Top 10 Singers of 2014


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The Top Ten

Jackie Evancho
Her voice is an exquisite treasure!
Simply the most beautiful singing voice in the world today. Sure, some may think her music is dated, but a voice that beautiful is timeless. She brings thousands of people, multiple times her age, to tears. That would be fantastic for an adult singer, but for a 13 year old, it should be impossible. Jackie manages it every time she sings.
This is THE young lady to watch over the next several years - she is going to redefine classical crossover - and likely she will change the musical appreciation of an entire generation. Be prepared to witness her become one of the greatest singing voices of all time... She is definitely on for the ages - and she is only thirteen!
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4Bruno Mars
He's gonna rule 2014 after that epic Superbowl Half Time show performance


His grenade is awesome
Bruno Mars is aMazing please vote

5Lady Gaga

6Wiz Khalifa

7Katy Perry



The best I love her she should be first

The Contenders

11Miley Cyrus

12Pharrell Williams
This guy should be the number one because of the song happy

13Sagopa Kajmer

14Justin Timberlake

15Chris Brown

16Taylor Swift
Hello this star is getting bigger and bigger by the millisecond, and us going to keep growing that way. Just because she hasn't had a hit song out this year right now Disney mean she's not going to.


18Chester Bennington
From Linkin Park! He's the best!
He deserves to be at the top, he has got such an amazing voice. He can sing like an angel and scream like a demon! Very few, or even none can do that. He possess so many different kinds of voice, if you listen to two of his songs from different albums you won't be blessed to make out if it's the same singer. His wide range of voice is showcased in Crawling, with an angelic and demonic screams, his duet with Mike is also superb, papercut, a place for my head, in the end and lost in he echo show it well, and remember to listen to given up for his screams! ^_^


20Selena Gomez

21Victoria Justice


23Taio Cruz

24Robbie Williams

25Adam Lambert

26Jared Leto

27Lana Del Rey

28M. Shadows

29Bella Thorne

30Jessica Sanchez

31Olly Murs

32Alicia Keys

33Cody Simpson

34Connie Talbot

35Hollie Steel

36Demi Lovato

37Carly Rae Jepsen

38Ellie Goulding

39Dan Reynolds

40Bridgit Mendler

41Ed Sheeran

42Harry Styles
My BFF absolutely loves him, and I support everything she sais

43Britney Spears

44Anna Azerli
Best voice - best body

45John Legend
How is he this far


46Dan Smith



49Enrique Iglesias

50Aloe Blacc

51Christina Aguilera


53Jason Derulo

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