Top Metal Singers


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The Top Ten

Bruce Dickinson
Bruce has ALWAYS stayed at a great, high vocal range. No matter how much older he is getting. , I Love dave mustaine, sucks that his surgery took a lot out of his voice. He's still beautiful, and. Rob Halford, I've never heard anyone scream that loud, I love him too. But in all reality. Bruce still has it, voice pitch might be down 1 point as apposed to the other older singers.I. want more singers to come out like these ones I have listed, not that growly distorted stuff. We need more bands that have melody in their sound, like Bruce Dickenson said, "if you can't carry a tune, I'm going home"! REAL MUSIC, NOT JUST NOISE!
To have someone like Burnley on a list with Dio and Dickinson is pure nonsense! Best "METAL" singer we are talking about... Correct? Bruce Dickinson is the BEST... If you need an explanation, then you are not educated enough to vote here... Keep the cookie-cutter modern bull away from the names of legends like Bruce Dickinson, and Ronnie James Dio! UP THE IRONS!
He is the man who has the most powerful voice then in any other metal band. He is amazing. Up the irons
[Newest]Bruce, Ozzy, and Halford should be 1, 2, and 3 (in my opinion)
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2James Hetfield
Ever heard Metallica live at Seattle 89? James has the most powerful Thrash Metal voice ever! I'm disappointed not to see James laBrie on this list though...
James, more than anyone else, has a powerful voice. Regarding attack and aggression, he is unsurpassed. Even with that said, he finds a balance so that with this aggressive roar, you can also hear his enunciation, verbalization, and pronunciation of the lyrics. James is the master of rhythm not only with his guitar, but with his voice to. A perfect example of this is "Metallica - Blackened (vocals only)" on youtube.
Maybe he has a crack voice when he was younger, (in kill'em all period) but his voice developed itself day by day. Yes, he is not a born singer, don't have a pure talent like dickinson or halford, but I don't think that they could sing metallica songs like james. Especially the black album, load&reload. And the S&M... Compare master of puppets album and the concert. Not to saying which is better, but to see the evolution.
What I'm trying to say is, he isn't perfect, just like kirk and lars. Oh come on, metallica isn't perfect itself. But, that is the factor why we love metallica and care them like an children :D
(sorry for bad english. I'm just a beginner :D)
[Newest]Should be number 1

3Ronnie James Dio
people voting on this list makes me laugh... you people don't perhaps know what singing means dio is the best
the list should be:
1. Ronnie James Dio
2. Rob Halford
3. Robert Plant (i consider him metal)
4. Steven Tyler
5. Bruce Dickinson
6. Bon Scott
7. Axl Rose
8. Ozzy Osbourne
9. Ian Gillan
10. Dave Mustaine
His music will always live on, it has influenced people from many generations (from 57 onwards) and his voice was god like. It's a shame that he was taken from us far too soon and I shall always miss him
RJD is the best, people voting here just don't know, RJD inspired a lot of the others in this list
[Newest]Dio means God. enough said.

4Ben Burnley
Ben's has the best voice ever in the whole universe... I can't imagine a world where his music and his talent didn't exist. everything of him is amazing, I've been playing only BB in my ipod for the last year and a half. Ben keep on rockin', we miss you a great deal
The songs he wrote are the best song I have ever listened to. His distinct voice crafts a spell on every song he sings and leads them to be epic. It's not just about being "hard" but on the emotion of the songs too. And by that he can really do express what the song means through his singing and not every singer can do it! Ben's voice is one of the most unique singing voice I have ever heard and as of now he is my favorite lead singer. His ability to sing while doing guitar riffs are extremely more than awesome. I can listen to him all day long... in fact there's not a day that I don't play one of Breaking Benjamin's song. The riffs, the bassline, the drums plus Ben Burnley's voice = Best kind of music for me. Ben is number 1 for me!... and the whole Breaking Benjamin band!
Ben Burnley has a voice that can amp you up and can put you in a better mood no matter what is going on. His music and vocals are an inspiration to me and I cannot wait until he can get back into the studio and make some more awesome music. He is truly an inspiration and hero to many, including me.
His music got me through my GED, and now through 2 semesters of college. I am getting ready to get "I Will Not Bow" tattooed on me, for him and Bruce Willis (big fan of both), also because it is my theme song.
Keep rocking' Ben. You deserve the best. Hope you get to feeling better. I am wanting to come to a Breaking Benjamin concert so bad, and bring my daughter with me for her first concert. Mine was NKOTB in 1990, I want her's to be you guys.
[Newest]Ben has an amazing voice that suits for both metal and the acoustic versions! The music is awesome! The lyrics are profound, meaningful and you can relate to them, they're not shallow like other bands! The 3 combo (awesome music, vocals, lyrics) is hard to find in a band/music group but Breaking Benjamin has it all! Can't wait for Ben's new songs! You rock Ben

