Most Annoying Music Artist Fan Bases


There's one thing I won't tolerate about mainstream music, and that is their overbearing and annoying fans. These are the artists with the most annoying fans ever... Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Beliebers (Justin Bieber)
Beliebers sometimes are annoying in the sense that they threaten his girlfriend and which I think its wrong... Somehow they should respect their idols
They are so annoying! I don't care if they like Justin that's fine with me, but, They are obsessed! My 2 best friends are Beliebers, they don't stop talking about him and his "awesome" voice and his "cool" face, even if they know I don't like him. They even put me aside because of him... Well, they are friends, so...
It's not Justin Bieber I can't stand, I can tolerate him a little bit. But it's his fans that drive me over the brink. Seriously, some fans are so rude. His fans threaten his girlfriend, like hell, that is so wrong. Wouldn't you want him to be happy? Why threaten his girlfriend, seriously, jealous much? Quit being butthurt fans and accept the fact he is dating. Will the relationship last? Who knows. But I have three words for his fans: GET. OVER. IT. Additional words? : He is not all that, there are so more who are much better.
[Newest]Beliebers suck. Period. Worst of all fan bases. Now if you'll excuse me... I'll listen to The Beatles' Abbey Road for the 19888888200th time to drown out the annoying voices of all fan girls.
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2Sones (Girls Generation)
Sones are brainwashed no-life drone followers who live to make Girls' Generation appear more popular than they actually are, and manipulating/cheating online polls, contests & charts is their forte.

There's virtually nothing Sones won't do to make Girls' Generation appear more popular and well-liked than they actually are.

If, like most people, you don't care much for Girls' Generation, don't worry; Sones will try to jam Girls' Generation down your throat anyway.

Sones try to spread Girls' Generation like they're spreading a religion.

Sones are also well known for making greatly exaggerated claims about the appearance and abilities of the Girls' Generation members, and for viciously denying any unflattering truths about Girls' Generation.

They are also known for creating many alternate accounts on YouTube and forums so that they can pretend to be newcomers who are pleasantly surprised by Girls' Generation's music and appearance (in an effort to sway the opinion of those who tend to follow the crowd)
99.8% of SONEs are incredibly moronic.
The majority of that 99.8% are naive children & teens. Some are adults and some even have college degrees, but they're all still morons who are totally duped by the PR statements of the SNSD members and SM Entertainment; duped by the members' charming & emotional appearances on variety shows and the mostly-scripted backstory of their grueling training, dorm-life struggles and their battle to realize their pop performer dreams. These SONEs know that the SNSD members spent many years receiving singing, dancing & acting lessons at SME but they aren't aware of the enormous amount of time they spent learning how to deceive and manipulate the public. And they aren't aware of the lengths to which SME goes in order to give the SNSD members a flawed vulnerable human facade in order to make viewers/listeners feel compelled to support them.

0.1% of the SONEs is composed of the 'ring leaders'. These are the SONEs who guide the moronic SONEs like herders with cattle. They're usually tech-savvy adults who are interested in promoting SNSD (and often K-Pop in general) for religious and/or political reasons.

The remaining 0.1% of SONEs are just various people who like listening to some of the SNSD music or are sexually attracted to one or more of the SNSD members (or both). This 0.1% isn't interested in promoting SNSD like the rest of the SONEs. They call themselves SONEs because they are, to some extent, fans of SNSD but the majority of the 99.9% of SONEs feel that this 0.1% doesn't deserve to call themselves SONEs.
Sones are insane retards. The level of insanity & idiocy, and the manner in which they mindlessly follow the pack, reminds me of the witch burners of the 1700s.
[Newest]Most Sones I have come across just care about views and SNSD being the most popular girl group. There is a small percent of Sones that are actual fans.
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3ELF (Super Junior)
Super Junior is the best. Our Mr. Simple.. The King of Kpop always is the best. Super junior the last man standing
I don't care if we are annoying to you or not. All I know is that I love and will always love Super Junior! I will always support them! Some fandoms are just jealous that Super Junior are so famous and so talented. You know this is true even if you don't recognize it!
ELF:We are under stress from:1. Buying albums;2. Voting for MAMA. MASHABLE and other sites of awards.
Super junior worked hard and We worked hard ;both of us;please let's this relationship to support SJ with it forever ;after all ;we are "EVER LASTING FRIENDS "
[Newest]The comments here are just perfect examples of how moronic the fandom is.
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4Directioners (One Direction)
So annoying. SO ANNOYING. I try to walk somewhere and they stop me and my friends wanting to take photos of him because he looks like all of them into one... What? Why would they think taking a photo with someone who doesn't even look like any of them will make them cool? Worst thing? They were 17.
Immature is one word to describes directioners. I'm fine with 1Direction, but their fans is so annoying I want to slap them-_-
here's a few of hundreds of reason I hated directioners:
1. They are... Narcissistic (if you come to my class and met my friends, you will understand)
2. Immature (sending death threat to BigBang after they beat your precious 1D on MTV TRL? Are you insane? )
3. Some of them are just following the fad/trend
4. They love to brag all the time
5. They fangirl at my class like the class is theirs and when me & my friends fangirl about our idol, they'll start "they all look the same, silly names blabla" and mock them-_- rude, really... When they don't want their idol to be called like that.

