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81Oerba Dia Vanille - Final Fantasy 13

I don't have a lot to say about her but she is very, very, very annoying because she talks like cutesy teenage girl and her voice is so high-pitched that it will make your ears bleed, trust me listening to her is worse than nails on a chalkboard.

82Pigma Dengar - Star Fox

This guy is such a traitor. He even betrayed Starwolf! I'm just glad he gets killed off in the end. Serves you right, Bacon-Butt!

This Fatass Is Responsible For James Mcloud's Death By Betraying The Original Star Fox Team.

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83Hammer Bros. - Super Mario Bros.

"Ooh, I'mm gonna attack this Hammer bro! "
*Hammer bro jumps and dodges attack*
"AW *beep*
That's a I can say.

They made the first Mario Bros so challenging in the final worlds, and that's a good thing.

Argh, I hate these guys, especially in the original Super Mario Bros. Never able to time my jump right... - Maplestrip

84Brock Mason - Dead Rising

He only had 2 scenes in this game: One is where he checks out the mall, making sure that nobody's alive, and the other where he chases down Frank and Isabella in his tank.
Instead of just blasting Frank to bits, he just monologues about how stupid humans are compared to zombies, claiming that cleaning up zombie outbreaks by destroying everyone is only a mission, only to get is ass handed to in the end. Although he has excellent combat skills and can snap your neck easily, as well as the fact that the fight atop the tank surrounded by zombies is climatic enough, he just didn't have enough character. When you defeat him, he just falls into a horde of zombies and smirks instead of screaming for help when he gets eaten.

Not much is known about this guy, but he did destroy Santa Cabeza himself just to clean up a zombie outbreak, thinking that everything is a mission, and was sent to do the same thing to Willamette. He isn't really a psychopath, though, but just a stereotypical military douche who thinks he can do whatever he wants. I don't think there wasn't enough character of him, and in my opinion, he was a pathetic excuse for a final boss. When you defeat him, he just smirks as he falls into a zombie horde, getting eaten to death without even screaming for help! Just meh...

85Bowser - Super Mario 64Bowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.V1 Comment
86Henry Flynn - Uncharted 2: Among Theives

Its Harry Flynn, not Henry

87The Doctor - Cave Story
88Lorithia - Xenoblade
89The rival - Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
90Bulgarin - Grand Theft Auto IV
91Ryu - Street FighterRyu is a video game player character created by Capcom, the protagonist of the Street Fighter series.

He is so overrated that it is not even funny and that he belongs to the worst video game franchise of all time by a galaxy. This abomination of a "video game character" is an insult to the video game industry and not to mention the fact that the people that like him are obviously stupid and pathetic.

The guy who commented on Ryu being the worst character - you're braindead and need to get your head examined.The only one who'se stupid and pathetic is you,trying to bash on this great character

That guy had his reasons.

And besides, the snes cover of the game made me hate Ryu's myself! - Interrogator

92Donnel Udina - Mass Effect
93Tsukasa Kagura - Digimon World Data Squad

This Bitch is a maniac, have a annoying superiority complex, this he mentally backstabs you so bad, fail in the cliche NO way of failing, is a hypocrite and still I DON'T KNOW WHY EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT HIM

Betrayed you when you really trusted him, basically kidnapped his own SISTER transforming her into a mao digimon, he refuses to die even when he�'s about to, he have a annoying superiority complex and I STILL DON�'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT HIM

94Mr. Jefferson - Life is Strange
95Reaver - Fable II

I am not surprised that he has demon horns coming out of his head and I hope that one day he will get what he deserves from all he has done. And I hate how he kills Lucian if you listen to him it happened to me and I just really wish I could kill him.

This dude is completely without morals he will kill you just for looking at him funny, he sacrifices people so he can stay immortal and young forever, he'll mock you if you don't shoot Lucian at the end by doing it himself, and probably the worst part about him is that he is one of the biggest back-stabers in gaming history so if the going gets tough for him he'll even sacrifice people who even helped him in the past so he can save his own behind and guess what? He was going to back-stab you but he got back-stabed first by Lucian

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96Matt Engarde - Phoenix Wright: Justice for All
97Beggars - Assassin's Creed
98Shantotto - Final Fantasy 11

Square Enix is known for two things in my eyes: a large array of good games with a ton of imagination, and for apparently having no skill at making good characters (their characters are very hit or miss). And one of the worst ever is Shantotto from Final Fantasy XI, she started out as a job giver that sends you out on very annoying quests, not only that but she literally forces you to give her gill in order to do them, and if you refuse: she kills you, I am not joking. She is even worse in Dissidia, she is very narcissistic and constantly calls you weak and "a total loser" even when you beat the stuffing out of her. She is also not fun to play as, with the fact that you almost always keep your distance from your enemies and pelt them with spells, and that same fighting style also makes her a very annoying adversary to fight against, with her constantly moving away from you. Plus: she has one of the most ear-bleeding voices ever, coupled with the fact that every character say ...more

Shantotto is arguably the most annoying character in video games and one of the most hateble and for good reason, for one: she first daybuted in Final Fantasy 11 and she would always send you on these annoying quests not only that but she even forces you to give her gil in order to do these quests and if you refuse she'll kill you I am not kidding, in the Dissidia Final Fantasy game she is even worse because she always calls you a loser even when you don't deserve it, she think she can beat anyone she faces, she is a very cheap fighter and she has a mega annoying voice I mean seriously forget about her spells killing you its her voice that will kill you, but the worst thing about her is her undeserved popularity I mean because for no good reason several Final Fantasy fans like this character and because of the she replaced Prishe as the character to represent FF11 in the origenal Dissida, hell her fan bass has expanded so far that one of the expanson packs for FF11 has a plot ...more

Out of the hundreds of games I've played - and I do mean about 300 games or so - Shantotto is the most annoying character I have ever seen in a video game. And let me tell you: that is really something (obviously not in a good way. )

99M. Bison - Street FighterV1 Comment
100Tiger Jackson - Tekken

He is the Disco Bear of fighting games.

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