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5Rob Halford
This list is such a joke. The only people you can even argue are better are Dio and Dickinson.
Can't believe he's not in top three. and how is James Hetfield and Ben hurley Higher in the list than Bruce Dickinson? that man is one of the greatest singers of metal of ALL TIME, Along with Rob halford. This list is messed up.
Rob in his prime had a range of six octaves. SIX OCTAVES. In addition to having one of, if not the highest voice in metal, he's also the loudest. Watch Judas Priest performing All Guns Blazing at Rock in Rio 1991. Listen to him scream those first words. Also who the hell is Ben Burnley?
[Newest]He should be in the top 1


6M. Shadows
What the hell M Shadows is 7th. He is probably the best metal vocalist ever, no one can sound like him and he has an amazing voice and is the best screamer.M. shadows has an incredible range and can sing different song like soft song example:Dear god, so far away, size the day and some crazy songs like god hates us and eternal rest.M. shadows must be in to 3
One of the best live singers of any band. Where the hell is Sully Erna in the top ten? He is another amazing singer live!
he can sing and scream. what more do we want?


[Newest]He should be in the first Metal Vocalist

7Corey Taylor
One of the most haunting, beautiful voices you will ever hear. Just amazing. And his screams are awesome too. Also, how the hell does James Hetfield get #2 on the list? Just like everyone else from Metallica, he's way overrated.
He is a member of Slipknot band. This make him special. I love and the others but I like Corey, too. I don't know why I click to vote Corey (because I love and the others). It was just random. Anyway I love Corey, I know almost everything about him. And what about Slipknot? I really love that band! And their songs are the best! I don't care if their satanist or they don't believe in god, I don't care about Christianity. Actually I'm atheist. :) So I don't care about this! I love the way they scream! I would like to be in a metal band and scream like them!
Corey Taylor's the man. He's a pro in singing and screaming.
[Newest]This guy is awesome because of the way he sings it outstanding

8Ozzy Osbourne
I just don't understand ozzy osbourne not in the top ten this is a big joke he has one of the most unique voice and I have no idea how ben burley is first ozzy is way better he was a part of black sabbath one of the best metal bands of all times but breakin benjamin is not even metal its alt rock
Is every one kiding me
Ozzy is known as the godfather of heavy meta
you can always tell when its ozzy singing, with his unique voice
[Newest]Ozzy should be number one on here

9Phil Anselmo
How the heck is ben burnly even on the list? They're not even metal and his vocals aren't that great. Phil on the other hand is one of the greatest metal vocalists of all time. Listen to the song cemetery gates
Sorry but, the greatest metal band of all time AKA Pantera also has the greatest metal singer of all time.
Phill is the man with the most amazing voice in down and of legendary Pantera he deserves to be in the top 5 at least, and surely above that M. Shadows

10Chester Bennington
He can go from a low to a very high pitch beautifully... His screams are awesome! Amazing voice
Dude! You kidding me right? He is simply the best after Metallica's singer. Linkin Park is the best band and it's a fact!
Best singer, best band, best voice, best songs in the world.