Not all Directioners are narcissistic and annoying I personally love the band but I don't like voice that opinion that often. Because of the actions of a few you should not judge the whole fandom. Just my opinion.
I love one direction and I have from the very beginning. Now that they're more famous now and they've got more fans though.. There's just a load of annoying fan girls everywhere and it's driving me crazy. It's actually putting me off being a fan a bit.
[Newest]I think I agree.
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5Jonasheads (Jonas Brothers)

6Little Monsters (Lady Gaga)
OK, I'm far not Lady Gaga hater. More than that, I love some of her songs very much but her fan base is not just annoying. Little Monsters don't know what "respect" means. Lady Gaga is not the Queen, not even close. She has a very long road to pass. Stop insulting and trolling other artists, you only give a bad name to Gaga's fan base


Lady Gaga is actually quite a proficient singer and beautiful piano player. But her "little monsters" are like deranged ginks ready to lash out at you if you so much as interview Lady Gaga.
I remember listening to Howard Stern on his radio show, talking about how LG's "little monsters" were sending death threats to him a day BEFORE he even interviewed Lady Gaga, just to warn him to interview her "nicely. "
These fanatics will insult you if you criticize her or don't like her music.
Her "little monsters" are a bunch of delusional, unhealthily obsessed, mindless lot! Blind to the fact that she is so manufactured and fake! She doesn't care about her fans, she cares about their money! If someone says they don't like gaga, they always say, "you just don't understand her, she's an artist". I'm sorry, she is a lot of things (a copy-cat, a phony, a fake), but an artist she is NOT!
[Newest]I respect gaga because she stood up for one direction

7Blackjacks (2NE1)
Come on! Dear Blackjacks!
We love 2NE1 right?!
What's up we are Blackjacks
Blackjacks really can't accept when others defeat 2ne1. They will really fight even it is wrong. And their Pride are too high!

They are always starting and finding to be fight on! They thought that they are the Best!

Blackjacks will always thought if someone let them down, the one who is on Top are cheating. Blackjacks can't fight fairly!

And they are so plastic, they will act that they are ______ just to make that Fandom Dirty. They are just a hacker! They love hacking some others property!

They are so Annoying, I don't know why I can't trust a Blackjacks! They once insult us and they can't kept their promises! Blackjacks love insulting others just to let it down.

Maybe they just Insecure on what the others have! BJ please stop pulling someone down just to replace them! Indeed, try your Best to make as them without hurting someone.

Please be contented on what do you have and mind your own business! I think Sone and Blackjack are always had a fought. And Exostan should be in peace. Exo Fighting!

99.9% are Immature Blackjacks! They always tolerate all on Top. And stop acting Immature if someone calling you Immature.
Blackjack are so mean... They yeah look down to other people, while some of them are even better than 2NE1... I don't have anything against 2NE1 but their fanbases are just suck. I know some of you BJ are fine, but some of them are just hurting other fanbases too
[Newest]As a Blackjack myself, I agree with this. Say anything bad about 2NE1 and they will go crazy. Some of the fandom are fine, accepting criticism and hate, but a lot of the fandom are just too defensive.
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8Barbies (Nicki Minaj)
Nicki Minaj is ruining the music industry. Her music is very controversial for teens and pre-teens to be listening to. Besides, the lyrics are nonsense! Her songs just throw together rhyming words, cuss words, and some sexual innuendos and then she calls it good. No... Just no.
Rude and disrespect full! Just like their idol!
Yeah, I'm sure that they blow their money on Nicki Minaj concert tickets, plastic surgery, crappy wigs, her music on ITunes and revealing clothing. True. They have virtually no respect, just like their idol. They go around insulting other fan bases when they tell the truth: her ass isn't real. One told me they hope I die because I said I didn't like her rapping.

9Selenators (Selena Gomez)
Selenators keep saying that selena can sing live. I don't know whats wrong with their ears.
I think this site is just used to make fun of the artist. It's just a setup and sounds like it's about fan bases when really this person clearly just wants to hate.
There is nothing worse then Selenators. They constantly tell Lovatics to go cut themselves, they bash Bieber, Miley, Ariana, and any other celebrity! They are some of the worst people on the planet. Enough said
Why would anybody even like Selena Gomez? She cannot sing live, and can only sing with auto tune! Every time I hear sing live, I swear, MY EARS BLEED, LIKE CRAZY!
[Newest]Why is that almost every fan base has insane teenage girls at their core

10Katy Kats (Katy Perry)
More like the katy rats
I saw this and was like HEY! What did we aver do to you?!? It's people like you why I am afraid to join new fandoms and listen to new music.
They are die hard fans which is with every fanbase just that they are annoying about it.
They act like Katy is their idol. I love katy Perry but the only reason I'm not a Katy Cat is because the other fans ae super obsessive and rude.
[Newest]I like her music, but not the fanbase. is that natural?

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Mostly arrogant, so full of themselves, always say that Bigbang is the 'true musician' what no! It's getting my nerve every time they say it, as if all the band members are better than other group members, not at all. I like Bigbang, but I just can't with their fans, how they always look down at others, as if they are that special. laugh out loud NO BIG TIME. Just fix that a little bit!
They might not be the best singer or dancer or rapper but I'm sure when they're together they are the best
I believe Taeyang is the best dancer according to South Korea. But as a group? Nah.
BIGBANG are the kings of k-pop!

12Swifties (Taylor Swift)
The only reason shes famous is because half her fans are lonely and can relate to her love sickening songs... stupid cat lady
Swifties are nicer thank other fandoms
Here, I disagree. Taylor is a decent singer but her fanbase praise her like if she was the only good singer. Swifties also bashes anyone who critics Taylor, even if it's something as innocent as "Taylor isn't great". I am fine if they love her, but COME ON! Everyone has their opinions!


So rude and annoying as hell, bash every other artist, tell you to kill yourself etc.
[Newest]She's the least talented in the whole pop industry - and that's saying something. Her fans literally attack everyone that criticizes her.

13Rushers (Big Time Rush)
They are so annoying. I like some of their songs and I watched their show on my trip to Paris, last week. I notice that they constantly send death threats towards any girl they associate with. Like calm down what if that was their sister or their mom? They aren't as crazy as directards (thank god) I think most people are popular in the music industry for looks, (James is the best looking but least photogenic) they are cute, but look like middle aged men dressed like teenagers.
While not as numerous, they are twice as annoying as your typical directioner or belieber. Plus a significanat amount are also from this fandoms.
Big time rush should stop singing. their songs suck ass. I listened to one of their "masterpieces". When I hear them, I sort of want to gouge my eyes out and stab my own foot.
[Newest]This should be for the actual band Rush. Who are a great band with a great fan base. Big time rushers are bad though.


