Pet Peeves

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Mouth Noises/chewing with mouth open
Go back to the pasture if you are going to chew like a cow and sound like you're chewing could. Gross, and annoying.
Ew! Yuk, I hate that noise! And also when you can hear there jaw clicking while you chew! That disgusting and very frustrating!


It's so disgusting! And it's really rude for the people who have to hear it My mom does it all the time And I have to tell her how gross
[Newest]It's gross! And it's annoying if you're trying to eat and all you hear is smacking noises.
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2Poor Driving Etiquette
People who get in front of you when there are no cars behind you and then make a right hand turn forcing you to almost make a stop. That drives me crazy and people wonder why I won't let them in.
They pull out in front of you and then do 20mph. You look in your review mirror and there is not a car for miles! Also the sign says "Lane closed ahead, merge" and the idiots wait till the LAST second. If everyone would keep moving and let every other car in... There would not be a back up of traffic for miles! It's the people that think they are better and deseve to be in front of everyone that causes the backup!
When traffic is congested and someone is gracious enough to allow you to merge in front of them, a simple wave to show appreciation is considered appropriate and polite. No wave is just plain rude! Completely annoying!
[Newest]I would say that bus is one of those slow drivers. They don't drive poorly 'cause their job is to pick up passengers and I totally understand. But whenever I encounter them, they really piss me off. I have to wait until almost every cars behind me on the left lanes past over me then I can get around them. Such a waste of time!

3Not Washing Hands After Using the Restroom
This is extrememly disgusting! I know someone who has the nerve to use the bathroom and not wash her hands, then continues on to the kitchen to eat, touch other people, and touch objects in the house (such as doorknobs, the refrigerator, etc). I wash my hands EVERY TIME I use the bathroom!
In my thinking, it is essential to protect our health except for unpredicted situation...
I'm studying in France for a year, and I have yet to see a French male human being Wash his hands in a public toilet. This might be why all French People do the kissing on the cheeks, as they know that shaking hands is a certain way to spread diseases Down here -. -
[Newest]It's so nasty like you are spreading germs everywhere you go then you wonder why you are always sick.

4People who use the word "your" instead of "you're"
If you speak and write English, do it correctly. This and all other bad grammar are my biggest pet peeves.
YES. This is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves. Simple grammar mistakes drive my crazy. I'm a freshman in high school and I see them all the time. Even some of my friends who are in honors English make irritating grammar mistakes. Seriously people, you're 15, you should know these differences we learned in elementary: to/too/two, your/you're, there/their/they're, its/it's, and many others. IT'S NOT THAT HARD. WHY IS IT THAT AmericanS IN HIGH SCHOOL SPEAK WITH THE GRAMMATICAL EQUIVALENCE OF THIRD GRADERS?
It frustrates me to no end, just the fact that English was my second language too and I still know the difference between "your" and "you're". Honestly, some people need to stop being so lazy and actually type the correct one in; You don't even have to put in the damn apostrophe just so long as it at least says "you're"!
[Newest]Yes. This is rather irritating. But. With everything there is human error.

5Movie talkers
I can't stand people who constantly ask questions and yell out unnecessary comments during a movie... that just pisses me off.


Here are some examples:

When Watching a Comedy: *points* HAHA THATZ FUNNY DEHHHH

When Watching a Drama: OMIGOD ITS LIKE SO SAD!

Shut the frack up already.


UGH! What The HECK. I HATE Talkers.. "Stop Talking, Get Your Foot Off My Seat And SHUT THE BLANK UP! You Know I Went To See Harry Potter 7 Pt2 And These Idiots Brought A Infant Into The Theater... I Can't Take It.. I Really Can't!
[Newest]So true bro, I feel what you saying.

6Bitchy Schoolgirls
God they're annoying. This one girl at school thinks everything is 'weird' and all I said was 'hey' and she said 'its that weirdo again'. I'm gonna shout at her when I hear her next time saying that, don't care who else hears it, she and schoolgirls LIKE THAT in general are annoying.


