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361 Setting Fires - The Chainsmokers Setting Fires - The Chainsmokers

What is this drop? Like the vocals, and the lyrics are... ok. Not bad, but extremely underwhelming. 3/5 - ProPanda

V 1 Comment
362 Snowcone - Deadmau5 Snowcone - Deadmau5

An impressive track by Joel. This deviates from his standard repetitive garbage, being an IDM-trip hop track that gives you a feeling of... well, cold. - Satire

363 Make Me (Cry) - Noah Cyrus Make Me (Cry) - Noah Cyrus

Is Noah Cyrus seriously getting laid at 16 years old?!

364 Infinite (F.B.T Remix) - Eminem V 1 Comment
365 Froze - Meek Mill Froze - Meek Mill V 1 Comment
366 Exist - Avenged Sevenfold Exist - Avenged Sevenfold
367 Ride 'em on Down - The Rolling Stones Ride 'em on Down - The Rolling Stones

Definitely better than all this pop on this cancerous list. - BrianScott01

368 CRZY - Kehlani CRZY - Kehlani

Like the trap beat, like the lyrics, like the vocals like the fun-ness of the song, overall good. 4/5 - ProPanda

369 Thy Will - Hillary Scott Thy Will - Hillary Scott
370 Bacon - Nick Jonas Bacon - Nick Jonas
371 Champagne Problems - Meghan Trainor Champagne Problems - Meghan Trainor

The problem is that you drink too much champagne - AlphaQ

372 Running with Scissors - I See Stars Running with Scissors - I See Stars
373 Oh My God - The Pretty Reckless Oh My God - The Pretty Reckless
374 J'ai Cherche - Amir Haddad
375 Greedy - Ariana Grande Greedy - Ariana Grande

Nickelodeon turned Ariana Grande into a greedy Belieber, didn't she? She doesn't deserve to be praised for being racist, licking doughnuts and putting them back, being cruel to (the much more underrated and superior) The Cab and having these fake, childish bunny ears that Nat Wolff is going to masturbate to. I give this song a 1/10. If only Michael Jackson got praise. If you actually like Ariana Grande songs, I can respect your opinion.

Not gonna lie, while this is basically Into You with horns, this is unbelievably sexy. And cue the downvotes. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

376 Too Good - Drake Too Good - Drake
377 Friends - Blake Shelton Friends - Blake Shelton
378 Azillion - Iggy Azalea V 1 Comment
379 Whole Lotta Lovin - DJ Mustard Whole Lotta Lovin - DJ Mustard V 1 Comment
380 Oliver's Garden - Electus
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