14Cassiopeia (TVXQ)
Once dbsk Separated they started to just say rubbish and keep on being bad toward us elfs and say bad stuff about suju, what the heel as if we were the reason to take them each go on his own way not lee so man! They really make it hard for us to feel the same good and sweet feeling that suju hold toward tvxq, damn even teuki break the rules and support eunhyuk to keep on touch with them and he keeps on mention them good way and always ask us elfs to keep on supporting both jyj and tvxq!
Always Keep The Faith!
fighting oppa!
I'm always support TVXQ oppa...
Since DBSK separated, cassie keep the faith, I know, but sometimes cassie is too arrogant
[Newest]Think they rule Japan and Korea. Won't congratulate any other group for their success if tvxq is a rank lower.

15Smilers (Miley Cyrus)
They are so annoying! They're the stupidest&rudest fanbase on the Earth.They just don't understand who they are really admiring to.They bash other artists.They keep on "smiling" like mad-ones for no reasons.They hate Selena Gomez because she is much better than stupid Miley.They insult us (selenators) everywhere and then say we "insult" them.A LIE! They still keep on "smiling" even after watching Miley's dumb VMA performance.They keep on smiling after they watch "We Can't Stop" video (worst video ever).And now just look at Miley's new music video it is as boring as hell and she is swinging naked on a "wrecking ball".They're so annoying!
We the smilers are annoying. For what? Keep supporting Miley. That's the reason! We are the true fans. Doesn't matter how she's acting or leading her life. We love her and her songs. Haters said they hate Miley for her wrecking ball video and vma performance. Hey idiots! Whats the big deal? She is not the only one who does that. And we are not about to insult selenator. Its selenators whose always been so annoying and rude. They uses slang language before us.

We love Miley and always will be. Hate can't stop us. If they want to burking like dog. Let them be. Who cares!
I love Miley because she don't care
[Newest]Smilers are not worst.. Miley's haters are.

16Lovatics (Demi Lovato)
I'm not a lovatic, but I just love their fanbase. It is probably the cleanest fanbase ever, they never have fights with other fanbases, they all love eachother and they really are here to actually SUPPORT their idol, they don't waste time complaining about this or that fandom. They trend something about Demi every day and they're just amazing. I wish more fanbases could be like them, I don't even get why Lovatics are on this list.
Lovatics are the best, truly, they are nice, protective and just try to help every people who suffer because their idol love them and believe in them the way we, lovatic, believe in her, she is the strongest and prettiest girl ever we just love her the way she is, love you demi!
Lovatics are not annoying!
[Newest]Lovatics are better than all other fan bases out there.

They're annoying as hell...
Annoyed very very annoyed but someone is ok - -" #cassiopeia

18Stans (Eminem)
This is far too generalized. If you aren't a Stan, you don't pay attention where attention is due. Recovery may not be the best lyrically, but in subliminal messages all throughout the album, I can't help but say it's one of the best of the year. In his newer work, he focuses more on the double meanings and hidden messaging than the rhyming. Also, yes, many Stans only listen to him, but most of them actually listen to all the classic hip hop. If you took a look through my music library, you would not generalize me I to this list for my knowledge if music alone. You have to be a Stan to understand him. It's that simple. I can say for one, and many others, his music has helped me through tough times and the only reason we deserve to be on this list is that we are as towards bull musicians and their fans but you can't put a label on us without the knowledge. It's ignorant.
Well I know where the name comes from Stan the song and there should be a lot of followers because he really knows how to tell a story and my friend is obsessed with him. like Stan
Stans are the best 💜

19Wayniacs (Lil Wayne)
I didn't even know lil wayne had a fanbase like that, I mean I've seen their fans and they're pretty good people, they're not rude or anything they just have gone back and go history on the people who don't like lil wayne, which is a even bigger fanbase (the 2pac fans)
Does Lil Wayne have a fan base? Is that true?
... Can't believe it.
Wait he actually has a fanbase


20Exotics (EXO)
You EXOtics have nothing better to do than bash other fandoms and groups because your boys are better than everyone. You guys get on BAP for not being good enough when they had 3 comebacks while EXO was just chilling in flipping China/Korea!
SOME EXOTICs bash the seniors of EXO. For your information, without those seniors, it wouldn't be so easy for your EXO to get famous around the globe. Always remember that. And also, don't ruin EXO's name just because of your arrogant and not so good attitude. If you're really a fan, you won't do anything stupid to ruin them. Fans represents how good your idols are. And apparently some of you are not doing a really great job.
Not all EXOtics are like that. I am a fan of EXO but I'm also a fan of lots of other bands. The fans can get annoying, but then again, what fandom isn't annoying at some time? Its only natural for someone to be enthusiastic about what they like. I think it's terrible what some fans do (stalk the members, bash other groups, etc... ,) but that doesn't mean all fans are like that. Most of my friends like EXO yet we don't use 'Bacon' or 'Gucci'. Yes, the pairings are adorable but we don't go overboard and start a 'HunHan' parade. EXO shouldn't get any hate for what some of their fans have done. They don't tell their fans to bash SHINee or Ryeowook or whatnot. They don't have any control over what their fans do. This is about annoying fandoms, not about EXO's comeback and talents, so I suggest you stick the actual topic.
[Newest]This should be in top 3 already
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21WonderFuls (Wonder Girls)
Always ON AND ON about them being the ones to introduce kpop to the world... Yeah they might've done that... Maybe, but they're long gone now! Their so called achievements aren't even that great, their movie wasn't great, their English song didn't make it far, and they have not dug themselves even further into the US. Sorry wonderfuls!

