Top Ten Most Annoying Things In Bad Eggs Online 2

This is a list of the most GODAWFUL things you would encounter when playing Bad Eggs Online 2! From trolls to lousy teammates!
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1 High-level players with alternate accounts

One of my gripes about BEO2 is that it allows high-level players to create alternate accounts. That allows them to lure unsuspecting players into getting cocky about fighting and creaming a lower-level player when they're actually up against a grizzled veteran that then actually humiliates them.

I hate having to go up against such cunning players!
Plus, I always prefer sticking to the one account that I have!

This is also annoying since this one person named CypriotMerkz has like 6 alt accounts and keeps reporting me for no reason using all of them.

2 Getting trolled

February 26th, 2015: I battled against this troll, and from his skillfulness in battle, he is one of those aforementioned "High-level players with alternate accounts". He's a psycho who enjoyed annoying the living Hell out of me!

Then again, that's what all trolls do; annoy people with their immature comments!

Another annoying thing to happen to people like me in Bad Eggs Online 2; Getting trolled by creeps like him!

3 2v1/4v2 situations

If there's one of several things that I listed here that I hate to see in BEO2, it's having at least two people from the opposing team (whether in a 2v2 match or 3v3 match) going after me for being a close and easy target! The same principle applies to 2v2v2 matches, where two of the teams target the third!

Ever since the Donkins introduced the new 2v2v2 mode, it became a breeding ground for 4v2 situations in 2v2v2 matches! I really hate that! I think that they should have that mode removed!

Not only that, but depending on the level, you could get singled out for being a high-level player

4 Bad teammates

Another thing I hate having to put up with, especially in a 2v2 battle, is having a bad teammate. Either that bad teammate is unskilled, uncooperative, unreliable, get caught up in distractions (such as playing on the Xbox), lose intentionally for trolling purposes, etc.

And that's the reason why I prefer to have teammates who are willing to cooperate with me and are skilled.

5 Missed shots/Not enough damage

In a BEO2 battle, one wrong move would put the opposing team at an advantage, whether it's missing a shot that would deal high amounts of damage, or your shot hitting but not causing enough damage.

6 Platform Paradise (BEO2 map)

Oh. MY. GAWD! I absolutely hate this map, because I could never land any good shots or spawn in a bad place at the start of a battle, especially against high-level opponents.

7 People spamming high-powered weapons

Sure it's an effective tactic, but it tends to annoy the targets! I detest being constantly bombarded with high-powered weapons, especially when opponents spam that Big Boom!

8 Not getting a good teammate

It's not easy sometimes to get a good teammate, especially a high-level player!

9 Immature players and guests

These people r annoying as they boast about getting one shot right and they make fun of you for missing one shot that was actually really hard to make. Once I crush them they then begin to make excuses about why they lost, such as fake lag.

10 Getting beaten by lower-level players

Sometimes, you want to be a little prideful at being a higher-level player, but then you get into a battle where you're defeated by lower-level opponents, knocking you off your high horse.

It's embarrassing and I feel like if you leave before you beat the one that beat you its just like being afraid -_-

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11 Game Glitches

"You know like when you shoot person and it stops and totally misses even though your calculations were correct."

12 People Who Smack Talk But End Up Dying At The End
13 Losing all the time
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