Jung Yunho


Yunho- Do I need to say more? The guy is like perfect. Beautiful inside & out

I love his excellent vocals
I love his amazing dance
I love his smexiness
I love the family man that he is
I love his great oppa personality
I love how he can be so cute and adorable
I love his love for his members and TVXQ
I love his leadership
I love his seriousness
I love his love for what he does
I love his determinism
I love his gwangju dialect
I love that he loves children
I love his acting skills
I love that he is a hard worker
I love that he is so humble

I can go on forever..

It is hard for you not to admire him with his modesty. In spite of his popularity, he still act so frankly whenever and wherever he go, whatever he do. He works so hard that you can hardly find anyone can be compared with him. He is always keep on marching, and nothing can beat him down! I am so proud of being his fan~!

His versatility is admirable as a singer, dancer, rapper, and actor! Not to mention being the greatest leader a band could ever have who led his band to become an icon in Asian music. His charitable work can never be over-mentioned or hyped for he is one of the kindest and genuine men out there.

he is a true example of what a man should aspire to be

He does everything perfectly and has the greatest voice that will melt your heart away. It is so amazing that you will drool over him. His rap and so heartwarming and you know what he's feeling just by the song of his voice

He sings with his whole heart. If he's singing a sad song, you can be assured that your heart will ache hearing him sing. If he's singing a really cool and full of swag song like "Keep Your Head Down" you will definitely feel like "you're the best and that nobody else is better than you" kind of feeling. He's just that great, conveying the meaning and feelings of the song perfectly without fail.

I admire him not only because of his handsome appearance, magnetic singing voice, but his personality. He is the most hard-working idol I have ever seen and his modesty cannot be compared with any other person. I am so proud of being his fan~!

I love his low baritone voice, it's so soothing. Many good singers can reach the high notes but have a hard time with the low notes which Yunho can do so great with. Mind you, he can sing his notes too despite being considered a baritone singer. I recommend listenting to Heart, Mind, and Soul if you want to hear his lovely baritone voice, and see him belt out in the song One.

Yunho is such a hardworking artist. He will always be my No1. He really worth it. He is the king of the stage, he's so great a leader! Love you forever, and thank you my Yunho! WISH HAPPINESS!

U. Know Yunho... If you goggled his name you will figured out how this man is taking it over Asia and the whole world.. He has such a great voice, he is a great dancer too.. Singing while dancing hard, no one can do it like yunho.. His live performances is awesome.. He is the leader of the boy-band TVXQ "Dong Bang Shin KI" They are the LEADERS & THE KINGS OF KoreaN POP..

Jung Yunho is one member TVXQ beside Max Changmin. He have a powerful dance and good ability to sing alive while dancing without lose his breath.. Yunho fighting

I can listen to his voice 24 hour a day and 7 days a week. Something about his voice that touches my heart and soul so deep. I was most impressed when he sings live especially with a powerful dance and he can still sing the song as if I was listening to my original album.

My best man ever who can sing, dance and entertane people with his everything, he is simply the most amazing leader to our best group TVXQ, he is so handsome, sexy, has a tender voice, has an amazing personality and the best dancer you can ever see on the stage, he is a hard worker who do his best, so he deserve to be the best...

Yunho is good at everything! He is a hard working and talented artist. He is extremely handsome that wins everyone's heart!

He is my absolute favorite singer. His voice is beautiful and very versatile and he really knows how to get his emotions to come through in his singing, especially in ballads.

He deserves my voting! And I also love his voice! Jung Yunho, fighting! Believe in yourself and you will be better! Mua%

One of the people who have the most beautiful soul in the world
Real man but also a cute boy

Capable leader and singer
other korean singer really respect him
he always give great advice to younger singer

A perfect entertainer in the world... Leader of hallyu king... Tvxq! His singing ability keep on growing better

Amazing dancer and singer
with his bass voice he can make balance with other vocal range

The best leader I have ever met! Sexy as hell! Without Yunho, Tohoshinki couldn't be like that excellent!

He is very cute, handsome and sexy. A artist who always do his best. It's so lovely.

He is the best singer and dancer, he is work hard on the singing in enjoy stage. Really like him very much!

Apart from he is a very good singer and a damn good dancer..
He is beautiful person inside and out..

Yunho is good at singing, dancing and rapping. He is extremely handsome. He is loved by everyone!

He can sing and dance very well. These are something no one can deny.