Bocelli is easily among his personal top ten, and probably number one.

31Steve Tyler
He is the most unique singer I have ever seen, his voice sounds better than Michael Jackson, I don't know much about the technical octaves and stuff
steve's the demon of screamin how is he not in the top ten


Come on people! Steven's voice is so ' awesome. There is only one better then Mr. Tyler and that's Freddie Mercury from QUEEN.
[Newest]BEST. SINGER. EVER... By the way, you spelt his name wrong, it's Steven, NOT Steve!

32Shane Filan
The lead singer of the best boyband of the last decade and no one can beat him at singing love song's
He deserves to be the best male singer in history.. You have such powerful voice
He is the best singer go on shane go on westlife
, he has the quality to be the best singer in the world, so all I wanted to say is shane and westlife rocks
[Newest]His voice is the best of the best!
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33Jimmy Barnes
I'd place Freddie Mercury in first place and Jimmy Barnes in his prime, around 1984, in 2nd place. Listen to When The War Is Over by Cold Chisel (Jimmys old band). Grundy rock into extremely high notes in Full head voice.
Jimmy would perform better live than in the studio. Never let the crowd down. Strongest most powerful voice in history. Just bloody awesome!

34Tom Chaplin
Truly an amazing & gifted singer. He is fabulous on recordings, but to experience his vocals live is a definite must! I was completely blown away from the first Keane gig I attended & I think his voice just gets better & stronger each time. He has such power & high range which in my humble opinion is unbeatable. He has the ability to carry those soaring choruses & yet convey such heart-wrenching emotion that makes my spine tingle like no-one else I ever heard. Tom Chaplin definitely gets my vote every time & twice on Sundays!
He has an extraordinary voice that reaches peaks of rare power. Live is amazing and has a charisma unmatched. One can not help getting caught by his performance.
When I close my eyes and listen to the stripped down voice/piano songs, it's like floating in warm, silky, melted chocolate. Sends shivers down my spine. That's not all though, that boy can BELT out a tune. I've seen Keane live quite a few times, and he can hit those notes - no need for backing, for autotune, for distractions. What you hear on record, he can do live - every time.
[Newest]Tom deserves to be at the top of this list! He has the most amazing voice! He can reach heights with his chest voice with ease that other singers can only dream of in falsetto. Hearing him live is the most incredible experience! His voice is so powerful yet hauntingly beautiful... He takes you on an emotional journey like no other singer I've ever heard. He is an angel here on earth.
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You're Joking right this man has an amazing voice and yet he's not even in the top 100 does anyone here remember Let's go crazy, Purple Rain, la la la means I love you, I wanna be your lover? Prince could sing at Michael Jackson's level in a split second.

This man had and still does today, incredible vocal range that can hit high pitch to low pitch without even the slightest bit error well maintaining a level of lust, soul and Rb with some rich and fulfilling pop music which you simply can't get today.

Prince was a legend and still is along with many more talented singers from the past who aren't receiving the credit they deserve and it's disgusting on how the new generation thinks what they got is real music.

Here's a little question you can ask yourself. who do you think influenced today's singers?
Prince can sing 4 octaves. His song "The most beautiful girl in the world" really showcases his vocal range to hit both high and low notes.

Plus not only does Prince sing, he writes, produces, and plays most the instruments on his own recordings. So much talent.
Is this a joke? Eminem is above him, and Eminem is not even a singer, he is a rapper! Prince still has a great voice to this day, he is easily one of Michael Jackson's rival on terms of singing.
[Newest]Only Axl Rose has a wider vocal range than Prince, so why isn't Prince in top 5? Or Axl Rose for that matter? If you say otherwise, you never even listened to Prince's music. Best singer ever in my opinion

36Ray Charles
A beautiful American, great guy and a very special singer. Another example of someone who couldn't see the world around him but was not blind to his love for music and his need to share his talents and his inner sight with us all. When I hear his deeply soulful voice begin "Oh beautiful for spacious skies. for amber waves of grain" I'm so grateful and proud that Ray Charles and I both share that same country.
Black, Blind, you can't go wong. His part in "We are the World" is amazing.
Awesome voice quality and awesome music creation for all.

akon has a great voice and very good lyrics for me he�'s number one for now and I hope he keeps his career like that just doing the best.
i like most of his songsand I wainting for the next album and my best ones are clap again
and lonely once in a while etc.
Akon is my favorite you guys are in 1990's come to 2011 thumbs up in 2050 to hear the song against the grain... ;)
[Newest]He is absolutely amazing

38Billy Joel
NUMBER 59!? This guy is a superb pianist and a songwriter, his showmanship shows no bounds, and his voice. It supports EVERYTHING I just said.
Vocal control and versatility he is one of the best. huge vocal range too
I love his voice and the songs he sings

39Shim Changmin
A singer who can pull every style, any genre
He can sing a jrock song and do it awesome
He can sing a christian song and he do it awesome
He can sing a jazz song and do it awesome
He can sing a r&b, pop, ballads anything and he can do it awesome.

