Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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The Top Ten

Hatsune Miku
I think she could really show the world what the technology can do day by day. It would be so interesting of see She is the world's virtual diva, and the world has to know it
Hatsune Miku's songs were made by many creators who like to compose and have the software called Vocaloid. Thus, we can now listen many kinds of songs sung by her. And those creators around the world also made her become the potential and famous singer during these years. So I look forward to see her performance at London Olympics Opening Ceremonies.
Hatsune Miku has to sing at the Olympics because it's time for a change. She will be the first hologram performer ever at the Olympics, she's amazing and she just has to be there!
[Newest]Obviously the technically best singer, and no chance of mistake
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2Super Junior
They're really amazing! They can dance, sing, rap and everything & You won't regret it
Super Junior! The Best Korean group! Please Vote! & They are the best! And I'm South American fan! But I love Super Junior!
The best Korean band, they are #1 in south Korea and win many awards, the music is catchy, great and good performances in the stage from this band, I hope this band be in 2012 Olympic games! They deserve it
[Newest]Super Junior! The Best Korean group!
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They're amazing. They discovered me a new way to see more beautiful the music. It doesn't matter the country you where from. The only thing is that these boys, can do magic. And with them, all the VIP's (the fans) can do magic too.

With the VIP's hopes and the efforts, we did that they win the MTV EMAs at the best Worldwide Act.

I hope they'll do an Europe Tour. I love you Big Bang (Kisses from Spain)
A new amazing band, really they have good music! Please support the kpop!
Big Bang is one of the biggest Korean pop groups in South Korea and they've come a long way. Their debut in 2006 led the way to the new generation of Korean Pop Idols and since then they've gained many international fans: USA, Southeast Asia, and Europe just to name a few. Their most recent award includes "World Wide Act" at the MTV European Music Awards. Their musical style consists of RB, Hip Hop, Dance, and Pop.
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Their type of music can be loved by any race or nationality.. That's how good it is.. SHINee the best!
SHINee are the BEST! In the world
We SHAWOLS! Wants to see them sing there
Just look at their performance! They have AMAZING, AWESOME, WONDERFUL performance, they've been in USA, Tokyo, FRANCE, SPAIN, SINGAPORE, THAILAND, ETC
& ESPECIALLY LONDON! They sang where the Beatles sang
SHINee is a Korean-Pop contemporary boy group who are widely loved by many. Kpop is undeniably growing bigger in the music industry and will continue to thrive around the globe as long as the World withe Web is available for its promotion.

Inviting them to perform at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony will not only attract the many Kpop fans, but also give the place a taste of Asian music that has gotten very popular for one reason or another, adding to the variety of performances displayed.

Lastly, SHINee will not disappoint.
[Newest]SHINee! Ahh! <3 laugh out loud
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5Girls' Generation
They're an excellent girl group from South Korea and one of the most famous around the world. They have wonderful personalities and great voices and dance skills. Also, their songs are cheerful and have good messages.
They are a South Korean girl pop group composed by nine members: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. They are really talented, and it would be a good chance for them to be known worldwide if they performed in the opening ceremony.
We have to take them to there, they are really talented and they are so cheerful and beautiful, they have great voices and they dance with all their passion, is the way for give them a chance to show themselves to the world, and you will love it!
[Newest]I love girls generation
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2ne1 is so inspirational. They are all so unique and caught my eye once I started getting into kpop. I'm obsessed with them and they're one of my favorite kpop bands. Recently they have performed in America and I would like them to travel all across the world and get their names heard! Being only a 2 year band, they have reached a high status in the music industry and their name is now being heard all across the world. Please perform in London 2ne1!
They are the best kpop group and now they are international they win an MTV award for best new band IN THE World. I love them and I love their songs, they're just amazing. I hope they win.
Nothing to argue girl group
2NE1 is excellent with great
Songs like lonely, ugly, I'm the
Best, go away... Please vote
For the four girls are light
[Newest]2ne1 should be above girls generation!
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JYJ is the best because they have the best of what South Korea has to offer. Unlike the other idols ranked on this, their image is completely theirs and not controlled by some big-shot entertainment company. They are, in my opinion, the best live singers in the idol business. A performance at something as big as the Olympics has to be full of talent and not just gimmicky.
I would simply love it if they performed here in the UK it would really be amazing! So do make it happen!
When I first came to know Jaejoong and his friends, their looks trapped me right away. I can not do anything than stuck my brain into Jaejoong' stunning look. Then I learned more about them. I would never be able to detach myself from them any longer. Jaejoong, Yoochun Junsu are so talented and so full of good things I come to love them every single day. They are all can sing beautifully, dance awesomely, write, compose arrange songs. They can act in drama series or musical and they are such polite gentlemen. And as a great addition to that, they are all philanthropists who donate their lives and money to help others. Can you not love JYJ? That is impossible. The more you know JYJ, the more you fall for them.
[Newest]... I love JYJ so much
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Um... I love Beast!
So, I want to see Beast very much!
But I'm worried about their jet lag
At all I want to see beast
I think B2ST should perform because they worked so hard ever since they debuted. They do this all for the b2uties (fandom) and getting them to perform at the Olympics would be a total BREAKTHROUGH for not just them, but for the whole world to see how determined they are and it shows how talented these boys are. And it also shows the world how KPOP can influence a lot of people in this world. SO BEAST!
[Newest]Beast is the bast
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9One Direction
They deserve this. They are amazing and really should have this opportunity. They need to be exposed do more people will know who they are and they deserve it
They are the best performers you could find! They are awesome and totally deserve to perform! Please vote for these five amazing guys!
Don't judge them just because they're young and new. Despite it all, they're talented. Just stop the hate and open your eyes. Not only to these boys but also to any other artist
[Newest]WHAT? One Direction are some of the worst of the worst in music! I hope they never perform there.
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10Rin and Len Kagamine
Kagamine twins are my favorite singers. They are so cote that many people from Asia love them. Even though they are not well-known in the western countries, I'd like to recommend them to the 'unknown world'.
The best vocaloid ever after Miku! Please support Kagamine twins! GO GO GO ORENJI AND BANANA!
Rin! Len! I'm your big fans! They are twins in vocaloid! I like they song very much! It's so cool! I can't say anymore because they're greater than amazing! They live concert also very cool! I hope they are can Live in my country!
[Newest]The twins deserve this chance, I know they aren't real but they are in the heart of their many fans
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The Contenders

11Lady Gaga
I think she's the best artist today, she's ingenuous, beautiful, a good singer and original. Gaga is perfect for this ceremony because she's the BEST.

She send a fabulous message to her fans with Born This Way.
She's an amazing singer and performance and she's the one who taught her little monsters to be brave.
She's the most talented performer ever... Each of her shows turns out as a fresh breath for an audience. As well she inspires mostly everyone to believe in yourself as the unique human being. Her performances are just great! GaGa is the new POP-Queen and she runs the modern Music World!
[Newest]Lady Gaga is weird but I like her music.
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TVXQ is the best in my heart. To be honest, they always try their best to do everything what they like and what they should even if which is not belong to them. They always help their friends and even someone whom they don't know before. In their heart, cassiopeia is the most beautiful name.
TVXQ is my favourite group. Their live performance is so awesome! If you have seen their live before, you'll definitely like them! If they earn the opportunity to stand at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies, I believe they will give all you a shock!
TVXQ is the group that has a true sportsmanship. For the past two years when they had the most difficult time of their singer life they have shown us ability to not give up under any circumstances. That's why I vote them.
[Newest]TVXQ is the best forever
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McFly is the best British group ever! Their songs are beautiful, they're a very talented boys and they're not a boyband as everybody who don't know them say.

