Top Ten Saddest Songs


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The Top Ten

Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
Eric clapton wrote about his son, its real, there is nothing more devastating than losing your child, relationships mean nothing compared to looking at yourself in a tiny form,
and having to watch it die
I have also lost a child. I have tears and happiness in heaven, can't wait to see my son again!
I think the reason for writing this song is heart rendering.
I can't imagine what it would be like to lose one of my kids.
[Newest]Best! Simply awesome! Just love it!
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2My Immortal - Evanescence
This song isn't just sad because of the lyrics but it means an awful lot to me. Every time I here it I cry and think about the memories.
I'd never heard this song until I saw this list. It's truly beautiful. Like a lament to the world. Evanescence made a very strong connection with all those who listen.
Really awesome... With the voice of amy lee, and melodic music is expressing it - the pain... Great song
[Newest]It's a really good song I really like it every time I hear it I start to cry
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3Stan - Eminem
You shouldn't do this, with the emotion, emergeness, EMINEM sings the song... REALLY makes me feel like he's Stan... VOTE IT...
What can be sadder than somebody commiting suicide with his pregnant wife in the car- awesome lyrics.
As much as I am not a big fan of Eminem/rap in general, this was a really great song. Unlike the songs above which can lead to sadness, this song has sadness and anger directed from Eminem. You can really hear the depth of emotion in his rapping, and the video shows it a lot.
[Newest]"I wrote you but you still Ain't calling..." the most played song in my phone

4Hurt - Johnny Cash
This version of the song is simply genius. Though he didn't write this song on his own, Johnny Cash performed it so deeply that you can feel the emotions in every little sound of this song. With his broken voice he appears as fragile as the meaning of this song is. Beautiful song.


The one by NIN is good but this one just makes bawl every time.
This song is so emotionally and beautifully sung by Johnny Cash. It has truthful lyrics and a sad, broken voice singing them. This song deserves everyone's vote because everyone hurts once in a while.
[Newest]This song is so good it makes me want to cry and it explains my life to

5Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
At first, I didn't know what this song is about. After knowing at the meaning and the reason of Armstrong writing this song. I feel very sorry, the lyrics are so touching. It makes me feel sad every time I listen to it
Although it might not be the saddest song of all time, I touched my heart and made me cry, I felt strongly compelled to vote for it. It doesn't hurt that I love Green Day, either. The meaning bwhined the song made me even sadder. Billie Joe wrote it about his father who passed away in September when he was ten.
I love Green Day as much I love this song! One of most touching song ever made by a rock band... Truly amazing!
[Newest]To me it's especially sad because I can relate to the lyrics, I went through the same stuff/still going through the same stuff, and in the end it's kind of uplifting, that's why I voted for this, even though I would say in general tears in heaven and hurt would be the saddest
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6Yesterday - The Beatles
An absolutely gorgeous song, could bring Castro to tears it's so beautifuly sad.
it should be on number 1
Nothing sadder than nostalgia..
[Newest]The lyrics in this song... are absolutely heartbreaking. Love this song, great job Paul.

7The Last Words You Said - Sarah Brightman
For anyone whose soul has been singed by the passions and glories of tragic love-- this One's for U. Sarah's voice singing these heart-breaking lyrics will tenderly wound and heal U. She's without equal in awaking hidden depths of feeling in the listener.


This is the best sad songs by sarah brightman
Hope you can always cheer us by anything first by your songs
Love you sarah
You may not know all of your fans but your fans will always remember you
ReaLLy aWEsome Song For anyone whose soul has been singed by the passions and glories of tragic love-- this One's for U. Sarah's voice singing these heart-breaking lyrics will tenderly wound and heal U. She's without equal in awaking hidden depths of feeling in the listener.
[Newest]Its a really sad song

8Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
David Gilmour's voice and the intro riff is pretty depressing.
Definitely the best. This song is about the iconic ex-guitarist for Pink Floyd Syd Barret. It is about how though Syd was alive at the time it was as if he was dead. His brain was dead from all the psychedelic drugs he took and he was clinically insane. He lived out the rest of his life in his mothers basement by law. So sad
Beautiful and moving. I have cried to this one before...


[Newest]I thought this song was sad before I knew what it was about... Then I learned what it was about and it's sad looking at pictures of the band just before Syd left and he just looks vacant

9Without You - X Japan
Yes! X Japan writes songs that pump you up... But they also write songs that break your heart... Whenever I listen to "Without You" or "Forever Love" or "Endless Rain" or "Longing"... It feels like someone gutted me, pulled my heart out so I can watch it beat... And I love it. That is a sad song, the saddest song. Sarah Brightman is amazing too... But X Japan deserves to be at number one.
The music itself is more than enough to make people cry. Listen to the lyric, the effect is tenfold.


Every time I hear this song it makes me want to cry. I love this song, both with lyrics and played on the piano alone. Every time I hear Toshi sing this song it makes me want to cry, the emotion that he puts behind his singing is found every one of X Japan's songs but in this one you hear it more, but that's just my opinion.
[Newest]It really make me ad hearing the song, when I first hear the song, suddenly I feel so sad and it made me reflect things in my life... I can feel the sadness in the song...