A girl in my class has gotta be the bitchiest of them all. I cannot stand her. But then again, I really don't care for her at all. And I wanna say: I think she wants me to join her. I refuse to. She's my enemy... And I'm just using the title, not trying to vulgar. Anyway, here's a tip for everyone out there who might be getting bullied from this type of person:

IGNORE THEM. They will go insane. And if you can't do that, just look at them like they're really stupid or give them the evil eye. Or you can just curse them off, which I do NOT recommend in school.
You are not prettier than us, and you are CERTAINLY not smarter than us, so get over yourselves!
[Newest]Those girls wreck my brains! They ALL need to put off to sleep... Permanently.

7Putting others down
I'm deaf and I don't like it when people think I'm retarded! I mean come on people.. We are just regular person except we can't hear that good. So start treating us respect. And don't be ignorant!
I can’t understand talking behind someone’s back. It seems so incredibly unproductive and just very immature. What’s more is that it’s usually adults who have perfected this “art. ” I really can’t stand it. If the negative comment is inquisitive (i.E. , asking a friend for advice), I understand that, but if it’s solely to bash someone, it’s quite pointless, and only serves to make that person look horrible, because, as we will know, in time, there are very few “secrets” left. What you say behind someone’s back will get back to that person, so think about your intention, truth, and fairness.
Those elitist who criticizes person in their back, because of jealousy, they don't want somebody to be higher to them. I don't care if you're famous or not, have money, etc. But talking in the back, spreaking rumors about that person I wanna kill them all. They think that they are right.


[Newest]Tacky at its best!

8The Jersey Shore Cast
Yeps I totally agree but what really pisses me off they still think they are gracious and lame and still there are people watching them!
Eww. No. I can't stand them and their whiny voices and their attitudes, I actually never watched a full New Jersey Shore show, but I know what its ALL about.

9Teens that think they're 30 and tell their peers that they are being "immature"
I'm in dance with my best friend and there's a bunch of popular girls on the dance team to right? So we're at a compititon and we (my friend and I) are sitting between the bleachers and the seats when five of the populars come over and tell us to sit up and stop acting so immature, guess what we saw them doing oh I don't know, five flipping minutes later! Running up and down the seats while some of them sat how we were. Ugh!
Well, I act mature sometimes and when you aren't acting appropriate in a situation where you really should be then I will count that as immaturity because if it is obviously not an appropriate situation then that is not good.
I hate that too. It's so annoying!

10Cell Phone Drivers
If you pass someone on the freeway going 50-55 in a 65-75 mph zone, swerving in and out of the boundaries of their lane, you can just about bet they are on a cell phone!
Talking on cell phone while driving is rude ^^ dangerous. It is also arrogant; are you really so important and so busy that you have to make calls while you are driving?
Ugh.. I live in California and just recently it's ILLEGAL to talk on your phone and drive.

I hate it so much, it makes everyone a bad driver. Did you know your four times as likely to get into a crash when you talk and drive?

I honk at people I see doing it.


[Newest]Talking on a cell phone is not only dangerous but disrespectful to other road users.

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11People who throw trash from their car window as they drive
Put a garbage container in your car. The world is not a great big dumping ground. I honk at them.
I hate that, if any one riding with me threw trash out the window, I would pull over and make that person get out to pick up what was thrown
That drives me mad

12Screaming children/ temper tantrums
Come on, I never would have gotten away with throwing a fit like that in public, or if I was too young to know better, they would have taken me outside, end of story.
Learn how to raise a kid and keep your demon spawn under control. Nobody wants to hear your offspring throwing a temper tantrum, and it makes you look bad. NOW SHUT THE THING UP!
God my brother does this all the time... it is the most annoying thing in the whole world! By the way if anyone thinks you are cool on this list any teenager can tell that this list is mostly 40-60 year olds.


[Newest]The sad thing is the parents don't do anything about their screaming child. That is what makes me tick.


13Angry Teens who whine about their parents telling them what to do.
I know I'm still sort of a teenager, but very close to being a full-grown adult. I see teenagers or even hear some of my friend's who are still teenagers complaining that their parents tell them what to do. Obviously if it's a house chore, just do it. It will most likely take up 5-10 minutes of your time, it isn't that hard.
Like you didn't whine to your parents when you were a teen? 😒
[Newest]I'm a teen, and I don't get it. Why does it seem like everyone hates their families so much?

