Top 10 Rock Bands of the 1960s


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1The Beatles

The Beatles were, are and will always be the best band ever. No one can top classics like "Hey Jude", "Yesterday", and "A Day In The Life".

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2The Rolling Stones
3The Doors

Personally, I think The Doors lyrics are more well written than any other band on this list. Their music is iconic and inspired the bands that inspired the bands that inspired punk. Jim Morrison has to the best songwriter of all time. His ideas and philosophies were tooken and made into the songs. You can tell his intelligence from his heavy education was also laid out in their music as well. The band overall is one of the greatest, being just as good as The Rolling Stones an the Beatles. - cjWriter1997

4The Who
5The Beach Boys
6The Jimi Hendrix Experience
8Led Zeppelin
9Creedence Clearwater Revival
10The Kinks

The Contenders

11The Byrds
12King Crimson
13The Animals
14Dave Clark Five
15The Zombies
16Black Sabbath
18The Lovin' Spoonful
19The Hollies
20The Grateful Dead
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