He is amazing! He can make the better high note in this world! He can sing everything, ballad, rock, pop. Everything and with his special style!
Anyone who's heard the notes he can hit, will know just how good of a singer he is. Just listen and you'll see.
[Newest]His voice is awesome! Just love him! ^_^
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40R. Kelly
Truly at least he is open with liking young girl there are lot you men out there that are more scrum bags than R. Kelly who are molesting their own blood behind closed door. I do not condone R. Kelly behavior but if these girl were example they would not have allowed him to be intimate with them in the first place. However I believe R. Kelly should have ranked higher as he one of the best R&B Singer, He is talented, gifted and blessed and has always produce #1 singles. It not be recently. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it!
It seems the mainstream will never recognize his true potential if he keeps doing hip hop, but his balladry is untouchable. A phenomenal range, can do every technique in singing... Easily the best male R&B singer of our generation
Great voice should be in top10.

41Kurt Cobain
One of the best singers out there! Why is he at #55? My music teacher was the one who influenced me to listen to Nirvana and I'm thankful for that. I'm 14 and even I appreciate a great voice. Most of the singers on this list are whiny and they put no emotion and meaning behind their voice, unlike Kurt. I love Smells like a teen spirit, lithium and in bloom. THEY ARE THE KINGS AND GODS OF GRUNGE!


While Kurt, iconic frontman of nirvana, may not possess the control and range of some other singers, he poured his heart inton his words like no other. He was also a real singer and artist, unlike about 95 percent of the singers ranked higher than. Some of my favorite songs which exhibit his voice, School, Lounge Act, Big Long Now, Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle, Heart-Shaped Box, All Apologies, Where did you sleep last night?...
Kurt Cobain's voice is beautiful and I'm surprised he's not up farther. His voice is so incredibly unique. I love the raspy sound to it. Kurt Cobain deserves to be way farther up this list (or at least passed Justin Bieber). Nirvana forever. RIP Kurt Cobain - my inspiration and role model. A true legend.
[Newest]His voice was super unique unlike now, how everyone sounds the same.

42Billie Joe Armstrong
WTF why billie is not in the top 10! hi voice is beathtaking! the ones that made this list should listen to "good riddance"! greenday and billie joe are great and even more! love them!
Ok so Billie Joe is like the best singer ever! The person who made this list apparently doesn't know what good music is. I'm in love with Green Day, old or new. BJA-TC-MD forever!
I absolutely love Green Day as a fan. I've been a fan since I was like three. I love how each of their songs have a message about important things that we should be paying attention to. For those of you who hate Green Day or have no clue what the hell they are, listen to one song that wasn't on the radio and you'll instantly be a fan. :))
[Newest]He can also sing death metal. listen to 'take back' by Green Day

43Bing Crosby
He was an icon of movies and music. In 50 years so many of these other up-starts will be gone from this list.
Here's my reason: He was better than all the others.
As much as I hate to say this but Bing Crosby had a great voice!

44George Michael
the best male vocal from the last 25 years.
the best song writer ever
the best composer
the singer ever
the best live performer I've seen live,
songs like carless whisper, a differente corner, Jesus 2 a child, fast love, older, a moment with u, Amazing & a couple off covers & duets
He is THE artist. Some can sing, some can write, some can dance, some can produce, but only HE can cover the whole spectrum! His songs just brilliantly flow with is soul-jazz-esq voice. Certainly the best I've ever heard. He should be up on the top with Freddie Mercury, period.
Unbelievable... What is this site judged by?
GM should EASILY be in top ten, just because America doesn't pay attention. He's had sold out concerts across all Europe past 4 years.

A voice like no other. Most songs written, arranged and produced by the man. Not to mention he wrote Careless Whisper around age 17 with that Saxaphone note line known to anyone's ears. One of the few artists on earth that can do a cover and 9 out of 10 times his is arguably better. He was first white artist to win for Best Soul R&B. He filled in for Freddie Mercury Benefit after his death and filled Wembley Stadium, Even the band was amazed what he could do!...
[Newest]He is right at the top! Tremendous singer and performer!

