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21Autobahn - Kraftwerk

It started something completely new in music. - PositronWildhawk

22It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back - Public Enemy
23Queen II - Queen

I think that this album is pretty underrated. - IronSabbathPriest

245 Years of Mau5 - Deadmau5
252pacalypse Now - 2pac
26American Idiot - Green Day

This album made me play guitar because of the American idiot guitar riff

27True Blue - Madonna
2818 - Moby
29Revolver - The Beatles

my favorite Beatles album, I don't really like all the "ya-yaya" stuff beforehand - Queen-aholic

30Discovery - Daft Punk
31Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
32Random Album Title - Deadmau5
33Are You Experienced? - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Changed the way guitar was played, without him, none of these other albums would exsist, besides the pop ones like Michael Jackson, they might still exsist, but who did Michael influence? All those crappy artists today that's who. - jfauser

34Bad - Michael Jackson

Should be in the top ten too!

Should definitely be in the top ten!

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35The Bodyguard - Whitney Houston

I will always love Whitney forever

36Appetite For Destruction - Guns N Roses

Best selling debut album of all time.

37Back in Black - AC/DC

This was the blue print to making a great hard rock album.

38The Velvet Underground and Nico - Velvet Underground

Ok, this is irritating, I was reading the list for best albums and it was basically identical to this. Now don't get me wrong a lot of the albums on here are very good (fantastic even) but how influential were they. Back In Black, one of my favorite albums... But not overly influential so I wouldn't vote for it.

This however was hugely influential and invented punk, without this there would have been no Sex Pistols or Clash, which means no Nirvana or Green Day. This album is incredible to think about the music that was popular at the time, nobody sang about Heroin until Lou Reed did.

Please stop voting for what you like and vote for what is most influential! - DeadAsian

To see the artists that this is below is shocking; some had no influence on anyone- Shakira and Amy Winehouse spring to mind. The Velvet Underground were not only were the direct and sole influence of genres such as punk, drone and indie rock, but they created the idea of music being an art form.

This influenced a whole bunch of genres, you don't even know dude. - djpenquin999

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39Metallica (The Black Album) - Metallica

you may not like it, but it was the album that made heavy metal acceptable to listen to in a wider audience - Psykosauron

40Agnez Mo - Agnes Monica

The Greatest album
All songs are very good
You must hear it
After you hear it, you will repeat and repeat to hear again

The greatest album
All songs are very good
Agnes voice is amazing
The real diva

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