The best singer to be wonderful, beautiful on stage. She is amazing and her music will wake up the world on the olympics opening. Love her!

Too awesome not to perform at the Olympics! Best entertainer I have ever seen! Love P! Nk! P! Nk embraces all kinds of people ^^ I think this is what the olympics are all about! P! Nk is a great representative for acceptance and equality! P! Nk rocks!

Pink is the absolute best! His lyrics are fantastic and full of meaning, they affect the heart and the feelings of anyone... His lyrics speak of emotions and situations in our lives that we all feel at the end, they make us move, to cry, they did not make you feel alone in this world but not only some give us the strength and desire to move forward, make us grow and give us the determination to be the right person stronger, to be like her.. Pink is an example for all, quersto is true and that is that she should open the Olympics.. Anyone can do anything, overcome any obstacle, to feel part of something like the Olympics

P! Nk has the realist voice there ism, no mimeing what so ever. Her voice is full of natural beauty. You will get no better than her.

Because she is simply the best. She is diverse, an amazing woman, is so charity filled, one fabulous woman. She is a fabulous entertainer ^^ I feel she would be so honoured to do this job. She is very sporty herself, training many times a day, she has the power to touch the hearts of many ^^ being American it is bringing us together again, a step towards world peace.

P! Nk is amazing and she always shows everyone a great time, she is warm down to earth human being... I would love to see her preform at the London Olympics... She really knows how to put on a show... She's brilliant!

She's very talented and a great singer, songwriter, performer, has an amazing unique voice, done great live shows, she stands for what she believes in, her songs are real, she is real, she is a good example for how to accept diversity and if you believe you can be perfect and that's what the Olympic Games are all about! She is the best and she got the rock moves! Love you P! Nk

She is amazing! Her songs are great and she had loads of sold out concerts all over the world (in UK also)!


Come on she is THE best female vocalist and and amazing and athletic performer and is guaranteed to put on an outstanding show! She is also loved and admired by people of all ages so will be something for everyone! Come people please vote for P!Nk you won't regret it!

Just, simply, She got to win... I her
There's nothing more to say! Nobody's like her in the stage. She got that mood to make the people jump, go crazy, yell and almost cry because of all of the emotions caused with her music and beautiful lyrics. No matter what just with looking at her you got a lot of emotions.

She is the best in the world... There are no other words to describe it. She is one of the best singers of the generation, Everyone will have a great time! No matter what she sings she brings the house down!... Rated P! Nk

P!nk is so Good *o* she is perfect! I love her! BRAZIL LOVES PINK! P!nk is the best! She is the best artist ever and would make everybody stand up and sing!

P! Nk has a great vocal and artistic potential. Everything to do with the occasion. Moreover, it is the opportunity to show that even behind the stage for a long time, his brilliance was not blinded.

Simply because she is the best and no one can beat her. She should be at the opening ceremony of Olympics, because she can cook up such a performance with her athletic skills and voice, you will sit and stare in awe for her.

There's just no other singer comes close to P! Nk... She sounds awesome live and can sing any type of music she would blow everyone away with her voice... She is simply amazing in every way...

In my opinion, shes the best singer ever. Awesome concerts, great voice fantabulas woman. She is giving great feelings while shes performing. She Do? Yes, of. Course. Shes perfect!

P! Nk is an amazing artist with a heart of gold... There is no one else I would rather sing at the London Olympics and besides who in London doesn't love P! Nk... She will not let London down... pick P! NK!

She is the best singer/songwriter ever. She says what she means ^^ believes in everything that the Olympics stand for. She is loved by all types of people from different generations

She is definitely going to rock the hall! The best rocker on earth! Everyone will surely enjoy her marvelous stunt. Just take a look at the song Sober during her Funhouse Tour, it's by no means a show in a lifetime!

The most incredible voice and personality of the pop rock music, she has been showing us all of her talent with her great performances around the world, she can really cheer you up!

Without doubt one of the best and most complete and versatile artists of our time, combining unique and daring performances complementing their music made by herself

Best singer ever I think she would bring amazing things to the whole 2012 games. Vote pink,... She sings dances she can do acrobatics... Vote pink

P! Nk is BEST! What else can I say? She is really crazy and rock �'n roll, but she is girl with big heart ) I love her and she is really my idol forever best! And, willow is happy baby!

P! Nk is beautiful, sings A LOT, their tours are unique, MEGA PRODUCTIONS! Only she had managed to get a single on the charts without any promotion. She's ROCK!