Top 10 Smartest People In History


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Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla is an under-rated and forgotten genius. Einstein was amazingly intelligent but he was assisted by his very intelligent wife and and an assistant. Nikola Tesla was a complete lone wolf. He had a great memory, amazing visualization, and was years ahead of his time. He invented the modern world as we know it with an amazing 700 patents. He was an amazingly open-minded mind. He in my opinion is the greatest genius ever. He probably could have single handily destroyed the world. Amazing man!
The man ahead of time. One of the most intelligent person in History of human kind.
Without his work on AC electicity, life as we know it today would not be possible.
[Newest]Smartest scientist ever been...
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2Albert Einstein
Once in a great while there comes along a human with the right arrangement of brain cells and life choices and experiences whom is capable of helping the human race advance along the scale of civilization to use the energy contained within the very fabric of the universe. Also where's Tesla?
He revolutionized the entire science community in his free time
It makes me sad seeing Jesus ahead of Einstein. Religion in front of science.
Jesus was nonetheless a very intelligent who managed to become immortal, however he is no way near the top 10 most intelligent person in history, keep in mind that this is a list that's assessing intelligence, your religious beliefs should not cloud your judgement.
[Newest]He the best! Potato!
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3Leonardo Da Vinci
He was centuries ahead of his time. CENTURIES. Not decades. He is the first to research the mechanics of human anatomy. And the way he presented his knowledge of it wasn't possible for us until we got the technology several decades ago. He correctly theorized geographic time while everyone else still believed in the Great Flood. And not only was he a genius in science but also in engineering and art. He is the definition of genius. Yes Einstein was amazing. But remember the Vinci had none of the technology or schooling of modern times. All he had, was an unquenchable curiosity for EVERYTHING.
Not only was he a great inventor, but he also was a brilliant artist who often painted fictional characters (See Above. I'm guessing he never painted Muhammad... )
We can't determine Jesus intellect so it's wrong to place him on top. It's an opinion to say he was Gods son...
Einstein was smart but only in one area. Leonardo was truly a multi genius only born in the wrong century.
[Newest]The greatest polymath who ever lived.
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4Jesus Christ
The first man to do magic tricks that tricked many people for many years!
You can't prove they were fake. The Bible was written by eyewitnesses that DIED for believing Jesus. Why would they die for something that they knew was fake?
There are none wiser than Jesus Christ.
We have none of his writings, only the word of others, that doesn't seem very smart.
This list is a joke, all these scientist and artists were good but can't compares with jesus, they didn't bring good message and love in the world, hitler was simply a evil who wanted to kill people, and the others smarts but didn't know enough, scientist know just 3% of the truel of the life
[Newest]What these people are morons compared to Jesus
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5Adolf Hitler
Though his motivation was evil, he was indeed brilliantly manipulative, and because of this combination of both brilliance and world impact, he deserves to be on this list.
This famous man is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, planners and executors of ideas in all of humanity. His speaking capabilities were moving, inspiring, and outstanding, and partly resulted in the mindset shift that was part of the creation of an economic and geopolitical world power in an extremely short timespan. The other factor in creating this unimaginably strong and productive empire came from his abilities of organizing and creating industries and ideas that were absolutely ingenious and successful to his nation. These factors resulted in an influence and change in the world that had never been unmatched, and to this day has not been unmatched in any way. No one in the history of the world has been effective in producing such a strong, patriotic, and energetic country as him; his ability to make all who listened to him rise up to the benefit of their homeland is truly unique. Additionally, he was a brilliant painter and architect, whose creativity is admirable and represents his dedication and long-lasting love of his homeland and country.
Heil! As he is usually portray as evil demon let's skip media campaign and dig deeper, shall we.
1. He rallied German people, economy and created powerful country - so very good manager.
2. He had gift for selecting right people for right job. For example it is difficult to find better man for propaganda than Goebels, better man for secret police and execution than Himmler, better minister of war time economy than Speer. Not to mention he HANDPICKED Rommel and Manstein from relative anonymity and propelled them into limelight as field marshals! This was perhaps his biggest asset.
3. He was no coward. His WW1 record proves that having obtained Iron Cross on battlefield and almost blind after gas attack.
4. His intuition was second to none. He predicted nobody will interfere with rearming, breaking Versailes, recapturing Alsas, Austria and Czech. He knew that France demanded different strategy and found Manstein who gave it to him etc. He was right about rotten Soviet system which he almost defeated. He was right about French being lazy and tired despite having equivalent Army etc.
5. He was lucky as he escaped 30 or so assassinations.
6. He had hadn't forgotten to marry Braun in last days of life.
7. He let everyone go (Himmler, Goering, Speer... ) from surrounded Berlin although he didn't have to and addressed Speer as gentlemen wishing him farewell. Nice little touch.
[Newest]He was very evil, but his mind was outstanding.
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6Isaac Newton
He hit his head with an apple and he became one of the smartest men known
He single handedly invented calculus, one of the most important tools in mathematics, and composed a model of the universe that we still use today to make predictions about how things should work
Knowledge is man's greatest treasure, and this man greatly expanded human knowledge and has paved the way for so many others, including so many side disciplines. Other geniuses such as Planck, Einstein and Bohr have built their theories upon the foundation that Newton laid in centuries ago. It is unimaginable to think how much he's accomplished in the first quarter-century of his life. Leonardo the Vinci is his close second.