[Newest]Versatile and great screamer. Holds a very long scream in "Bleed It Out"

The Contenders

11Geoff Tate
This list is turning into a top ten list for bands, just with singers names listed in place.M. shadows and Corey Taylor do not have half the voice that Tate has. While Queensryche might not be as good as Metallica, Geoff Tate can certainly sing better than Hetfield.
Geoff have a range much larger then tath

12Amy Lee
Amy lee has an amazing angelic voice, one of the greatest vocalists ever.
The Best Female Singer
definitely one of the greatest vocalists of all time. she is so beautiful. in my oppinion David Draiman of disturbed should be on this list


13Dave Mustaine
Dave's voices are amazing but it's hard to like it. But if you listen that set the world afire, you understand me and all megadeth fans. Also Five Magic is good choice for Dave's vocals, and you must think that Dave also plays hardest riff's and amazing solos, and sing the song. He is beast.
Listen to youthanasia album! Addicted to chaos and reckoning day have amazing vocals, so does trust!
I haven't got a clue why he's all the way down here. Dave mustaine has a unique voice, which proves better than most singers these days. I understand that its hard to listen to his voice, but once you start to get used to it, you can't get enough!
[Newest]Dave mustaine has the type of voice that does take some getting used to. But once you do not only do you start to like it, it even starts to seem beautiful in its own way

14Serj Tankian
Brilliant vocal range, beautiful voice, and not just with SOAD, listen to all of his solo work too. Also seems to have a nice personality, not as big headed as many other famous singers. Also, Dave Mustaine has a crap voice, and James Hetfield's is ok, consider others people, don't vote for your favourite band.
The craziest vocalist of all time, I mean this in a good way. You can't and won't find a guy as diverse as him, he can sing in any genre, and hell yeah he can rip it in metal!
whats up with you serj is like the best ^_^
[Newest]Serj is the vocal god

15Floor Jansen
Floor Jansen has the greatest range I have EVER heard in a singer's voice. She can so from belting to opera to growling with not a single problem. Her voice is 4-5 times more powerful than the average singer as well. She has a beautiful, soft voice for ballads and a hard, rocking voice for the heavier songs. Listen to 'After Forever - Beautiful Emptiness', 'After Forever - Evoke' or 'ReVamp - Here's My Hell' for great examples of her voice.
That a metal wannabe like Amy Lee can make top 10 while the goddess of metal is stuck outside of it is a travesty of the worst kind. Just listen to the latest ReVamp album.
Most versatile female singer very good and stron voice. She can do anything - from operatic soprano, belting to screams and growl.

16Matthew Barlow
Best voice in all Heavy Metal.
This guys can sing whatever he likes and with such passion and emotion I can't describe it.
Just listen to A Question Of Heaven and you will understand perfectly what I mean.

Should have been way higher though. For me he is number 1 but he should be at least be in the top 10.
He has a very powerful voice, in which he can transition from a dark, somber voice to an aggressive/rapid fire one. Really puts the passion into what he sings.
[Newest]Easily the best ever! Pumps every metal vocalist that came before and after.

17Maynard James Keenan
Maynard should definitely be above M. Shadows. What's he even doing on this list? Maynard is completely amazing.
The guy has so much range. He can hit high notes accurately but just being able to do that well around the other musicians of Tool should place him higher than this.
live live live
he is fantastic live and he can either sooth a crowd or scare them he has vocal range like crazy
Tool FTW


[Newest]Listen to his cover of Bohemian Rhapsody and weep in the glory of his angelic voice

18James LaBrie
Writes some great lyrics, awesome solo albums and has a great voice. Dream Theater forever!


This upsets me. How can James be so damn low. :'(
Should be at at least top 20 what...

19Chuck Billy
Absolutely the most talented vocalist in metal. He has mastered the scream/sing technique. (ala Hetfield) and has taken it a step further. He can produce a great melodic line and sound absolutely terrifying at the same time. Amazing versatility/flexibility. Listen to a little Testament. (F.E.A.R. , Careful What you Wish for, The Preacher) You'll see...