22Juggalos (Insane Clown Posse)
ICP has like two good songs and their "fanbase" is turned into a wanna be gang. Very arrogant people.
Now I'm a juggalo. I never wear clown paint... I just enjoy their music. I'm actually a nerd
I'm assuming their number one fan is Gamzee

23BVB Army (Black Veil Brides)
Their music is amazing. Their music has good meaning behind it. Just because some of their fans get a little eccentric doesn't mean that all of them will. And after listening to their music I'm more myself then I was before. I used to try to fit in and be the same as the rest of society but I realize now that society is pretty messed up and now that I'm myself, I've gained true friends that I trust with my life. It's pretty sad that the one I'm closest to has a brain tumor. Anyways Black veil brides has done lot for me. But I'm not going to go to people and say that they have to love them. No. Yea I might ask them to listen to some of their music but who doesn't try to get their friends interested in the same music as them? Also I love how this is about fanbases yet people are bashing the music as you do that all you're doing is acting like children. I would know. I'm a babysitter. But anyways people need to stop judging fanbases off of one fan. Not all fans are creepy and obsessed.
Had a conversation with one girl who was a part of this fandom; she snapped when I told her that I didn't like BVB. Instead of taking it easy, she started bashing at my favourite bands (no, not Justin Bieber or 1D) meaning other rock/metal bands. Very mature of you. They produce OK music, but the fandom ticks me off.
I agree, but not all of them are like that. I'm a fan of Black Veil Brides, and yes, fans like that give me a bad rep. At the same time, don't judge the whole fanbase on a couple kids who are in love with Andy and not their music.
[Newest]I like BVB but the fanbase is just SO annoying I CAN'T STAND IT.

24Holligans (Bruno Mars)
Bruno mars is amazing. why is this even in the list?
Uptown funk should have got him a lot of fans

25Brats (Cher Lloyd)
Their name is accurate
She doesn't even sound good! Its all shouting! Why is she even considered a singer! Shes terrible!

26Swiftie Haterz (anti-Taylor Swift)
Not all her songs are about her boyfriends and exes!
Here's just a few:
Breathe - losing a friend
Ronan - 4 year old dying of cancer
Tied Together With A Smile - a girl suffering with an eating disorder
Safe and Sound
Eyes Open
Fifteen - her friends ex in her freshman year
Sweeter than Fiction - A guy from the X factor UK
Stay Beautiful - A guy she never dated just liked
Enchanted - Adam Young
Better than Revenge - A girl dating ex
Long Live - Her Band and crew
Speak Now - A friend of hers
Starlight - Her friend
The hate on Taylor is seriously out of control. She has a list as high as my house that aren't about break ups and I hate it when people say she should write a song called "maybe I'm the problem". I mean, hello, they obviously haven't heard 'white horse'! Taylor seems to get the most hate after Justin Bieber and I can't see why. She is honestly one of the best role models when the only thing she has done wrong is hold her boyfriend's hand in public and write original songs about her experiences.
I didn't even know you can make your own anti-artist fan base.
This is ridiculous in the first place. Leave her alone and I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. Have you all heard about artist get inspired by their lives and if she wants to write a song about her ex she can. While your hating she is getting paid more than your words can hurt. There is no point of this "anti". Funny how her haters even hate her but call them selves by her last name. This shouldn't even exit. If this a fan base let me know whose your idol. Every fan base has an idol and this is just gone way out of hand. I have two words for this so called fan base Ridiculous and Pathetic Haters.
[Newest]Most of Taylor's haters are directioners. They only hate her because she dated their precious 'harry styles' Ugh losers

27Glamberts (Adam Lambert)
Where do I begin? Especially since most of these people (who are usually old obese southern housewives who religiously watch American Idol) have no lives. They like to rave on twitter, overrequest his songs on radio stations despite the fact that radio stations do not want to play him, harass T.V. show producers to force him on T.V. talk shows, verbally attack (and even send death threats) critics, type in weird characters on social networking sites, and are über obsessive. I mean, what is so f-ing great about a "singer" that screams. Anyone can do that. Without American Idol, this guy is absolutely nothing, but then again, I can say that for ALL the singers that appeared on American Idol.
Say one bad thing and the fanbase loses their sh-t, even though the fanbase disparages other artists. They are mostly oblivious to classic rock music (and if otherwise, they are exposed to the crappy bands), yet love to praise the "Rock God." Good thing Lambert can't sell records, especially to boost his ego. Pathetic twats
This is the fans or family of Adam lambert

28Ygstans (YG Family)
They always overrated the swagger-ness that is actually just medium
Everything from YG looks expensive and always bragging about they so called -real artist- actually the only best artist is the one they get from kpop star, they just like branding some ordinary music with so called good fashion that only exist because the label
They have good music but it doesn't have to be in the top of chart and do not asking how offensive when someone correcting or criticize the YG artist
They blindly believe that they are the best of the best
YG artist is not even have best singer - except the kpop star
Most annoying stans ever... They act like all the artist under yg is a true musician and all higher level than the others.. I admit some of them are good but it doesn't mean that you have to look down on the others.. Such a FAKE AND ANNOYING STANS.. Please they are not that great to be honest if they really are great your yg artist would probably can go to Hollywood by now but its only PSY and we not sure if he is relevant anymore or not.. So please SHUT UP!
Full of talented swaggy composer and songwriter