By the way, people who vote for Hitler should have their priorities sorted out. If conquest, manipulation and ability to govern large empires should be valued above all others (such as thirst for knowledge and the desire to share it with others) in measuring intelligence, why don't you mention Alexander The Great, or Nebuchadnezzar, or Genghis Khan, or Peter The Great, or Ivan The Terrible, or Napoleon? All of them have "accomplished" much more, and shaped the human history in a much greater way than 'ol Adolf. Or, are people unable to recall history that predates the 20th century?
[Newest]Remove jesus he was the smartest man ever calculus that makes him superb
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7Stephen Hawking
I do not dispute that Newton and Einstein are undoubtedly the science giants and Shakespeare the art giant. But I have to vote for Hawking, and let me explain why.

Stephen Hawking is admired by many, but not necessarily for the same reasons. Let's start off with what he was originally known for: his research in relativity in the late 1970's. Using the results of Einstein, he used sophisticated mathematical methods with Penrose to show that singularities are not mathematical artifacts, but in fact are real and generic. That is, black holes are real, and he concluded this well before the identification of Cygnus X-1.

In 1974, Hawking sent shock waves throughout the physics world with his achievement that black holes radiate. The result provided mankind's first glimpse ever of uniting quantum theory with general relativity, which before this time seemed irreconcilable; it has also set the direction for theoretical physics ever since.

If you read Kip Thorne's account of the golden age of relativity, there is no doubt that Hawking stands as the most prominent physicist from that period of time. In a way he is also a Cold War icon, symbolizing the West's trump card to the often-perceived superior physics research groups in the USSR, first led by Landau and then Zeldovich. In fact Zeldovich was one of the first to suggest black hole radiation, but only in a spinning one by analogy to a spinning metal sphere. This led Hawking to develop his stunning 1974 result (one which held valid regardless of spin), leading the Soviet physicists to conclude they were wrong.

Einstein himself did not believe in black holes or quantum theory (although he contributed to the foundations of the latter, while talking to Max Planck). Hawking showed black holes exist, and took it a step further with quantum mechanics with the radiation.

All of this before he communicated his science to the public, in A Brief History of Time. No other living person can claim to be as monumental in both popular and scientific circles.

Notice in the above description, I did not mention his disability.


He's contemporary, living in our time and has a very creative mind. Basically he can build off all the other scientific info gathered and come to more exact conclusions.
Stephen should be 2 cause he invented so many things and has proven most of Einstein's theories true
[Newest]He's just amazing and extremely brilliant!
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8Galileo Galilei
The only comment I have on Galileo's genius, is his genius for astronomy, b he invented the telescope, and I am not atheist, but to be god's son you don't have to be intelligent, however, either way, Galileo was the most smartest human being alive, in my opinion
First of all, Galileo only improved upon an earlier invention to make his telescope. I would argue that he is a genius at all. Most of his life he spend trying to gain wealth by selling his telescopes. Then one day, when he happens to gaze into the night sky he made an very important discovery. It was then that he actually started Perusing science. But of course the church condemned him and forced him to give up his work. But overall, he is an important figure in history but he also happens to be in the right place at the right time. I don't really think that he is a genius.
This guy had a brain for astronomy, I'm a major astronomy fan, and every night when I go outside with my telescope, I thank him for inventing the telescope. Galileo is my major idol, and I believe he should have a way better position on this list
Come on.. I shouldn't have to explain.
[Newest]Its good to be me

9Charles Darwin
Charles darwin was an intelligent man with his ideas of evolution and animals on how they adapt to their surroundings such as when a bird is on a and island their later generations will change according to food supply and food to collect by changing their beak structure
Someone who used his brain to think up a theory with scientific evidence behind it unlike certain other (likely imaginary) individuals on this list.
These individuals aren't imaginary. Historians agree that Jesus existed. Same goes with Muhammad, Buddha, etc.