45Richie Sambora
the guitarist of bon jovi!

listen to his solo stuff and you will know that he's great


Love Richie's voice. He has that deep voice that is amazing when he really lets it out.


The lead guitarist of Bon Jovi. Listen to his solo 'fathertime', and realize what the word 'power' means. disregarding his title 'king of swing' and dubbed as one of the 'guitar gods' in rock history.
[Newest]I never knew he sang

46Matt Shadows
He's the best singer ever his voice makes me lose my mind, it makes me dream of all the great things and it remember me a lot of Jimmy Sullivan
evil laugh in every song avenged sevenfold...


I love a7x and m. shadows is the bestest singer ever.


[Newest]I love his voice and he got an amazing vocal range, but I think the Rev was better

47Bob Marley
Bob Marley is the personification of reggae!
May have been somewhat stylistic, however his singing voice was not impressive. Consider comparing his actual voice to other singers. He doesn't stand well.
Bob marley is a god his music was and still one of the greats of all time how he is not futher up this list is an engima to me
[Newest]R.I. P bob marley you're an awesome reggae singer

48Ville Valo
I really can't understand... why he's NOT 1st... he's one of the BEST singers of ALL time! Thumbs up for HIM!
Hey C'mon!... Ville must be in the 1 for ever!... He's so amazing with his deep and beautiful voice...
He has the most beautiful voice to ever grace a human. Good enough reason?
[Newest]Ville will bring you to your knees with awe. his baritone vocals are brilliant enough to make you wonder if he is in fact human. Beautiful talent!
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49Andy Williams
Andy Williams is the best! Obviously, this list is just a popularity contest because he can sing better than about 95% of the people on this list. Saw him in person several times and never disappointed. He actually sings BETTER live than on recordings... That's because he's truly a talented singer and a terrific person as well, which shines through in his music.
The voice that god did not give to angels he gave to Andy williams: his voice has great range, pitch perfect, superb delivery and immaculate interpretation.
How can you not have the great 1960's and 1970's singer
(who still performs today in Branson) on this list?
Beautiful, warm voice.


[Newest]I guess it depends on how old you are who is going to be on your list. Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and if you want to add some country Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams. But Andy tops my list.

50Axl Rose
This guy is amazing and when he sings sweet child of mine I cannot take my eyes of him. He is a rough gruff kind of guy with an amazing voice and charisma. He totally gets into the song and lyrics. In a world of his own when performing leaving the onlooker totally amazed. In a class of his own.
29? you think linkin park, 30 seconds to mars or green day have a singer who is near to axl rose... he has the most powerful voice with a few heavy metal singers like halford or dickinson... also 30 seconds to mars has a good singer and they are one of the biggest bands in alternative rock... I just wanna have a little respect for legendary singers and bands as big as GN'R and more... I don't wanna have, discussions is just my opinion
How in the holy name of God is a singing phenomenon like AXL Rose behind A little twerp like beiber whose only claim to fame is all the hate against him?
[Newest]Best voice on the face of the Earth. Period.

Bono.. His voice is able to take your heart and kiss him passionately... A long time since I follow him, but I have not had the opportunity to go to a concert... Remains one of my biggest dreams
Bono is an inspiration to sing. The greatest of all time.
A wonderful talent and a generous humanitarian. You'll always see Bono up front lending a hand and inspiring others to pitch in too. That's the essence of cool. And he sings too. That is icing on the cake.
[Newest]I just don't know how the hell he is only 46#!

52Marvin Gaye
Come on, people. This man had what was most important: SOUL. He could make you feel whatever he was feeling just through the passion he put into every word. Justin Bieber? Please. Billy Joe Armstrong? Give me a break. James Hetfield?!?! MARVIN. GAYE. PERIOD.
Where did you get this out of the trash, some these people are not singers.
This guy was a true inspiration. Better than tons of the guys above him.

53Elton John
Listen to his vocal range in the 1970s; it's amazing. Then, there is the variety of music he sang (and still sings). Everything from pop to rock to ballads to country and even soul.
Wow another legend from england. Absolute great singer songwriter and an awesome piano player. Just like cliff he's been honered by the queen for his musical talents. Brilliant.
Do you people even know this guy?!?! He is a legend. As of now, he is the most successful solo male singer alive, behind only Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Madonna when it comes to record sales.

