Best Pop / Punk Bands of the 2000s


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The Top Ten

Green Day
Green Day was the first band post 9/11 to speak their minds about the American government with American Idiot, not only was it an amazing politically charged super album but an awesome rock opera turned award winning musical, not to mention it was a pretty kick ass comeback
green day brought punk back from the dead, without them there would be no blink or sum 41, fob and mcr so american idiot best pop punk song of 2000's deffo!
Of course they are number one they started and has moved music to another level even beyond rock they are awesome but blink 182 is a close close second
[Newest]Just simply the BEST

I can't believe it! If it weren't for blink there would no Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, All Time Low, Paramore...i could go on forever baby! Needless to say, blink was the band that cemented Pop-punk as one of the best Genres Of Rock!
Blink is one of the best pop punk bands and they should be number 1. I can't never get bored to listening to their music
Blink-182 brought true pop punk into the maintstream, and showed everyone what being young and reckless is all about. They have a song for any emotion you could ever relate to or for any situation in life. They truly are musical masterminds.

Lovelovelove! (haha, see what I did there? )
They're one of those bands that definitely stand out in the genre and not just because they're a female fronted band kicking ass in a genre dominated by male fronted bands. Each album of theirs was unique and at least they don't keep putting the same album out over and over again. They're not afraid of experimenting and it comes out pretty well. Also their lyrics are hella more ground breaking and creative compared to most other pop punk bands. Plus their live performances >
Paramore are just amazing, the music and the people.
I think paramore and fob deserve the top spot. I could go on forever about how much I love them and how amazing they are but I'm just going to say... They kick ass.
And in my opinion paramore&fob > My Chemical Romance

4My Chemical Romance
If there is one of many things I love about them is that they don't give themselves a label, yes they classify themselves as "deathrock/violent pop", but the media labels them as emo, goth, punk, etc. But the versatility of this band, the earlier stuff was closer to post-hardcore, and had an ALMOST gothic-ish sound, The Black Parade was a sort of a harder, gloomier, theatrical more macabre version of pop-rock and Danger Days was almost a melting pot of indie, syntho-pop, pop-punk and even some songs sounded a bit techno with all the bleepiness
This band is great. Gerard is sassy as hell and that's led live shows even better. The fact that paramore is ranked higher is a slap in the face. Fact is they're horrible compared to My Chemical Romance.
There isn't a band on this top ten list that can compare to the story telling lyrics and rythim that My Chemical Romance generates. Blink 182 at second place is a joke, if you like songs that have little to no impact than its easy to vote for that "Band".
[Newest]Definitely topping the other bands. My Chemical Romance was incredible, and they had more MEANING to their songs.

5Fall Out Boy
I definitely like this list more than the other one, most of the bands that deserve to be higher up are, like good charlotte, panic! At the disco, bowling for soup... But get All Time Low off here, they're too new...
It's timeless. Who doesn't love Dance Dance or Sugar We're Going Down? Even though Save Rock and Roll was way off far of Take This To Your Grave, they are still one of the best bands ever
Fall out boy are absolutly awesome, there voices are so good they are all so damn hot and there songs are so flawless. Love them so much ; )...
[Newest]Patrick stump kills it along with the rest of the band

6All Time Low
All time low are just so amazing! They have such a perfectly flawless punk pop sound!
This should be #1! No other pop-punk band tops All Time Low!

7Good Charlotte
Good charlotte are absolutly amazing, there voices are so good they are all so damn hot and there songs are flawless. Love them so much <3<3<3!
If I see another pop punk list with All time Low near the top I'm going to puke. GC deserve higher than that overrated band ATL.

8Sum 41
Sum41 create so many creative and awesome songs. I can't believe that I can love all the song of a band. Like I did to sum41, no other else.
Vote for it. and keep creative!
All Killer No Filler.

9Panic! At the Disco
They will always be remembered and I love their uniqueness! They had a 1920s burlesque theme for their first album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". I thought that was one of a kind and no other band has done anything like them! Their music tells a story and I love every song!
Their circus/burlesque fetish made them unique, and they weren't like any band you've ever heard. They were original lyrically and musically, adding orchestral instruments, and subtle elements such as dark cabaret and electro pop. They will always be my favorite band..
There are no words to describe how they made me feel, and how they changed me.

10Simple Plan
These guys are so good they should at least be in the top 3 with good charlotte they are all hot there voices are amazing every single one of there songs are so meaningfull. Love them so much <3<3<3<3!
They are so talented. Really. They went from playing at the drummer's home to playing at sold out shows. To me, they are the kings of pop punk.
Come on guys simple plan with their album just Balls!

The Contenders

11Boys Like Girls
This band ought to be in the Top 5. If you don't agree, then listen to The Great Escape, Love Drunk, etc. Oh, and by the way, Green Day is NOT a pop punk band! They are a punk ROCK band. None of their songs have anything pop in 'em.
My favourite band for sure much better than blink182 and panic! At the disco. Top 5 material.

12Bowling for Soup

13The All-American Rejects

14Forever the Sickest Kids

15Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
The most addicting happy sounding breakdowns on this planet.
Metal influenced pop punk band and they are just spectacular.

16Mayday Parade
What people?! This should be in the top 10 at least.
Number one for sure. like what?!
Mayday parade is the best!

17Sleeping With Sirens
Kellin quinn's voice is very cool and I love it.

18The Offspring

19Relient K

20A Day to Remember

21Patent Pending
Love these guys there songs have so much character and humour

22Blank Pages

23Billy Talent


25Hawthorne Heights


27Real Friends

28Artist vs. Poet

29American Hi-Fi

30Let's Be Honest

31Amber Pacific

32Home Grown

33Four Year Strong


35Go Radio

36Me vs Hero

37Freshman 15

38The Boys After

39The Glory Game

40We Are the In Crowd

41Face to Face

42The Summer Set

43I See Stars


45Neck Deep

46Major League

47I Call Fives

48Late Nite Reading

49Motion City Soundtrack

50Monday Morning Hiatus

51Close Your Eyes

52Times New Roman

53With The Punches

54Kid Liberty


56Knockout Kid
These dudes know how to write a jam. Only a matter of time until they blow up

57Better Luck Tomorrow

58Run For It

59Life On Repeat

60For Valor and Glory

61City Lights

62Sing It Loud

63The Classic Crime

64Alive, in Standby

65Of Fortune and Fame



68Radio Feelings

69Latin for Truth

70Same As Sunday

71Metro Station

72Why Try?

73Sail to North

74Icarus The Owl

75On Call Heroes

76A Loss For Words

77Stay True

78Dance! No Thanks

79The Early November


81Bombardier to Pilot

82We Still Dream!

83State Champs

84Remember and Run

85Abandoned By Bears

86This Time Next Year

87In Her Own Words

88Drop Decay

89The Sweet Apes

90No Use for a Name

91Audio Karate

92The Fray
Best band all the time

93Say Anything

94Senses Fail
Best band musically and lyrically


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