Is this like a prank or something? Or is this list just the most inaccurate list on the planet? Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution which none of us would have come up without him. I can't believe Charles Darwin is number 7! And yet that is my lucky number...
[Newest]He was proven wrong. His work was incorrect
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10Benjamin Franklin
Ben Franklin was a genius in many area not just one or two. Science, literature, politics, invention, people skills and leadership are all areas in which he was the authority. He was not a genius for hire, He had principals and worked to change the things he deemed important. He changed the world.
For as the student of a high school in here the Philippines many things happen to Benjamin Franklin in his life that a kind of person is very nice and why because of his knowledge & wisdom he can do what he want and also the potential he use during the rainy days no matter from him if it a strong rainy on that night... He must go to the Pennsylvania he was to attend a meeting but on his personality a was look like beggar... But he didn't matter on him what appearance he has... For him on his ability and determination he use is important to me...
A genius. He invented the glass armonica, a better postal system, the lightening rod, he helped create the U. S, and he was morally wise also! In his later life he campaigned to abolish slavery! Next to George Washington he may have been the greatest American of all time!
[Newest]Anyone who's read about this man's life would agree that he is one of the most intelligent men who have ever lived.

The Contenders

Probably the best boxer ever.
He is a pretty swell guy, I'm sure he is very handsome too, but I guess I'll never know for sure. I know for sure that he is better than everyone else on list.
He's a BrainiaC! Muhammad was a top bloke and a real player in the game.
[Newest]Best and the greatest man ever lived on earth
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He organized and systematized knowledge in several areas, he invented and systematized logic as science, as well as psychology, physics, metaphysics, biology, and literary theory.
One need only survey his least weighty works, the Poetics and On Rhetoric, to be stunned at Aristotle's stunning genius. With many of his specific notions I do not concur, but the elegance of presentation, the diamond sharp choice of example and subject, the beauty and breadth of his argumentation, his spectacular choice of division and sectioning, render Aristotle the most far reaching and incisive thinker, as a mind considered for its individual powers, irrespective of the veracity or falsity of its particular conclusions, in Western history.
Aristotle was an acknowledged genius in a variety of fields. He wrote some 200 treatises dealing with philosophy, logic, many categories of science and human relationships. His general philosophy relating to ethics and natural law formed the basis of much of what is now know as Western Civilization. His teaching methods are still followed in many respects. He was the third in a line of 3 of the 4 most brilliant philosophers ever known---Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. (Aquinas being the 4th)

His name sounds like a dinosaur.
He found one of the most astounding mathemathical thing in the world it was so ahead of its time it had to be covered up.
He is a mathematical giant!
[Newest]He helped create some of math's most important theorems.


14William Shakespeare
"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. "
Literally every piece of modern literature (since the Elizabethan age) can be traced back to Shakespeare. His words are embedded inside each of our subconsciouses. He is the epitome of greatness.
William Shakespeare was a genius. How does an uneducated man write millions of plays, poems, books, sonnets, and make millions? Shakespeare knows the answer to that one. If you are looking for genius, look at him. And also he lived in a time when there was a great risk of being killed if he ever slightly offended the king. He was able to be funny and he knew which people to pick on to please the king. That takes genius.
Understood human nature better than anyone. Could summarise a thought, and a whole range of emotions in a single sentence. And has influenced the English language more than anyone. We quote Shakespeare every hour of every day, and don't even realise it. He's wired into our psyche. A true genius!

15Mahatma Gandhi
His ways and thoughts are something that can be used for your whole life. He lived a simple life, while wearing simple clothing but became famous globally and helped India get independence from the mighty British empire. He also fought against apartheid in south Africa. Though he had many haters and still has hates today, he kept going and his revolution of non- violence is sill in use today.
New thoughts and ideas in an era of violence and might is right. Undid what the colonial powers took centiries to put in place, all by his words.
Gandhi was able to do what few have done in history. He liberated India, a nation of millions without lifting his fist. His tactics shook the mighty British empire.
[Newest]Today he is father of India and yes he is the right person to be as father of India. Salute to such a great personality.
Being the father of India does not make you the most intelligent person in history, your vote should go to the person you consider to have had the greatest intelligence in history, your comment is irrelevant to the topic

16Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
He revolutionized music in a way no one else could of. He wrote over 40 symphonies by the time he was 35. Plus, if you listen to his music, people say you will get smarter. Some of his most famous works are Requiem, Rondo Alla Turca, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, and much more.
A well trained piano player and a genius. He should be number one
" we cannot despair on mankind knowing Mozart was a man " - Albert Einstein
[Newest]How is Mozart not at least in the top 5?

17Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
If a picture is worth a 1000 words, the picture of Einstein's personal library must be worth at least 10,000 words, because among his books, the name GOETHE was the most representative author. The day that Willard Gibbs becomes synonymous with Johann If a picture is worth a 1000 words, the picture of Einstein's personal library must be worth at least 10,000 words, because among his books, the name GOETHE was the most representative author (52 books in total). The day that Willard Gibbs becomes synonymous with Johann Goethe, will be the day that everyone understands why Goethe is #1 beyond anyone the future has yet to produce. Goethe, will be the day that everyone understands why Goethe is #1 beyond anyone the future has yet to produce.
Among us smart folk, Einstein is considered "a little slow", and Hawking "means well", but you have to be a little clever just to appreciate the accomplishments of Goethe.
He had a used vocabulary of about 50,000 words! Twice Shakespeare! He was claimed to know all the knowledge availible in his life time! He was Poet, he wrote simple love poems, Profound Philosophical Poems and Scientific Theories. He was Poet, Lawyer, Botanist, Politician and Civil Servant Servant, Physicist, Zoologist, Landscape Painter and Theatre Manager. In addition Philosopher, whose perception was unbelievabley sharp!