54James Hetfield
Most powerful singer that act lyrics in super high voice for 30 years
In metal, that's amazing! He is the best and his sound make me crazy and emotion! He deserve more and more than it!
He has metal magic in his voice he ing so good without any effects no body match him at least he not deserve here
James sings more than 30 years and he still sounds awesome!
His voice has changed over the years but I think that's good. I think it would be boring to hear always the same voice. He sounds much different on master of puppets than on death magnetic and that is one thing which makes Metallica the best band of all time for me!
I hope he will never stop singing 'cause his voice has something that makes me feeling good.
[Newest]James Hetfield is the best male vocalist ever. An amazing singer, from an amazing band!

55Rob Halford
Unfortunately the majority of individuals voting on this would have not understand who Rob Halford is! Popular Music has nothing on the God's of Rock such as Rob Halford, Don Dokken, Blackie Lawless and not to forget Ronnie James Dio. Having an appreciation and an understanding of all genres of music will only provide one with an insight into what real music is about!
Wow?! Just because a man can dance around he deserves to be in the top 10? People today don't know what real vocals are. If you did Rob would certainly be higher. Greatest Metal singer and Greatest Singer of all time.
Listen to this man at his 70s creative prime, Rob Halford is a master of tone and range. From delicate lows or jazzy crooning to unearthly highs and demonic rasps, this man has it all.
[Newest]Vote for him, now.

56Roy Orbison
I think it was In 1963 Orbison toured with The Beatles before they were well known. Orbison did fourteen encores before The Beatles played. He was better than The Beatles and they knew it. In a way, one could say he helped them to become great. Orbison was over the top to help express certain emotions that we all have, especially grief. "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep."
Roy Orbison was the most naturally gifted male vocalist ever. Maybe other singers have been or are more entertaining but none could produce such perfect notes with so little effort.
When I hear or play Orbison in my apt, I turn volume UP and let myself groove.. And let go. And once I'm in that Orbison mood I need more... Just hanging on til I had my fill.. Til I'm satiated. Its like chocolate or wine or sex. Then I resume my whatever. But don't get that serendipity chance to hear R.O. much any more.. sadly.
[Newest]Ahead of his time

57Adam Levine
I am so sick of people not even recognizing his fantastic voice!
He thrashes the hell out of 90% of the singers on this list, and his range and accuracy astound me every time I listen to songs like Moves Like Jagger, How, and I Can't Lie.
His voice is so soothing and pleasant to listen to, he should be higher up.
What the hell is Adam doing at position 58? He should be way, way up in the top tens! Do you guys even know that his vocal range is way more than almost all of the singers up there?! His accuracy and pitch is so perfect that a mediocre like Justin Bieber can't even sing a note in front of him... For heaven's sake, he has been the coach of one of the most famous reality shows, I.E. The Voice for eight seasons in continuation.. He is an awesome singer... As far as I know, this is not a list saying who is most popular.. This is a list displaying who is good... Merlin's beard, what's happened to this generation?!
One of the best singer ever... Love the song stereo hearts with him in it. Also Maroon 5 is a awesome band, he really need to be higher up.
[Newest]He deserves to be in the top 5, listen to animals, maps, sugar, etc. His voice range is ecstatic.

He is so God
I love you
Please Voted for him
Super Junior
He is so God
I love you
Please Voted for him
Super Junior is the best..
Listen to his voice when he singing then you understand why I chose him.


[Newest]YaY! I scrolled down the list to find him..Because the scope too big so it's okay as well as he's included! Proud of you Yesung..You are the one! Your golden amazing voice and great understanding in songs make you the best among the worldwide..not only in Asia..Let's continue to shine our world with your voice.We will wait for your comeback in 2015!

Gackt's voice is the strongest I've ever heard. He can sound like he is crying when he sings, he can hold a long note and make you breathless, not to mention his songs are epicly enchanting. I always hesitate to listen to his music b/c I can't handle all those emotions he puts into his singing. It touches my soul and I'm overcome with this bewilderment that makes me want to break down, and I'm not even Japanese! That's how amazing of a singer he is! Only his music can move me so much that I am afraid to listen to everyday, or else I'd be smiling/crying like crazy everyday. That's what music is suppose to do, it's suppose to touch your soul. Gackt is the definition of music.
Gackt is TOP forever.
Greatest voice, musician and man.
Just look for his life!


Gackt, definitely! He has his own vocaloid, a character he helped make for the compilation of Final Fantasy VII, and does the voice acting for him in the Japanese version of Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, and even made two songs that were used in Dirge of Cerberus! He has a great voice, and is just better than the other singers!
[Newest]His music is pure inspiration to all of his fans, calls the fans his family and in anything he does he will put his heart, soul and strength into for us as his fans to enjoy and this wonderful work that he has created.