10Time To Say Goodbye - Sarah Brightman
Is the best song, and the voice is spectacular.
I love this song. It's very sad, even with the translation. It sounds as though someone is staring at the horizon and dreaming of things that could have been; they could have sailed on "ships across seas" but it's too late to do that now.
Beautiful voice. That of an angel.
[Newest]This song was a big heart break it was about a couple who have been together for a while finally call it off and think it is time to say goodbye and to find someone else. There is No one who can sing this song with great emotion then Andrea bocelli and Sarah Brightman! Wow what a great duo! Also check out my New list on the best Italian Opera singers!


The Contenders

11Mad World - Gary Jules
Such a sad song, most will know this from gears and Dom's death, gears incorporated this song greatly. Its just such a sad but good song, and at the same time it gives me a good feeling that's unexplainable.
i always struggle not to cry when listening to this song. its just so slow and lilty, and Gary Jules soft, slow, smooth voice just brings the lyrics to life...which sounds kind of ironic really.
What!? Half of these songs aren't even sad (more like dramatic. ) this song is far the saddest I've heard.
[Newest]The only thing about this song that I don't like is that it's just WAY too depressing. Whenever I hear it, all it does it make me sad.

12The Winner Takes It All - ABBA
The emotion that Agnetha sings this song with, and the ability to cry with her voice is something special. Having just gone through a divorce and singing the words to this song have to make it one of the saddest songs ever.


This is the only song that makes me cry everytime I listen to it. The raw passion and power behind the most beautiful song ever written.
I just love this song. This song has a message that the winner takes it all n the loser standing small and abba were the winners of 60s n 70s n they taked the heart of everyone.
[Newest]It actually hurts when I listen to the song. "But you'll see... The Winner Takes It All".

13How to Save a Life - The Fray
How To Save A Life is one of the saddest songs that I've ever heard. I just heard it today, and I totally fell in love with it. Especially when your watching a really sad episode of a comedy-drama TV show. Not just drama alone -- comedy has to be there with it, because it makes it all the more sad. In my opinion, that is. ^^;;


The lyrics touch me, as many of my friends have considered or attempted suicide (none have succeeded -- thank god! ). I can relate to it and it touches me in a way few other songs do.
I almost abandoned one of my friends, but then I heard this song and cried all night. She was a person almost nobody liked, so I am now her friend once again because of this song :) It's so sad!


[Newest]The music video and the song... So depressing

14The Show Must Go On - Queen
Freddie Mercury recorded this song when he was terminally ill. Other mediocre men would just give up and enjoy the last of their days But not Freddie Mercury, with barely the strength to even walk took the stand and did any ways. Listen closely to his vocal runs at the end of the song, it's almost painful to hear. It's the sound of the great Freddie Mercury ignoring the pain to deliver one last masterpiece for the world. It's not the song that is saddening, it's the fact that it's the last song Freddie Mercury sang that made it so saddening. Every time you listen to this song, be reminded that this is his last gift to the world, his last message to the world.
RIP this song doesn't need lyrics in itself freddie's vocals show his pain and grief while sending a good message stick at it the show must go on rip freddie
Oh my God. I just listened to this song, and I have a tear in my eye. He's saying that he would never give up and wants to keep going even under the circumstances he is going through. He loves the world. The world needs to show more love for Freddie. I love you Freddie.
Long Live Queen. Long Live Freddie Mercury.
[Newest]Why is no one voting for this, it's a disgrace!

15Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
I don't know why this is even ON this list. How on earth can you take this for a sad song? And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last: To be a Rock, and Not to Roll?

Stairway is, quite possibly, the most powerful rock and roll song of all time. It's all there, the whole package- I remember it being voted the #1 song by radio station listeners in San Diego (on KGB's yearly poll back in the day) several years in a row. With good reason. DEFINITELY not SAD or DEPRESSING WHATSOEVER!
This song makes me sad but also very excited. I just love it! It's easily one of the best Rock songs. And the lyrics feel so passionate! If you watch the live version, Robert (the lead singer) says, "You know, I feel like this song's about hope." Then the famous guitar riff hums it's way in and the crowd is bawling and screaming their lungs out. And the live version is amazing as well. But this song overall is just so beautiful that it's sad. I think that's why I vote for it. It's about the natures of life and how precious life itself is! Stairway to Heaven in my opinion is easily Led Zeppelin's best work, and one of the best songs of all time.


This should be in the top 10. It's so heartfelt. If you don't agree, listen to the lyrics! It's just beautiful.


[Newest]If you really pay attention the the mode and beginning lyrics it is very sad should be # 2 beside Bohemian Rhapsody which is about someone innocent being executed and it is there final thoughts.

