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461Float On - Modest Mouse
462Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional
463Holes in the Floor of Heaven - Steve Wariner

"I cry everytime I hear this song"

464Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) - Vertical Horizon
465Hey Ya - Obadiah Parker

Matt Weddle, the lead singer, holds nothing back and sings with uncanny passion. It might be the most beautiful song I've ever laid ears to...

466I Remember You - Skid Row

i shall gladly kill anyone who will disagree that this song is the saddest love song ever...
this song is all in one set...
think about it, a metal band playing slow but still a metal song which talks about the person which has already left...

If you kill someone from disagreeing, that persons relative(s), friends, or any other special person in their life, might make a song that is sadder then I Remember You. :D

467Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas
468Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
469Your Letter - 112
470In God's Hands - Nelly Furtado
471What About Love - Lemar
472Baby, Now That I've Found You - Alison Krauss
473Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler

One word, Beaches. You know when you saw the movie and heard the song you bawled your eyes out.

474Der Letzte Hilfeschrei - Lacrimosa

Saddest song there is, its in German so I think thats why it isn't on the top ten, but take a second and look for the translations, its a intense sad song -

475It's Not Just Me - Rascal Flatts

this song makes me cry EVERYTIME I hear it it is the saddest song I've ever heard

476I'm Movin' On - Rascal Flatts

so touching and sad I love it though

477(Where Do I Begin) Love Story - Andy Williams
478Through Glass - Stone Sour

This song just screams loneliness. It is quite different from most of Stone Sour's other songs, which makes it all the more powerful. Are there sadder songs out there? Yes, but I feel like this one should be way higher on the list. Anyone who has ever not been able to be with the person they love can definitely relate.

Corey Taylor's vocals drive this song through. The song has so much meaning to it that listening to it only once doesn't do it justice. In a way, it shows a whole 'nother side to Corey (if you knew him from Slipknot). This and Bother both end up being two very sad songs in Stone Sour's catalog of songs. - NuMetalManiak

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479I Miss You - Blink 182V1 Comment
480My Sweet Lord - George Harrison

Makes me sad, I really hope George got his wish.

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