60Robbie Williams
The best live performer of our times. Wonderful voice and wonderful music.
It's a matter of justice! The Angels singer is one of the best that UK has even known and besides being a very good singer, he's also the best entertainer on earth... His awards are countless!
There are no words to describe you. you are the best pop star I have ever seen. daily I spend 5 hours of day listening to your songs!
[Newest]Perfection in every way

61Bryan Adams
There were so many good singers that I wanted to vote for! I kept changing my mind, but when I saw Bryan Adams I decided
I actually found out about him from watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, which is kind of funny haha, but he makes amazing songs with great lyrics. His voice is also amazing.
Bryan Adam rocks! (So does everyone else of this list (except Bieber))
How can he be in the top 20. Man he's such a great singer so good excellent. Man singers like JB are above him. What a bad list.
He definitely is the best.. And his song are and always will be my favourite. This list is seriously insulting this great singer.
[Newest]Great singer big fan

62David Bowie
Why the hell was he not already on this?
The greatest actor, musician and just general person who ever lived. I absolutely adore him and almost everything he does. And considering that I'm not even a teenager I think that more people should listen to him with an open mind and they would undoubtedly like him. He should already be at number 1 along with Noddy Holder, the man with the greatest rock voice I've ever heard.
Some of you are quite crazy. I mean Justin Beiber? Please! Just a boy who looks good to young girls and therefor immediately is dubbed a great singer! He can't sing or write songs. Have any of you HEARD 'Boyfriend'? CRAP!
I believe he's an experted lyricist, with the worlds sexist voice. Every song I've heard by bowie has stunned me. He is also a dynamic actor (and very very attractive). Why can't I find him on the list? He truely deserves to be voted number one. Any one with common since would agree
I'm sorry but why is Justin Bieber, PSY and Robin Thicke in front of Bowie, Bowie is probably the most influential singers of all time, his music clicks with everyone wake up people
[Newest]David Bowie he's my man! I love to listen to him sing!

63Phil Collins
Phil Collins at 62? Today's punks ahead of Collins, Lennon? I have lot of respect for MJ. but Phil excels vocally over him. And he can even drum and sing at the same time? In the air tonight can alone take him to top five. this shows the lameness of this list


Phil collins has amazing songs like "she seems to have an invisible touch" and "tell everybody I'm on my way" he should be in the top 40 at least. He's pretty good.
I listen to metal/punk/hardcore yet I am still a fan of phil collins, he is a great singer and his music is just great summer tracks
[Newest]Collins voice is epic

His range in singing, screeching, and growling blows me away. Then, just as I think that his vocals couldn't get any better, he adds an indescribable amount of emotion; anger, hatred, sorrow, hopelessness, who knows what else. That's what makes him a great vocalist and artist and what makes him one of the best in the world.
WAY more range than Jackson! Don't get me wrong Jackson was a good singer but really!? Number 1? You people need to listen to MORE music like Dir en Grey!


Kyo's vocal range and versatility along with his pure expressive emotion put into his performances makes him without a doubt the best I've heard.

65Luther Vandross
Luther Vandross is the best male singer hands down. His voice is so rich and smooth and has an incredible range. Lowest note A1. How Justin Bieber is above him beats me! Bieber can't even sing. Vote for Vandross!
Wow. What a great vocalist. For his great ballads in the past. Just wonderful to listen to.
[Newest]Luther at 64. Without a doubt he should be #1.

66Jay Sean
He is too good do you remember and where you are his besy song I like veery much
He is the best
I like his I'm all yours, close to you, deep end, down, so high etc
He is my best... Really the song mars hits arecord

Best singer eveR! I LOVE pretty wings and bad habits, He is also very handsome!
Love his voice, style of singing, words to music and his seductiveness.

68Brad Delp
As the liner notes repeatedly said on the Boston debut album, "Listen to the record! ". Apparently no one ranking these singers has done so. Either that, or they somehow can't get past how beautiful the music is for the rock genre. Regardless, Brad Delp (may he rest in peace) was one of the purest, most soulful singers in rock history with a vocal range that is nearly unrivaled.
Honestly, what the hell is up with how underrated Brad Delp is? He never appears high on the "best singers" list, and in my opinion, along with Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, and Matt Bellamy, he's one of the top 4 voices of all time.
Brad is Godly. His voice is full of passion, talent, and power. His lyrics are full of meaning, and the music... OH, THE MUSIC. Boston lives on forever.