16Hurt - Christina Aguillera
It's 2013 and I still cry during this song, remembering my father. I cry, cry and cry even if I've listened it around 100000 times and half. I cry. And it's Christina who made me cry because she's so amazing, so perfect and so stunning even after all these years of living. My father would have loved the song and I wished there was a way I could show it to him.
Me and my best friend performed this at our talent show at school and everyone loved it. It is amazing and strong inside out and now every time I hear this song, I remember all those beautiful memories and I just can't help myself but crying.
A deep song. At first, I thought it was about a love relationship. Later I did know that this song telling us to appreciate the ones who always behind our back; keep supporting and guiding us. Thank you christine for making Hurt beautifully with your undoubtful voice!
[Newest]This song is just amazing love it so much

17Everybody Hurts - R.E.M.
I love that episode of the Big Bang Theory where Amy Farrah Fowler is playing this song on her harp. HAHA!


I have listen to this one lots of times and its so sad.
It was dark time in my life and rem put my thoughts and feelings to song!
[Newest]Mean Tweets Made This Song Funny

18So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold
You simply feel it there, that painful loss of The Rev. This song is actually full of life for me, because it is about someone, who really lived. It has soul. And that's the reason why I vote for So Far Away.
This song still make me cry. Remembering me with someone I love who died years ago. So deep just like from the heart, my girl may rest in peace when I sing this song.
This song is about the passing of the rev, originally written by syn for his dead grandpa, when the rev died, the band and syn decided to write this as a tribute to the rev. this was a tossup between warmness on the soul and so far away, but so far away is more depressing. foREVer
[Newest]This song was written in the memory of the band's drummer, The Rev. We will always remember him as the drummer with a unique voice for the chorus of multiple songs, as well as this song, as it marks his legacy.

19This Used to Be My Playground - Madonna
I adore this song. We must say a big "Thank You" to Madonna for this pure masterpiece. Emotional, sad but very beautiful lyrics. This track will never be outdated because we all start as kids, then teens, then mature and then... We recollect the days of our childhood listening to this song


This song always makes me sad. Beautiful lyrics and vocals by Madonna. It will remind you of childhood days, will definetely make you nostalgic. Beautiful song.
Excellent... I am so sad at this time and this song is awesome this song fill my eyes with tears
[Newest]Two thumbs up! Positively great sad childhood song!

20Creep - Radiohead
Expresses the feelings that everyone gets at some point in their lives. If you haven't heard it yet, listen to it and you'll understand.
Here comes my vote... it's one of the most depressive songs I've ever heard.
Definitely. One of the most depressing songs I've ever heard, too. And come on, everyone's heard it at some point. A great song to write (or drink) to.
[Newest]Creep should be in top 5 dude.. Just hear 2 time you will understand!

21Concrete Angel - Martina McBride
Can not express how powerful this song is I was listening and watching the video one night with my daughter asleep on my lap, not realising she watched and listened to the whole thing. When it finished she burst into tears and told me that she's lucky to have a good mummy and not a bad one like the one she saw. She was 6 at the time. Some children don't realise how lucky they are. My daughter understood every word and listens to it when she feels sad to remind her that there is always someone worse off than her and to spare a thought for the children less fortunate than her.
Saddest song ever, it is sad just to listen to it, but watching the video makes my eyes water ever time I watch it. Needs to be in the top 5 for sure, if not 1st.
This definitely needs to be in the top 5. Every time I try to sing it or even listen to it, I start bawling like a baby. Why this song is so far down I have no idea, because it's absolutely AMAZING and so emotional.
[Newest]Definitely a tear jerker

22Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold
The best song ever makes me cry every time I hear this the guitar solo of synester is just killer never heard a song like this before this song is just immortal this would never be forgotten by anyone
just a piece of art
avenged sevenfold rocks
This is one of the saddest and yet most epic songs I've ever heard. I am also very surprised that I Won't See You Tonight (part 1) isn't on here (same artist). Its very long but equally powerful. The lyrics in this song are sad but inspiring at the same time, and the amazing solo just uplifts you after from the sadness. Wonderful song.


I used to love a girl but never said it to her being afraid of getting rejected as I was in 6th grade at that time
After 3 years, I shifted from that town and I came to know from a friend of hers that she loved me too and was rather crazy about me... By then she had already left that school and none of her friends know where she is anymore... I listen to this and it seems like its just meant for me
"Seize the day or die regretting the time you've lost"
True words of wisdom A7X m/
[Newest]This is one of the best ballads I've heard by avenged sevenfold and possibly any other band. Has a good deep meaning and is very beautiful.

23Dance With the Devil - Immortal Technique
Whining about relationships is not sad. Telling a story about a man whos dreams and inspirations led him to destroy and take his own life is sad.
OMG when I heard this song I was fronzen to death, someone else Im pretty sure would cry, but I don't know how could I stay cool.
Great song.
And one of the most underrated artists ever.
Immortal Technique.
you think the beginning is messed up? by the time you get to the end you like... dang I would do it to if I was him. its one of the most heart burning songs for me
[Newest]The hidden track at the end was sick but the song itself was crazy. Might be sad but also hardcore

24Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
defo the most beautifully written lyrics ever


I can't fathom why this beautiful song is so low on the list.
Sad song about the pain of addiction and lonliness

25Hero of War - Rise Against
The first time I heard that song, I found it pretty boring because of the lack of speed and guitar an drums in it. Then the second time, I listene to the lyrics and aat the end I burst out crying in my pillow, cause I didn't want my parents to see me. It's the first time I cried in years! The lyrics are so powerful!
This is the most powerful song of all time! I showed it to my friend aand his older brother on the way to school, and we all started crying!
This song, with the video is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. It gets me every time. Extremely powerful song and video.