29Arianators (Ariana Grande)
They are way too low on here! They make it seem like everything Ariana does will "TOTALLY SLAY LIKE ". Just read the reviews for her albums written before the album's release. Also, if you say one bad thing about her, you will get attacked by an angry mob of fans saying crap like, "u suck! Your just jealous that ari is more pretty famous and taleted then you will ever be! " Admittedly, Beliebers and Directioners are more annoying, but I vote for Arianators because they deserve more votes.
They should be first on this list
Online they're nice most of the times, but in real life a lot of them are different. They hate on others people's idols in name of Ariana, they say Ariana is so cute while she does things wrong too. They're fangirling over her every second of the day and when you talk about something non-Ariana-related, they immediately change the subject. Music that isn't about Ariana? Ew go away. Ariana music? SO AMAZING EVERYBODY STFU I WANNA LISTEN.
Promoting? If it's Ariana, it's totally fine and they even help. If it's not, they are like "just no." "ew go away" "they're stupid" "OOPS I accidentally wrote Ariana here" etc. it's pathetic how they can't accept that other fangirls want to promote their idol as well.
I have nothing against Arianators and some of them are my friends, but they can be really annoying and mean. "Cutest fandom ever, never fight with other fanbases." Yeah right, online maybe but in real life it's very different.
You're actually very wrong for many reasons. First, Ariana is VERY kind to her fans and isn't like other celebs who just follow their own fans on twitter, no, ariana follows fans from EVERY fandom. Also, arianators don't make rude comments about non-arianators, they're not like that. And of course, if they hear Ariana on the radio, they're gonna want to listen, that's NORMAL for a fan. Furthermore, they do pride themselves on being the "cutest fandom" and yes, its true, for the most part. Only like 2% of the fandom are stuck up, but their personalities are awful and nobody likes them. The vast majority of them fandom are sweet, kind, and welcoming.
[Newest]Most of them think Ariana is perfect and the best female artist, and hate on you if you think otherwise.

30Britney Army (Britney Spears)
Britney is great she should have many fans and... go Britney army!
Holy! Britney is the princess of pop she must be at the 1st place and her fans are so many! Like an army, really! Come on britney army vote for her.
Ummm... Guys? This is for the most ANNOYING fan bases. You don't actually want her to get to the top. Wrong list guys.

31Skrillex Fans
My nephew listens to Skrillex. I've heard about 20-30 songs. To me every song by Skrillex sounds the same. You heard one you've heard them all. This group gives me a headache every time I hear them.


Clearly you don't know who to use your ears. Not every Skrillex song sounds the same. Listen to Summit then Bangarang. Do they sound the same?
They believe he invented dubstep, he is the god of the genre, and will never know about other -real- dubstep DJs/producers like Rusko, DMZ or Skream/Benga. The problem isn't Sonny, it's the fanbase who generated a misconception of what dubstep REALLY sounds like, implying Skrillex ain't really dubstep.
The majority of his fan base don't have any respect for different styles, for example Skrillex's new styles with songs such as Leaving and Chase and Status-International (Skrillex remix). They seem really butt hurt...

32Shivers (Ashilla Zahrantiara)
I REALLY REALLY HATE ASHILLA AND SHIVERS! They always feel they're the most perfect people, doesn't have any fault. They (including Ashilla) also don't hesitate to bully other community with harsh words if their is a member from a community that doesn't like Ashilla. The idol is always making sensation, and the fans always support and defended their idol even if she makes a trouble that is was extremely inappropriate justified (ex: scratching his own hands because his boyfriend broke up, said member from other community 'dajjal' and 'sh*t', etc. ). UGH, I REALLY REALLY HATE ASHILLA AND SHIVERS!
Annoying=mengganggu =)) Shivers always feel that they're the most perfect person in is world. :| Shivers and Shilla, take a mirror please :3
I'm proud to be shivers:)
[Newest]I'm proud to be shivers

33Galaxy Defenders (McFly)

34Jackie Evancho Fans

35Aliens (Tokio Hotel)
They are the most stupids girls ever.. Create rumors and believe in them.. They only love the band for the Kaulitz twins.. Don't love the music, and don't accept that they have a private life


Aliens are worse than belibers. I'm not hating on TH themselves but their fans... Uggh


36Deathcore Kids
A lot of people that I know are obsessed with bands. They wear band shirts everyday to school and only that. It's so annoying when they say bands saved their lives. Like no boo boo.

These people are scary and downright rude. They will spam everything and claim it's related to Hetalia. Dog just died? Oh that happened to blah blah blah in episode 12... SO ANNOYING.
Hetalia fans who are obsessed with Hetalia ~NYAN~ ==
Honestly hetalians (NOT HETABOOS) are not even that bad. we DO NOT relate everything to Hetalia. BUT, 99% of the fandom are major weeaboos. it is to the point where I cannot say I am a part of the fandom anymore.

38Shawols (SHINee)
I wonder if I'm just ridiculously lucky, but I have yet to meet these haters that you guys describe. Sure, I've met some intense bashers about the Jonghyun thing back in the day, but I've yet to see anymore. All the shawols I personally know are outright kind people. Other than a bit of hypersensitivity to certain words (like idiot, stupid, or immature words of that sort) they mostly ask people to kindly reiterate their language. From what I've seen, they use logic very well and are quite polite. I'm quite proud to be of this fandom ever since the beginning, but if these "fans" exist, I can't help but feel ashamed. Although I have yet to experience these people, I apologize on their behalf. Their behavior must have been the utmost disappointing.
No offense to you non-hating, bashing shawols... But some of you are so outrageous! Saying " Oh Super Junior isn't relevant anymore! " Or bashing new rookie groups that they're copying Shinee or something or seriously bashing on DB5K and saying how Shinee is greater than them! Seriously, take your attitude away from here and what I'm saying is: be respectful for once! God, stop being such arrogant people... Suju and dbsk are all label mates... I'm sure they don't want you hating on their own friends & label mates. Be nice.
I haven't seen many bad Shawols, but the ones that are just bash other fandoms, like EXO or SuJu.

39Slash Gash Terror Crew (Blood On the Dance Floor)
Threatening to hurt/kill people for not like music is really immature. And they defend a pedophile even though the proof is all over the internet...
Songs about sex with underaged girls is NOT good musical qualities to have.
Songs about having sex made for twelve year old scene girls. I don't believe in all this scene, it's a stereotype and stereotypes are fake. BOTDF are scary looking dudes who hit on thirteen year olds. Their tween fans threaten to kill you if you don't like them, and say things like Dahive Vanity is childish and sweet. Yeah, right.

40Slayer Fans
This great band does not deserve such a bad fanbase. I know, not every fan is like that, but most of them are being the narrow-minded elitists that hate almost everything else, that is not Slayer.
The fans have even been known to cut themselves. Even on the head!

41Kamilia (Kara)

42Avenged Sevenfold Fans
Seriously, these guys are scary. Now why Avenged Sevenfold HAS fans is beyond me.