They thank their fans with a song and it says a lot about how they are like persons and they give you reasons to carry on.
The MUST play in the Olympic games!
We would have lot of fun with them. Their songs, music is really good. It's amazing, as they. Their music is for young people, for adults and even for old people.
McFly are the best band ever! Their voices and their songs skim the perfection! They're one of the best bands that sing in acoustic! The opening of the Olympic Games wouldn't be complete without McFly, I assure! So, please... VOTE FOR MCFLY, THEY ARE THE BEST! They are British, and England could show that has many successful national singers! Kisses from Spain!
[Newest]It's the best group ever! I love them and they must win. Kisses from Spain!
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14Justin Bieber
He inspired millions. He taught many to Never Say Never and to Believe in Everything Because Everything's Reachable. Not only does he make music, sing, perform, but he gives to charity and visits the sick. He truly deserves this honor. He is a champion to many of us.
Justin Bieber is a perfect singer Olympics Opening Ceremonies because follows and loves all kinds of sports. In addition it is much loved by all the guys so it could be an excuse to bring them to this wonderful world that is a good way to express themselves in the company and helps to learn how young people the education they need. So a singer Justin Bieber is very adapted for the occasion.
[Newest]What is this doing here! Justin Bieber is the worst singer ever! And Paul McCartney should be higher than this!
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I want so strongly they deserve They are funny and beautiful.. 2pm fighting we all love you
Maybe I have no gorgeous words to describe, but I think you really good. Maybe I don't know very much about you, maybe I do not have what little girls enthusiasm, but I want to say, you flipped me!
2PM without HOTTEST = can't fly
HOTTEST without 2PM = can't fly
2PM and HOTTEST together = can FLY!
They can sing. They can dance. They can do everything!
[Newest]I think 2pm can show to all the world what exactly is K-POP and how powerful they can be!...2PM FIGHTING!
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16Avril Lavigne
Wonderful lady with really energetic stage presence. Deserves to be heard.
She is amazing! She has a wonderful voice, she is calm but funny. Moreover she has experience, she performed on Vancouver for the opening of the games in 2007. She should be the one winning!
She's great! He songs are suitable for the Olympics, really. She behaves very well on the stage, she has very nice voice and also she already has an experience of performing on this kind of event. She's well-known and famous, beautiful and calm. She's one of the best for the Olympics' stage
[Newest]Avril is Love. Avril is Life.
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17Demi Lovato
Well we already know that Demi and incredible, so that is why I am voting for her because she has many wonderful songs and wanted to see her showing her talent in the 2012 Olympics and also to show that Demi sweeps
She's amazing, talented and beautiful! Why shouldn't she perform? She deserves so much more attention, and I love Selena, but I don't think that it's fair for Selena, who can't sing, to be nr. 27 and for Demi that is insanely talented to be 28.
She's a great singer!
Demi is the most beautiful!
I love her very much!
Demi's number one!
[Newest]She is an inspiration to many. She has amazing vocals and hits high notes very often with ease.
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18Taylor Swift
She is really down-to-earth, amazing, talented, sweet, pretty, wonderful and true. Even though she has a lot of fans, she doesn't act like "Hey! I'm a superstar now, you'd better treat me well. " She loves her fans and I love her! I think she totally deserves the opportunity!
She is sweet, funny, smart, talented, full of life and pretty. She can sing and act and puts on a good performance at her concerts. She is also humble and down to earth and doesn't take her fans for granted. Which is very rare for celebrities.
She's just the best singer ever! Here songs are so inspiring and everyone can relate to them! I think athletes would be encouraged by her because she encourages people to follow their dreams and goals!

[Newest]I love her music really pretty I love a lot of her songs she is so pretty I saw a girl I know her and she looks like Taylor swift thank you
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English people- you will proud
Muse is the greatest! Their song are just amazing, cause its so touchable, and their style is not like in the other groups. Just think - who is the best band ever? I'm telling you - MUSE!
J'adore! I'd like to sing the knights of cydonia. The live performance of muse are always great!

[Newest]Why is this list so damn popular
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2030 Seconds to Mars
They're awesome! They deserve it! ECHELON it's a way of being, Jared teach us to follow our dreams so, come on guys, you know, they will be amazing on that stage!
Why would you want anyone else? They inspire millions of echelon everyday just by existing. Imagine 'We are the Kings & Queens of Promise' 'In defense of our dreams' ringing out loud and proud!
This band deserve to play such a huge event, and they know how to make an evening truly memorable and special.
[Newest]The saved my life
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21Linkin Park
Linkin Park is my favorite band. They are excellent. I think they will give a amazing show to everyone.
. There is no doubt that they are the best rock band over the world! Once you love Linkin Park ~ Forever you love Linkin Park! Please come back with more performance and songs!
The best male singer - Chester Bennington. This band has quality and... They are the best! They know how to make a god party too.
[Newest]Oh yeah they are so good:3
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There is no doubt that Adele was the best singer in 2011. The power in her songs and music can move everyone!
Adele is the voice of 2011 and icon of London. Her influence is worldwide as well as significant. And she can make a song that people gonna remember forever. So no one is better than her to sing in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
She has a powerful voice and she's a true Brit so it would be really cool to have her sing and everyone should vote if they want a true Brit to sing for the London Olympics because she would be representing her country which is the host country and her voice not a common voice it's very unique and powerful
[Newest]It's Adele. No explanation needed.
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23Megurine Luka
Luka-chan dai ski! Her voice touches my heart. She so could sing there. Together with Miku Hatsune!
LUKA-SAMA! You MUST sing in the 2012 Olympics! Luka-sama, you have the greatest voice out of all vocaloids! To people who don't know, yes, megurine luka is also a virtual diva like Miku. In my opinion, if Miku is there, Luka-sama should be there too! To sing Magnet together!
Luka is one of the best besides Miku! Do you want Luka to perform at the Olympics? THEN VOTE!
[Newest]Luka is much better than Miku! Her voice isn't too high pitched and she's perfect! Go Luka!
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24Bruno Mars
Brunz for the win! Amazing voice, charisma and awesome style of making music.
He is very talented and is so amazing live, you can't not to have fun while he performs, he is also charming and good looking and his songs are so amazing and will make you dance, smile, clap. He has fans around the world, his hooligans adore him. I'm proud to say that I'm a hooligan
In my opinion I would personally love to watch Bruno Mars perform at the London Olympics, his past concerts have been outstanding and never fails to impress his audience
[Newest]I would hitch hike my way to London from India -if I have to- for Bruno Mars' performance at the opening ceremony!
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If you want to see a grandiose opening, vote for RAMMSTEIN! You will see an unforgettable fire show with many special effect and a really great songs! This Olympic Games will be the best!
Their best live playing band in the world now, because of their live show. Their show is comparable to Michael Jackson show, or to Pink Floyd!
He's BEST! Rammstein forever! It's gut show and great energy! Best Live band!
[Newest]Can One Direction breathe fire? No? Vote for Rammstein then!
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Absolutely deserved to performed next year before their split up. If they're given the chance to perform, this must be there much-highlighted event of their career
They're the best. I think they really should perform LOVE YOU WESTLIFE! I've been listening to westlife for as long as I can remember, I think westlife music's been an important part of my life! This is me showing my support.. GO WESTLIFE!
One of the best Bands around UK. No doubt they should perform. Their beautiful harmonies would be a fit for the event, specially the song " No one's gonna sleep tonight" for the said event.
[Newest]They're had a powerful voice!
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27Kim Hyun Joong
His performances are all amazing... He would definitely give K-POP something to be proud of and lastly, it would be awesome to see him perform on Olympics opening!
An dedicated artist who always work hard & do his best performance. I'm sure he will show his best, great and impressive performance in this kind of event. Please vote for him..
I love Kim Hyun Joong and he is so marvelous.
His sexy performance is very good. I hope everyone could see that.
All over the world.
[Newest]He deserve this! He is young and ambitious and a real talented artist. He needs the chance to perform in the world class occasions. I bet we will see the very best of him
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28Tokio Hotel
They have the best fan army in the world and people know them and love their songs.