[Newest]Nothing beats this one.

26Danny Boy - Jackie Evancho
Most beautiful version of this classic, sung by a girl of 10 (at the time of the recording). How can someone so young infuse this song with so much sadness? That's Jackie's great gift.
This classic has been covered by hundreds of top performers.
But Jackie Evancho gives it a whole new poignancy.
I don't understand how such a young singer can convey so much deep sorrow.
[Newest]The most moving version of "Danny Boy" I have ever heard. Even though Jackie was only 10 she brought emotional understanding to the song far beyond her years. Now at 14 she is set to be one of the greatest if not the greatest singers of the 21th century.

27Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
Though I'm not a big fan of love songs, I was shocked not to see this one here!


I used to hate this song but then my boyfriend passed away last year and ever since then I listen to this song all the time...
I have been trying to find this song for the past week. It makes me cry every time but worth it. This song reminds me of when I lost my baby girl :(
[Newest]This song is the saddest thing I've ever heard. It is the ultimate embodiment of regret and love lost. I cannot believe that it is all the way in the top 40.

28Adam's Song - Blink 182
if you listen to the lyrics of this song you will realise it is about a kid called adam who commited suicide and his mum asked blink 182 to write a song about him, best version of this song is live on mark tom and travis show


You don't expect song this kind of sad from the punk GREATS as they their songs are usually humorous and banging-type... This song is one amongst theirs best.. Even their song 'not now' is sad, but hasn't made the list
This should be on top 10. what is wrong with people? This is one of the deepest and saddest song ever.

29November Rain - Guns N Roses
I never really enjoyed November rains ever after. This is a class apart. The guitars by Slash rule the whole plot. I just don't want to hear any other song when I am sad apart from this piece of beauty. God bless.
OK, this is being hijacked by Sarah Brightman fans... This so is sad yet so class
the song is so romantic make I cry the video clip is so cool
"dont you think that you need some one"
[Newest]Amazing song, with a great solo.

30He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones
Country music has always had a major role in expressing sorrow along with Blues. This is the quintessential sad song of the South. Nothing is more Country than this sad song of "love her 'til you die."
I think this one deserves 1st position
This song always makes me cry. My grandma always plays it because wit hits home for her. Her husband died and this was her th song of sadness

31Mother - John Lennon
So sad. The outro sounds like an emotional collapse put to music.
Insanely sad song sang and written by an insanely talented songwriter
Sounds like he's losing it all

32I (Who Have Nothing) - Shirley Bassey
Very Emotional Top 10 HIT Single from the powerful vocalist, Shirley Bassey, recorded back in 1963! This song deserves to be on this list!
Very sad song >> This emotional Top 10 single for Shirley was recorded in 1963 >> She has been faithfully performing this song during LIVE concerts for over four decades.
Saw shirley way back in 1972 at liverpool empire shes pure class

33Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

34Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground - Blind Willie Johnson
A beautiful instrumental that needs no words to express the pain felt in this song. Listening to this song takes to the land of darkness that this blues man endured without uttering a single world. Only a Slide Guitar and some moans. A perfect example of how actions speak louder than words.
More than anything else ever recorded, this tune reaches down inside and pulls something out of you. It's simultaneously one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences, listening to it. I can't make it through without choking up; it's what I imagine dying sounds like.
When I was scrolling through the list I realized that this song is way too depressing to be at 31. So very sad and emotional, even sadder when you hear how he died.

35Concrete Angel - Jackie Evancho
From her first (self-released) album "Prelude To A Dream". Her grasp of the subject matter at age nine makes this even more poignant. Her delivery is haunting.


See it on YouTube

3621 Guns - Green Day
My brother passed away in war so this song makes me cry so much :'( x
Yes! Especially the Broadway version.
This song is so sad

37Hello - Evanescence
I think this song is really sad, but I loved it so much I had to listen to it over and over, it made me cry 5 out 7 times I would watch it in one day.
I think that this song is much more depressing than "my immortal" because a its about a young child at first in denial about a loved ones death, then they see the body for themselves, and my tears start forming.
This song is a song that only a few people know... But it is amazingly beautiful... I would say that it's my favourite Evanescence song... You will just love this song if you don't know this song.
[Newest]Amy did the song about the death of her sister

38Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton
I voted this song because it shouldn't be on 60.
Great.. Now is on 59. That's progress.
Should be way up, the starting of the song is like nothing else in the whole list.