14People with horrible breath
Its not their fault, wow most of these people have health problems
I hate when some people that have horrible breath. I mean when they talk I wonder they don't smell their breath? They just start talking and that disgusting smell comes makes me sick right away. yuck!

15The naming of celebrity couples
Naming your kids after adjectives (my Aunt teaches elementary school so I know this) is one thing (examples are Desire, Happiness, etc.). This is an abomination. It's only a matter of time before my Aunt tells me she is now teaching a Cam-whoever Cameron Diaz married. The other new baby name trend is throwing together a baby name prefix (like Br for Brianna) and a suffix (like lyn from Jocelyn, Brooklyn, Evelyn) and throwing together whatever in the middle. I hate that.
They were jelena get it right.
It is SO stupid! I mean "Seleiber"? At least they broke up so we don't have to hear it anymore.

16Global Warming Propaganda
Global Warming may be true, but the way the media exagerates the "doom" of the earth is just plain annoying. They can't even call it "Global Warming" anymore, because places are starting to get extreme winter weather, so they have to change it to "Climate Change. " I think everyone knows by now that polution is contributing, but there are also natural factors involved. People need to calm down and just assess the situation, not advertise it all over the place.
Global warming is a myth created by the left in order to extort money. There is no significant research saying the earth is getting warmer as a result. Historically the Earth has its warming and cooling cycles that accur naturally.
That is so true. They cannot even predict the weather. Let alone know trying to tell us about Global Warming. The more intelligent some people think they are the more stupid they become.

17When people copy you in every way
I know, some of my friends always copy me, and then I'm like, "OK, from now on, I'M THE ONLY PERSON DOING THIS AND NO COPYING! " but then the other friend would be like, "just let her do it, " but seriously, You're copying me! And then I would say, "You know, I hate it when people copy me and such" but they don't understand I'm partially talking about them! THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY can't YOU JUST GROW A BRAIN FOR ONCE! I JUST GET SO MAD AH
Its so annoying! They do everything you do, and even if they think its funny, its not! I hate people that are like that!
Maybe one thing that they like about me would be fine, but do NOT copy every single thing I do, it gets on my nerves because I am trying to do something and you are just trying to do it exact same as me, sure you can use maybe one thing like me, but not everything!

News Flash, being a "thug" is not "cool" anymore, pull up your pants.
people fake way too much like there "thugs." ritch kids act like there from the rough areas, but if they ever even got close to the rough areas theyd piss there baggy clothes and get killed by the real deal. people in my area, along with myself, get offended and upset when a kid acts lower than themselves. thugs arnt from ritch areas or middle class areas-thugs are from the projects-so grow up and pull your damn draws up!
Hate them. They act big, and they act low lives even thought they arent. Not having them around would make thos world a lot more of a better place no doubt in my opinion. They dont intimidate me but I just dont like thugs.


[Newest]People like this are absolutely gross! I mean, we don't want to see your boxers!

19Body odor
Ewww no one wants A Person that has body odour
There is a thing called deodorant
You can even use your imagination and scrub your pits with dryer sheets! :D

20Overuse of the Word Actually
I actually do actually believe what you are actually saying without you actually having to qualify it with the word actual.
As you say it's increasing all the time and everybody just joins in this ridiculous trend without a second thought. Do they all think they sound intellectual or something by saying it ALL the time? Instead they just sound stupid, which is a shame because if it is a lecturer or somebody you should be listening to, it becomes impossible to dilate any meaning when every sentence is punctuated in this way. The word becomes completely meaningless and is easily my number one pet hate.
Okay, I agree the word ACTUALLY is overused and almost always inappropriately used. But what about the word LITERALLY? Examples: "I literally saw the eclipse last night, " or "She is literally 6 feet tall. " So rediculous!
[Newest]Like is like more annoying.

21Bossy Leaders
SERIOUS PET PEEVE OF MINE! When assigned a group project with my friends, I usually sit back and let them lead. Unfortunately, this doesn't exactly work out well for the rest of the group as they normally end up being told off and their ideas aren't given credit. I honestly cannot stand bossy leaders. Ugh.
For sure! Once given a position of leadership, all you have to do is LEAD, not BOSS. There is a difference. A good leader leads and is part of the group. A boss delegates to the leaders understanding his appointed leaders will, indeed, guide their groups toward the desired goal.
Seriously lead by example! Your a leader for a reason! Treating others with respect can go far...