They have won a lot of awards. They are young boys and its a good motivation for new people to do exercise because of the Olympics
They're young, talented, creative, and have Aliens (Tokio Hotel fans) in world wide
They definitely have to perform, they are great, and actually fans are missing them, so they have to do it! Trust me, they gonna rock the house in a way any artist can do
[Newest]The most original band ever! Their music really can help you and lyrics describes feelings you have, it's like they have written the song just for you. Amazing!
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29Adam Lambert
Any one who goes to You tube and hears the Queen 3 song medley from the November 6th 2011 EMA's will understand why he would be able to fill the stadium of the Olympics with his voice. This guy is great, collaborating with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen would be awesome, the rendition of "The Show Must Go On" gave me the chills!
Adam Lambert is an International star. His worldwide Glam Nation Tour was cheered by every nation he visited. He would be a perfect choice for the Olympics because he is all about love, acceptance and peace. And of course, he has a voice like no other singer on earth!
Most talented male vocalist in music business right now. His performance with Queen to close the MTV EMAs was outstanding! His new album Trespassing will be released in 2012.
[Newest]I have to say, he is really very amazing!Not only his voice, but also many other things.
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30Katy Perry
Because he's my inspiration and represents many teens today. It's an incredibly talented artist Vote for Katy

Katy would be a great addition to any ceremony. Think FIREWORK! That song really represents what the athletes are striving to achieve.
Because I love her. She represents teens of today, anyone and everyone can dance to one of her songs, she's an amazing live performer, she's got it all VOTE KATY.
[Newest]! Katy has to be there! She's perfect, pretty, funny and nice. She deserves it!
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31Jonas Brothers
This is the year of the Jonas Brothers, they are going to blow our minds, better be ready. They are the best band ever and I love them! VOTE! If you want to have a great performance. Be sure they'll give it all on stage, as they always do.
The Jonas Brothers are the best band that can be in all eternity, they are wonderful people who help others and have beautiful songs where they express their feelings, not anyone, but the best time to listen. Listen to their songs and you will see that they express their feelings and that there are any songs are songs that make you feel different, do you see another side of life... Take the time to see the things they did for others, as the walk for diabetes in 2011, or the times they visit hospitals to cheer up ill children, THEY ARE the BEST BAND that MAY EXIST because besides being very talented and beautiful songs HAVE got a good heart, you will enjoy EVERY DAY, make you laugh DANCES WITH rare SERIES OR, IF A BAND THEY ARE THE TRUE
They are the best band I've ever seen all my life, are very talented and always know what they do. Were compared, on many occasions, with the Beatles (one of the best bands in history) which proves that his talent is unsurpassed. Your best choice is to vote for the Jonas Brothers.

Argentina always present with them
[Newest]You're gonna rock, I'm sure of it..
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32Selena Gomez
Selena is very kind and she's a pretty good girl! I love her songs very much! She has really good songs!
She has to win! She is the best! I love her so much. I follow her since she was in Barney! I think she deserves singing at the Olympics because she puts everything in every performance and leaves her heart at the stage.
[Newest]Come And Get A Gold Medal Nanana
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33F.T. Island
F.T. islandThey are a great band. They always do well. Although they are very hard. They always can let the fans happy.
We love them very much!
Fighting! F.T. island
F.T. island is a very good band. I think what they hurt have a persistent pursuit of the dream of the spirit. What the spirit of solidarity is our pursuit.
FTIsland is a wonderful band. Listening FTIsland's music make me fell happiness.
[Newest]They are so good. They are the best band in primadonna's heart. We wish they can have a show on that day,
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I love F( They are a group of artistic team has the best dancers and a variety of music. Please nominate them, thank you
Their song s are fun and easy to learn and their singing is awesome!
Everybody vote for f(!
It would be a great opportunity to show everyone who they are.
F(x) is a girl group come from Korea! They are beautiful, charming and talented. They made their pre-debut for a four years. They are so hardworking to do anything.
[Newest]I love them and I think they are the best
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I'm sure they're the perfect band for this kind of event, their songs give strong emotions and I think that lots of them are so motivating, our athletes must be supported and motivated.

A band from the UK perform at a UK's Olympics Opening Ceremony. Coldplay are a British alternative rock band formed in 1996. They are great enough and mature enough to perform in an essential ceremony. I love this band. I vote for them.
The most amazing band live. They're consistently winning awards to justify this accolade, and everybody likes at least one Coldplay song!
[Newest]Coldplay's songs would be perfect for the ceremonies.
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ARASHI is not only a group or idol group they are like brothers already because of how they show love and care for each other. Their songs also always give us lessons and become our inspirations! We Love ARASHI not only as a group but we love all the members of it!
They're just one of a kind! Even if you're sad and you feel really lonely, they can always make you smile! They're smart, kind, generous, funny and really heart-warming. Every song is a masterpiece and every show deserves to be seen!
The best group ever!
One of arashi member is a newscaster from a well known news show in japan, I'm talking about sakurai sho and news zero. And sakurai has gone numerous time to cover previous Olympics. So it won't be a loss at all to invite arashi to sing at this year Olympics, at least you'll get a performer that know what the show/Olympics is about. Although because they are the main personality of 24hourTV 2012, I guess it'd be hard for their schedule laugh out loud.
[Newest]Because they have more than just a star, but a spiritual pillar-like existence, all of their works are endless sunshine brings us happiness and virtue, let us go on the road in their life more comfortable. Think they can close. Love them, no reason.
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Their songs and performances are amazing. Besides that, they are really hardworking and care for their fans. When they went to Brazil, they talked and even danced with their fans! They are a great group, therefore they should have the chance to perform at the Olympics so that more people can get to know their excellent work.
They are the best group ever. I am enjoying in the world of blaq because ONCE TURN BLAQ NEVER GO BACK! They deserve all the best in world. A will fight for MBLAQ because at the same time MBLAQ is trying their best to fight for us too. MBLAQ fighting!
MBLAQ is the best in terms of live performances.. Their dance is amazing as well as their voices.. They can truly make a crowd go wild and boost energy to the Olympics..
[Newest]I Love MBLAQ Fighting! ♥
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38Miley Cyrus
Miley cyrus is the best! She has a powerful voice, her sound carries, and she is often underestimated. I believe it would be an absolute blast if Miley got the chance for this performance.
Miley the best singer and actress in the world!
She have a very amazing song Party in the Usa and When I look at you! Miley helps children in Haiti! I Miley so much!
She's the BEST singer! Her clip Party In The USA for a long time held on the first line of the rating. This means that many people love to listen to Miley Cyrus.
[Newest]Miley the best? I'm smiler. ❤️
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I hope t-ara able to represent asia at the opening ceremony Olympic London
Because they were one big group together also girls generation
I believe T-ara's song can make the crowd sing along and dance along. Their dancing performance and dressing are more decent. Song also acceptable from kids to adult.
[Newest]T-ara the best forever, the came from a really tiny company and now they are at the top! I guess dreams DO became reality, they worked hard since debut, they haven't had a break since debut (4years ago)! Fighting!
A fan from Tunisia
By Rim!
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CNBLUE is the most perfect choice CNBLUE is a very professional band.
They have many abilities and talented. In their song, it has mysterious force to attract people to listen their song and every song of CNBLUE is very nice. They can make everyone who listen their song feel inspiring and exciting. I believe if CNBLUE perform in the Opening, the Olympics will be the most interesting sport game and can make all of spectator fun!
I love CNBlue's music, which can make me high. I wish they can show their music on this stage to the world.
They have the difficult color among so many teams which attract fans to love them. In addition, they work hard day and night. They also said :"Choices make them grow better. So there's no denying that they will become better not only for in return, but also for their own dream
[Newest]Their music make me happy and give me power to face life. They are best in my heart. They try to make better and work hard.
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I think Paramore should appear at the opening! Because they are the best!
They have a unique style and incendiary sama and a positive attitude. They have to perform at the inauguration!
Paramore are simply inspirational their music is instantly catchy and addictive! A fun, quirky simply out of this world band who will make the Olympics;if they are voted enough that no-one will forget and not just for the sport!
They are my soul... My whole life.
In their songs they say exactly what I feel, everybody should vote them just for this.
I have been paramore fan for 3 years... The best years of my life.
[Newest]Paramore is my life. DONE
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42Backstreet Boys
Who doesn't love them come one they are great performers and truly talented.
Backstreet Boys The All Time Best Stage Performers!
No One Gets The Nod Ahead Of Them.
Their music are so wonderful! I can't live without it. And they are trying to compose their own music all this time. I love them!
[Newest]You know because they are the best boy band of all time... I want it that way
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43Big Time Rush
The Best Band of the World! I really love BTR.. They have really totally awesome Music.. Seriously I would love to come to my country
They need sing this performance, they has a PERFECT voice, and their new album is very inspiriting, No perfect band could be more perfect than Big Time Rush, I know that you'll love Big Time Rush
BTR is the best I love Big Time Rush and please Big Time Rush come to Ecuador in South America please
[Newest]I love Big Time Rush, is the best band ever.
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44Kagamine Rin
She has such a beautiful voice and can sing all different kinds of music, and she would sound awesome paired with the other Vocaloids! Good luck Rin!
The first song that I heard from Rin is Meltdown, it made me shudder. It brings to the world of vocaloid, a diversified music network, interface directly with listeners. Although there are various glamorous vocals, but Rin is always the most attractive one to me, maybe because of the initial surprise and sensation that I first heard her, because of her marvelous voice which is differ from Miku or more. In a word, "Rin" means infinite possibilities compared to real human-being. Rin is my angel!
She's just Awesome in all possible ways. Most of her songs have a meaning that can change our vision of world. Every sad song singed by her makes me cry.
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They are super talented. They can dance, sing & give an awesome performance! They are absolutely amazing - Watch their songs Neverland, Tick Tack, 0330 etc and you'll see what I mean. They deserve this so much because they are talented and so underrated! Love them to bits, U-KISS Fighting!
They are supposed to work with Konvict Records to create an English album. With members that speak a variety of languages, they are truly Ubiquitous Korean INTERNATIONAL idol Super Stars.
U-kiss is a talented group, like all the bands around the world, they need to be noticed. Their dances, songs, and group are improving each step of their way. If they get noticed, everybody would know them! Vote for u-kiss! It's a HUGE opportunity for them! U-kiss fighting!
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Evanescence is full of energy and life. They will bring the place to life and give all the players strength and energy to fight
It would be nice to have a decent rock group sing at a Worldwide known event for once! Evanescence would deliver a fantastic performance!
Seriously they need to perform. Their sense of style is very different towards other artist out there. They will blow your mind!
[Newest]Evanescence is a successful band. Amy's voice is powerful.
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47Gumi Megpoid
Gumi is such an amazing vocaloid. Her voice is both very powerful and realistic, it's awesome. I would love to see her preform the song
I love Gumi! She is the coolest! I want to see her perform so badly! I've been wanting to see a performance by her so badly! I watch Vocaloid videos all the time just wishing I could see one live! Gumi I love you! She must be there!
Gumi is a spectacular VOCALOID that has gone far over the years and has a voice that can make anyone feel happy!
[Newest]I LOVE GUMI! Her songs are so cute and happy, most of the time. And the only reason she isn't as popular as miku is because not many people know about her. They sound pretty similar, but I just feel like gumi is more realistic... SHE NEEDS TO BE HIGHER ON THIS DUMB LIST! (no offense to the list... I was just trying to express my emotions! )