39Bury Me Deep Inside In Your Heart - HIM
this song must be first... it is so sad but it is so beautiful.. I love this son so much!.. H.I.M. is the best band ever.. and Ville's voice is so beautiful and he is so gorgeous.. the lyrics of the song are great... this is the best song ever!
All HIM songs have a sad beauty about them. This one really gets to me though, the passion in Ville's voice, the simplistic yet powerful lyrics that only Ville can write. Its just so damn beautiful.
One of the saddest songs I've ever heard. There even was a time when I used to cry listening to this song. Gorgeous, Ville, thank you so much!
[Newest]Some songs give you an emotional overload. This does it for me. It's hauntingly beautiful and incredibly sad. Ville writes with tremendous passion.

40To Where You Are - Jackie Evancho
One of Jackie original efforts, performed for David Foster's Hitman Talent Search Contest in 2009, and included on her "Prelude To A Dream" self-released CD and iTunes album. Still performed on occasion in concert, it brings tears - especially if you've recently experienced a loss of someone dear. I know.


Will bring on a foutain of tears. Will however bring you at peace with whatever you're experiencing in this life.

41Seasons In the Sun - Terry Jacks
Goodbye Michelle my little one
You gave me love and helped me find the sun
And every time that I was down
You would always come around
And get my feet back on the ground.Goodbye Michelle it's hard to die
When all the birds are singing in the sky
Now that the spring is in the air
With the flowers everywhere
I wish that we could both be there
My dad played this to me when I was like 4 or 5 its one of the first songs I remember learning all the words to. A decade and a half later and this song is still one of my all time favourite sad songs.
this was on my uncles album that are family made when he died. R.I.P uncle rick 15


[Newest]This is westlife song or terry? I'm confuse

42Street Spirit (Fade Out) - Radiohead
It's a beautiful song about complete hopelessness and sadness.. But with hope at the end "cracked eggs, dead birds, scream as they fight for life".


Thom Yorke cried himself when playing this song, nuff said

Song about complete hopelessness,


43Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
In my top 3 favorite songs of all time. It's about the feeling of your life just fading away and you're fighting until the end and more. Also, I deeply miss a friend that had this as his favorite song, so now I cry every time I hear it.
I can't believe it...! Guys you gotta listen to BB.. This songs just takes you on pain trip...
By far the saddest song by Breaking Benjamin! I still love it though. If you actually listen to the lyrics, it just makes you feel really down.

44Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
The song tells such a sad story. Kelly clarkson brings so much emotion to the already sad song. Makes me cry every time I sing it
This is the song that makes me cry every time I watch it and it's just so heart breaking... Poor kids.
A song about a girl that lives the experience of the problematic marriage of their parents. Such a sad song...
[Newest]My favourite song. NOT NUMBER ONE?! Although I love many of these songs (especially Concrete Angel) this is the best... so moving...

45In the End - Linkin Park
It's the most saddest song I've ever heard before but it's the most beautiful one LP ROCKS!
Come on guys You know this song should be among the top ten... Come on LP fans Vote
It should be it the Top 10 for sure!
This is an amazing song! One of the greatest songs! My all time favorite!
Undoubtedly an amazing song by the Band! Love this song! Man can't even tell how many times I did hit the replay button!
[Newest]Great song from one of the greatest

46Lonely Day - System of a Down
First time I heard this song, I literally started crying. But if you hear Soldier Side, you'll weep so hard...
one of soads only soft songs with an amzing solo


What can you do is you alone... the music and lyric so lonely... but, bad video clip.

47At Least We Tried - Moby
This is a very sad song; it exposes the pain you feel from any significant form of loss; breakup, death, anything. It shows that in these situations, one loses all power to keep control, knowing that you'll miss what you had.


48Cat's In The Cradle - Harry Chapin
Anytime you see this song featured on a television show or a movie there is always a person who either has a tear running down his face in the show (or in real life) it really hits home for many people and should be more respected as one of the saddest of all time.
my dad used to sing this song to me every night to make me fall asleep... and as I got older I realized that he has missed a lot of my life because of his job!
Definitely the Saddest, not matter how many times you hear it, it's always hit the soft spots.
[Newest]If you've raised a son, or been a son, this song has the power to flatten you emotionally, every time.

49American Pie - Don McLean
I listened to this with my grandfather (it was one of his favorites) when I was little... All the time. He died 3 years ago and I miss him so much. I can't listen to the song anymore, because I couldn't stand the pain.
In fact, this song is not really sad.
I really ❤ this song but I just can't take this song seriously. Why? I'll give you 3 hints.
1." Saying soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"
2." Did you know that this junkyard slave isn't even old enough to shave? "
3." Look do you see him hitting on the Queen? Yeah he's 9 and she's 14 yeah he's probably'ly gonna marry her SOMEDAY."
Thanks Weird Al

50Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O'Sullivan
This is one of the saddest songs I've ever listened to. If you listen to the version with lyrics, you will know what I'm talking about: the singer is talking about how he was abandoned at the altar, and he's remembering how his father died and how his mother became distant and detached after that. A truly sad song that makes me cry every time I hear it!
Brings tears to my eyes yet I can't stop playing it over and over. We all have feelings deep inside that emerge when we hear certain songs and this song stirs those sad, melancholy feelings like no other for me.
Really sad-I listened to it over and over after my mom died-she told me many years prior that she used to listen to it after her dad died!
[Newest]Saddest song ever. Deserves top 5.

