Top 10 Singers of 2014


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The Top Ten

Jackie Evancho
Her voice is an exquisite treasure!
The phrasing, cadence and tone of her voice mesh perfectly with the workings of the natural world. This observation is not set in a way that limits each song to only one specific circumstance (sunrise, sunset, etc. ); but rather, it is a peculiarity that her vocals fit any situation within the natural world. Not that this phenomenon is specific to Jackie alone, but she does do a more perfect work in the effect produced. Out here, on the plains, where the vistas are breathtakingly grand, the grandeur of Jackie's voice matches the scenery perfectly. Jackie has a tonal quality so rich, so powerful, so majestic that her's alone could fill the Grand Canyon, or duet with the roaring Colorado River, or give the Rocky Mountains their voice, or dance a waltz with the wind as it blows across the prairie.
Simply the most beautiful singing voice in the world today. Sure, some may think her music is dated, but a voice that beautiful is timeless. She brings thousands of people, multiple times her age, to tears. That would be fantastic for an adult singer, but for a 13 year old, it should be impossible. Jackie manages it every time she sings.
This is THE young lady to watch over the next several years - she is going to redefine classical crossover - and likely she will change the musical appreciation of an entire generation. Be prepared to witness her become one of the greatest singing voices of all time... She is definitely on for the ages - and she is only thirteen!
[Newest]It's without the doubt the best singer in the world ever! The Most Beautiful singing voice on earth. She makes her Amazing voice all hearts of all people all over the world happier. Her emotions in every songs makes lots of people to tears. Her latest album - "Awakening" is absolutely Amazing. The phrasing by Her in every song and hight notes make every song the most Beautiful. In my opinion It's the BEST singer ever and listening to Her music causes our world Happier.

Eminem the only thing which inspires me is his ability to tell storiea through music he has been the best rapper in this times after tupac he is named the 2nd rap god
The king of rap 👌
I love your songs very much...

3Taylor Swift
Hello this star is getting bigger and bigger by the millisecond, and us going to keep growing that way. Just because she hasn't had a hit song out this year right now Disney mean she's not going to.
Taylor is the best she should be #1. Taylor's songs are so much better than all the other ones. Everyone should vote for Taylor Swift.
2014 was the year for Taylor Swift. She released her most popular single so far (Shake It Off), and her most popular record so far (1989). She also received the first ever Dick Clark Excellence Award, ever! She also got named Billboards Woman of the Year. I mean what much more could she want?
[Newest]Best of the best

4Bruno Mars
I love his songs he's a great singer he's really good so if anyone says he's not good at all I l think their all haters they just want to sing as good as him. So EVERYONE remember that his goods are awesome and if you do not think so think so because if you don't you are a mild hatter hater hater hater. And how do you not think so his voice is so clear and he even rhymes thing that do not even rhyme so boom you just got served!
Well in cool and awesome ill support harry styles but in voice bruno mars rules he's amazing he's voice is just so clear and he even rhymes things that don't rhyme
Why is Bruno Mars not in first? I don't even know who this Jackie person is! I would put Bruno Mars in first in a heartbeat!
[Newest]Is the new Michael jackson

5Katy Perry
Can't sing live to save her life!


I love Katy Perry she puts on the best concert show, has the best music she deserves to be #1
Best. Singer. Ever.

I like Roar.


[Newest]Her song the one that got away is a good song.

Dalé! Pitbull is seriously a god he makes any song a hit
He is a good singer so yeah I think he should be on here
Love the song The Way You Lie
[Newest]He is such a good singer

7Iggy Azalea
Well I can't say she is number 1 but she has great songs right now such as Fancy and Problem. Please vote for Iggy.
I think that iggy is amazing. She has good songs out now like black woodland many other. Vote for iggy azalea
Iggy rules! Best rapper I know!

8Lady Gaga
Look at Oscar performance of lady gaga.. Compare it with other artist performance like Katy Perry. She is the worst when it comes to live performance.. Just because your songs are good doesn't mean you are talented. Hate auto tune artists I am pointing at Katy Perry
Amazing singer who doesn't lip-sync and is much better than other female artists out this year with the possible exception of Lana Del Rey.


She knows what she is singing. And doesn't have any problem in saying hard words.

9Selena Gomez
Selena is the best! )
Selena gomez is a princess. No matter what she is number one for all her fans. She is the
Best. Best of luck selena and may God give you a lot of success.
She should be 2nd
[Newest]Such an amazing singer

Madonna should be 10 not 9

The Contenders

11Justin Timberlake
I love Justin Timberlake
My teacher is a big fan, on my opinion I hate him no offense
J.T. should be before almost all of these singers.

Beyoncé should really be higher up on the list...
Beyoncé should be 5

13Morteza Pashaei
He is the best in the world
He is the best singer.
Morteza is the best, I love him forever
[Newest]I love you morteza 4 ever

14Ariana Grande
Best voice I've ever heard. The pace with which she has made her way through the industry surely makes her the best artist. She deserves 1 position at least for 2014!
SHE can't BE #51 she can hit those high notes good especially on emotions wow she nailed it 😉 Good job Ari! She tops almost all the singers ☺☺☺
Best singer ever👍👍I live her❤️❤️Has a great high voice and her normal/lower voice is also great😃I got one less problem without you😂😂

15Nicki Minaj
Anaconda was one of the worst bits of noise I've ever heard!
She has got so amazing boobs and booty. Nothing else

Rihanna should be much higher than 10. Maybe 3
The best I love her she should be first
Rihanna should be 2 or 3

17Justin Bieber
Hate him! Hate him! Hate him!
He should be on the top tens he so cute and has an awesome voice he singers with his heart
I hate him but I vote him because my is a belieber
[Newest]He has been in jail! Why would anyone like a man in jail

18Wiz Khalifa
I don't know wiz Khalifa so he should not be in top10

19Meghan Trainor
Meghan Trainor cannot sing or song write and is gradually ruining the music industry with her god-awful songs, she should definitely not be on this list!


AMAZING! Probably one of the best singers I've heard in a long time

20Sam Smith
Really, Behind Bieber, who didn't release anything and Beyonce, who had one of the worst songs of the year in Drunk in love, Madonna, who released something, and Pitbull. I've lost faith in Humanity.
I just love his voice & his songs tell a story!

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