22People who tailgate when you're going faster than the speed limit

23People that constantly refer to their girlfriend as "my girlfriend" when you already know her name
I mean it's the other way around they refer to my girlfiend as "your girlfriend... " I mean you know her name... Just call her it
Right, babe. Just call me ANGIE!

24Bad Service at a Resturaunt
hate that or when they are in a horrible mood so they put it out on you
That is also one of my biggest pet peeve, especially when they looks down upon me and my family just because we are Deaf. I mean, just because we are Deaf doesn't mean they have the right to ignore us... We are human as everyone else are.
True I reflect it on their tip!

What's worse is when they're flailing their arms while walking, with a smoke in their hand to boot! I fear for any exposed flesh, I don't relish the idea of big burn marks on my arms, thanks.
The worst is at the beach and children's playgrounds, Children's PLAYGROUNDS! People are totally inconsiderate, its like, 'we don't all want lung cancer'
you smokers may kill someone!
oh, the smoke, I was about to almost vomit right away

26When people don't keep their big dogs on a leash
Yess, it's so annoying, I'm afraid of dogs like legit! And I feel very uncomfortable in public just them being there, I'm not saying by any means that they're not allowed to go out, I just think that it's really annoying and disrespectful, so ATTENTION DOG OWNERS, KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH, OH AND ANOTHER THING IT IS SO DISGUSTING WHEN YOU DON'T PICK UP YOUR DOGS "TRASH"
Not everyone likes dogs and doesn't want them jumping up on them all the time. I especially hate it when people just tell their dogs to stop instead of physically moving the dog.
*let them run free in publicI am afraid of dogs! Not everyone thinks dogs are cute and loyal. Please respect other people and keep them on a leash when out in public walking them.


[Newest]My friend has a dog, Stanley who is bigger than me. Almost every year we go to his house for a Super bowl party. I have to stay in the basement the whole time!

One time (not at band camp) a guy named Keegan was sharpening a mechanical pencil.
AND he called ME stupid.

"Eyehole deep in muddy waters... "-Maynard James Keenan


It is so annoying how you see them at church and then you see them being a play boy. Then their parents think that their holy but when they go to sleep they don't know where they go.
yeah, you know who your are

28Skinny jeans on men
I think should all just mind our own buisness. You'll never see me care about another man's jeans. Js.


[Newest]Two things a man should never wear. Skinny jeans or crocs. Gross

29Eating In My Bed and Leaving Crumbs
haha i do that, but i do it in my own bed so if theres crumbs i can only be annoyed at myself


my kids do this all the time, cookies,crackers, whatever...I HATE IT!

30When you ask a question and the person doesn't give you an answer

31Cutting in line
Coming never to nowhere near you because nobody ever thought of this: The line monitor (OOH AAH). If you cut in line, you get sent to the end! Do it again or cut more than 8 people, you leave the line!

We need this so badly.

32When people say things that they don't know the meaning of
Because you don't want to ask what that means. so you pretend to know and they go on and you sit there confused as crap and at the end you just laugh.
If they ask you to tell them what the word means : your screwed
If you don't know what the swears mean, then stop trying to act cool and drop the act!

33Fat women wearing skinny women's fashions
On one hand, I give these girls props for their confidence and comfort level with their body. On the other hand, they need to learn what is flattering for their body type and accept the fact that some trends will never suit them. What looks "sexy" on girls of one size is a horror show on girls of another size. Clothing manufacturers should stop making some clothes past certain sizes. I mean, sometimes it just looks like a sack of cats going to the river.
Good One! There are perfectly great clothing for plus size women - why the hell would you want to shove your oversized body into a size 3... Really! I can relate... I'm not a plus size woman but I am average but I know my limits - what I should and shouldn't wear. Especially if you're looking in the mirror and it doesn't look good - GIRL, it doesn't look good... Don't wear it. Flaunt what you have in a more flattering way that suits your plus size figure! And stay away from the skinny jeans and the size 3's!
Okay, for starters, if you're trying to look nice, wear something that actually fits. It is a big peeve of mine to see fat rolls hanging out all over the bottom of the shirt. Second, those styles are for skinny twigs, which means it doesn't hang or accent your body the same way as the skinny girl's clothes. Third, you are not skinny by wearing skinny girl clothes. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Some people are just SO big headed that you just want to squish their head!
Arrogant people just make me want to hit them in the head with a shovel
Arrogance on a man is a very ugly thing