Not gonna lie, but me and my friends love a7x, we look like normal people, but not all fans, some fans wear Wayyy too much makeup and too much black clothing. Some of them are scary. Maybe they could tone it down a bit
By far the worst, these fans believe that a7x is all that matters to music, honestly I could not listen to 5 a7x songs in a row without getting sick

43IFC (Ify Alyssa)
We're still together... We love ify...
We Are Still Together.

IFC Love Ify Forever {}
Keep Calm IFC :)
[Newest]IFC is the best

44Blood On the Dance Floor
The lead singer Dahvie Vanity is a sexual predator/Paedophile/rapist, and the fans defend him. The song lyrics sexualize underage girls, and the fans need to realize that the stuff Dahvie Vanity is doing.

The fans are really die-hard where I live and generally don't seem to be able to comprehend English.
They cast the opinions of others aside: I like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, they said that they sound the same, which is ridiculously untrue.

46AnyManiacos (Anahi)

47Greysonators (Greyson Chance)
Who the hell is Greyson Chance?

48Psycho (Psy)
Psy is amazing plus he should have many Korean fans because he makes great songs in Korea


I love Hatsune Miku's music, it's really nice in my opinion, but most, of the people in the vocaloid fanbase are too crazy and obsessed with the vocaloids. (not all of the fans are crazy, some are perfectly normal) So 3/4 of her fans are basically these fangirls, otakus and weeaboos who rant on and on about how they think American music stinks, how they believe vocaloid music is the best in the whole entire universe, and they go insane if one person says they dislike her in any way possible. So those crazy fans who obsess over Hastune Miku and the other vocaloids give the normal people who like vocaloid music a bad reputation.
I a big fan of Hatsune Miku but I love Metallica way more. Just because Vocaloid fans hate American music Doesn't mean they are the worst. Metal heads are the same they hate every other type of music and they praise their favorite band. Some might also riot in a city just because someone hates heavy metal. I am a metal head and I know how it is.


It is just not fair
Most of the people who voted for this are just making fun of the people who likes this "crap"
Me and my cousin are being picked on at school because we like vocaloid
I get it we all have our tastes

Vocaloid haters, feel free to hate but I am telling you, people are being bullied because they like this, and if you think we are stupid and retarded because we like "fake music" then that makes you a bully yourself

And I will admit the vocaloid fandom is pretty annoying but it isn't as bad as the other fan bases on this list.

So people, shut up and stop making fun of the people who like vocaloids!

We all have our opinions.

50Team Breezy (Chris Brown)

51Zswaggers (Zendaya)
As if that talentless Disney Channel princess would have fandom
Who would want to be her fan.
Zendaya is really talented, I don't even know why she's on this list. Her fans can get along with almost every fandom, which us sonething you don't see often. Of course shes bot that big, so you don't have the bratty, crazy, obsessed fans, but she has pretty nice fans, me (being a belieber) have talked to one if them before.

52Nickelback Fans

53People Who Like Gangnam Style
In just don't get it...
The thing is, most who like this song don't even know what he's saying...
I hated this song like... Hell


[Newest]The song is catchy but it's getting OLD.
But what does that have to do with the fandom? This is about who the worse fandoms are NOT about the music itself. I swear some of you people just put these in here just to bash the artists and not talk about your negative experiences with it's fans.

54Mindless (Mindless Behavior)
Team mindless is our name
They are die hard you think Beliebers and Directioners are bad well you wrong Team Mindless (#TM) have jumped the boys and stoled stuff before and jumped in their tour buses
Mindless behavior is so incredibly inspiring, I love them and I am, of course, Team Mindless!

55Killjoys / MCRmy (My Chemical Romance)
The fanfiction is about as overboard as the fanbase, honestly, the band formed because this was their way to speak out for what they thought was wrong and to get their opinion out there, not so little underage 12 year old girls could fantasize about doing unimaginable things with them, flash them there breasts, and write on the internet about Gerard and Frank having sex. And like everyone else on here said, if you dislike one tiny detail of the band, there like little demons.
I'm a diehard Killjoy, but unlikely other fans, I'm not obsessed about fanfiction. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to read My Chemical Romance fanfiction, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE before your psyche can still be cured! If you don't, well, than welcome to the world, where "50 Shadows Of Gray" is considered as a book for kids under 5 years old. Just kidding, but really, there is something extremely wrong between Killjoys and fanfiction. But I personally don't have any other problem with this fanbase. There are always some mentally sick fans in every fanbase, not only in this one, so, basically, I don't think that most of them are THAT annoying.


I like the band, don't get me wrong but the fans... Are slightly.. Lets say unfriendly. If you dislike one tiny detail of this band (I mean ONE tiny detail) they send you death threats, assume that you MUST like Justin Bieber. It's so funny how they tell you not to hate on the music but then they say "Go listen to Jusitn Bieber". There's even hate blogs directed towards the fandom, that's how annoying they are.
[Newest]<3 My Chemical Romance #legends

56Beasters (Becky G)
I love becky g

57Rihanna Navy (Rihanna)
She really can't sing. She can just shout. I wish they understand it. I feel sorry for them.


Rihanna sing very well. She has 50millions fan base, she couldn't place in 21st because she belong to number 1
No way of course she can sing and her songs are very strong plus all her fans are committed and that's good

58Harmonizers (Fifth Harmony)
They are so annoying! They think they're the best when they're not. There are bands and artists out there who start from scratch while they were manufactured by a T.V. show... Some "work" they did. They're also way too sexual for their age... Half of them aren't even legal, like what the heck? By the way from what I've seen of their fanbase, they're not the nicest people. Not so sure why they're famous at all. They don't even write their own songs...
They're getting on my last nerve. they criticize every other fandoms and think they're the best at everything. CAN WE PLEASE HATE MORE ON THEM because I JUST. THEY DESERVE IT
Harmonizers are a great fan base. I've never see them cause a fight with another fan base, they support Fifth Harmony really well. Maybe some of them take it too at with the Camren thing but other than that, they're a really great fan base. by the way I'm A HARMONIZER 😁
[Newest]Fifth harmony can such my ass

59Queen's (T-ara)
Why are they leaving the fanbase? Only because of the last scandal?
They are the best!
I hate them for what they did to Berryz Kobo two years ago.