He has been claimed to be the Greatest German Mind that has Ever Lived!

He had so much swag his dick weighed a ton.
Solomon asked God for wisdom over anything else... Not just wisdom but wisdom to lead the people that God put him in charge over as King. He was given wisdom above and beyond any man past present or future. Read it in 2 Chronicles 1:8-13 Also realize that WISDOM is not what you might think it is completely there is wisdom from the world and from GOD... Read James 3:17 THANKS and God Bless!
[Newest]Solomon should be number 2 on the list because he was given all knowledge from God.

19Archimedes of Syracuse
Archimedes invented so much in maths and physics, without him, Albert Einstein wouldn't have created his theories. He's the smartest man that ever lived for sure, born into a poor family, and made such good use of his recources, I'd say he was the biggest genius, just forgotten because he was from the greek era.
Agreed one of the smartest and anyone that is good in mathematics knows that he was the man. A Brilliant Mathematician and Innovator. The Sicilian salute you sir.
He was so ahead of his time that no one not even Einstein can be above him. The industrial revolution could have happened before Jesus was born if his knowledge had been passed to others. Jesus Christ would have witnessed the first man on the moon.
[Newest]He is a true genius and inspiration; he had the knowledge a thousand times greater than Einstein's. If his ideas hadn't been ignored he could've had technology as advanced as ours back a thousand years before now.

20Ludwig van Beethoven
One of the greatest genius I think, because he could made over 150 pieces of music when he was deaf, all of them are outstanding
Mathamatical genius! Wrote symphonies as a child and while deaf
He's smart because he can create musical pieces even though he's deaf. Pretty cool actually.
[Newest]This mans music put me in touch with not god but humanity.

21Marie Curie
Two Nobel prizes anyone? Discovered radiation? She deserves more credit
Agreed. She sort of withered away into her emotional needs towards the end of her life but she is a great scientist. The sad thing is that she didn't do much work after her husband got run over by a horse (he died). All she did in the latter part of her life is defend her original works
Super smart and accomplished in the world of science dominated by man!
She is my hero I mean she should be in at least the top 10
[Newest]The only woman that actually discovered something.

The Father of Philiosophy, his student Plato also could easily be in the top 100 and Plato's student Aristotle as well. Other than the obvious logic of the truth which no man (except Jesus) understood better. This allowed him to break down any subject and if intelligence is based on proving or disprroving things, I wonder where a lot of people on this list would be had they not beneifited from the words of Jesus and Socrates on thought?
It doesn't matter if you are the smartest person in the world if you don't know what happiness and true freedom is. Most people relate brains with success but they are just rats in the rat race. Socrates is number 1
"How can the person who explained the unsustainability of 'right versus wrong', way before Nietszsce did, not be top here. "
[Newest]Definitely one of the smarter men, able to teach others while he knew about the same as they did. His way of teaching by asking questions was absolutely amazing.

Set the stage for Western metaphysics for the next 2500 years or so. Only Kant comes close to Plato's significance.
Founded modern theories and common ideas as we know it. And this was also when technology was young,

24Carl Friedrich Gauss
Greatest mathematician of all time. He had to spend a lot of his valuable time into land measuring and astronomy (boring repetitive jobs with lots of numerical data analysis), but in his free time he saw so much further than all other mathematician, that his notes were a valuable source of mathematical discoveries for centuries. At his 18th birthday, he thought up a geomertical construction for dividing a circle in 17 equal parts (unsolved at the time). Oh and he invented the telegraph (basis of all modern communication), but just on the side.
How is Gauss not higher up than 54th place. He has made contributions everywhere in mathematics while 4/3 of people struggle with fractions. He outsmarted his own math teacher in elementary school when he was asked to add all numbers from 1 to 100.
Gauss need to say more?

25Thomas Edison
Edison did a lot for America and should not be in the lower half of this list. He invented many things and might have been a president of the United States of America. I am nit 100% sure because I am only in seventh grade, but still I do not know anything about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Peter Higgs and I completely disagree that Michael Jackson would be 22 places higher on this chart than Thomas Edison. And I think Abe Lincoln, one of my favorite presidents, should be so low on the list either! And this is all coming from a 13yr old girl.
Edison was a fraud! All my research shows that Edison did not invent the light bulb, he just found a way to sell it. He is known best for stealing other people's ideas and then rushing over to the patent's office to submit other people's inventions first. You people are ignorant to the truth. Thomas Edison should be condemned rather than celebrated. I'm kind of glad that Nikola Tesla (Edison's archenemy) is number one on this list. I think Edison should be on the very bottom instead.
Some smart ass kid in the Book "Maze Runner" is named after him, he should at least be in the top 20
Oh, guys he is the smartest, he is the lord of the creating
[Newest]He invented probably the best invention ever

26Mileva Marić

27Karl Marx
Can you ever think of whatever he did. He was a first class philosopher, historian and much better legend of political sciences than both Einstein and newton put together in physics.
He was one of the biggest liars and manipulators ever, stirring up hatred in the mind of the employees against their employers. A genius maybe, but for sure a genius of pure evil and bogus morality.