35People who post pet peeves on a forum page
Unfortunately everywhere you go in life.. You will find something that annoys the crap out of you. You know what my main 'pet peeve' is? People who complain about the littlest things in life instead of just moving right along. Have a great time fussing now, children. :]
I find it hilarious that people who have pet peeves about people having pet peeves post about it on a forum for pet peeves, yet claim that it's their biggest pet peeve. You made it through THIRTY-THREE of these posts to get to this one and claim that little things don't bother you. You = lying to yourself... ;-). My pet peeve? Liars.
I agree!
Get a life... Don't sweat the small things in life... Quit judging people...
Look in the mirror...

36People who always think they are right and won't believe you

37Driving slow in the the fast lane
The speed limit in the passing lane is infinity. So move over and let the car behind you pass. It's the law in most states. It's not personal if someone wishes to drive faster. So stop causing traffic and move to the right.
I agree. But what a lot of people don't get is that it's not really a "fast" lane, it's a passing lane. If you're not passing the drivers on your right, get over!
There is no such thing as a fast lane. The speed limit is the speed limit.

38Overuse of the Word Like
and like i was like you know like walking and like it was like raining like so not like cool...haha learn to speak proper english! you dont sound cute at all,
i hate the fact that im from liverpool, the word "like" is used in every single sentence. it gets really irritating


The Cally Valley Girl craze is over. Drop the "like" and learn to speak intelligent English.
[Newest]I'm a sophomore, and it's so annoying!

39People mispronouncing the word kilometer

40People who "have" to curse after every other word
Enough with the F*** and the S*** already. People who use curse words to replace every adjective need to crack open a dictionary.


I don't mind when it's after somthing bad or painful happens... But when you use it 10 times a sentence... Ugh
I can't stand that and refuse to even stay in the same room with someone who does that which is kind of ironic because at one point in my life I was that person. I guess there are a lot of furious and depressed people out there (that was my reason).

41Big dogs at the small dog park
You may think your dog is little but maybe it isnt. If your dogs head is bigger than some peoples entire dog, it should be playing with the big dogs and not the little dogs. Certain exceptions could apply such as sick or senior dogs, but you know who you are.


I have to go cancel a babysitting job... Apparently I can't be spending time with people smaller than me. Like what?! Dogs can go wherever the hell they'd like!
I hate this too, good point!

42Yards that run down a neighborhood
One crack house on the street does bring down the property value. It's not judgmental just a sad fact.
Its like the saying "one bad apple spoils a bunch." I put time and energry into the landscape of my house and why does the neighbor's house look like grow house or drug manufacturing place.
Most judgemental thing I've read on this site. There has to be a medal for you somewhere.

43Fashionable Brats
OH you don't have the worst in the world but your fashion sense, not good! " that's what fashiondivas gets me annoyed. Look at the list of reasons why miley better than selena! Totally rude, mean, steriotypical! It makes me mad. Angry. RAGE! RAGE ANGER FURY SHOCK! RAGE! ANGER! FURY! SHOCK! Today on rage anger fury shock, we will talk about people comparing people from what they look like : ( not their personality. It makes me upset because we are all equal even thought miley is incredibly ANNOYING! Ugh..they are too fashionable to realize the REAL meaning of fashion...

44People wearing their glasses in their hair
I wear reading Glasses and when someone comes to talk with me I put my Glasses on my head. I need them only for reading and computor. Hate going in my purse, so ya on my head
Worst pet peeve ever..

45Nuisance yappy or barking dogs
The worst is when the owner NEVER gets them to be quiet or even realizes their dog is barking. don't GET A DOG THEN. I calmed my dog down and brought him inside, be a normal human and do the same, THANKS!
I hate this so much especially when your trying to sleep and your nieghbours dog is barking non-stop and will not do anything about it.

