Top Ten Most Depressing Songs

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261Washer - Slint
262Pieces - Red

This song is honestly so full of emotion, the more you listen to it, the more you can here the pain in his voice. Brings me to tears every time.

263Field of Innocence - Evanescence
264Eet - Regina Spektor
265Genius Next Door - Regina Spektor
266The Blues - Switchfoot
267Alibi - 30 Seconds to Mars

Amazing lyrics, but so depressing

268New York - Snow Patrol
269Russian Roulette - Rihanna

How could this song be forgotten? Its about playing one of the most dangerous games evrr made... Its a strong song

270Solar Sailor - Daft Punk
271Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake
272Heroin - The Velvet Underground
273Looking for the Summer - Chris Rea
274Battery In Your Leg - Blur
275Saw You Drown - Katatonia
276Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

Not too depressing like other songs.

277Elizabeth On the Bathroom Floor - Eels

The entire album, electroshock blues, is incredibly depressing, but within the first song E clearly summarizes and demonstrates the tone of the rest of the album, and does so in only three short stanzas. The lyrics where also incorporated from Elizabeth Everett's final journal entry before committing suicide. It's a true story about the songwriter's sister. The haunting melody produces a disturbing and very depressing tone.

278Say Goodbye - Skillet

Skillet is my favorite band and "Say Goodbye" is such a sad song but I think that "The Last Night" should be on this list too. None the less all the Skillet songs on this list are to me sad.

I cried so much the first time I heard this song. It made me think of all the pain in life. :(

Oh, I don't think I heard this one, before. But, I will.

279Book of James - We Are Augustines
280Sober - Tool

There is complete self hate and depression in this song. I don't know why it is so far down in this list.

Amazing lyrics that speaks to anyone that has buried their issues with booze...

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