Why is Chuck Billy all the way down here? He's the best vocalist in metal after Dio and Rob Halford!
Come on guys no one has such a talented voice such as Chuck Billy. He is maybe not as hot as m shadows but he sings waay better. This is about real metal singers not good looking guys

20David Draiman
David needs to be in the top 10! He is one of the best singers of all time and is definitely not getting the love and respect he deserves from this list. Metal would be far different if it were not for David Draiman, the personification of what it means to be a metal singer. David is not just a metal singer, he is metal. He does not just define Disturbed and Device, he defines a culture and an amazing genre.
You can say whatever you want, think whatever you want, like whom ever you want... But David Draiman is David Draiman! He should be at least be in top 5. His voice is so beautiful and yet so powerful, calm for your ears and yet blowing your mind! Just listen to some of Disturbed/Device's songs and you'll see. World wouldn't feel same without him... Can't live without a everyday dose of it! Disturbed live forever and after! M/(-. -) m/
How is he not in the top 10? His voice alone can move mountains.
[Newest]He needs to be in the top ten

21Cristina Scabbia
Aside from her amazing voice and looks, she comes off as an awesome human being. I would love to meet her someday, but in the meantime, I can at least listen to her sing with an awesome band.
I have voted her for many reasons... her voice, how she performs live concerts, her beauty! And well, because she is Italian! (I am not Italian but I love her country so much! :D) KEEP ON ROCKING CRIS!
Cristina represents the perfect mix between the ethereal kind of voice of the goth metal scene and the true rock singer! She rules!
[Newest]This woman sings great, whatever song...

22Mikael Akerfeldt
An extremely various vocalist with an amazingly frightening growl voice and a beautiful clear voice full of passion. There do exist singers with a farther range, but none of them sounds as natural and emotional as Akerfeldt. Not to mention he's one of the greatest songwriters of our time, for one of my favourite bands ever: Opeth!
Mikael wins. One of the best in both clean and harsh vocals. Second for me would have to be James Hetfield.


His voice is like sex
Listen to the songs the moor, bleak, and burden.
They will blow your mind
[Newest]Should be much higher on this list. Makes me think if people have ever heard of Opeth.

23King Diamond
Gypsy is the best metal vocal performance ever

24Eric Adams
I know that this is only my opinion but if you guys ever asked some professional and technical advice in the art of singing for sure you would understand why Eric is just one of the very top ten of the world singers including female and male of all types of music, his capacity to sustain high or low notes for long time and sharped as razors itÂ's just behond human understanding
This list is a list of most popular rock vocalists, not most talented metal vocalists. ERIC ADAMS has the most powerful voice by far, epic screams that can reach B5, and a beautiful, controlled voice. Definitely the best, as well as Daniel Heiman.
When you hear songs like blood of my enemies or battle hymn, etc., and then you listen to Eric Adams' Nessun dorma you just know that he is the best...
[Newest]Amazing singer.. Better than Ozzy for sure..

25Matt Heafy
I realize that many people don't like Matt's voice but I've never understood why. Ever since I got into metal I've always loved Trivium and wished so badly that I could sing like Matt Heafy. I love how he shifts between 3 main vocal styles: clean singing, gritty thrash singing, and screaming. I've never heard a scream that sounds close to his. His singing has some what of a 90's hard rock style but resonates amazingly with Trivium's heavy ass riffs.
He have strong voice, that is the man sound. I like his sound!
I thinks matt heafy should be number 6

26Hansi Kursch
Hansi is better than most of the singers on this list. In my opinion he should be number one, even above Halford, Dio and Dickinson, because Hansi sings with so muck passion, and the choral effect he does by overdubbing his voice 1000 times is just epic. He's versatile, got a wide range. He sings heavy songs with a voice so mean and aggresive it sounds like satan himself, and then on the ballads his voice becomes the softest and most beautiful voice I have ever heard. Truly, Blind Guardian would not be what they are without Hansi's voice. Just listen to Bright Eyes, Battlefield, Lord of the Rings or Time Stands Still. Hansi is a god among insects
Amazing voice, like elvish, Hansi is really magnificent!
Hansi #38?!? He's a vocal God. Probably Hansi can't beat Halford in terms of technical skills but I agree he's maybe a little bit better than Dio and Bruce.

Oh boy... non-metal singers like Dave Grohl and Axl Rose are now higher than Hansi... And LOL - Ozzy and Dave Mustaine better than Hansi?