46Parents telling us kids what to do or not to do
Oh, come on! Let us have a little freedom! God! I feel bad for a lot of kids-- my friend never even saw the Lion King.
'And if I want my room a mess, since you don't go in it, ma, lemme keep it like it is! ' If it's good enough for me, then let it be! And gosh, I really hate it when they say, "Clean your room"... It rubs me the wrong way.
I am 13 and my dad does not let me sit in the front seat of the car, and he
go out of the house without his supervision (well I can take the trash out but
I can't actually cross the street. Jesus Christ Dad! I know the rules, and I
think I'm old enough, I'm 13, not 5!


Dear, your Dad will give you freedom as he sees you maturing, so have a little patience, he loves you and he is trying to train you for even the small things in life... Enjoy now...
I'm 21 and my mom always says that I act like I'm not old enough to make my own decisions. But I am old enough and she refutes my decisions! And then makes them for me.
[Newest]I love my mom and dad but hate it when they tell me over and over again what to do.

47Parents who don't let their kids make choices
Okay so in my opinion, there are certain ages in which kids can do stuff. If they're 17 and they ask if they can sleepover at their boyfriend's house, in a way it depends on the parents because they want to make sure their daughter/son is safe and that they allow it. If you believe your teenager (maybe almost an adult) is a good person, then you should just trust them. If they're bad and you know it, don't. It depends on the child you raise to trust them to do certain things.

48When people argue in public
When you're arguing in public, don't even do that honestly, at least find a quieter place to have your discussion or after your done whatever you were trying to get done, argue at home, rather than yelling in a mall full of people that can hear you. No one needs to hear what your fighting about. That's just.. not the best vibe.

49Parking a car across two spaces

50Men wearing a baseball cap in a restaurant
I wouldn't mind people doing that if I were at buffalo wild wings, but at a fancy restaurant, then it's a problem

51People who write R.I.P.... give respect and write rest in peace

52Stage 5 clingers

53People who ruin perfectly good jokes
I know someone who is the biggest offender of this in every sense of the word. I can never laugh when he's around.

54Loud cellphone conversations in public

55Drivers not coming to a full stop at a stop sign

56When people have their music up so loud at a stoplight it shakes my car

57Talking with food in your mouth

58People who are vain and think everyone is always looking at and envious of them
I find that most people don't actually feel this inside. Remember that everyone has their insecurities, but some people can hide it better than others. Yes, many people make others feel worse in order to make themselves feel better, but it's good to remeber that.
YES! It's SO annoying. Not EVERYONE thinks your hot, not EVERY guy likes you! PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELF!
People who think their poop don't stink

59When people say "I seen"
I get sick at my stomach when I hear people using the phrase "I seen" instead of using correct grammar like "I have seen" Just about everyone I hear is now saying "I seen" come on folks get a grip.
Wait, I have never heard someone say "I seen" unless it was a mistake and they corrected themselves, I didn't know of this trend
People say this all the time and it drives me CRAZY! You SAW, You SAW.

60Not using turn signals

61No enforcement of a complete stop at a stop sign

62People who ride their bikes in the road when a sidewalk is right there
If you have a bike you're supposed to be riding on the road, not the side walk. The side walk is for people to walk on, not bike riders.
I'm sorry that it's the law but if you don't have a motor you're just impeding the flow of traffic, especially if you don't have a specified bike lane.
Especially when the Speed Limit 45-65 mph. They are going 20 mph, if that fast; holding up traffic.
[Newest]Sidewalks are not for bikes. So give them a break and slow down.

63Racist people that just see the color of the person, religion or what country they are from
The person who insults a person is less talented and important than the person who is being insulted.


I cannot believe this isn't higher up on the list. It's just so hard to understand why this is all the way down here.
That's so mean. Who cares if their different! Where all the same!

64Parents who complain about kid's shows
This annoys me because I feel that if you hate something so much why are watching it or even doing it. If it's for kids, then of course you will not be entertained by it. I, mean, I despised sesame street as a kid and still do. But, I don't watch it.
Most kid shows agree crap these days so I know why
Most kid shows are crap these days so I know why

65Adding an apostrophe to any word ending in "s"
I understand if you don't know how to properly use apostrophes (or apostrophe's, I suppose), but haven't most people learned about grammar in school? Oh, and another pet peeve of mine would be the misspelling of the word "grammar". I've often seen it spelled as "grammer", which is only used as a surname.
Such as - "Did you see the cute kitten's at the pet store? " I want to ask, "kitten's what? "
It drives me around the bend when people write "the 1960's" instead of "the 1960s". It's without an apostrophe, guys!