69Arnel Pineda
He was found through a Survivor song Search is Over, Neal thought of him as their lead vocals when he cover Journey song Don't Stop Believing, invited in an instant for audition when he perform an awesome rendition again of Journey song Faithfully, finally got a nod for a visa again with a Journey song Wheel in the Sky, Jonathan Cain accepted him because of his heartfelt performance in Open Arms... He is the Journey lead singer.
Arnel can sing all music genres, with a powerful voice that can change like a chameleon. From low to high keys, from slow to fast songs- he can do it without twitching an eye.
[Newest]Arnel is very versatile, but the quality of the tone of his voice is the most beautiful and emotionally appealing voice I've ever heard. His music is inspirational in my life.
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I really don't think that rappers count as singers, I mean most singers have to try to get that perfect pitch. Practice to get that silkiness. All rappers do is say a lot of stuff fast without a tune. Rappers like Eminem who rap with a beat and supernaturally fast deserve a place but I really don't think that there is another decent rapper on the planet... Maybe Snoop dogg or Wiz khalifa, 2chainz but nobody else.
Drake started from the bottom
Should be ranked hire up.

71Bruce Springsteen

72Jesse McCartney
He's hot and best singer I've ever idolized since I was 6 years old his great voice take me everywhere when he sings and his the only great guy who had great voice every time he sing live, adorable cute hottie guy I ever know most and I'm not quitting being his fan forever, jesse mccartney your the great men I've ever known, hope you visit Philippines soon...
I loved jesse mccartney since I was like 6 years old since I watch him on T.V. In my favorite T.V. Show "summerland " since then I became obsessed with jesse mccartney he is so hot but most of all he had the most amazing personality I am his biggest fan ever maybe he's now forgettable people don't talk bout him too much now but I guess he made for this prize he definitely should win the best male artist vote for him vote for jesse mccartney
He has an amazing voice. I bet every girl will be swoon over him if they here his voice. One of the greatest singer I ever known. He's not just a singer but also a great actor, songwriter, and a voice actor. His cute green eyes and killer smile makes me just ahh.. I hope he could have a concert here in the Philippines soon.. Jesse McCartney is one of the best singer I've ever known. Hope to meet him soon.
[Newest]Talent man love him

73Bruce Dickinson
Bruce had the most powerful voice of all time and can definitely be at least in the top 3 with robert plant and bono.
. . . God of all men. . . His Yorkshire voice Kills Bruno mars, Justin beiber and other pop crap rock on if you're reading this Bruce (I doubt it. . ) you ROCK
He's one of the best. This is no place for a singer of he's class. Bruce is already a legend, and Will be until the doom of mankind.
[Newest]Best and most powerful singer ever

74Nat King Cole
Again my father's to blame for bombarding our house with this. But as he says "It's the Velvet Voice of Nat King Cole". Who can argue with that?
Although many young people don't even know who he was Ramblin' Rose and Unforgetable are terrific.

75Michael Bolton
How isn't Michael Bolton near the top of this list, his voice is amazing!
One of the most unique distinctive voices and original style of singing.
Pure tones, note perfect this man can sing anything, that's all he should be judged on.
He is up there with the greats.
Michael Bolton was not very widely known, but if you truly listen to his voice it is a thing of beauty second only to Axl Rose. I look past genre to the actual talent. Bieber, Eminem etc. Don't even belonging on a list of SINGERS. Dancers, poets maybe.. Not singers though.
[Newest]His voice is incredibly powerful, distinctive and soulful! He can reach points of 3 and a half octaves, and he is exactly the same live as he is in the recording studio. To put it simply, his voice is incredibly underrated.

76Sam Cooke
My God is this the worst use of the internet ever! I am stained by even voting, but Sam Cooke had the greatest voice ever to be heard on Earth. Come on people, really?
Sam Cook, #68, you must be kidding me or you never heard his music. That man has the greatest singing voice. I will put him in the top three. His voice are out of this world..
Not to insult anyone, but I don't think many here ever heard or heard of Sam Cooke. Give yourself a treat.

77Hyde (L'arc-en-Ciel)
Hyde has an amazing vocal range... And the quality of his voice is just something that is perfect not only for rock music but also for any genre of music. Listening to him blows me away...
With his amazing near-4-octave range (low E in Evergreen to High-High A in Hitomi no Junin) and rich velvety voice, Hyde ought to have been more widely-appreciated by the rest of the World!
Low and sensual, high notes with a strong vibrato, powerful ballads or fast rock songs and so on. It's all the same, he has the best voice. with a sense of interpretation that can't be better.
[Newest]He has such amazing wide-range long-reach beautiful voice that makes me think that his voice is really a God sent. Lucky me to hear that kind of voice!