[Newest]Come on, Axl Rose over Blind Guardian?

Have absolutely no idea how Chester Bennington is ahead of Lemmy... Linkin Park? Really?
This guys should be number one! I love Metallica but this guy's voice is pirate heavy
Lemmy defines sex drugs and rock n roll

28Joey Belladonna
Wow. Are you serious? Joey is insanely good. Come on upvote him! He has an amazing voice! Top 5 at leadt!
He's better than half these people he should move up

29Tom Araya
Great singer and awesome scream from Angel of Death and great vocals for every slayer song. He sings with power and energy if not best metal singer than best thrash singer
Not much of a singer but fits Slayers music.

30Axl Rose
He's not a metal singer.


31Paul Di'Anno
Brilliant in his prime but went wayward and never fulfilled his potential

32Aaron Lewis
Great lyricist and ability to convey emotion in vocals.
Come on, Aaron is without a doubt the best. Respect.

33ZP Theart
He should be in no1... Better than any singer. Has the potential to sing even at the highest octave pitch along with speed guitars...
he should be no1... super high voice.

34Jonathan Davis
One of the most unique metal vocalists I've ever heard. His growls are perfection. Should be up near the top in my opinion
Very unique style and by far best I've seen live... Way better then LP in my opinion (really don't like Chester that much much rather listen to Mike)
Korn are amazing live, Jonathan is a great vocalist

35Howard Jones
It tears me that this guy dosen't make it higher. Howard Jones got the power of an opera singer and growls better than the majority of all these new metal bands. And still, it feels like a waste whenever he growls because his voice is so fantastic in every aspect. Listen to End of heartache live at download 2007 and you'll see what I mean. The fact that he is black makes it so much cooler because of the lack of black people in the metal industry.




Best singer of all times!

36Tarja Turunen
She rocks surely! Her voice is something really AWESOME!
I demand that she should beat least in top 10's!

37Randy Blythe
Awesome singer from Lamb of God

38Devin Townsend
Only 0.4% of votes... In all honesty this guy has a much more supreme voice than any other vocalist on this silly list, just listen to his music to find out. According to recent studies a list including Mike Patton and other world class singers were put into a list and Mike Patton emerged #1 where Devin Townsend emerged #10 that's how good this guy is as Mike Patton will always be the bench mark to be honest
Can sing anything from extreme growling (Strapping Young Lad) to clean high vocals (Devin Townsend Project / Devin Townsend Band)
Has anyone heard this guy? His voice is simply beautiful, and he can mix singing with screaming, shifting between the styles with ease.

39Steven Tyler
Not a metal singer


40Marco Hietala
Marco is the greatest singer ever.
He's the best singer ever!

41Som Pluijmers

42Johan Hegg
I cannot believe that Johan Hegg is at #41 on this list while Corey Taylor is at #6. Johan is the very best voice in all of death metal in my opinion and deserves a spot much higher on this list.

43Tommy Rogers

44Tim Ripper Owens
He should be in the top three - end of discussion!

45Layne Staley
Very powerful voice, great range. He and Jerry had some of the best harmonies on the planet. Still listening to their songs today, never get tired of Layne's voice.
If it comes dow to rock vocalists Layne is number 1. But I understand that heavy metal singers will dominate this list because that's considered as pure metal and Alice in Chains is something else.
Awesome... Just... Awesome. You can hear the pain in his voice. Because of him, I can safely say I'll never do drugs.

46Alexi Laiho
better known for being an amazing guitarist, you still can't deny his brilliant voice, thats different, but still great
I would like to see Alexi at the 1st place... He deserves it.

47Jorn Lande
Jorn Lande is an amazing singer. Everyone should listen to the album "Burn the sun" from his project ARK. His singing is extraordinary and so original... As well as all the music in this CD. Nothing is comparable to this in metal. If in this list I could vote for more artists I would also vote Freddie Mercury and Ronnie James Dio
Even by the contemporary metal greats he's considered one of the best voices. This coming from the experts!