If they're not supporting her music, they're supporting her "normal" weight, aka trying to make non-obese girls feel like freaks.

61Babys (B.A.P.)
They're so annoying! I just say to them that I don't have interest to them, not hate them then baby's is like killing me then as if they will not talk to my anymore. They are so sensitive! Just only one word and they will kill me and bash me and everything! Sorry for my bad english... I'm working on it :/
Are you serious? We are one of the nicest fandoms.
B.A. P fans are so amazing, and I am myself a Baby! And Zelos smile though!

62Moonwalkers (Michael Jackson)
Michael is the BEST and has done only good with his life. All his hard work was either for the people that needed it or his kids. It's sad how we get hated for loving Michael for everything he has done. We just love each other and consider ourselves as a Family. We also think that we should treat each other with respect and if one doesn't then they are not know as Moonwalkers. We are friendly to other fan base but it is rude to even put us in this list. We will love Michael forever! He will always be in our heart.
We love you! Michael!
Michael you're the BEST!

63Mendies (Bridgit Mendler)
His voice is incredible, us fans are faithful to it, we fell in love only her personality, her voice is special and different from what we are used to hearing. Just let them show their talent. We Love Bridgit Claire Mendler
Be mendie lover, His voice is incredible, us fans are faithful to it, we fell in love only her personality, her voice is special and different from what we are used to hearing. Just let them show their talent.
Be mendie lover, Bridgit is amazing! She is beautiful and perfecta.
[Newest]Her voice is good but I think the fans know her from good luck charlie then stayed with her as she took of to sing

64Triple S (SS501)
ا"ترايب" اس في ا"مركز ا"او" وااضح ان نتايجك خرطي اج" ا"ترايب" اس في ا"مركز 29

65Little Black Stars (Avril Lavigne)
My friend is a Little Black Star, and she DOESN'T blab that other fandoms are annoying and blah blah, she justs say "I'm proud that I'm a fan of her, and I think others (other fandoms) will too respect each other."

Forever b2st and b2uty

67Smashblast (Sm*sh)
Spreading a hoax, 'bashing' other fanbase, also EXTREMELY devoted to their idol to the point that they want to kill their hater...

Tl;dr : crazier than a snake on a steroid

68Fatinistic (Fatin Sidqia)


70MJJ Community (Michael Jackson)
There is nothing wrong with Loving someone. We love him for he has done. I don't here other artist now and days writing a song about Healing the World. Now and days is just curses and just plain disrespectful. Well I'm talking about the top ones it's crazy how people are into those kind of music. We are not deluded. You can hate but we will always LOVE OUR Michael JACKSON. Those words of hate won't help you and our love and inspiration from him has helped us a lot. You probably just hate because you believe in a LIE than the FULL TRUTH. We are known as the Moonwalkers and MJJ Community and we will always be happy to include people in. We don't exclude unless you are there to start an arguement with one another. Our family is about PEACE, STAYING STRONG and LOVING Michael JACKSON 'till the end. We are interested in those who want to Create Friends and Peace to this World with us, MOONWALKERS.
These people are utterly deluded about Michael Jackson - a perfectly talented regardless - yet feel the need to victimise a man who clearly had troubles, as well as being jealous of his young - also extremely successful - sister Janet Jackson, and only are interested in artists who have never said a word against MJ or someone MJ was friends with
I love Michael Jackson. He is the king of pop and he will continue to live on through his music!
[Newest]I love Michael Jackson but it isn't MJJ Community... I knew it was Moonwalkers! Never mind we will love him forever!

71Gangster (Lana del Rey)
Lana Del Rey fans clearly need to find someone else to look up to because it's pretty obvious she is too overrated.
I don't have a problem with many fans but Lana del Rey fans need to calm down
Lana Del Rey fans are great. I don't see why anyone would hate on them. Go lana

724Nia (4Minute)

73Boice (CNBLUE)
Love them and their music!

74Radke Army (Ronnie Radke)

75Inspirits (Infinite)
"They're the best" ok... You need not say it to everyone like they own everyone else...
We are nice😛... We just love infinite♡♡

76Echelon (30 Seconds to Mars)
Thinks 30 Seconds to Mars is the best thing since the creation of fire, and refuse to believe their so called GODS are nothing more than a mediocre band. (For any more proof see: ANY LIST ON THIS WEBSITE. )
I like their old music better. It was edgier, their new stuff is cool too.
I absolutely love 30 Seconds to Mars. Have only loved them since November of last year, but I'm already hooked. I started with the OLD Mars first. Then LLFD came out (new 2013 album). It's beautiful and great. But I feel like it's just Jared + synths + very little guitar or drumming. And I share my opinion with other Echelons. They FREAK OUT. Some of them are SO UPTIGHT. If you disagree with something the band does or feels, they will LASH OUT at you, call you a non-believer, etc. They're firmly AGAINST downloading MP3s of unreleased songs because "it's illegal." Really? Then why are YOU downloading it to YOUR computer, huh? What makes you so special that YOU can own the unreleased songs and not me? Just because I'm a little newer?

They FREAK OUT and hate you instantly if you call it a "fanbase." Look, I love the whole "family" concept, but I throw "fan" into conversation. They need to get over it.

Also, I've seen pics of newest echelons, and most of them are like, 12-16! I'm almost 20. This is NOT the fanbase I wanted to enter. Ugh. And half of them just blab about Jared Leto's hotness and Shannon and Tomo are always left out.

