Taylor Swift

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I LOVE TAYLOR! I totally agree with her being the top Song Artist. Her voice is so clear and she's totally age appropriate! She doesn't swear or say bad things unlike some artists! Her songs are really catchy and you might catch some girl singing choruses to her songs all the time. When I'm in the car I always turn the radio up when there's a Taylor Swift song on!

She is brilliant, clean, funny, ok, so she's dated quite a few people, but if you focus on her singing and the lyrics, they all have meaning and she doesn't dress in those weird costumes(eg; meat dresses) like Lady Gaga does.

Like I said, she's brilliant. She'll encourage kids to play instruments(she plays guitar) and she can actually sing.

She is very kind unlike some singers (lady gaga). She also has very good songs for instance her new album "red" was a giant hit. She cares about every one of her fans and is not a show off like some singers (lady gaga). Also she has beautiful music and is so beautiful. She is a role model for most people like me and everyone thinks she writes everything but no way she is so unique.

Taylor swift should be number 1 because she inspires everybody (girl) in my class and she will always be my hero for doing everything she did and she is one of the prettyist girls I have seen. I love all her songs and they are really good because she writes her own 1 of my favourite songs is BEST DAY! I like her so much I would do anything to go to her concerts it would be an amazing to meat taylor swift. GO TAYLOR SWIFT! 1

She is AWESOME! Taylor swift the the best role model ever. She has so much talent and can inspire a lot of young girls and she was a bullying victim, so she also inspires young girls to be strong and stay strong. I agree that Taylor Swift should be the number 1

Nobody can reach her singing style!
I would get up on a stage and start singing her songs she is that GREAT!
Nobody is BETTER than she is!
I have Millions of her shirts and C. D's!
I love her shows!

yeah imma guy but hey I hear lil girls listening to her music all the time and why the hell is lady gaga on here I'm sure people would love to have their 10 year old daughter listen to a person who talks about having sex all the time - ballaboi17

I love all her songs I am her biggest fan ever I love I new you were trouble, mine, you belong with me, 22, stay, syay, stay and a million more. TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKS. She has not only got a good voice her looks are so cool and it is a shame her and harry brook up. Please vote for her she really has got a good voice and 10 year old girls would love her music go on you tube and look her up

Don't listen to her at all, except for occasionally on the radio, but I really respect her. She's the only singer role model for children that isn't overly sensual or busty or dumb. And in today's industry, I really respect that! - higgsboson2142

! I love Love Story and You Belong With Me by her! I also like Selena Gomez but she's second. And Rihanna is JUST third. All 10 year old girls like Selena Gomez, but not me! You should vote for Taylor Swift too! Or, you should first listen to her songs!

Taylor's songs are so brilliant I know every song she has written and I'm one of her biggest fans! All my friends from school love her too and we sing LOADS of her songs to each other. Taylor is so talented and is like the best singer in the world I think she is great

Xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoooxoxoxoxoxo Taylor swift I hope you read this please I am the one who talked about not having enough money for seven tickets or even five I am your biggest fan I had posters of u they got warn out so I have to get more of them

I love taylor swift a lot she's an actual talented singer and she's my favourite celebrity. And in my opinion she is the prettiest celebrity from all the girls celebrity - loskyou

Taylor Swift's voice is... WOW. :) It's wonderful! But the problem is ALL her songs are about love and stuff so, I don't think it's really appropriate for 10 year old girls. But she is awesome. -Sarah, 13 years old

She's a awesome singer!
I personally like 'We are never getting back together' and 'I knew you were trouble'
She's also so good on the guitar! All my friends like her even all the boys in my class like her!
I love her!

From Nina

She has the most biggest and greatest voice ever my 6 friends and I always jam out to your music and we are your biggest fans my wallpaper is you because we think you are so great I want to come to your concert but we do not have enough money for seven tickets. or even five of us

I love Taylor and I'm not ten! But yes, Taylor's more suited to ten year-olds than most singers E. G Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Nicki Minaj, Eminem because of their explicit language. I think Taylor should be top because I've never even heard of K. S Chithra... :-)

Awesome she is the best she just sings and doesn't care what people think of her voice not like you need to be worried she's the so pretty to! You rock Selena I'm you're #1 fan!

She is so talented and such a great singer! My favourite songs of hers are Blank Space, Shake it Off, I knew you were trouble, We are never getting back together and Everything Has Changed (duet with Ed Sheeran. )

LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! She is so nice and beautiful! I agree with this top 10 website! My favorite song from her is 22 and I knew you were trouble!

I think that Taylor swift is one of the BEST singers in the whole wide world because she dresses properly and she doesn't do anything bad like what most celebrities are doing now.

I LOVE Taylor shes awesome I really want to go to a concert of hers I would do ANYTHING shes amazing I love her songs and her and I love how she feels her feelings through her songs

She is very talented and she wrote all of my favorite songs like Red and I knew you were trouble. I think she is one of the greatest singers out there for adults and kids.

She is a very very awesome singer I think that she has an amazing voice she is my fave singer now. I loved her song trouble the other rest were pretty good too! This is coming from a 10 year old guys.

I think TAYLOR SWIFT is a really good singer and writes songs that are not inappropriate. She is also really cute and I think she will NEVER write songs with BAD WORDS she is a good person.