51Apologize - OneRepublic
I love this song, no one knows how much this song makes me feel this song is just saying even if you are sorry I have probably moved on so your too late. Don't come to me because you see me happy with someone else. Because it's too late to apologizee, it's too late. ( :
amazing song... Just try it once, too catchy and great lyrics. Awesome songs
Just love this song..
[Newest]How is this not in the top ten? Its such a great song it's so deep it touches your soul

52Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses
most emotional and saddest song of gnr


Very emotional and heartfelt. It touched me inside.


This is the best song to listen to when you are feeling really down and feel like crying.

53Black - Pearl Jam
Can't believe this song isn't rated higher. If you've ever had a broken heart you can relate to this song. The mournful vocals, the haunting melodies, the gut-wrenching lyrics. And now my bitter hands, cradle broken glass. What was everything? All the love gone bad. Turns my world to black. Tattoos all I see. All that I am. All I'll be. Who the heck is sarah brightman?
In my opinion, it' s impossible to come up with a definitive ranking of the saddest songs ever, since what usually makes them so sad to us is how we relate to them. For me, Black is the saddest song ever, both because its lyrics are really meaningful to me and because it was the soundtrack of the saddest days in my life.
And all the pictures have, all been painted black. Of tattooed everything. The most emotionally pulling song there is. Vedder's vocals make the song a masterpiece

54Open Fields of Grace - Jackie Evancho
From her latest album "Awakening", this piece will bring tears - especially if you're recently lost someone near and dear to you. More so than "To Where You Are". Guaranteed.


55Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
Such a sad song, though amazing just because its not about love or a boyfriend its about not living the life you want and being lonely. Amazing song.
I can't understand the fact why this is placed so down on the list. One of the saddest stories incorporated into a song.
Number 47? This song's story is so depressing but morbidly true. I'm surprised it isn't up there in the top 10

56Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely - Backstreet Boys
This is Backstreet probably at its best. A heart touching song that will surely take you to another world of your own... A must track to be included in the list.
What's make this song special is that every one understand it in his way
It is sad in a way. The boys dedicated this to Denniz Pop. I dedicate this song to my late dog Milton and cat Lily and 3 of my grandparents.
[Newest]One of the saddest song of backstreet boys
Probably be no. 1

57How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead
If you heard this song, it would screw up your day. Of all the songs on this list, this is definitely the saddest/depressing dong of all time.
One of the most emotive tracks ever produced

58Sleep Alone - Moby

59Love In Vain - Robert Johnson

601916 - Motorhead

61Like You - Evanescence
I've listened to a lot of sad songs but there is no songs that made me burst in tears for hours like this one. That songs has sad music. The singer's voice is heartbreaking and the meaning of the song is so sad. Up at number 1


62Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Saddest song. A lot of people can relate to it, and you can hear the hurt in the singer's voice.

63Something in the Way - Nirvana
The fact that Kurt wrote this song from his actual life experiences makes it ever more saddening. He saw himself, As I often do, As his family's "Something In The Way" That ruined everything for them. God Bless You Kurt Cobain :'(
I should write something other then the others
but that´s such a wonderful song
you get goosebumps or start crying if you hear it
The rhythm is very depressing, especially the bass line and "It's ok to eat fish, cause they don't have any feelings"...

64Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
Such a heartfelt song. Truly lovely!
But is it Sad?. It's inspirational and admirable that someone would express such caring in Such a beautiful way.


65You Never Know - Immortal Technique
Saddest in my opinion. Left me in tears because it was a simply unique story.

66Old Shep - Elvis Presley
By far the saddest song ever i bet nobody has wrote a song about a dead dog ever since a lot of people get upset when they hear this iv'e heard its 4:10 long whoever can still be happy at the end of this is an absolute miricle even talking or thinking about it Actually i think that hearing this is even sadder than even losing a dog its horrible gives people nightmares but at least Elvis did do other good ones though


You Stupid Idiot This song is sad because he kills a dog not because he's no longer around you n00b well I suppose it does make it a bit more sad but it is mainly because the dog dies


Guys, you're only voting for the most famous sad songs. This song may be old, but it is easily sadder than anything else written except possibly Tears in Heaven and Seasons in the Sun.