78Johnny Cash
How can he be under Justin beiber? The man was a great, he sang spiritual songs, classic country ones and rock 'n' roll at one point! His greatest recordings were live, he didn't mime! He could perform flawlessly without any auto tuners and was a lovely guy!
Jonny Cash just has a voice that makes you want to listen to him. It's a deep bass that shows feeling when he sings. He played guitar well but without his voice he wouldn't be the legend he is.
He asked my Grandma out at one of his concerts.! She turned him down because he was with my Grandpa.! I would love to be related to Johnny Cash.!
[Newest]How is he so far down the list

79Serj Tankian
If you've an appreciation for voices, listen to something by System of a Down. Look, it's fine if you dislike that genre, but his voice is nothing short of flabbergasting. I'm confident anyone can appreciate this man's talent. In that vein, Shavo Odadjian also of System of a Down.
He is the best on the world! Enough said
Serj is best singer serj is 1 rank

80Taio Cruz
He s awesome songs troublemaker and dynamite are good
Seriously I am in love with the song break your heart ♥
Break your heart and dynimite are awesome vote for taio cruz

81Mel Torme

82Jared Leto
Jared Leto has a powerful and sensitive voice like no other. He is also a talented writer who pours his soul in his songs. He is able to evoke strong emotions with his powerful and gentle voice. Unique!
Jared Leto has one of the most amazing and unique voices in the music industry. You really can't deny that he deserves to be at least in the top ten. Plus, he's also a great songwriter.
He's very hot and he's got the best voice I've ever heard in my life. Please vote for him!
[Newest]I hate people Jared has more talent than 90% of other people on this list...
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He is an extremely tallented singer from India. I always love his songs. Mainly in slow romantic songs he is unbeatable.
Love you Shaan.
The best singer in the world. He beats everyone by his singing & putting soul in his songs. He is best at any language.E.G. listen "Bhool Ja" song on youtube & just see & give votes.
I love you shaan and your songs

84Greg Pritchard
An amazing new talent for the 21st Century, a countertenor from the UK with a beautiful countenance and stage presence, you can check him out on you tube
Definitely the best male singer to come out of wales in a very long time please get voting he needs to become top and he will xx


This is greg Best male singer ever for me. He has the most amazing voice just leaves you wanting more everytime you see him xx


[Newest]I was just amazed with his voice, he is such a wonderful act that he does!

85Mick Jagger
I just love Mick Jagger! He is still so hot! His voice is very sexy too! Mick has a unique quality in his performance and his voice. There is no one quite like him.
Lead singer and founding member of the Rolling stones.
Extremely talented, has been knighted and has a song written about him and his 'mones'.
Mick Jagger, is #66 on this list. Bruno Mars is #7 on this list. I have came to the conclusion that this list is completely irrelevant.

86Perry Como
My Perry Como! How could anyone not pick him at least in the top 100 he is the best. He lovely ballads and crooning voice.

87John Legend
Have you listened to "All of Me"? This man has a beautiful voice that is just pure magic to listen to.
John Legend should be in the top 20. This guy has amazing vocals.
Seriously? #83? You people truly have no idea, do you? The man belongs in the top 5.

88Chris Cornell
HE deserves to be at least in the top 10 he is by far better the Justin Bieber, I don't even care if I spelled his last name wrong this list is bogus and the creators should definitely come to their senses when they review this.
absolutely amazing. carries a style all his own exemplified through the work of Soundgarden.
Chris Cornell... Not in the top 10?!?! I truly do not understand that at all. Please listen to his solo work and his work with Soundgarden. The man is utterly brilliant and in the same league as the likes of Robert Plant!
[Newest]Listen to his cover of billy jean

89Miljenko Matijevic
I think I was in a coma when this man's band came on the scene. I do not remember Steelheart, but when I tripped across the video for She's gone I went into a state of shock. This is the most amazing voice I have ever heard. The whole band is so talented. I'm a Grandmother but my husband caught me dancing my butt of listening to Mili. Thanks Milijenko my Police Officer husband thinks I've lost my mind.
seriously, listen to this guy. hes amazing

One of the best rock singer of all time!