66Texting and driving
Why do it. you wanna die or something

67Spending money on the space program

I hate them! Especially younger ones. I have a 9 year old sister and has this really ugly attitude. She throws a fit in public if she doesn't get what she wants. Its embarrassing for me. I'm the middle child. Once she was born, I was practically ignored after that. I was hardly ever around the house. I was at my friends house most of the day or at my cousins house. She was a spoiled little child. Out of my whole family she was the worst about it. I quit acting like I needed all the attention when I was 5 years old. So 7 years ago I quit acting like a spoiled kid. Unlike my other friends. Its a wonder how she has friends. Ehh I'm done ranting. Bye for now.
I have an older sister who thinks she is "all that" and that I am just some idiot but I am two grades below her but taking the same grade level math, and I have a better grade in it! It's just annoying because I can be accomplished too but if I ever talk about something I did she one ups me and my parents then talk about what she had said
That's why pets are better than siblings especially dogs, dogs are awesome

69When in a text message a person replies "lol"
How are you expected to keep a conversation going if they respond in "k" or "l.O.l". If I send someone a funny message and they respond with L.O.L I'm just like, "Well f*** you too then" because as we all know 99% of all L.O.Ls are said with with a straight face. One time this one girl actually said L.O.L when one of my friends said a joke. What's the point of that?!


Don't forget the reply "K". Ugh stupid people!

70When you're eating something healthy and someone asks if you're on a diet
This annoys me so much when I am going to drink something with my colleagues at the break of my work and they ask me about the amount of sugar for my coffee and I reply : 'Don’t put any sugar" so they get astonished and say : " Are you in a diet? ", and I say to myself : " just keep on your business, for God’s sake ".
Haha yeah this one is annoying. Shows how pathetic most people's eating habits are.
Followed by that awkward reply, "No, I was just umm, trying to improve my eating habits because I started getting self conscious about being overweight."

"Yeah, that's called a diet."

71Emo Bands
Well it's not really the bands but more of the people who cut their wrists and harm themselves for no reason. To me it's for their enjoyment or just for attention. It puts bad impressions for other people that like wearing all black or dying their hair. I find it retarded what some of these people do. Well I don't really know about the music styles they listen to but I know exactly how their lifestyles are.


They are so annoying! I now avoid a fast food outlet in the city because of all the emos and scary looking people. CHEER UP GUYS!


You are not punk, you are fairies in bad clothes. Get a life, and a job.

72When people speak in a constant stream so that you can't converse or respond and you have to awkwardly talk over them to simulate conversation
My mom does this because she is a compulsive talker and doesn't want to change. I won't go to the movies with her anymore. All my friends complain about her talking. She now talks to herself all the time because Dear Abby said it was okay to talk to yourself. I hear her jabbering away when she's in the bathroom taking a tinkle. Dear Abby this!

73People who make noise when they breath

742/3 a cup of ice 1/3 of soda and you have to pay.
More drink. Less ice.

75Immigration to North America
WHY is this even on the list? I find it extremely offensive. I'm a "true" Canadian (what does that even mean? Born in Canada? Descendants from Canada? ), yes, but my life would be so different without immigrants, and NOT in a good way. Keep in mind that all Caucasians weren't actually from North America, and that we completely destroyed the Aboriginal way of life- people who actually cared about the environment and finding a way to co-exist with it. This is, to be blunt, racist.
Random rant there.

76Improper Use of the Word Ironic

77Really thick eyebrows
It makes me want to RIP THEM OFF


They look like caterpillars!


78Guys Who Date Three Girls at Once
Yo that ain't cool!
What are you saying! OSEA JELLO!

79Anti Smoker People
Hitler was an Anti Smoker.


Don't like em especially liberal celebs!

81Public spitting
For goodness sake use tissues if you have to spit especially after that phlegmy cough.
Its distgusting and nasty... No girl should see a guy spit right in front of you. At least privately would be ok...
It's not just o e person doing it during PE, every single living things does it. It pisses me off so much and is yuk and foul and unholy. Maybe I will spit on their floor in their house and see how they feel, I wouldn't be surprised if they did it in their house and it is bad for grass.