67Whisky Lullaby - Brad Paisley
this song is just not safe for depressed people


how can this not be the saddest song of all time, a man kills himself because he's not with the love of his life, and then she feels so guilty she then kills herself... so sad
'We watched him drink his pain away a little at a time
But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind
Until the night'
[Newest]Also a tear jerker

68Fix You - Coldplay
One of the most beautiful and moving songs about being lost or an outcast or losing someone close. Almost anyone can relate to this on the planet. The remix from DatsiK (look it up) made me outright bawl. You can feel the pain and sadness in his voice. He is hurt.
It's so sad- shows the desperation at the start (when you try your best/ but you don't succeed/ when you get what you want/ but not what you need). This gives way to hope for the future that makes this song at once heartbreaking and uplifting, in classic Coldplay style (lights will guide you home... / and I will try/ to fix you)
It reminds me of a recent r/ship of mine that ended, everyday it seemed as if I were never good enough and he was trying to "fix me" into what he wanted me to be. I lost myself before I got out, now I'm still fixing me
[Newest]You know, I never cry hearing Everybody Hurts or Hurt by Johnny Cash, but there is something about this song that makes me tear up every time. It's beautiful, it provokes tears, and should be way higher on this list. Having the song in my head, I'm crying while writing this. I love Coldplay.

69Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
I honestly think this song isn't sad. At all. It's actually my favorite P. F song 😋
Why is it sad? Idgi, ik it's good but it barely has lyrics so why is it sad? Is it just like the music or?

70Illegal - Shakira
Sad but very beautiful at the same time. It should be much higher

71Baltimore's Fireflies - Woodkid

72Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
Listened to it when I was depressed, made me break down and cry. this is a very good emotional song and you can hear the pain in trent reznor's voice, which makes it even sadder.
Makes me cry... So much... I hate it... And yet I love it... It reminds me... Of her <3. It builds from very sad to... Hopeful. Trent really knows how to get into your heart...
NIN have the saddest songs of all time. Trent Reznor is a genius and he is very emotional with his songs and lyrics. got me through some hard times. Although "The Great Below" and "And All That Could Have Been" are more sad than 'Hurt'. Glad to finally see a good song on this list.
[Newest]You can have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt!

Doesn't get any better (or sadder), does it?

73She Knew - Jackie Evancho
A recently posted video from 2009, this poignant gem by songwriter/performer James Breedwell shows the performer Jackie was to become. Jackie learned this in a day, and performed it for an audience from memory. The YouTube video is truly worth a look.


74Never Had No One Ever - The Smiths

75One - Metallica
This song is about Joe Bonham, a young soldier serving in World War I, awakens in a hospital bed after being caught in the blast of an exploding artillery shell. He gradually realizes that he has lost his arms, legs, and all of his face (including his eyes, ears, teeth, and tongue), but that his mind functions perfectly, leaving him a prisoner in his own body.

Joe attempts suicide by suffocation, but finds that he had been given a tracheotomy which he can neither remove nor control. At first Joe wishes to die, but later decides that he desires to be placed in a glass box and toured around the country in order to show others the true horrors of war. Joe successfully communicates these desires with military officials by banging his head on his pillow in Morse code. However, he realizes that neither desire will be granted, and it is implied that he will live the rest of his natural life in his condition.

As Joe drifts between reality and fantasy, he remembers his old life with his family and girlfriend, and reflects upon the myths and realities of war. It's truly sad!
Best, Song. Ever. Just watch the videoclip, it's the saddest thing you'll ever watch with the best song ever on it. I cried when I watched them playing it live in 2007.
Why is this not higher on the list? Number 45? Come on! This is an excellent song, yet very sad. It's a great song overall, even though it's sad.

76Family Portrait - P!nk
When I heard this song first time I thought: that is so good that my parents love each other and I don't have that pain that was about in this song. Now my parents are divorced and my feelings of this song are very sad.


My god! This my favorite song of all time. A lot of people who have had broken families could relate to this song including me. It makes me cry every time. And P! Nk is such a great singer, she puts real emotion to this song.
When I was a high school girl I used to play it times and time, lets say 50 times a that, it really touched my heart... Best of pink...
[Newest]I can't not cry and listen to this

77Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
Seriously! People please listen to the songs because this is just amazing undoubtedly the saddest song EVER! Nobody can disagree with this listen to it... And if you understand the story you'll see what I am talking about...
Makes me miss my ex whom I still love so much. Brings tears to my eyes it still hurts to be without her and my daughter. She stays in my mind.
Love this song but it's so sad and makes your eyes get teary and since I am still in love with the one who isn't anymore it just makes me sad
[Newest]This makes me cry every time I listen to it

78You're Missing - Bruce Springsteen
This song is easily one of the most emotional songs I've ever listened to.
It has haunting lyrics, a beautiful melody and a fantastic tone.
Yeah agree but I think "Nothing Man " is one of his best...
I am a huge BBruce fan and this is a sad song but "Empty Sky" on the same cd is really sad or Into The Fire! Just the line...

Love and duty call you someplace higher, up the stairs into the fire! (Wow)

Also Gypsy biker is a great son
BETTERDAYS... It's a sad man my friend whos liv'n in his own skin and can't stand the company!
I think you get my point! Bruce can write a song!

79Why Not Me? - Enrique Iglesias
This song is so sad... Makes you wanna cry. That emotion of a heartbreak is just so beautifully sung by Enrique. I completely weep at the chorus. Certainly not the saddest but it must be in the top 15.