90Mark Feehily
Mark Feehily is the best singer ever and I don't know what happens to people these days putting him on 214th. :s Well just to tell you, if you don't know him, search "Westlife" on YouTube and listen to the sexiest voice you've ever heard. )
Marks unique voice is the best you can find in a male singer, he's like a male Adele! Mark feehily is the best singer in the world! Hope we can listen his amazing voice soon
Mark's voice is simply distinguishable and unique.
Go watch Westlife's Flying Without Wings (out of the many amazing songs) from their Farewell Tour and hear Mark hitting all the notes impeccably.
Truly the voice of an angel with the ability to touch hearts
[Newest]Why is Mark at 93 he should be much much higher

91Nick Drake
THE most hauntingly exquisite male voice in music history!
Nick Drake's voice... A soft, silken, melancholic murmer that caresses the soul.

92Ronnie James Dio
Greatest singer who ever lived in my opinion. Ronnie James Dio is my hero he could sing any genre he wanted. His voice always astounded me, not only the power but how his voice could also be so soft. I love that he sung about dragons, rainbows and deamons His lyrics were full of wonder. I can't believe he is so far down this list.
DIO means GOD for a reason! There is none better than Him, as far as I am concerned. I've been a fan of His from the very first time I heard Him sing.
I can't believe he is this far down. Listen to holy diver or rainbow in the dark. Justin beiber is higher than him, who's voting on this website? Idiots obviously.
[Newest]Was the best classic singer ever, he creates the rock status of the voice.

93Chad Kroeger
He's a great Singer his Voice it Amazing and Unique One of the Greatest Voices I've ever Heard!

Listen To any song Chad Owns Every song!

It be Great if Chad was Higher So Nickelback Fans Help Chad Out


he is the stuff of legends. total awesomeness


He is so good I could cry


[Newest]Chad should be top first best singer, he's amazing

94Tony Bennett
That man is cool.. Smooth.. Reeks with feeling and expression. So surprised you left such talent out.
Even now at 85 he is great. I choose him even though I listen to rock most of the time.

95Vic Damone

The maknae of Super junior. His voice sounds like a angel from Heaven. Best singer in K-pop. Please vote, you won't regret it! Kyuhyun oppa fighting!
He is a great voice of Super Junior. He is one of best ballad singers in Kpop. Please vote for him.
I don't think I've ever heard a voice that makes me melt more than his! His voice is just like a dream!
[Newest]I love him so much. His voice is so beautiful to hear.

97Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel is THE voice of Genesis, Phil Collins is good but, he'll never be Peter Gabriel, just listen to Supper's Ready and you'll understand.
I am absoultely outstanded that Gabriel is so low! This man's a legend! Just listen to Sledgehammer, In Your Eyes, Shock The Monkey and Games Without Frontiers Live! His voice is unique, distincitve, powerful and soulful, pure talent and personality in one guy!

98Eddie Vedder
Best voice! Should certainly be on the top 10! I go to tons of concerts and his solo concert with just him up there singing and playing the guitar was one of the most incredible concert experiences ever! Totally pulls you in with his depth and unbelievable voice! People vote for Eddie... His voice deserves the top 10 without a doubt! Just go see his solo concert and you will see... I promise!
not only is he a powerful baritone, but he's incredibly expressive


Eddie Vedder is THE package. He's got range, soul, and lyrical skill. Yet RAPPERS like Eminem and Usher are ahead of him. Usher uses autotune, which should immediately disqualify him.
[Newest]Eddie Vedder for life! He's the best. if you don't vote for him. You actually don't understand music.

99Chris Martin
Chris Martin is honestly one of the best all time singers in the world, I can't believe he is not in the top 10 let alone the top 50 he's better than pretty much all the people in front of him so please people vote! Vote! Vote!
It's about time he and Coldplay got the respect they deserve.
Chris Martin's voice is amazing, purely golden. How is he at 89th? How on earth did that happen? Chris martin's voice is like liquid gold encrusted with diamonds coated in emeralds with rubies and frosting on top. (Yes, I love frosting that much. ) I don't see how he can be down here. And if you are looking at this comment and don't know who he is, go to YouTube or Spotify right now and listen to Spies, 42, O, or anything else by Coldplay that has his voice in it. NOW. Seriously, I'm pretty sure his voice and Coldplay are the secret to eternal happiness.


[Newest]Why did you brain dead beliebers rank this awesome singer down to 86? If you don't think Chris Martin deserves to be higher, you are obviously a fanboy of some sort.

100Ruki (the GazettE)
definitely one of the world greatest singers in one of the best bands ever <3 I really love his voice <3 so emotional
He's in my personal top 3, but should be also in the top vocalists ever.
Why no one pays attention to the Japanese scene?! Ruki is great!
Should be more recognized... ;; Ruki's amazing. His voice is just so unique - makes me want to cry sometimes.
[Newest]Ruki should the 1st

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