48Laura Pausini
She deserve to be there, she can sing in many different languages, and she performed with the most famous artist in the past... Phil Collins, Andrea Bocelli, Bryan Adams, and much more...
She not only represents Italy but a great part of South America and Spanish-speaking countries. She has the RIGHT to be there for her talent, her amazing voice, her wonderful personality of a woman who's not blinded by success, but has always been the same simple funny and humble girl since she started her brilliant career.
She has true and genuine musical talent.. She is an authentic songwriter, performer and musician.. She'll deliver an epic performance!
[Newest]She is the best Italian singer in the world, and her concert was crowded in London. Here in Brazil she isn't very famous, but in the Europe she is one of the most famous singers.
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49Britney Spears
She would be amazing, her performances are completely incredible this year. Plus, she's definitely a worldwide superstar.
She's is a POP music legend, she's the best, she is a femme fatale! 105 million albums sale! She rocks baby!
Audience members going crazy, when she on stage!
YES she is Queen of Pop music! I want her there! Britney would be the best! Know one is more famous than Britney!
[Newest]The best performer I have seen in my life is britney spears
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50All Vocaloids
Please let all the vocaloids go! Not just hatsune Miku! Sure shes amazing but they can all go!
They should be there its with miku and her group
They would make a great show together and we get to see them perform
And they are really good together as a group that way everyone can
see them and know about them
All the vocaloids are awesome! Why is only Miku number 1? What about all of them? Everybody can see them now and they can be realized by everybody! I love you Len and Rin! I love you Miku! I LOVE ALL THE VOCALOIDS! Please let them all go! They are all amazing!
[Newest]Now that I think about it, over ten vocaloids is better than one, right?.. Let all the vocaloids perform, please! Not the future of the sound only!
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51My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance is the best band of the world. They are amazing and saved a lot of lives. They deserve the best! I'M PROUD TO BR MCRmy FOR EVER!
No matter what anyone thinks, they saved my life, and the lives of so many others. It isn't just their music, it's their message: that you CAN carry on, and that you ARE just as amazing as everyone else. They deserve that title more than any manufactured pop star - VOTE FOR THEM
Best band in the world! I love their music and I think it will rock up Olympics! Their music is inspiration for all their fans!
[Newest]My Chemical Romance all the way!
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Beyonce! She's the best! I love her! She did that once and this time I'm sure she'll be on top!
Incredible DIVA! She's the best! Her voice is brilliant, she's so sexy and beautiful! I think she's the only who must be there, one of the greatest entertainers!
She is the best singer, that I've ever heard! Her voice is fascinating. Beyonce is deserving attention. She is worthy of opening London Olympics Ceremonies! DIVA!
[Newest]The Queen Of R&B! She would slay by singing and dancing at the same time in 10 inches heels!
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She's the woman of the moment, she has more #1s in the Billboard than big figures such as Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and also more than all the new stars such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. She deserves being there!
Great Britain loves Rihanna very much. She is only artist to have 10 shows from one tour in London. Also Ri-Ri is good singer.
She is my one in a million... No one is BETTA! Her music style, her voice.. Unbelievable how she doing' these things!
[Newest]Rihanna is the best! I she will have a -100 votes than 1D? Is fine! But to us she is the 1! ~ =)))
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54Wonder Girls
WONDER GIRLS can't WAIT! WONDER GIRLs started for the girl group. And now they are going to debut in America. And now with their smash hit Be My Baby.
Korea's most famous girl group. They spread their dance craze Tell Me. Their song Nobody is also known worldwide. They are the best! Wonder Girls daebak!
I think that the Wonder Girls should perform at the 2010 London Olympics Ceremony because they are capable of doing it. Just last year, the Wonder Girls performed at the closing ceremony of the "2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games" in Greece. They are now appointed as the "2013 Pyeongchang, South Korea Special Olympics Winter Games Ambassadors. " In South Korea, they are considered as "Korea's Little Sisters" who debuted on February 2007, and led the rise of Korean female groups today. They have won various awards because of their songs. Other than performing in Korea, they also perform in China and Taiwan, and is debuting in the United States on February 2012. In 2009, Wonder Girls made a debut on Billboard Hot 100 at the #76 and became the 1st Korean group to enter the chart. They also performed with the Jonas Brothers at the Jonas Brothers World Tour as the opening act across the US. They were initially asked to perform for 13 concert dates but was given an opportunity to perform for 45 concert dates. In 2010, they performed with Katy Perry and Tokio Hotel in MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia. These five beautiful ladies are Sun (Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer), Yenny (Lead Vocalist), Yubin (Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Eldest), Sohee (Vocalist, Main Dancer, Visual), and Lim (Vocalist, Main Rapper, Youngest). These lovely women are versatile when it comes to performing and can perform various genres of music (as proven in their 2nd full album "Wonder World"). They are also open-minded and accommodating when it comes to preparations for performing in special events. The Wonder Girls are also kindhearted to everyone so nobody would have any problem working with them. They are also well-respected because of their respectful manners and dedication. Their most well-known songs are "Tell Me", "So Hot", "2 Different Tears", "Be My Baby" (along with the rest of the songs in the Wonder World album), and especially their most notable song which is "NOBODY. " I hope that these ladies are able to share the love, passion, dedication, joy, and support that radiates from them to the audience, television viewers, and especially the athletes that are performing their best to make the event a complete success.
[Newest]They are famous, talented, and already spreading even to America. The Wonder Girls are a wonderful international group that would help promote the Olympics.
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Best in Japan!