80Free - Sarah Brightman
as I commented before. this song is both haunting and uplifting. its one of her best. thanks sarah.
Sarah is the best! Thank you for giving the world your beautiful voice to hear.


this song is very haunting and at the same time uplifting.


81Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) - Lindsay Lohan
I don't care what haters say - this song is amazing. Not to mention realistic, emotional and touching. Lindsay Lohan wrote it and it only proves how deep & REAL this track is

Lohan is a bad role model. She made many mistakes but it doesn't mean we must diss everything she does. Sorry but this song should be in the Top 10! Definitely!
I'm amazed this is some of Lindsay Lohan's work. It's a beautiful, sad, yearning song that makes you want to reach out the girl who desires her fathers love. I'm not sure if it is a personal experience from Lohan's past or not, but either way, it's a haunting song that makes you love your father even more.
I was going to vote for another song but "Confessions of a Broken Heart... " is the best thing Lindsay Lohan did in her entire life so it gets my vote. Really fantastic track. Not to mention underrated


[Newest]Great song! Can't believe it was sung by Lohan. Now I respect her more

82Untitled - Simple Plan
How could this happen to me?
Great song. Very depressing especially the video. But still brilliant

83Desperado - The Eagles
Easily the saddest song on this list; it's a doleful tale of the pain associated with unrequited love with someone whom hasn't the ability to love not only others, but themselves, too. The lyrics and harmony conflate the most perfectly feeling of melancholy and utter-morose. The piano is a masterpiece of choking sadness.
Sad, but beautiful song by a great band


Awesome song by a Legendary Band!

84Mockingbird - Eminem
Love the song my dad was so so mean to me and he used to play the song for me all the time I would yell at him for playing it but now I play it all the time it reminds me of him I cry when ever I hear it
I almost cried all day when I first heard this song... this song is about the story of eminem.. everybody plz plz hear this song


This was the first meaningful rap song I ever heard, back when I thought rap was just money/hoes/weed. After getting into Eminem, I started listening to Kanye, B.O. B, Macklemore, 2pac, and realized that I was dead wrong about what I thought rap was about. In other words, if it wasn't for this song, I wouldn't like rap.
[Newest]I heard that song and I got it that Em was a good dad.

85Crash - Sum 41
The first time I heard this song I cried.
The song reminds me of me and a boy who couldn't get together

86Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx

87Everytime - Britney Spears
I'm not much listening to her song but this one, I like the sound of music and her voice that's all bring my tears to my eyes
I really love that song by her and only that song. It reminds me of a lullaby
This song is so gorgeous

88In This World - Moby
Saddest song of all time, with a really emotional music video. You cannot argue with the music video, it really makes you think and makes you cry.
Wow, I love this song. It's so unbelievably sad, though, and the music video is even sadder. I recommend it.


89Angel - Jackie Evancho
Here Jackie has taken Sarah McLachlan's carefully crafted lyrics, and leant a new meaning of hope and redemption.


90The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles

91Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park
The sheer emotion that runs through me, especially when Chester performs it live. This song sends so many feelings, and strikes me right where it counts. It's a symphony of the terror of what drugs can do to a person, combined with that small bit of hope that the light isn't out of reach.
Breaking The Habit is the saddest song with Evanescence's My Immortal. Because lyrics is so meaningful and sadness, the tune is make you cry, Chester' voice is touching and emotion and music video is so heart wrenching.

Best Linkin Park song,
Awesome Song... Just try and listen to it!

92Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day
Brings back memories for people who graduated to this song.
I want this to be played at my graduation.

93As Tears Go By - The Rolling Stones
Just watch the final scene in house season 5 where this song is played and you will know what I am talking about

94Jeremy - Pearl Jam
THis song is so great, and sad that a kid thought this was the only move he had left. The chorus, "Jeremy spoke in class today" is so chilling" I think by far, it's Pearl Jam's best vocals
Dude how is this not higher it's about a kid who killed himself in class!!!:(


95Last Song - Gackt
Far saddest song.. You need to read english lyrics! He is best artist, no no HE is Good


So damn sad and beautiful song...

96Broken - Amy Lee & Seether
Whenever you have a song that is pretty acoustic-driven in the rock scene, you can expect it to be a slow, and sad song. Broken exemplifies this with it's acoustic guitar and very sorrowful and lonely lyrics. The second version of this song with Amy Lee is even sadder, when you think about how Amy Lee was Shaun Morgan's girlfriend at the time.


What? I hope Seether in top 10! where's seether fans? because that song makes every people cry or sad.
This song deserves to be at least in the top 10!

97The River - Bruce Springsteen

98Bad Girl - Madonna
I cried when I saw the video. I felt sorry for Madonna's character. The song is great though

99Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

100All Things Must Pass - George Harrison
This song is more uplifting and comforting than sad.

"Daylight is good at arriving at the right time; It's not always gonna be this grey"

One of my favorite songs

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