Top 10 Overwatch Heroes

Overwatch is Blizzard's (currently upcoming) team-based first person shooter, featuring numerous heroes to play as.

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1 Tracer Tracer Tracer is a player character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a Blizzard Entertainment developed first-person shooter video game and its related media. V 5 Comments
2 D.Va D.Va

My main along with Reaper. I've about mastered her, and I get Play of the Game with her commonly. It just goes without saying: D.Va is AMAZING

Fun to play as and actually hot unlike tracer who looks like a man

D.Va is adorable. Sure, some of her voice lines are cringeworthy but her ultimate is easily a game changer.

D. Va is easily my favorite character design and to play. She's adorable and sexy out of her meka.

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3 Widowmaker Widowmaker Widowmaker is a fictional, playable villain hero appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Introduced in November 2014 at BlizzCon, Widowmaker made her debut in Overwatch, released in May 2016.
4 Reaper Reaper

*lincoln park blares in the distance* - Jackamalio

V 1 Comment
5 Hanzo Hanzo

I can already smell the bad hanzo mains fingering the vote button

I can already smell Widowmaker fanboys complaining about that.

V 2 Comments
6 Bastion Bastion V 1 Comment
7 Lucio Lucio
8 Junkrat Junkrat

This guy is my main when I get a good chance to use him. - DapperPickle

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9 McCree McCree

You knew someone was going to say this...ITS HIGH NOON!

V 1 Comment
10 Genji Genji

He's the best. He has very high mobility, has the best ultimate, best abilities.

The Contenders

11 Mei Mei V 3 Comments
12 Soldier: 76 Soldier: 76

He is the best! Use him against A.Is.

13 Roadhog Roadhog V 1 Comment
14 Mercy Mercy V 1 Comment
15 Reinhardt Reinhardt V 1 Comment
16 Pharah Pharah
17 Ana Ana
18 Zenyaita Zenyaita V 1 Comment
19 Zarya Zarya
20 Sombra Sombra V 2 Comments
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1. McCree
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1. Widowmaker
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3. Soldier: 76

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