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1John Lennon
This is definitely the most tragic death, we lost the biggest musician that walked on this earth. If it wasn't for him the Beatles would have never existed and we would never have other great musicians that John and the Beatles have inspired. I saw an interview with Chapman and he said that he killed John so he can take his fame. WHAT AN IDIOT! I hope a policeman shoots him 5 times in the back, so that he sees what it's like to die. Son of a bitch...
Mark Chapman, GO TO HELL.


He was always reinventing himself because he had to do so. When listening to new music or some of his peers I wonder what his comments would have been. What would John do?


[Newest]Why did you do this, Chapman?!


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2Michael Jackson
Definitely the best thing in music... Ever! He inspired, cared, and had a general love for all mankind. He truly lived to make the world a better place. There was nobody like him before, and there will be nobody as influential to come after.
When Michael died a little of me died with him. This literally was the sweetest man I knew, and my biggest inspiration
he was the true entertainer and energetice creator of all dance moves... he to me could have lived into his 100 birthday...
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3Kurt Cobain
RIP Kurt Cobain. My favorite Nirvana songs are
Smells like Teen Spirit, and Lithium


It's so hard to think that he really did it. How could nobody see or feel what he killed himself for? I bet if I were there, I could tell what he was going to do:(
R.I. P Kurt. I wish almost more than anything that I was alive when he was. His fame will never die out


[Newest]I don't know who that is

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4Tupac Shakur
I think Tupac is the most tragic because he was just getting popular everyone loved him and then he died it was not like John Lennon or Michael Jackson he was great his songs were really great I think he's also better than notorious big this is my opinion don't be mad
Nothing needs to be said about this man, truly the world didn't deserve his sacrifices
His songs are masterpieces
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5Freddie Mercury
I would trade all these guys to have Freddie back.
Nobody could ever replace King Mercury.
He was the greatest showman the world has ever witnessed.
A selfless and wonderful man, missed not only by those closest to him, but also fans of his music and generation of listeners. May he rest in peace.
I was never alive when he was but this guy has a huge effect on me. I would do anything for him to still be alive.
6John F. Kennedy
I was stuck between jfk and 2pac. I chose jfk because even though tupac could change things through songs, jfk wanted to make real changes with laws.


The last real president of the United States of America


JFK was awesome and Steve Irwin was too.


[Newest]Yes it was painful and sad but for his wife a lot because she was right next to him.
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7George Harrison
8Heath Ledger
I wish this man was still alive. He had a bright future in front of him. If he was still alive we would've DEFINITELY seen him in the Dark Knight Rises. He would've been in so many great roles and would easily grow up to become one of the greatest actors of all time. Wish he was alive...
I wish he could come back


Nobody will ever give a performance as incredible and convincing as he did as the Joker ever again.
[Newest]He was to young I didn't like how his last role was the joker it freaked me out a little
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9Steve Irwin
I remember my brother and I loved watching his show. That was the only thing we did together that was super fun. He died a sad death.
I Loved This Man! No Really I Got Up EVERY Morning To See If It Was On! Also Chuck Norris < Steve Irwin (So True :3)
I can't offend the stingray because steve loved animals
But still I can't get over the best aussie who ever lived
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10Walt Disney
This world would not be the same without him. He truly amazing and still an inspiration worldwide.
He is my inspiration.

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11Martin Luther King Jr.
Truely one who changed the word. A very important and remembered person who will never be forgotten. I just wish that all his work was not in vain, because America today is reverting back- not to say that a many chose to change in the first place- to ignorance. However, we are doing better and thanks to him and his courage, we are definitely better off in one way or another. Definitely an amazing person that I look up to. There's still some hope for the world.
It is only a shame that people choose movie stars, and rock-stars over people that would have truly changed the world had they not died when they did. John Wilkes Booth was an idiot to shoot Lincoln, because Lincoln was the only voice of reason in reconstructing America. However, If MLK was alive today, Racism would have been discarded completely, a long time ago.
He was awesome and he would be be proud of a lot of people because of the way things turned out not with his death but with americans how they new what he wanted
[Newest]A truly amazing man is all I have to say

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12Steve Jobs
Steve has touched everyone in so many ways that most people don't even know. He died way to young with so much more to offer.
He was more snobby than me and that says something but still loved his products but how low can you go by stealing credit from others


13Jesus Christ
Jesus is our savior we all love him he is full of love he is the king of kings and the son of god he died for our sins I love him more than anything I see touch hear smell feel taste
The fact is that the reason we exist and put these comments is Jesus Christ. People who really believe creation and believe that God really exists, Jesus was the first creation by God in his own reflection, God does not have a beginning nor end but Jesus Christ had a beginning. Through Jesus Christ God made everything possible Ref:Genesis (Bible) 1st chapter.
Jesus Christ is my savior, all of ours. He died for a good cause but didn't deserve to die. He was full of love and passion, also he was forgiving. Pray for him tonight.
[Newest]Don't get mad but we don't even know if he was real, he could symbolize something that never happened. He symbolized a perfect man, and faith. So not really sad.
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14Abraham Lincoln
thats so sad he was flippen awesome :(
He free'd the slaves, fought vampire's, and zombie's, and had something to do with the civil war, laugh out loud.
His buttocks were talking about you looking for a few drinks outside the bars
15Jimi Hendrix
16Whitney Houston
17Chris Wallace (Notorious B.I.G.)
18Princess Diana
She was a real inspiration
19Cliff Burton
Died so young and wasn't with Metallica for long only did 3 albums with the band and never got to play songs such as One, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, The Day That Never Come and Unforgiven but he is famous for his bass playing without a pick. today he is regarded as the number 1 best bass player of all time behind Flea and Geddy Lea


20Rick Rodak
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