Hope to see you at London.

Can't wait till it comes.
They are so fantastic and hot I think people must hear more j-Pop and k-pop. Hope to see some Asian actors please vote up.
AKB48 is very good! Every girls is cute, every one is sing and dance hard! Nobody give up their dream! Every one do the best for their fans! We think AKB48 is the best team in the world! They have a dream that is make their fans happy and happy. AKB48 is the best in my heart forever!
[Newest]AKB48 deserves to go to London! They are pretty and I know they will do their best! They even have their own anime! Go, AKB48!
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56The Wanted
They are the most talented group of boys I have ever came across. They are so down to earth and care about their fans so much. They would do anything for anything if it meant they were making them happier. They have such amazing songs and they are very good at playing live. They always perform well on stage and put on a mind blowing show. They are the best musical artists in the UK.
They play their own instruments and can entrance an arena with just guitars, a piano and a tambourine. I have seen them live many times and they are just incredible. They have had top ten hits (even number 1s) across the globe and they are about to set off on their American tour. In such a short time they have done more than any other act could without a television show to help promote them. They deserve this so much as they don't know how much they do for people. I've heard many stories from people in person about how they were about to commit suicide but The WANTED had just stopped them. Just by their music. If they find out you are going through a rough patch they tweet you and Direct message you often to check if you are alright. They are from all over the UK from normal backgrounds and have joined together to make thousands of girls and boys happy. They deserve this more than anyone else.
They're known internationally and are a great sign of the talent we have in this country. I think they'd put on a great show as they always have strong live performances, and they'd show how great the UK's music scene is!
[Newest]They are from all over the UK from normal backgrounds and have joined together to make thousands of girls and boys happy.
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57YG Family
YG Family have main members are BIGBANG, 2NE1, SE7EN, GUMMY, PSY and TABLO
The best of the best from Korea! The dream team.
Amongst them are awards receiver and recognition internationally and of course locally. Their yearly YG family Concert tickets usually sold out within minutes..
Google each one of the members in YG family and you will find out they are the super and multi-talented artistes and not just singers..
YG family has never disappointed me with their songs, performances, productions. They can really rock a stage and has the ability to bring the atmosphere in the stadium to the highest level. I believe this is something only YG family can do
[Newest]Dying to this dream team. Their attitude, devotion for music deserve this chance.
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58Kagamine Len
Len-sama~! Rin brother, Len, is short, cute, and so nice(sausage? ) Len voice is very nice, like girls but powerful and loud. She also, ah, sorry.. His live performance was very excellent! (it's for me, if you Len lover too, you will think like that) I hope Len can Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies
He's the one, kagamine len is really cute, and he has a nice voice. He's always there to help rin, in the kagamine tragedies, he always makes me cry, he's just so kind and his voice is beautiful
I think he is an amazing singer in the vocaloid world, and it would be great to see him in London singing for the Olympics this year. To see him sing live again would just be fantastic. I hope he gets the fame he is looking for
[Newest]His voice is the most amazing thing I have ever heard in the vocaloids. You should definitely pick him. It would be the best choice you've ever made. Go ahead and pick any vocaloid for that matter.
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I love mayday~
They are the best rock band in Taiwan
I hope whole world could know them and my country!
Mayday is a very popular group singer in our country. They are very intelligent and good at create the songs by themselves. That's why I choose Mayday to performance at the Olympics opening ceremony. I won't let you be disappointed.
Their songs often give us much encourageespecially when we are disappointed.
They have set up more than ten years. Ten years is not a very long time, but rare bands in China can exist for more than ten year.
I hope more and more people can hear their songs.
[Newest]Mayday's songs are inspirational and healthy
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60Jessie J
Jessie J is fun, lively, talented and well known around the country. She gives great performances wherever she is and will have the audience up on their feet! Jessie J is just what the 2012 Olympics needs to start off the show! VOTE JESSIE J!
Jessie J is one of the few artists who sounds better live then on record. She has a powerful voice that was meant to be heard in a giant arena. With a message of hope, a fighting spirit and the heart of a champion, Jessie J embodies the spirit of the Olympics.
Jessie J has once saved my life, I suffer cancer, my sister died of leukemia last year, and I went through a bad time, and as I got to the point I wanted to end my life, I took a huge overdose, then slept for 2 days, when I woke up, hardly able to focus, I put my I-pod on shuffle, led there listening to it, until Jessie J 'who you are' came on, then I sat up, looked at myself, cried, and called an ambulance, I am now finishing my hopefully last session of chemo and things are getting so much better, now every time I feel down, I put her music on. That is just one small reason why people love her so so much, she is so inspiring to all different people, and deserves to perform at London 2012 Olympics. I would give my life to her now, just for her music.
[Newest]Firstly this is the London olympics that we're talking about so an English singer should perform and jessie j is amazing and I have no idea why she is so low on this list VOTE JESSIE
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I love INFINITE! They are so cool! They dance very good, sing good! They are handsome and so cute!
INFINITE is a dance group with 99.9% of synchronization! Incredible!
They deserve this opportunity
I LOVE INFINITE! And I am a prouded fan!
These boys debuted only almost 2 years ago, but they've worked endlessly and have 1 full album, 1 repackaged album, 3 mini-albums, 2 digital singles and a single album for their expansion into the Japanese market. They're well-known for having difficult choreography but being extremely synchronized at the same time. Their songs are also amazing with a unique twist on them that makes them unique under the name "Infinite. " I've supported these boys for a long time and seeing their popularity rise has been an absolute pleasure. There are many Korean groups actually on here but a lot of their comments just say "vote for them! 1! " but K-pop is really much more than obsessed fans and "generic" music. If Infinite were able to perform at the ceremonies, the Korean Hallyu wave will definitely be spread with this group!
They're working really hard, do their best, make people happy and always have a smile on their face. Dongwoo's laughing is still the best and cutest Hwaiting Infinite
[Newest]Infinite is perfect guys♥
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62Shion Kaito
I believe SHION KAITO should be allowed to sing in the London Olympics to prove to the fans that he is much more than 'fail' many claim he is.
KAITO is the most unique VOCALOID. I think his voice is so much more realistic and emotional than the other VOCALOIDs, and he was the first one I ever heard. KAITO is not a "failure! " Let him sing and prove himself!
A wonderful male VOCALOID that can hit both high and low notes, KAITO reaches out with his many emotional and comical songs. KAITO should be allowed to sing to show the world that VOCALOIDs are a legitimate form of music, and to prove to fans that he's much more than the 'fail' many claim he is.
[Newest]Kaito was at first deemed a failure. However, he was brought back. He is proof that even if people think you're a failure, you can prove them wrong, no matter how much they put you down. Now he's as popular as any other of the VOCALOIDs out there. He's got an extremely strong fanbase, and a wonderful voice that must be shown at the London Olympics this year!
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The lyrics of their songs are very good and I love real
Is a complete artist, which makes all his songs are very good the motivated and energetic songs. So they would have to sing not just groups that come to light, one of my favorite songs is that I play stand duet with Dido
Oh my good! King of rap in the Olympics! Man that would totally be so cool! I love him so much and how he writes and raps his songs with emotion! I think he would be good--no; GREAT-- in the Olympics Opening!
It would be sweet to see Eminem perform! He is an amazing artist and a very inspiring writer and role model honestly.
[Newest]He is duh best
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64Maroon 5
Maroon 5 has good selection of songs that should be sang at the London Olympics ceremony. I'll definitely watch them if I have the chance to see them live.
They are talented and every single of their songs are amazing. I would love to see them perform in the London Olympics if they have the time for it! Though I can't get there myself because I live so far away.
THebest singer ever this band really deserves to sing and perform at 2012m Olympic I never miss a song of this band before yeah

[Newest]Maroon 5 is the best

In KAT-TUN, we have an MVP baseball player, an energetic acrobatic dancer, the best rapper, professional boxer and the greatest beat-boxer. They r all different yet still the same. That's why KAT-TUN is AWESOME!
KAT-TUN music has been used in many sport programs and events. Their songs are energetic. Very suitable for sports events!
They are so powerful. They won't let you down.
This group is the greatest in Japan.
Everyone in this group is charming especially Kazuya Kamenashi.
Their concerts are wonderful.
They are all shining stars.
They make audience crazy.
I love them.
[Newest]Best in Japan!

