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122Sweet Lady
123In the Lap of the Gods
124She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)

Brian's mellow and catchy little classic.

125Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll
126I Go Crazy
127Long Away
128Bring Back That Leroy BrownV1 Comment
129Cool Cat

My favourite song is #81.. this song is extremely underrated!

130Football Fight

A song from "Flash Gordon"

131Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men)
132One Year of Love

'Just one year of love... ' What a beautiful and amazing song. It should be least at top 30 - gyungmin

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134Calling All Girls
135If You Can't Beat Them

Actually a quite good song. Not the best, but still worth to listen to.

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136You and I

I just get happy whenever I hear this!

Great way to look at it. I too feel good when I hear this song.

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137Funny How Love Is
138Who Needs You
139All God's People

Oh my God... You all doesn't put it on the top 3 list...
Shame on you. This is the other masterpiece of Queen after Innuendo

140Fun It

Best queen song ever! First time I listened to jazz and this came on I was BLOWN AWAY!

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