In soviet Russia, Marx vote for You!
Most influential political thinker of the industrial revolution. Founding father of modern social thinking. Work permeates all economics, even those that disagree with his views on classless society.
[Newest]How is he so low.

28Bobby Fischer
Man knew what he was doing. Manipulated the world.
A deadly combination of intelligence and determination.
What use is intelligence, when it is wasted in such a narrow field. He became just a pawn of the cold war.
Undefeated Chess World Champion, even Kasparov couldn't defeat him.

29Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was better than George Bush and has made a great difference. He knew what was right, and what was obviously wrong. He spoke the truth and made one of the greatest speeches in the world and freed slaves.
I think that he is smart, and he made one of the greatest speeches.
He should be the wisest guy in the world.
[Newest]This guy saved our country from splitting apart. USA hero

30Richard Feynman
He solved the most difficult maths problem in the 20th century, quantum-electrodynamics, by drawing a picture on a blackboard; he was known for being able to explain even the most intricate problems in very simple terms that anyone could understand, and he made a hobby out of cracking top secret government safes, vaults and lockers using maths.

The guy was also a total baller who played the bongos and worked on physics problems in strip clubs. All hail Feynman.
Let's be honest with ourselves here.
Really no 42 let's be serious, one ahead of Frank Zappa
[Newest]He had a good head

31Friedrich Nietzsche
The entire thing here borders on hilarious, and ignorant. If you read of his books he would have to be in the top 5. I am not familiar with anyone that has done more to help the world. You should check these people out. Among many other things he exposed religion for what it is.
Great philosopher, author, composer, and contributor to Western culture.


He had a cool moustache

32Ferdinand Marcos
The man of steal! So persuasive in his speeches, no notes to read on, no teleprompter, brilliant and genuine, knows how to play political game internationally. He did a lot of things so far more than any other leaders in the Philippines now.
Marcos made more contributions for his country than all of the presidents combined. He solved the rice crisis in 1968. The Philippines went from being in a rice crisis to being an exporter. He built more roads, schools, bridges and hospitals than his predecessors combined. Marcos is the smartest Filipino in history.
He had been one of the influential and brilliant President of the Philippines with all his projects being continued by the succeeding until this time where a new government worst than his administration had been established... those projects that seemed to be impossible and very ambitious.
[Newest]A very clever leader he rise the Philippines and made as an rising tiger of Asia...

33George Washington
He was a genius with great charisma and practical knowledge, also an excellent soldier and leader. Very well rounded. He also had bipolar and functioned well without "modern medication".
This man is amazing! He was able to defeat one of the best armies in the world with local militias. He had very little to work with yet still beat them. Plus he became one of the greatest presidents of all time!

He is the is the greatest astronomer ever. A person who can calculate the approximate diameter of earth can do any thing. He was also one of the greatest mathematician an gave us "sin" a word of trigonometry so I think he will be on the top 10 list. He was the great scientist and mathematician.
The one who first discovered the value of pi and.. Telescope before Galilei but the books were spread all over the world and the Indians left behind
He is obviously one of the greatest and deserves a better place in this list.
He is the one who found Pythagoras theorem much before Pythagoras.
He was the one who found the number "0"(zero).
[Newest]Come on guys he deserves to be in top 5 he did too many things for science maths and world as well...

35Gautama Buddha
Gautam Buddha is the Light of Asia!.. The Largest Continent!. Buddha Was Born in Nepal ( The Land of Highest Peak.. Mount Everest! ).. And he as the Largest Follower in the world!...
He figured out the exact nature of mind... Nothing is more important in the history of history. I am aghast he's not number 1.
He was a scientist... He should come under top 10...
[Newest]No one can match with the Great Lord Buddha. He is the light for all mankind and all living beings.