Never been able to find another male metal voice with the same intensity and passion. If I could marry a voice, this one would be it.
He is the ultimate singer. People only voting for popularity, it means nothing! When you talk about quality and performance, the popularity just don't matter!

48Chuck Schuldiner
Seriously, Chuck's voice is the best. His high and low notes are just amazing. In "SPiritual Healinh (album)" his voice scares me. In Painkiller (Judas Priest cover), those screams are just insane. I think he burned his vocal chords. And it's pretty sad knowing that Painkiller was the last song he recorded, given the fact that is so good.
Soem people don't underestand singing, Chuck should be higher.


49Joe Elliott

50David Fremberg

51Matt Tuck
Amazing singer and amazing at screaming also. He is an amazing guitar player also. He for sure deserves to be in the top 10 for sure.
WAY UNDERRATED! He surely deserves a higher place!
Love Bullet For My Valentine

52Chino Moreno
Very versatile, am shocked he is not higher as well..
Why Chino is so far down the list is way beyond me
How is Chino so far down this list?!

53Jared Leto
The first two albums have a lot of elements of Metal, especially the first in terms of instrumentals and the second in terms of screamo. His voice is so diverse, he can do powerful 10 second long screams like in From Yesterday or Buddha For Mary or sing beautiful acoustics like A Modern Myth or The Story.

54Klaus Meine

55Till Lindemann
His bass voice combined with powerful lyrics and the German language make Rammstein's lead vocalist the best in the world
Why is he so low? He has the most powerful voice I know and his live performance is outstanding.
All of his lyrics are like poetry with meaning and emotion, WHY SO LOW?
[Newest]Till is the best!

56Brian Johnson

57Pekka Kokko

58Grutle Kjellson

59Stu Block
Very versatile and talented, listen to his work in Into Eternity..
His range is just so amazing

60Jon Oliva

61Bobby Ellsworth
No words! Bobby has to be first, with no doubt the most talented vocalist in history of thrash and broadly in histiry of metal!

62Vince Neil
great vocalist of motley crue


Most talented and charismatic singer I've heard from any genre. This man and his voice is my god.

64Ralf Scheepers

65Sully Erna
What is Sully Erna doing as the 48th best metal singer of the list? He should join the top ten metal singers. His vocals are very though and can rock the whole world.
Metallica may be a better band but Sully Erna is the best vocalist and singer. Better than Robert Plant and better than Ronnie James Dio. He needs to be number one followed by David Draiman and James Hetfield.

66Spencer Sotelo

67Biff Byford
Amazingly strong voice. I get shivers every time I hear it.
Utterly strong, unmistakeable voice.

68Marilyn Manson
One of the most original artist! This band do so many amazing songs! He should be in the top 5 at least, all of the singers before him in this list aren't as good and creative than Manson
One of the greatest performers of all time. 'enough said.

69Jacoby Shaddix
Well, just listen to him and you'll understand, one thing about ben burnley: he's actually not so good, they clean his voice a lot in the lp's, he had lung cancer (correct me if I'm wrong) so his voice is kinda bad, listen to bb in live. (though they're one of my favourite bands)

70Jens Kidman

71Anette Olzon

72Shaun Morgan
What were you listen Shaun's unbelievable voice!? I vote Shaun because I know his beautiful live performance.

73Don Dokken

74Roy Khan
Roy should be higher than some of the other questionable options on this list. Although he's left the music business for good, he will be remembered for a long time for that fantastic voice. He's got one of the most impressive voices I've ever heard.
He definitely deserves to be placed higher in terms of metal vocals. He put his skills as a classically trained opera vocalist into metal like no other vocalist could. He was truly a star in the symphonic/power metal genre.
Smooth controlled vocals. Roy is extremely consistent both live and on studio albums.
[Newest]He has amazing voice.why is so low in the list? He must be at least in top 10

75Tony Kakko
A ridiculously under-rated vocalist and lyricist. By all means you may not like power metal. But this guys voice is simply amazing.