77Maggots (Slipknot)
Ok, these guys worship Corey Taylor and say they're the most hardcore and "br00tal" band out there. When I hear the word hardcore the first Bands that come to my head are Black Flag, Pantera and Deftones and for brutal, they are Decapitated, Napalm Death and Bathory.
I really loved Slipknot, but now the fanbase is just like people writing fan-fiction about Corey Taylor, listening to only one song and saying their fans and it's so damn annoying.
I'm a maggot forget society
Love slipknot, I'm a maggot for life!

78COmate (Coboy Junior)
They are very stupid. Try you imagine an idol fans preferring instead his own mother

79Chicserifics (Chicsers)
One of the worst group ever
This need to be #1

80Westlifers (Westlife)
Didn't think I'd see westlifers here😕

81Vocaloid Otakus

Ya we are kinds a annoying sometimes
Yes we defend our boys against 1D fans. We are a family we stick together. We hate it when you call our boys untalented and ugly. Cause of some stupid 1D. I think we are the best fandom cause we are there for each other and love each other. So don't go and hate us.
They think the wanted are better than 1d stupid idiots like get a life 1d have way more fans and the wanted are bigs and they look like builders! Not cute at all who's with me?!

83Shapley (CSJH The Grace)

84YMCMB Fans
These fans think that lil wayne, drake and etc are the best rappers ever to walk on the earth. Not saying they're really bad rappers but people go to the point of comparing them to the wu-tang clan which is a very stupid comparison
They are so annoying with their "swag" and their snapbacks back!
Very annoying, disrespectful, & young kids who don't know anything about real rap. Horrible.

85Tupac Fans

86Enriquettes (Enrique Iglesias fans)
I am a "die hard" Enriquette he has so many great songs they are not just sex and drugs and having a lot of money he is a genuine artis with really good music he is super talented with a good heart. He's helped me through tough times and a lot of his songs are from the heart I'm not sure about you but to me he's one of the best artist as well person, very humble and generous with a amazing sense of humor. I hate when people hate on him for a idiotic reason "he's a perv" or "he's a pig" pe cause he wrote I Like It. It's just a song he liked and wanted to have fun with his music. He is someone people should look up to a good role model and insperation.
Being an enriquette is best thing that has ever happened to me... he is one of few artists in the industry who has no haters... well there must be some reason for that...

87Animals (Ke$ha)

88Zep Junkies (Led Zeppelin)
Zeppelin is by no means a terrible band, but I've never seen the fascination with them. At least half their venue is almost direct copies of older blues, jazz and doo wop who they afforded no credit what-so-ever. There have been lawsuits over this very matter and Zeppelin lost. But don’t you dare point that out to Zep Heads unless you want a grizzled fifty year old man throwing beer bottles (empty or full) at you in a tantrum that most toddlers would consider petulant. I’ve been physically attacked for saying Queen or Kansas was my favorite classic rock band before. I like Stairway to Heaven, but my mother purports when she was in highschool every hack with a guitar would sit around and play that ‘damnable’ (her words, not mine) song over and over. At one point you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing it, even on Country Music stations. To compound the issue individuals would come up to her singing the opening lyrics to black dog and sexually objectifying her. You know, “Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove. Oh, oh, child, way you shake that thing, gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting. Hey, hey, baby, when you walk that way, watch your honey drip, can't keep away”. This happened more than once and has happened to me at one juncture (the fact that the man doing it was old enough to be my father made me violently ill). My ma is a huge metal fan, but she hates Zeppelin. Not because they are necessarily a bad band, though I can think of many that are much better, but because the zealous, insane fans drove her to it. To be perfectly honest, I feel the same way.
If you just say about anything against this band, they will call you stupid and you only listen to Bieber. You aren't better than anyone because you listen to a different type of music. As for the band itself, people say that this band influenced every-other band that came out, but I disagree. Deep purple influenced metal, The Rolling Stones and the Beatles influenced rock more, and Led Zeppelin really doesn't influence much outside of that. The fans claim that the lyrics are amazing but no one actually explains or knows the "brilliance" of the lyrics and they worship all the band members like gods. Also, Led Zeppelin fans usually are modern music hater who will refuse to listen to anything post 1980. The band is overall decent in my opinion, as in most of their stuff is okay old blues knock off with some electrification's but their are some really good songs in there, and that's it! They can do wrong, they aren't gods now shut up and listen to stuff other than classic rock!
I love Led, Robert Plant is the Bæ, but please don't get tangled with these fangirls. They are sweet and excepting but as soon as you screw up, you're done for. Some are even known for making Instagram accounts and bashing people for not wanting to give Jimmy Page a bj, but if you dig deep enough you will find some awesome people. The classic rock fandom is fantastic, just watch out for them Led Heads.

89Lambs (Mariah Carey)
They are so rude if you say anything small against Mariah. You could say I like her music but I don't like her diva attitude & get this back WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T LIKE HER DIVA ATTITUDE SHE IS A QUEEN YOUR FAVE COULD NEVER! Her & her fans need an attitude adjustment. If you think I am kidding just look up the comments on her videos.

90Chasters (Charice)
Very arrogant and warfreak when it comes to their idol. They are always looking for fights even with those people who leave an unfavorable comment to their idol.

91Blinkstar (Blink)
I am proud to be BLINKSTAR because they talented, has a melodious voice that they do not stock that beautiful face, they can be called the most beautiful and melodic vocal group because it enough fans that blink enough
BLINK STAR is fans of @BlinkOfficial

92Aff(x)tion (f(x))
F (x) is the best. Princess krys giant baby sulli lmao amber queen victoria. Affxtions is the best. F (x) better than snsd.

93NIC (Agnes Monica)

94Chibi (Cherrybelle)

95Antis (Anti SM*SH)

96L.O.V.E (Nu'est)

97Iconia (7 Icons)

98Ani DiFranco

99Kate Nash Fans
If I had a dollar for every time I got hate for saying she doesn't seem nice, I could travel the world. Her fans seem to not care about anything or anyone besides her. Also they laughed when she threw a hissy fit about someone not liking her HAIRBOW. Grow up!

100Anggunesia (Anggun)

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