Hope to see you at London.

Can't wait till it comes.
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She is Very Famous Singer, she has Attractive voice And Sensitive Voice

Her song good day is Melon Music Award This Year Song Voted
IU, inspite that she is only 20, she is one of the best singer among professional Korean singers. Also, she is pretty! Most of the boys and men in Korea likes her. Laugh out loud
Just try to watch her on the media, and then you will like her, just like me when I saw her on youtube and Korean drama...
[Newest]IU is my fave singer and famous singer
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One of the best kpop boy groups in South Korea. Members: Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon. Vote for them please!
They always best kpop boy band in the work. Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min ang Kim Hyun Joon; You always number 1.
SS501 is the best boy band in the world! They are very talented singers who love what they do!
[Newest]The best group in world
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68Take That
Take That are amazing live! I can't believe we are voting, they should of been asked straight away! They should open with Greatest Day xx
The best Britain has got, national treasures and will get the crowds going! They know how to put on the greatest shows!
We couldn't ask for better. Our national treasures to perform at the biggest event of the decade. Why is it even a question?!
[Newest]How the hell can some japanese video girl be number 1? Blasphemy, take that has to perform!
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Even though I can't understand a word they say, their music still gets out to me and that is what the Olympics are about. Passing national barriers to compete and have a good time.
A new korea team!all boy in this team was cool!I love B1A4!
[Newest]B1A4 is a South Korean idol group with a very cute, charm, nice characteristics. The group is a male quintet consisting of their leader Jinyoung, rapper Baro, main vocal Sandeul, vocal and sub-rapper CNU, and vocalist Gongchan. They made their debut in 2011 with the release of their first EP "Let's Fly" which contained their debut single "OK" a rock and electronic infused pop track. If you want to listen to their voice go search "only one" and "crush" on youtube, you will find our that their voice are beautiful. This is one of my favorite song from them, it called "beautiful target", I recommend that you should search it. It really cute
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70Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi should be there, this band is a living Legend! Also, they are a versatile band and their live shows are amazing, and they are known for their humanitarian support, so it can be perfect in an international event such as The Olympic Games
Bon Jovi is one of best bands of the world 15 million people want to see them on the stage in the London Olympics opening they had sold out there in the UK in the last concert
What! Bon jovi should be top 10 his one of the best bands ever there been there for 25 years and his songs are full of passion they are amazing and justin bieber don't deserves being top 10
[Newest]Holy crap, this list might as well be top 10
Bands that female teenagers that no one thinks understand them listen to and the rest of the world hates. Bon Jovi is pretty good, though.

Every group and artist from SM Entertainment has made it in the entertainment industry. Groups such as SNSD(Girls' Generation), Super Junior, TVXQ!, SHINee, BoA are all very famous KPop artists that have become well known throughout many parts of the world, thus have an international fanbase.
K-Pop is getting more popular with each passing day. It would be great if the Olympics Opening Ceremony could be a testimony of this, which is happening right now. The Hallyu Wave is stronger than ever and it won't be stopped. It will keep on growing and becoming stronger.
SMTOWN includes SHINee, SNSD, Super Junior, TVXQ and BoA. I love SMTOWN because their songs are inspirational. They inspire me to walk towards my dream of music. Their Dance Choreography is really amazing! SMTOWN is the best! They must win! Can win! And sure win! Please vote for SMTOWN! -SHAWOL, SONE, ELF
[Newest]EXO I love you♥
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72Green Day
Why BJA and Green Day separated? They should be listed as ONE.. Anyway you KNOW Green Day? VOTE THEM! They always give us the best exciting show and memory ever. I believe they will do the same for us in THAT day.
I've noticed Billie Joe is already on the list but I think Green Day as a band should play! They are my favourite band and I think they'd put on a great show
There is Billie Joe Armstrong but what's better than the whole band together ready to rock out this Olympics?!
[Newest]Green Day is the Best

73Simple Plan
Simple Plan have the best energy to pass to the people. With this band we share all kind of good emotions. Absolutely the best show I've ever go in my life, the best day in my life, and think that other people need to have this feelings too and see how amazing this band is. They changed my life. This band made me a better and happier person. Simple Plan ROCKS! I love them!
They are a really good band and they are so amazing on their performs! I really think they deserve this opportunity. Plus, they are such great people!
I think that Simple Plan can truly represent the worldwide community, because their fans live everywhere! It can prove that our feelings, wishes and dreams can be in one place at the same time!
[Newest]SIMPLE PLAN IS THE BEST BAND EVER! Their hard work and their big hearts are the reason of their huge success! Their songs are original, fun, catchy and inspirational. PLUS their live shows are AMAZING their performances are full of energy which make the crowd have the best time of their lives!
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I like the group, party rock anthem song... It will be nice if we see dance shuffle in opening ceremony
I Love party rock anthem song. Nice group I think. They have good music and I just love their songs. Good luck.
I Know that this group is new but know LMFAO will be very popular group... Love all his songs Party Rock Anthem, Yes, Sorry For Party Rocking, so vote for LMFAO... )

75Han Geng
Han Geng is the popular Chinese singer & actor. His performance is excellent which can make the opening of the Olympic much more watchable. I highly recommend Han Geng.
Han Geng is Chinese pop singer, popular in Asia, with extensive, he was very public-spirited efforts to make progress, a great influence among young people, is an excellent young man
If Han Geng is in Top ten he will see his friends again E.L. F born to make them be together in peace.
[Newest]He is a good model to the young, positive, responsible, hard working!
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76Meiko Sakine
She is an awesome vocaloid but some people don't like her because she killed Len in the evil series. She realized she was guilty!
Meiko is the first female Japanese singing vocaloid. Meiko sexy, tough, and has the best voice from Vocaloid 1. Her first performance was during 39's day 2012! Listen to her song Change me, It's a really good song, so she has to perform again! I don't want her to seem " forgotten! "
There is a vo loud group. Hatsune Miku, the kagamine twins, kaito, and MEIKO! She has sang songs a little bit, but still, SHE'S IN THE GROUP! I hope they can give her a chance in the top ten before my birthday. I would love to have them ALL sing. P. S my birthdays in July.