36Alexander Graham Bell
Come on people if we didn't have the telephone then what would we be doing right now? :-I
He didn't invent the phone. Antonio meucci did

37Genghis Khan
He is the greatest leader in the world
He was able to conquer half of world
Genghis. Khan. He good.
Very very seriously under rated because of his race. These ratings are for in the history of mankind this an intellectual ratings not emotional most on list shouldn't be here. THIS MAN WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST IN THE HISTORY OF MAN KIND I'm a black man & I know this to be true. Khan is a top ten not 49

38J.S. Bach
Wrote the most beautiful music with great care and skill
I consider the genius required to write his music much greater than that of most other popular choices here.
Music is easy to make. I worked with john mayer on his new album and it took only a week on average per song

39Srinivasa Ramanujan
Many people don't know this truth.. But this is the truth.
# Normal person (uses 5 to 10% neurons)
# Sir Issac newton ( used 14% neurons)
# Albert Einstein (used 19% neurons )
# Swami Vivekananda (used 65% neurons)
# Srinivasa ramanujan ( Used...100% neurons)

Even the gravitation was not discovered by the Newton.

Ramanujan came up with mathematical theories that explained things about black holes. Supercomputers, mathmeticians, and even the smartest people in the world have taken so long to understand anything. This man should definitely NOT be ranked 52. Probably 1 to 10
Ramanujan never went to college, grew up poor and still discovered mathematics that most people wouldn't be able to understand if they were taught by experts. He should be higher than Newton who discovered math that loads of people learn and understand in high school.
[Newest]Srinivasa Ramanujan was one of the greatest mathematician.. proud of his works and dedication. It motivates even me to become great

40Martin Luther
This is Martin Luther, the guy who kickstarted the Protestant Reformation. Not Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader.

Its funny we have so many dumb people voting for the 10 smartest people in history.
Well I do not know what the adjective "smart" comprises, but having the ability and patience to translate considerably long passages from the Bible from Latin into German requires a bit of brain in my opinion. Plus, writing the 95 theses and making them public, requires courage that can be acquired only if one has the ability to self-motivate himself and believes in what he says. Moreover, being able to stand before the smartest of that time at the congress and answering the questions with so much precision, it is something.
Martin Luther is a lot smarter and more gifted with a broad range of talents than he is given credit.

Patanjali was an eminent sage, who removed the impurities of the mind through yoga, of speech through grammar, and of the body through medicine. He is the compiler of the Yoga Sūtras, an important collection of aphorisms on Yoga practice.
No words fo his greatness

42Thomas Jefferson
Was the original Batman. No, really.
A slave holder, who acknowledged that slavery was wrong, he was a hypocrite.

One of the greatest leaders of all time!
Given he led such a small group he should be at the end of this list.

44Saddam Hussein
No he's not and neither was he that intelligent he was an oppressive dictator who hanged for his crimes sorry but it's true
If he was really the 40th smartest person in the world, we would have lost the Gulf War a long time ago...
He is a good Muslim

45Kim Ung-yong
I'm pretty sure this guy was working for NASA when he was 8. Seriously.
He also knew 4 languages by the time he was 2 and holds the world record for the highest IQ score.
He was a wise man from the early age.
[Newest]This is one incredibly dextrous dude!

46Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan had on of the greatest multi-disciplinary understandings of science in the 20th century. While physicists such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking outmatched him in their ability to work out new physical laws to our universe and applying mathematics to this. Carl Sagan had a working and comprehensive understanding of all of their work, and works across all disciplines of Science as well as a deep understanding of the philosophy of science, and a myriad of academic sections within the humanities. He is probably one of the greatest thinkers of our time, and it's nice to know that at least the internet has given him some of the fame and respect that he deserves.
Carl Sagan was a brilliant man, who got a whole generation interested in science. He was well ahead of his time, and deserves to be far, far, far higher on this list. He had a message of scientific curiosity, and a cautious optimism that I wish more people would take to heart. That Jesus... A man, who arguably, might not have even existed, ranks so much higher than a man who's impact on the world is undeniable is baffling.
In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.

47Martin Luther King, Jr.
Why is he so far at the bottom of the list! He was the one who lead the civil rights movement and helped end segregation in America. I hate racism and would have been part of the civil rights movement because racism is just wrong. King should definitely be in the top ten and without him, our country would not be same and probably worse without his intelligence!
If it weren't for him, the United States would still probably be ruled by racism. Just think about that.
Because he was not not the smartest man who lived!

48Julius Caesar
Porobaly could have had Europe belong to him at the time the reason why rome is still he today probaly has like a 150 iq

49Bill Gates
He is a great man. He found Microsoft
Come on people if we didn't have Microsoft, then what are going to do about it?
He is best business man
[Newest]He didn't find Microsoft he made it


50Peter Higgs
Yeah the smartest man of our time hands down. A good damn PARTICLE! 1!
He discovered a particle that no one even knew existed

51William James Sidis
Well I think that the top ten of this list is right if you are talking about acheivement and knowledge rather than raw intelligence. The ability to learn quick and process very fast is raw intelligence. James sidis did not accomplish as much as the top ten of this list but he was the more intelligent, his IQ was estimated to be around 250 to 350 and h could learn an entire language in one day. When you talk about intellignce it is the potential that someone has. When you say someone has the potential to do something it means that he has the abiity to do it but it does not mean that he is going to do it. William James Sidis does not have more acheivements than the top ten of this list but he has more potential than them. And I think Goethe should be second.
William james sidis had the hihgest iq score ever recorded:250 to 300. He had the greater raw intelligent than any other man. He should be first on the list.
Attended Harvard at age 14 and could learn/understand a language after a day

52Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt was smart but also tough she even tried to kill franklins made but she did not know what to do so she fell in love with a woman. I'm nine and I know there was 111 notes that they sent to each other but in 1942 franklin and Eleanor were happy with each other again.

