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I love Opinion. It's a shame it never got put onto a studio album. It goes along great with lithium.

This list is plagued with fake fans

83If You Must

Brilliant should have been on bleach

84Pay to Play
85Miss Me

"Miss me" is supposedly an acoustic demo that Kurt did along with an "Old Age" demo. Although only being about a minute long, it is quite a haunting piece of work by Cobain. It is a very much unknown piece but in my opinion it is brilliant.

86Return of the Rat
87Clean Up Before She Comes
88On the Mountain
90The End

Your welcome for adding 30+ songs on this list (: Nirvana forever! R.I.P. kurt cobain. Some of my favorites are lounge act, drain you and you know your right.

91Pen Cap Chew
92Ain't It a Shame

I' not native English speaker and this song helped me to learn names of days of the week;)
Ain't it a shame to beat your wife on Sunday
When you got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Oh Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Ain't it a shame!
I like Kurt's voice in this song:)!

93The Money Will Roll Right In

Arrogant lyrics and simplicity of melody line at its finest, it moves my rock meter to a good solid high! The grundge king lives on.

94Come On Death
95Help Me, I'm Hungry
96Nobody Knows I'm New Wave

Not sure, if the song was just an unreleased track or created on the spot, but the beat and the lyrics are NIrvana.

97Suicide Samurai
98In the Pines
99In His Hands

This is just Verse Chorus Verse. No need to vote for it.

100Misery Loves Company
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