I'd definitely watch the Olympics if Metallica performed there. It's about time that we get a metal band to perform there.
Because we need REAL MUSIC in this event, some serious artist, like Metallica, Ozzy, AC/DC. WE NEED ROCK! NOT DANCES AND K-POP! Even Linkin Park, The 39's (Hatsune Miku) and Larc'n Ciel will be good. That's good music, Not a group of nice guys dancing doing lipsync, WE NEED REAL MUSIC! GOOD MUSIC! GOOD MUSICIANS! NO K-POP AT THE OLYMPICS! NO K-POP! THAT'S AN INSULT TO THE GOOD MUSIC!
Well, arguing will get me nowhere due to the amount of people in the world who listen to electronic rap and think that it has a beautiful melody and pop that secretly (or sometimes obviously) is just talking about drugs and sex, but I think that Metallica has plenty of talent. Maybe if they played a song like "Enter Sandman", other people wouldn't be AS upset, but I don't know...
[Newest]! Just Imagine it... I'm already there :))

Since the Olympics is a world event that has transcended eras, Charice can represent not just Asia but the millennial who are poised to take over the reigns of the Olympiad in the coming years. She is a great live singer and her singing connects people emotionally.
Charice will inspire every athlete that would be in the 2012 Olympics! She would give them that inspiration that would boost their athletic perforamnces to the highest level! One of a kind talented little girl in the entire universe!
She is very talented with such super amazing voice. London should hear her out.
[Newest]The Best vocals in the world!
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79Super Junior M
They are cool! I love them like crazy. These guys have sacrificed so much to get where they are today. They deserve a chance like this more than any band of performers I know. They've won many awards and are very popular throughout the entire world. The bonds between each member are unbreakable and now matter what happens, they'll always have their fans' hearts. Super Junior forever.
These guys have sacrificed so much to get where they are today. They deserve a chance like this more than any band of performers I know. They've won many awards and are very popular throughout the entire world. The bonds between each member are unbreakable and now matter what happens, they'll always have their fans' hearts. Super Junior forever.
Not only super junior M,... ALL members of super junior! I'm proud to be ELF! Vote for Super Junior! They are the best Korean group! And we know that! VOTE!
[Newest]They are the best group I love them, their performance are great

80Olly Murs
Olly murs is without a doubt the most amazing male artist and he never fails to put on an awesome performance! He is a true inspiration and if he performs at the Olympics he is sure to become a bigger icon to the nation and find a spot in everyone's heart! Bringing olly to perform at the Olympics will be a massive event no question about it, he's a brilliant dancer and singer and his cheeky smile will honestly cheer anyone up! To conclude I can not think of a better person to perform at the Olympics other than olly murs and it would be a huge mistake to not include him;therefore make olly a part in this and I can guarantee that it will be a true highlight to 2012! Everybody loves our cheeky chappy Essex boy, I don't think there's a fanbase stronger than the Murs army and I can assure you I am totally dedicated to olly and will not let him down by you not letting him perform at this years Olympics 2012! OLLY MURS ALL THE WAY!
Olly is an amazing singer, dancer and entertainer. Everyone should be able to listen to him. He is one in a million and enjoys every minute when performing. He is what Britain is all about. Plus he is seriously good looking. VOTE OLLY!
Olly Murs is an amazing entertainer, and all of his songs can make you feel better. He looks great, he sounds great, he acts great with everybody, and he can always make me and millions of others smile, just by looking at him. He has two albums out at the moment, with many songs that he wrote on them. He can sing well live and deserves more credit, and his smile, and voice should be spread around all countries to bring joy. Unlike other artists, all of his music videos are family friendly. His fans are so strong and I am sure we will all stick together and get Olly to the olympics. He deserves your vote because he is not just a great entertainer, but is an inspiration for everybody unlike other performers who just think of themselves. OLLY MURS ALL THE WAY!
[Newest]Why is he not in the top 10!? He's amazing! He's gone so far since the X Factor and it would mean so much if he was voted to do this!
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81Paul McCartney
He's a great Artist, He's a legend and inspiration for many people, He was in the most successful band (The Beatles). He is a quality solo artist as well as being within a band. He's English which is where the Olympics are being held. Paul is talented globally, such a good man who deserves everything, He can get.
I'd love to watch Sir Paul McCartney in the Olympics opening, besides, it's in England! I'm a big fan of The Beatles, especially Sir Paul McCartney...
He is the best musician in the world, the inventor of the music we listen nowadays. A symbol of English culture, recognized all over the world. A BEATLE!... And a better person... He's the man!
[Newest]How is Paul not top 10, all the others are trash. This generation needs to wake up and recognize the real music here
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They are the best girl group in my opinion. They have everything plus incredible talent and their music is really good which is why I love them even more!
Love to see them. They are very awesome and could really rock the house.
4minute is really a hardworking group. They never ask for more popular, they just want to show the others their performance. They just want to share they performance with the others. They are looking for the happiness on stage and enjoy the stage. They were so unique. They didn't ask for much, they just want to let their parents know how many they like the stage and how many effort they would pay on stage. They want their parents happy and proud of them.
I'm happy that they could get this rank. Although it seems impossible to see them perform for the London Olympics, I still want everyone who like 4minute to vote for them for their effort and attitude on stage!
This is a great chance for 4minute to gain what they have paid!
Please support 4minute!
[Newest]I like how 4minute dances and especially kim hyuna when she dances she's really hot and she knows what to do

I like their music and they really improved

Well done! Keep it up
More comments about 4Minute

Vote for L'arc~en~ciel, they have such beautiful music that not only Japan has the luck to hear, around the world I know there are fans as me that will agree that they must sing at the Olympics. If they have London, why don't have a little Japan?
One of my favorite bands from Japan. Hope to see them perform live.
L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel is the best band in the world, its musical diversity and it is amazing what abalar its 20 years of experience and millions of fans around the world who have this year started a "Great World Tour". Also his song "BLESS" was used as the theme for the NHK broadcast of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. No doubt L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel is a band dedicated, consolidated and supported by many fans around the world which would give a new look and even more prestige to an event as important as the Olympic Games.
[Newest]They're awesome¡¡ I love they
More comments about L'Arc-en-Ciel

84Miss A
I think the world has a lot to learn... Let's give the opportunity to an Asiatic Band to show their talent to the world
Love Miss A, they all are so talented beautiful and adorable, love to see their performance anytime, especially on the big stages, always support them!
Beauties with long legs and on high heels? Neat! Even singing? Hell yeah!
miss A you are the best ♥

BoA is not just a fantastic singer/performer in three different languages (English, Japanese and Korean), she is the epitome of what unlimited possibilities are about if one is willing to work hard... She is one of the biggest star in Asia (Mainly Japan and Korea)and she will be going to have a Hollywood Movie. Thus, having her in the Olympic will be the best symbolic gesture represent unity in diversity
BoA is the Best! Her voice, perf and dance just amazing! Best of Asia! Beat Of Angel! Best Of Artist! Best of All!
She is the international singer who has powerful dancing and charismatic performance. She has the power to attract the audience attention. BoA is like a legendary artist who can represent Asia
[Newest]BoA is the one. Her performance is just MIND BLOWING!
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86Kasane Teto
Kasane Teto never gets any fame shes out shined by the rest of the VOCALOID's Teto should perform TIME THE WORLD KNEW!
Uwaah! Teto-chan is UTAU!
But I like it, go for it Teto-sama!
I love kasane teto, she deserves to shine as a UTAU! (shes not a vocaloid) She's always getting put down but time for the world to see who she really is! Her voice is soft and sharp better than any UTAU!

87Luka Megurine, Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine
All of them would be great to preform. It would be very nice if 4 of the vocaloids were up there singing. They really sound good together! It would be sad if hatsune miku only got to sing because they all are very good!
I really love Miku, Luka, Rin, and Len. I think it would be amazing if they preformed! I would die of happiness! Not literally, but you know what I mean. Some of my friends and I love Vocaloid and we really would be so happy to see them at the 2012 Olympics.
I never found out about Vocaloid by myself, but then my friend showed me the song 'Fear Garden' by Rin, and I was really impressed by their singing, and I instantly became a fan. Hell, I'm listening to Vocaloid right now!
[Newest]I think these vocaloids should perform because they are inspiring to teens, plus, they are quite interesting, the have many fans and they like to sing
More comments about Luka Megurine, Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine

They are not only famous in Korea but now they are rising new top girls' group in all over Asia. If London Olympics would really like to make the event as a world event, they sure should invite singers from different parts of the world including Asia too. Kara would be perfect to join the event as a representative of Asia.
Kara is the best
KARA is a great korean girl group
They are also a big hit in JAPAN, they are the most popular Korean Artist in Japan, and their last japanese album "Super Girl" was top 5 the most sale album in the world. They sale 600000 copies in one months.
They have a lot of fans all around the world.
They have great personalities and they deserve to be there.
.. KARA is the best representative for Korea... And they really know how to cheer everybody up.. Fighting! ..
[Newest]I've always loved kara and I never stop listening to their music. They are the only group that I have ever loved this much!
More comments about Kara