53Mihajlo Pupin
Underrated people, there is Always a reason why they are underrated. Not only Mihajlo Pupin, but Mileva Maric (Wife of Einstein) also and the greatest genius of all time Nikola Tesla.

54John Locke
John Locke KNOWS the island like the island knows him! He knows that the island will keep dragging people back no matter what and he is the only one that understands that the people on the island need the island as much as the island needs them! He is the Lord of the island.
I voted for him because Thomas Hobbes is a douchbag

55Frank Zappa
I knew frank would be here he's a genius he speaks almost as if he created life he can't lose an argument and never has a conversation with nothing to say he's pure genius
If this were true he missed is calling, he should have written some books instead of making music. No glory for you Frank, back of the line.
Pure Genius. Uncle Remus.

56Sun Tzu
Art of war can be applied in most any reg life situation if tweaked a little.
He is possibly the greatest general that ever lived. Most of his teachings are being followed today.
He is much good

57Muhammad Iqbal
One of the greatest poet, politician, philosopher, lawyer and genius in this planet. He created amazing poems which motivated people of Subcontinent to fight for their seperate country and ultimately Pakistan was created. His poems made revolution in Iran as well. And sir allama iqbal has motivated millions and lots of people took inspiration from him


He is the great poet ever
Allama Iqbal is one of those great personalities who born after centuries.

58Novak Djokovic
He is a tennis player.
He has a cool name
He won the tennis game in 2014. He is good at playing tennis
Winning a tennis game, that's a skill. Making an incredible discovery or advancing great ideas, that is smart.
[Newest]Best tennis player of all time

59John Von Neumann
Should be number one, hands down
Unbelievably creative in multiple areas. He is the definition of genius.
Amazingly versatile and creative.

60Saint Paul
Paul was the person most directly responsible for the adoption of Christianity by nearly the entire Western world. He must be one of the smartest people to ever live to have spread the message of Jesus to so many. His work has changed the history of the world dramatically.

61Leonhard Euler
His mathematics concepts is uncomparable to any human being that has ever lived!
Euler equation.
The physicist Richard Feynman called the equation "our Jewel" and "the most remarkable formula in mathematics."

62Milutin Milanković

63Napoleon Bonaparte
He could do it all.
The most competent human being who ever lived.
Made France what it is today.
[Newest]He was a real human bean

64Terence Tao
He was doing university level maths at around 9 years old. Imagine how he would be like now!
The smartest Australian ever how is he not top 10
He is very, very smart and intelligent

65Kim Jong-un
Smart guy, starves his country to get better weapons for total nuclear war! Also who forgot he was the one who invented 99.9% of every thing (apparently).

66Neil deGrasse Tyson
He's a totally cool guy and he knows about space and stuff! If I had a dad I hope he'd be like Neil deGrasse Tyson and he could teach me about space and be funny.
Doubt it, he was tossed out of two graduate programs. He is photogenic, but compared to other scientists, not unusually bright.

67Alexander the Great
Without Alexander the Great, the world would be a fraction of what it is today.
Alexander spread greek culture as far as India and established the largest
Empire ever. Alexander is my role model because he never gave up-The words
Give up and impossible were not in his dictionary!
He conquered all the known world at the age of 21 because of his intellect.

Google Imhotep. He (or She- see statue) should be on the list and #1- just for the great pyramid, invention of columns, paper, medicine, non-religious scientific thought sanctioned by the state - much of Greek thought came from this one person who's grave is yet to be located but known to be lavish.
Without this Egyptian genius many of the listed above would not have been able to make any accomplishments. He is also known as Imouthes by the Greeks. Some of his accomplishments include the world's first named architect who built Egypt's first pyramid, the world's first doctor, a priest, scribe, sage, poet, astrologer, and vizier.
The mummy ruined this for me! Imhotep! Imhotep! At least he built pyramids!