82Pompous Buisnessmen
You are not God, you do not run the world, thank you and have a nice day.
Here's to all the little people
I know to many. Money, money, money. Me, me, me.

83People who give their kids weird names
Argh, how many Fiarchas and Tristrams need to commit suicide before people get the message?!


It's worse with celebrities. I mean, North? Blue Ivy? Come on celebs, get a brain.
Tristram is not a weird name! He is a Knight of the Round Table, one of the main characters in the Tristram and Iseult story. He was sent to fetch Iseult back from Ireland to marry the king, but they fell in love.

The race of immature, smelly, dumb, gross pain in the butt-ness
I actually love my brother for who he is... Ya sexist pieces of

85Stay at home mothers
I really laughed when I read this. I agree. First off I have to say I laugh at these 'new' parents who seem to struggle with raising one child with the help of their partner. I raised 3 boys alone. But these Moms who claim they are stay at home Moms when their kids are at school all day is just hilarious. And the ones who refer to themselves as 'Domestic Engineers'. Bahahaa. If your kids are at school all day then you are clearly just a 'stay at home'. No kids there to look after. Get to work or do volunteer work. Make yourself useful.
When your kids are old enough to go to school all day, "you are no longer staying home to raise your kids". It's time to turn off the T.V. and get off the couch. Those of us that work and volunteer, can somehow manage to raise kids, do laundry and go to the store everyday without whining.


86When you're called a kid by your own classmate
I know. Just because we're a year or maybe just a few months younger doesn't mean I'm a kid.

87Saggy pants
I always think "Oh my God, pull up your pants! "

88Celebrities claiming to be environmentalists.
I bet they do that for popularity and I hate it

Has thousands of dollars and never donates a penny

89Right wing conservatives with their anti-Obama propaganda
And I hate when people refer to him as Obama. He is President Obama. I guess because his name is so unique we can get away with it but its not respectful. do you call your doctor, smith or Anderson... No and he/she is not the leader of the free world
It's mean-spirited, hateful... in America, he is OUR president, for ALL of us.

90Dropping an f bomb on every sentence you use.

91When teachers don't realize you have a life
It's like, "oh I was going to go out with my family to visit my grandmother that I haven't seen in years, but I can't because I need to write 4 essays"
We have lives besides doing boring work that wont ever help us in life, teacher don't so they make us do it so they can " have a life" as they grade papers
They think that because we're kids we don't have lives.

92Moose/Vehicle accidents

93Brainless "environmentalist" groups

94Asking Do what?

95Judgmental People

96Being ignored
I make a real effort to remember the names of people I am introduced to. It annoys me to no end when people don't do the same. Especially people I have to deal with every day. They say "Excuse me" to get my attention or point to me when directing someone my way. And yet they acknowledge everyone else around me.
I was ignored... Online... Someone was like ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE UP? ARE YOU GOING TO LET GO OF THIS? I said yes because I couldn't share my thoughts that TOONTOWN isn't CLOSING! Well now it is, ANYWAY! Being ignored made me want to punch a pillow a millon times... I ended up doing that
I asked a girl out and she gave me her number. I sent a text using an app called Viber, and saw that she read it. No response. After a week I confront her and she denies ignoring me saying that her "phone has problems". Why do women do this?
[Newest]I hate this! Being ignored is bad, but I'd prefer to be hated. At least they act like I exist!

97People who leave their blinkers on
OMG! I saw an old man one time keep his blinker on going 70 on the freeway for like 5miles then we turned away:(


98People who can't keep a text conversation going
That's about 97% of Americans. Here's a little tip. Holding a conversation does not mean rambling on about one topic for twenty minutes. Pick a new topic after the first twenty seconds! Be random. Be irrelevant. It's all right!
To me, the point of texting is to convey information without having to have a conversation. If the person you're texting isn't keeping things going, they probably aren't interested in a "conversation".

99Waiting in long lines
It's even worse when people in front start conversations with the cashier

100People who don't love America
We're not all fat and stupid. Get a clue, rest of the world.

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