She is a Japanese singer with a nice voice, who is like Avril L in Japan. Her famous song, Rolling Star, is one of the opening song of the Japanese popular cartoon, BLEACH. GLORIA, her rock and pop song, is my favorite one in these wet day.
Self-described as shy and horrible at talking to others as a child, she would play outside by herself in mountains, rivers, by the sea and in rice paddies. In her third year, she was influenced by her mother to begin writing a journal of her feelings and tried to compose them into poems. By the time she was in high school, she began to write songs, and she thought of that as being managing to be able express herself little by little. ] While in high school, she worked part-time at a Chinese restaurant to help pay for tuition. With her workload, she thought she no longer had the time to realize her dreams of a music career. For example, between music, school and work, she only had one or two hours of sleep; she would eventually get ill. While in the hospital, she was overwhelmed with the desire to make music and finally decided that school and music could not coexist
YUI my number 1 idol. She can play all kinds of music instrument. She has an amazing talent with amazing personality.
[Newest]I was going down the list, thinking that it would contain nobody I really care for, and then I notice YUI! Yui is someone you can admire, her songs are just amazing!
More comments about Yui

I think her work on two World Cups prove she's the ultimate entertainer!
Shakira is a complete singer! She can dance, sing, act in her concert. She rocks baby! The best voice ever! Shakira, Shakira.
She's definitely the most powerful, young, brilliant performer of today's genre...
[Newest]She's great I LOVE her new song with Rihanna

91Panic! At the Disco
Their song 'Ready to Go' would be perfect to get the crowd going and make everyone feel a little better!
Their song 'Read to Go' would be perfect to get the crowd going and make everyone feel a little better!
They've worked so hard ever since the split. They deserve to perform. They're an amazing band, my favorite.
[Newest]They are really good, and sing in a variety of different genres. They have songs like "Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks" "9 in the Afternoon" and "Pas De Cheval" which are all really different. They've worked hard after splitting up, and they have great voices and songs. They really deserve the chance!
More comments about Panic! At the Disco

92Iron Maiden
They are british metal incarnate... Why not the most influential british metal band besides judas priest?
The ultimate of BRITISH rock music... No contest
Maiden all the way
For sheer presence, entertainment and solid performance
It would be an absolutely amazing feat for Maiden to play
At the 2012 Olympics
What could be more appropriate than a band that originated from the East End of London? Their vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, trained as a fencer, was ranked 7th in the country and could have possibly made the '92 Olympic squad.

"The tough of the track
With the wind and the rain that's beating down on your back
Your heart's beating loud and goes on
Getting louder and goes on even more
'Til the sound is ringing in your head
With every step you tread
And every breath you take
Determination makes you run never stop"

From the song "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner", 1986.
[Newest]Best band in the world!
More comments about Iron Maiden

93Sarah Brightman
She's British, yet she's international. A perfect choice to represent the UK and the world. She adds a touch of class to whatever she does, and is the world's best selling soprano!
She's popular worldwide, after singing at the Olympics ceremonies in Spain and China (as the only western artist there! ), she surely deserves to be invite to the Olympics in her homeland.
Sarah has a worldwide purpose for her music. Olympic games has the same purpose. She is One of the most beautiful voices from England of all time.
[Newest]After being invited by the Chinese to sing at the opening ceremony of the last Olympics, and being the most popular soprano of all time, and being British, it would be a positive insult not to invite her to sing!
More comments about Sarah Brightman

She is the absolute best... Everyone will have a great time! No matter what she sings she brings the house down!
She is one of the best singers of the generation, encouraging people to be themselves. She stands for everything the Olympics represent, diversity. All the countries around the world united under one roof showing off sporting brilliance, why not have her help them also show off the brilliance of acceptance.
She is the best artist ever and would make everybody stand up and sing!
[Newest]Simply because she is the best and no one can beat her. She should be at the opening ceremony of Olympics, because she can cook up such a performance with her athletic skills and voice, you will sit and stare in awe for her.
More comments about P!nk

95Christina Aguilera
She's cool singer. I like her songs! Her voice is gorgeous and powerful. She lived each song. She has a talent from God! She is very beautiful!
Christina Aguilera is an undeniable talent packed with the potential to unleash the power of a wrecking ball when she sings. She is a prominent figure in POP culture and continues to remind us that she is the most well-rounded, the most creative, the most captivating, the most inspirational, and the one with the job security due to her longevity and ability to not only remain relevant, but remain the incredible person she is. The fact she doesn't compromise herself for anyone and stays true to herself and her artistic vision speaks beyond measure of how she is here to stay.
She is the VOICE. There is none like her. If Olympics will be after whose got the best vocals, then xtina should be on top of the list!
[Newest]Can't get enough of her voice... I just adore her, love her so much... She's probably the best vocalist on the planet.. Her voice is such a gift.. So powerful, so defining and has such a raw power...
More comments about Christina Aguilera

They would appreciate it so much. They inspire a lot of people, including me. Also have amazing and stunning voices. A lot of JLS fans would love them to be doing this! VOTE JLS
Because millions and millions of people of all ages love them and it would be an amazing experience for them and people would love to see them there performing. Vote vote vote!
Because they are amazing and everybody loves them, it would mean so much to them and every JLS fan! We are all so proud of them and this would make us even prouder. We all know they would love to do it, and we would love to see them do it!
[Newest]Because they are great performers an always put on a great show for everyone! :)
More comments about J.L.S.

97Robbie Williams
Who else could entertain and captivate every single person in the stadium. He's got some cracking songs. Everyone should see Robbie Williams live at least once in their life time. I can't think of anyone better. Plus everyone knows the words to Angels it's like a mini national anthem.
England's king of pop! Enough said! And who the hell is Joe McElderry?
Because he is amazing at singing, and has brilliant looks.. And is one of Britain's greatest musicians
[Newest]He put the Brit in celebrity And would do a fab job at getting the crowds going as well with Angel
More comments about Robbie Williams

Would be awesome, bring on the madge please. She is the biggest star in the world and would put on well hell of a show
Simply because Madonna is the biggest star in the universe! The world's biggest event deserves the world's biggest star!
Madonna is the only person who knows how to put on a great show. If you can recall a single time she failed to, just name it.
[Newest]Defiantly she is brill
More comments about Madonna

99X Japan
They are the most wonderful band in the world! And their leader yoshikialso is the composer of golden globe. I think they have a great influence on the world!
The leader yoshiki made the theme song of golden globe as a rock musician. As a fan of him, I can deeply feel his talent and enthusiasm from their live performance and cd records. For melodies, they can make everyone cry. For heavy metal, they can make everybody shake their soul. Thought X's fans are not as much as Korea fans, we have plenty ability to make songs but not only singing. I think the south Koreans are patriotic enough to vote all the idol groups to hold the win, and other funny friends who voted are funny and love virtual star. But, I do think the London Olympics needs not idol, not virtual, but the spirits of Olympic. Higher, Faster, Stronger. I can't explain these here, but considering Koreans idols and Hatsune, I think they're not strong enough to interpretation Olympic motto. But X JAPAN can.
[Newest]X Japan is one of my favorite bands ever, they are really great, and it would be very good to let the whole world know about them. Good music is even better when shared.
More comments about X Japan

100Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis, sings like a angel, so beautiful but so powerful! She would be perfect! Her performance would most definitely be explosive! The world needs to see her perform!
Best voice, best look, best personalities, Her performance sure will stun the audience! GO BUNNIES!
I'm from America and I'm rooting for the British songbird which is clearly the one to represent the Brits worldwide. Since it's the Olympics, they better have someone recognizable, with eye magnetizing looks, and voice as a clear as crystal. May I add she's had experience closing the Beijing Olympics ceremony. Leona Lewis is now and the future!
[Newest]Leona Lewis has always been a treasure of the UK she sang in the closing ceremony of Olympics 2008 and is the best choice to give an amazing-as-always performance in London Olympics! She deserves this opportunity to stun the whole world!
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