69Heinrich Himmler
Logistical genius. Not since the massive growth of globalization in the 21st century has such a large and sophisticated transportation network been run with such efficiency.
He did find Atlantis B4 I did he even left a calling card on the way to get there

70Dr. Seuss
Dr. Suess, where do I start... Sure his books are wacky but they have great lessons to be told. The Lorax taught us that we need trees and animals to thrive in our world, Green eggs and ham taught us that you'll never know how great something is until you experience it, oh the places you'll go explains that you can travel the world without ever leaving your mind, finally, let's not forget about one of his most famous books the cat in the hat which told us that imagination can brighten any cloudy day. Dr. Suess may not have created the light bulb or discovered a new planet, but he mentored us on some extremely important life lessons that tell us how important fun and creativity and exploring the possiblities is in life. Life is nothing with imagination and laughter.
Search Google with "Dr. Seuss" and you will find uncountable links with titles including "Dr. Seuss Quotes to Change Your Life", "Wisdom From Dr. Seuss" "The Inspiration, Dr Seuss." They all say the same how wise, caring, and inspirational a man he was. Read his books and take a good look, there is more than just rhyme, but messages to keep in mind.
No, this is not a joke entry. Dr. Seuss was one of the first people to recognize what factories were doing to the environment and he wrote about it in The Lorax. Each story he wrote was bigger than a book for four year olds. Now I ask you, why is this brilliant man behind Justin Beiber. I don't think he was the smartest person ever, but he deserves to be in the top 100.

71Vladimir Lenin
Leader of the famous Russian Revolution, that had a great effect on the world today.

He was a great and smart leader.

Without him the world would be a different place.

72Christopher Hirata

73Niels Bohr
Without him atom will be no more

74Mihailo Petrović Alas

75Josef Fritzl

76Thomas Aquinas
Aquinas thoroughly understood and improved on Aristotle's method of philosophy. He wrote a towering work of theology which, still today, only the best and brightest successfully search through hoping to gain nuggets of wisdom. Oh, and he dictated to six scribes on different subjects at the same time.

77Swami Vivekananda
The cyclonic monk, born in 12 jan 1963. In 1893 he went to America and at chicago parliament of religions made history by his thrilling speech. He was amazingly intelligent. He wrote thousands of books. He was famous for his invincible sharp memory.
He was the greatest man in world history, may be unknown for western world. He work to unveil ignorance of Hindu culture and give direction to humanity. In India he is a role model of all person who work for humanity. He is a real hero in world history.
Once he went to a library. He read a book. After leaving the library the librarian told him to issue the book and take it to home but he refused. The librarian again told him but again he refused by say that he had read it. So the librarian asked that person OK than tell me what was written in that particular page. Without any hesitation the person replied what was actually written. Librarian got shocked. He asked few more questions and the person's replied to his every answer.

And do you know who that person was
Shri Swami Vivekanada ji.

He had taken birth with brilliant attitudes. He had a great memory. According to him fear was the greatest enemy of human. And to success a person has to fight against all these obstacles. And this great personality the lad of India admires us a lot.
[Newest]The great Parsons of India.

78George Carlin

79Sofia Kovalevskaya

80Evangelos Katsioulis

81Bob Dylan

82Muhammad Ali Jinnah
He was the great leader of his time. He defeated all his enemies. Truly he was the great soldier of God
I can't believe he's 61st
Hitler started world war 2 and tried to conquer the world do you think its smart?
Because of him the sentence of death changed to "Hang till death" in the courts judgment
[Newest]This man should b on top ten

83Liam Neeson
He has a very particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like you.

84Benito Mussolini
He had an influence on Adolf Hitler and we all know that Adolf is the most intelligent man of all time.

Just for his influence on Hitler he deserves to be on here.
He was an influence on Adolf so he deserves to be on here.
He influenced the most intelligent man to ever live.

He deserves a spot on this list with his undeniable influence to the fuhrer.

He built the ark and saved many animals from being drowned or hurt
He saved humanity from complete annihilation... No brainer!

86Helen Keller
At least smart than a brick and you really can't say that about the other contenders
I think she would have to be number one as she learned to write when she was both deaf and blind. I think that it is very unfair that Michael Jackson was put ahead of her and this is coming from an 11 year old!
She is an amazing woman. She learned to read, write, and talk when she was deaf and blind. You gotta give her credit do that.

87Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

He brought about a 200-year golden era, Pax Romana.

89Johann Sebastian Bach

90Milton Friedman

91Yusuf Pathan

92Gabe Newell
Leader of our glorious folk.
The inventor of the hat.
"Uh... this isn't working"
[Newest]Hail our glorious leader.

93Mike Leach

94Giorgio Armani
WHAT! This is wrong... Jesus Christ must be number 1

95Jose Rizal
He is very intelligent person. He could speak many languages.
Save philippines from spanish by writing novel against occupying the philippines
The national hero of the countru of phillipines
[Newest]Write the one of the famous novel in the Philippines

96Rudolf Steiner
No one has come close to producing the volume of work he produced - No one - not even 1100 of legal common law and millions of law practitioners. Steiner shows us how to go beyond the limits of sense perceptible cognition - Einstein doesn't come close.
He does have the most stereotypical German name 'STEINER'


98Rabindranath Tagore
He was divine man
Congrats Bharat Mata you have given birth to a great poet as well as a great person.

99Maximilien de Robespierre
I love his name! He is so hawt

100Marilyn Vos Savant

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