He is like Adele of the metal scene. If you ever had your heart broken, he has sung about the exact feelings you have felt
Seriously, 77th -. -? Should at least above Ozzy and Grohl. But of course, this is not a contest of skill, but of fame, and in that Sonata Arctica is seriously lacking. Just listen to Wolf and Raven or Wildfire, and you will see why Tony Kakko should be, no is, one hell of a singer.
Best voice ever, really, it's so sweet... Whenever I listen Sonata Arctica I really think about "her", the girl that some songs talk about. It's my favourite band.

76Mike Patton
Greatest voice ever! He can do ANYTHING, any genre, any sound, any noise, screams, sings, yells, harmonic voice, disturbing growls & can even imitatet a scratching vinyl record - simply amazing!
Come on.. Mike Patton this low? Very versatile vocalist.
Simply the best! And therefore... The first. No doubt

77Steve Lee
He should be in the top 5 to say the least - listen to his live recordings! He sounded as good live as their studio sound. He would never hold back with the high notes and screams unlike so many other so-called great singers do all the time. He could sing Deep Purple and Led Zepplin as good as the originals...sorry - it's of Rock's greatest losses and tragedies when he died. I'm a fan forever, Steve.
It's a pity for the world, that Steve Lee remains pretty unknown, I would say. But he is one of the best singers of all times for sure!
Steve Lee was one of the top 5 vocalist of all time. The tremendous power and range of his voice was unequaled.
[Newest]Sadly missed a truly great rock vocalist across the whole range stunning on Melodic songs

78Russell Allen
Seriously guys? SERIOUSLY?! You have a list about the best metal singers, and Russell Allen isn't even on it? Every critic and metal musician everywhere cites him as THE best vocalist in present times,
Whilst I acknowledge other more popular choices... Because their bands are more commercial, this guy's work with Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob, Allen-Lande is mind-boggling! Hard to choose, but to ME he is the very best metal vocalist.
Seriously Russell Allen at 71? People just do not know his work... I cannot think of anything else...

79Isono Hiroshi
forget toshi of x-japan and kyo of dir en grey. one of the few singers who can scream true metal even if their song is not all metal. and look there are singers that is not metal but sings metal here


80Adam Gontier
How is adam so low in this list? He is a legend

81Max Cavalera
That's the real voice original scream..i think it sould in top 10 this voice is awesome..try hear roots bloody roots song! M/

82Jon Bon Jovi

83Ian Gillan
What?! 99th place? Tom Araya higher. What a shame.

84Scott Stapp
scott stapp youre a legend, I absolutley love creed, your band is my life.

85Sebastian Bach
This singer for Skid Row was one of the best in the 80s-90s even though the band or its songs are not always in the top 10. This guy could actually sing, scream, growl, and had great stage presence. From metal ballads to angry songs, this guy rocked!

86John Falls

87Nick Tart

88Dave Grohl
He doesn't even sing metal. And there are at least 500 metal singers performing with more energy and passion than him.


No one sings with more energy and passion than the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl.

89Chad Grey
Why is Chad Gray this far down the list, he has a beautiful voice especially on L. D 50 he should at least be in the top 10 if not number 1
Absolutely insane range, especially on Mudvayne's first 2 albums
Can hold those screams for so long its amazing!

90Fabio Lione

91Dani Filth
Come on.. Have you heard what the poison little bugger does with his voice...

92Joacim Cans

93Danny Worsnop
Danny is the best vocal he can sreamo vocals, high vocal, low vocal, clean vocals everything he can. I'm the great fans my best songs is final episode and poison. And all songs also my fvrte.

94Ivan Moody
This shows how stupid the masses are. Anyone who thinks this guy isn't top ten material should get their ears checked immediately.
Come on Ivan should be much higher than this!
I think he should be in the top three!
He deserves to be 97. Could be better but he isn't. And you'll have to deal with that. There are countless known/unknown musicians/vocalist that are much better than him.

95Conrad "Cronos" Lant

96Mitch Lucker

97David Coverdale

98David Lee Roth
Excellent lyrics, great screams. He's a Legend.

99Anders Fridén
You people should be ashamed of yourselves, no metal sings with passion of Anders. Inflames are the best band in the world and thanks to them we have melodeath. But without Anders inflames would be nothing.

100Jesse Leach

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